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Series I Love - Super Mario Bros.

One cold, snowy day in 1992, my father decided to let me and my sister try out his NES. My mother had gotten the console as a first Christmas gift for my father and he liked to hide it away so we kids wouldn’t break it. Little did I rea...




Current status #Sleeevestoid


Im going to be doing a stream on Saturday for a mini extra Life 100 dollar goal, ~8 hours, starting around 12 CST going to be playing some If we hit the goal, Ill eat a Pacqui One Chip


I think Thanksgiving is so forgettable because its the one major holiday in the US with traditions not stolen from Those pagans really know how to Puritanical pilgrims did Pic


I wonder, what was the most hyped game on qtoid? The one game no one could shut up about? Did something top the first month of Elden Ring? Or the Metroid Dread launch weekend?


I dont know this show at all but man this British dub was really fucking I think BBC did it for a few episodes or just a season only


Refreshed myself by focusing a little more on the dungeon-crawling, even if I think Faith drains far too quickly when youre Heres my beautiful cult after 10 hours~


Something I learned finishing Xenoblade 3: When you continue with a completed save file, you gain the ability to freely change your level without starting over in If you want to do a lot of side content, maybe wait till you finish the


After finishing XBC3, Xenoblade Chronicles X is still my favourite The music, Mira, the vistas, the combat, the water treatment (Havent played Torna, but Im pretty confident Id stick with


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Balloon horse


The DioField Chronicle demo I really love this style of gameplay and surprised it hasnt been used more If the writing and story hold up and are great, I may end up getting this day Graphics are a little wierd tho

Sam van der Meer

I, the solitary gamer, am craving a multiplayer FPS I can sink into casually… Any recs? I don’t currently have a (good) mic and am not always inclined to get chatty with teammates, which might seem counter to what I may suggest, but had these two in m


Didnt realize 4 games Im looking forward to, release this First Cult, and today Fashion Police Squad, and Backpack Tomorrow Been waiting on FPS for awhile tho, so much Not that Ill get to play them But I will

Chris Bradshaw

idk something tells me that multiverse smash clone is gonna pop off


Should I do it? I think I I missed this summers screening of Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Mononoke because I was either sick or work got in the way and Im going to go see Howl Shame Totoro isnt on the

Whispering Willow

Sophia looks at the sword and turns What the hell do I need that sword for? I wanted another wand! Ten would be perfect! Meanwhile, Rose ponders all the shiny options before her, but will she do the research and pick the right one? Probably


This man’s voice is like if someone put on a cartoon voice for mockery reasons except it is his actual Skeletor esque voice delivering a thinly veiled threat that comes off as incredibly I should go back to playing the Crash remakes and 4


Someone at Monolith was having a laugh giving names to the elite Cant wait to find Filthy Sancho and The Swordmarch

Anonymous 20

45+ hrs into Xenoblade As much as Im enjoying it, I find myself missing the moments of levity from 2, or the inspired level design from I think thematically, this is the strongest game of the bunch, but I feel like its missing some of the fun


Just want to thank everyone who supported me this morning, you all really helped me and I wasnt expecting I cherish this place so much, love you <3

Anonymous 20

Just wanted to stop by and give you all my sincerest Honestly, there are times here where I feel outcast, like I dont belong But when I was down in the dumps, this community really came through to help pick me You guys are amazing!


Im not ready for Better Call Saul to For my money, the superior show of the two Just exceptional Guess Ill just rewatch all three once its

Chris Moyse

Happy Belated Birthday to SP I hope that you had a very rad weekend and that this year brings you much happiness and opportunities for good Have a wicked one,


Show me a game from your childhood that, despite being derivative or a bit janky or low budget or just kinda middling (or all of the above!), you absolutely loved and couldn’t stop I’ll go first:

Chris Moyse

When I see stuff like this all I think of is Mike Martin and/or I guess that means their work is


So, I recently discovered a metal band out of India called Love it! Its occasionally a little hokey, but still something I hadnt quite heard Also, this was apparently done for Beyond Good & Evil


My mental health has jumped off a cliff these last few days and Im having a really hard Hopefully work will take my mind off things for a few On the upside, I just got my first gaming PC and am loving it so far, Ive been missing out!


The day of reckoning draws nearer,Ultrakill Act 2 is out After Act 2 drops the price of Ultrakill will go up by €10 which is more them fair with all the content in each Act so now is the last chance to buy it at a cheaperish Chill song


Eternal Legend status


Have a great day!


Just had to fix my parents computer It had failed boot sectors after cloning to an Rooted around in the cmd and eventually got it working Now I sleep for computers have tired me


If XC 3 sticks out what theyre doing in the first few chapters, it could be something The last thing I expected from this game was to be a pitch perfect representation of (spoiler in comments)


I have finished Xenoblade 3! Truly the longest final boss battle I have ever experienced, so take that as a warning when you get In the end, the story wasn’t at all what I expected, and it didn’t click till the end, but it was’t


Finished watching The Went blind just following some of you guys talking about it and I really loved Though a favorite episode is hard to pick, that battle in episode 4 is Good writing is always appreciated, as seen in the


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Looking at a WikiHow on saving resources in RE4 for the crazy illustrations and made the mistake of reading the Theyre disuadung people from getting the Red9? The RED FUCKING 9?? The best handgun in video game history??? Slander!!!

Ricky Namara


Ricky Namara

Random Rant While Pooping #0001: Indonesian homophobes favorite line to shut you up anytime LGBTQ+ is brought up is to say, Why are you talking about this? Are you gay? And its effective because if someone says Yes here then their life is


Currently starting a playthrough of all the Mario & Luigi games, as I adore them, and now have a 2ds to play them I dont own Paper Jam Is it worth grabbing? Not a fan of Sticker Star, and worry they might have Sticker Starred


As a 21yo, I was actually in the target demographic for these Wii U commercials when they Saw them all the time while watching Cartoon Network with my Speaking from first-hand experience, I can say that these ads sold a lot of Xbox


My ISP is having trouble connecting to certain sites like Disqus so to answer those who are asking, those TMNT figures in my last qtoid post are called Metalfigs by Jada Sorry if this is qtoid


8 hours in and Im starting to feel a bit of a grind in the cult management in Cult of the Lamb, but it could just be because Im letting my flock die Went from 10 to 7 in a matter of a couple days! Hopefully, recruiting will alleviate


It took a lot of adventuring, but now the Penetrator armor is What a crazy secret to add, even by From Software A shame that armor in Demons Souls sucks, but hey, its the thought that It was such an obvious

Whispering Willow

The zombies will finally come for Pat Sajack but Vanna will be at the


This joke feels like it was crafted for this


Are y’all ready to join the new world? I hear it has energy drinks with goji

sp testure

Another day of birth is upon It has been a crazy Glad I got to spend it with you Luv ya


The previous game made by the Cult Of The Lamb Developers of the game Adventure Pals is 90% off for €1 now for another day or Its funny seeing the tone be the complete opposite to Cult Lamb Its a 2D platformers with lighr combat I


“I’m just going to get “Okay, maybe Leonardo “You know what, I’m pretty sure there’s a law that says I have to have all four or none at


Fixing my elderly aunt and uncles D: