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For someone who likes video games, I play very few of them

If you have the misfortune of getting locked in conversation with me, it�s almost inevitable that the topic of video games will come up. I can talk non stop on the games I played growing up and my experiences with them. If we get stuck on the topic of Mass Effect, I�l be spewing praises of the game left and right. Even if we were to cross into that vast category of �games I haven�t played�, I�ve kept up on my reading enough to manage a halfway informed conversation. Or at least I used to be able to.

The domain of games I haven�t played is growing larger by the week. Sadly, I�m hardly playing video games anymore. I could fall back on the dead-xbox or busy-with-school excuse, but even if I had a functioning xbox and all the free time in the world I probably wouldn�t be doing a bunch of gaming. I still love video games and the idea of them, but I can�t seem to get into them like I used to.

The last three games I�ve bought were Catherine for the Xbox, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for the Wii, and No More Heroes for the Wii. I haven�t beaten a single one. I�ve put maybe 5 hours each into Harvest Moon and No More Heroes. Both are great games, both deserve my attention, but I can�t bring myself to dive into them like I used to. The last game I can remember beating is Portal 2, which I beat the day it came out.

Its not that games have lost their luster to me�I freaking love the idea of them and still stand by my beliefs that they�re the most productive form of entertainment media�its just that I�ve gotten to the point where the idea of gaming means more to me than the actual game.

I have been playing Skyrim when I can, as well as Saints Row: The Third on the weekends, so my most time consuming hobby still has a presence in my life (albiet a smaller one). To be honest, I want to be playing games more. Thinking back to my childhood and remembering the presence games had with my sister and I at the time makes me miss the days where we threw hours at Super Mario World, passing the controller between deaths and trying to take down that third Castle.

Maybe my hobby just needs a push to get back on the right track. Maybe when I get a new xbox or an upgraded computer I�ll be able to get back into games again. Or maybe I�m just waiting for the right game to come along. Whatever it is, I�m hopeful it�ll happen soon.
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