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Sable | Part 2 - Coming of Age


Leaving The Camp

Table of Contents

Stone sculpture with a glowing red mask in front of the face.

The Gliding

I'm happy to report, that this time around I managed to play a whole hour of the game! What I didn't get into in the last post was the Gliding. Our character is a young member of the Ibexi tribe, a group of nomads, on the start of their journey to complete the Gliding. It's a way for the young members of the tribe to leave their home and journey out into the world in an effort to grow and experience the world. It's a form for them to gather wisdom and knowledge.

Player character talking with Hilal. Our character comments on the Gliding stone that Hilal gives them.

The Gliding Stone

To begin the gliding you must first activate a Gliding Stone. I was given one by our dear friend Hilal. Once the stone is activated we get the ability to create a kind of force field around us, slowing our descent whenever I decide to jump off the side of a cliff, pretty handy if you ask me. Once the stone was activated I returned to Hilal who gave me a few words of encouragement on my journey.

Ships of Old

As part of the Gliding ritual, the next step is to build our own hoverbike. So far we've been using a worn-down hoverbike that Driss, one of the villagers, let us borrow. Siva, the outclanner machinist, points us to 3 different locations where we can find parts for the hoverbike. I'm free to choose where to go first, so I make my way toward the first abandoned ship that contains the first piece to my bike, but when I get there the only thing I find is a recording containing the last moments of those who flew this ship...or crashed this ship? Crashed makes more sense. Maybe we'll find out more

Player charcter standing inside an abandonded ship with a recording of the crash playing.

Anyways, after finding the first part in a cave behind some bushes, I make my way to the two other locations. Although in a sense collecting the 3 pieces of the bike were fetch quests, the execution of them is perfect so far. Traveling the world on even the crappy hoverbike is satisfying because you can take in the scenery of the desert landscape. Granted the area you start in is contained within a valley, but exploring the landscape feels so peaceful especially with the soundtrack in this game.

Giant Face

After collecting all the parts needed for our hoverbike, Siva gets to work on building the bike. I return to Jadi to inform her that I am ready to begin the journey and depart the clan. She explains that we must return to the temple with the Giant Face, only she calls it the Face Door... who knew. Inside the temple is where we will build our first Gliding mask. Masks appear to represent different things, but I'm not sure of their significance just yet. When we return to camp this time, everyone is gone. A message from Jadi is left behind telling us that, although we must go on this journey into the world on our own, we are not without friends. Not without family, without love. These are things that we will carry as we do our mask. They point us to Burnt Oak Station, where we can find a machinist to help with our hoverbike. The message ends and we begin our journey.

player character riding on a hoverbike, a red stream slips out of the exhaust behind. In the background a monstrous statue of two beings hand in hand with arms raised above creating an arch.


The song, once you leave the canyon and make you're way through the greater desert, is just great, check it out.

- Be like water, my friends.

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