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Daniel plays - Layers of Fear

I’m joining in the fun of filming myself playing video games and to start it all off, I’m giving Layers of Fear a go. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on the Twitters. Check out Layers of Fear&n...


YouTuber and Live Streamer

Hello Everyone! My Name is F3TUSSTATUS, and I am a YouTuber and Live Streamer on Twitch.tv. I started my YouTube channel quite awhile ago. However, I decided to become very serious about it and the amount of work I put into it. I play new, ...


Destructoid Story R | Let's Play

Good Evening! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Marche100/destructoid-story-r-an-rpg-based-on-the-destructoid-community--296097.phtml A little while ago, this guy ^^^made a game called DESTRUCTOID STORY R..   It was made with RPG Maker ...


Flea Market Finds for 6/6/15

Sorry about the lack of flea market finds last week, but sometimes the flea markets aren't quite the treasure trove that you expect them to be. I found a total of two things last week, and neither was worth writing home about. But this...


Positive Play +: Persona 4

Hello everyone, I hope all has been going well. Some time ago, I made a post about Fire Emblem: Awakening on here and a bit of advice someone gave me was to take my writings and putting them forward into vidoes themselves. I knew this ...


"Game Over" Hyrule's #1 Game Show!

Hey guys! I'm Edwin Joe and began a new gaming discussion kind of show! Here's the first episode, were we discuss the following topics: 1. Fallout 4 Revealed! 2. Batman Arkham Knight is pretty heavy. 3. The Nathan Drake Collection con...


[Video] Laura Kate Dale Interview

This week Destructoid's own Laura Kate Dale gave me a fantastic opportunity to interview her for my channel. I've been a big fan of Laura for quite some time now, so even if my nerves didn't quite hold up and I stumbled with my words i...


GTA Online Has An Infestation of Vermin

Not Lamar. GTA Online has a big problem with hackers. A BIG problem. People who know the inner workings of GTA could be good people. Modders, we tend to call them. Others, the hackers, are just out to be a dick and make you suffer. Be...


Flea Market Finds for 5/23/15

The weather in Cincinnati was absolutely phenomenal this past weekend, which meant that there were sellers a plenty at the flea markets. Even at 5:45 am, there were probably a good 20-25 booths already set up, and by the end of the day...


Will Splatoon be Nintendo's Next BIG Hit?

If you would have told me a couple years ago that Nintendo’s next big IP would be a shooter, I would have said you’re insane. Now, here we are. The full release of Splatoon is only a couple days away, and we’ve gotten...


Hall of Game: Felix the Cat (NES)

For this episode of the Hall of Game, I take a look at a game that's considered by many to be one of the best hidden gems on the NES. I'm also taking advantage of the internet's love of felines by doing a video on Felix the Cat. This e...


Build your own motorcycle game!

You're bored and the idea of playing a free motorcycle game on your tablet or smartphone with graphics that surpass the likes of Forza and Project CARS sounds like something that might interest you? I got you covered! Requirements: A...


Flea Market Game Finds (5/9/15)

What's going on everybody, it's time for another enthralling episode of my Flea Market Game Finds. This weekend was threatening rain all day on Saturday, which usually makes for a pretty pointless venture to the flea markets, but lucki...


Video Game Dance Club + Me (Video)

I was in a Funny or Die video that was all about a cool club, except this cool club happened to play video game music. I don't really get why it's funny because it was just thee coolest dance club I've ever been to. (and I live in HOLLYWOOD...



Virtua Kazama

NEC 2022 is this weekend and we gotta Lets play some VF5US on tonights session of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


Start your day




Best Sequel/Prequel for my Retro GOTY Awards 2022 goes to: Gears of War Such creativity for a cover Runner up: Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors That change in Gameplay is justified by the new story Nominees in the comments:


This has been me every Domination match in Gundam I refuse to go on the point until my team fully controls it, and will now harass others off of it Been working out pretty


Time for the moment of truth with more Obviously wont justify waiting 10 years for, but at least time to see if it looks fun beyond quick trailer


December 8th iam8bit will be opening preorders for a Persona 3/4/5 Dancing All Night vinyl No idea if any can be bought


Watching the Genshin and Sonic fans fight over who wins Players Choice for the Game Awards and accusing the other of cheating is just the funniest thing Ive seen all


Have an interview scheduled for a job that would be a 50 percent pay raise but would have me leave me job of Mixed feelings


My man Caspian is kickstarting A Profound Waste of Time Ive backed the previous 2 and they are the most wonderful gaming magazines, beautiful to look at with great Ending in 3 days!


If y’all know anyone who would find Qtoid (and Dtoid) a cool place to exist, invite them to I’d love to see Qtoid welcome some new faces and any friend of y’all’s would surely be a friend to


I baked gingerbread cookies, but I didnt find my compass in And I didnt make the last piece of dough look like a massive

Chris Moyse

Happy belated birthday to the ridiculously talented Meanderbot! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome work with us, really brightens the place up and we really appreciate you x


My top five list of Qtoid, in the comments


Been trying to git gud at Guntank and Marasai in that Gundam Its a pretty solid time with a good


Merry Dwarf Fortress day, to those who


This is the subtext of the news that ZeniMax QA is voting to unionize: in exchange for Microsofts neutrality, CWA is publicly backing their bid to buy Will be fascinating to see if buying AB leaves MS w/ a wave of unionized


Be like


Impossible Lair is very fun, but I think the platforming and music crown stays with Tropical Freeze between the Though its like choosing between two delicious meals, anyway


Dont buy Soulstone Survivor on Steam Im addicted


The highest-rated game on steam is a visual novel THAT ISNT People still surprise


Average Tuesday Status:


Free Colosseum update for the PvP


Im really disappointed Ive yet to see Top 5 Butts on the FP :) Pic unrelated


Top 5 Death Stranding games, ranked by piss

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Call me crazy but pokemon violet is the most fun I’ve had with the series since X


I cant see any replies on Just takes me to some stupid metrics


I neither watch LTT nor own an Eufy camera, but I think its important that people know about this


Current status


Have a great day!


I was in the camp that thought DS1 was perfectly fine and didnt need remade, but hooolllyyy shiiiiiitt this looks Hell, DS2 is one of the greatest of all time, but remake that too! Redo the third while youre at it!

Anonymous 20

Top 5 listicles on Destructoid, ranked


Top 5 Chunguses of Video Games, Do it, I dare

Anonymous 20

I got a SHINY LARVESTA! Which means in 1000 levels, Ill have a SHINY VOLCARONA!!!!! HOLY SHIT! I never get Lol


Happy International Ninja Day! 2022 has been a particular good year for a certain group of Also, happy birthday MeanderBot!


Its looking pretty fun friends


Happy birthday to the talented May your day be filled with nothing but merriment, and completion!


Spoiler pic of Malignant in Unrelated, started Calisto on ps5, so far runs great no It is a spectacle with great sound


Happy birthday, Meanderbot! When I think of Destructoid, the image in myinds eye is of your I hope you have a great


Borped a BUNCH of bing bong because of some now to bork a bleep Got a Biffy, a Bubbub, and a bippity boppity

Virtua Kazama

We 100% the entire map on Ares Island (and did some things in the background), but were not done Lets go live with MORE Sonic Frontiers!


This years seasons The Bear, Sandman, The Boys, Severance, and Ozark (perfectly ended) are my favorites so Still gotta watch 1899, Addams Family, and Only Murders in the What are some of your favorite seasons of this year?


Here is a trippy retro survival horror RPG to check out! There is also a Kickstarter going to for this game called


I got a bunch of moogles to protect some Now to see if they will actually fight for Got Molulu, Moghan, and I gained some gil from it, but I consider it my contribution to the




Brought a BUNCH of mangoes for some Now to see if they will actually eat Got Francis, Haden, and Cost me nothing as they fell off the back of a moving truck, but I consider it a donation to my


Bought a BUNCH of manga for the Now to see if people actually check them Got Pokèmon, Splatoon, and all Zelda Cost a little, but I consider it a donation to my


The interview was a bit odd, Im happy with how I did but Im not expecting to move if you pass this interview you have to do a later online 15 miniute This is a lot of time and work for one job thats paying pretty averagis