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I want to play this game!

I just saw this video and I am just itching to play it! Zombies and shooting and cheesy acting galore. You may not like cheesy acting but it can be really sweet! Really! It can make something that much more better or that much more hilariou...


Zombies ate my popcorn!

Not really but at least George A. Romero is back at it. This time he comin' atchaaaaaaaaa with Diary of the Dead. So what is this one about? Which strain will it follow? Well it appears that it will follow the main type of zombies and not...


Kids Use Sledgehammer To Steal Game

I appreciate rabid videogame fandom more than most people, but even I think these Wisconsin kids took their game-love a little far. Surveillance cameras in a Milwaukee Target recently caught a couple of kids (as young as 11; Just lookit th...


You've got some red on you.

Zombies are magnificent. They just pop up out of nowhere and start chowing down. We love their movies, videogames, and books because you don't follow some armed to the teeth badass zombie slayer(well most of the time anyway); it's usua...




Went to the zoo the other Sad to see they had only one dog It was a Unrelated #Striptoid


Ive been talking about it for but after waited with bated breath for a big end of the 3DS eShop sale, I finally gave in sans any sale and made what I assume will be my final purchases on the 3DS eShop


What is the worst and/or most dangerous day job for an NPC in a video game? For example, a roof top guard in Assassins Incredibly boring and pointless, and high chance of being stabbed and yanked off the




Kinda blows my mind that were 7 days from a complete eshop closure and were not getting steep discounts on That revenue stream will be gone forever, might as well get a few bucks, eh capitalists? Only great sales going on now are Capcoms


Look at this

The Actual Charlton Heston

Age of Darkness has its hooks in me, real Made it to the last A valiant stand was taken against the endless, reasty nightmare hordes; over 8,000 slain as they crashed against the bulwark of my All for naught, but twas glorious


Do people still use kickstarter/ indie go go / whatever to fund games or is it all Steam Early Access now?


What are some of your favourite lookong indie pixel visuals and animations for a I remember Iconoclasts looking really nice when I played


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My Enormous Hairy Downstairs Kitchen

Lads, I am going Is anyone else having trouble with the preview function while editing blogs? Im making changes to posts, but the pop-up-previews arent reflecting any changes I When I publish posts, they seem to publish *old drafts*


In hindsight, I think Monster Hunter 4U is my favorite MH It was the pinnacle of “classic” MH, and while I LOVE World and Rise, MH4U just hit Put like 200 hours into it the summer before I went to I should play it again, RIP 3


PSA, rumours have leaked of a release on Game Pass of Shin megami tensei III nocturne HD + ports of SMTIV& Apocalypse and Looks sketchy as hell but Id be super down for a replay of SMTV with a decent resolution/frame rate!


Current Status:


Have a great day!

Boxed Swine

Hopefully this doesnt double


Saw Scream 6 tonight and loved It was a fun follow up to the 5th We then visited Terror Trader again and they had some new stuff Legit love this More pics in the


I think Ive finally embraced my inner Dr A-ko has decided that she wants to watch me, watch TV, or play She gets on the arm rest, and poses, waiting for me to pet her, Its pretty time Gadget, next time!

CaimDark Reloaded

Okay, I get the war against the Locust is won, but I still have no clue why Im killing other humans and robots in Gears


The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be baked and then there will be


I love you guys like I love chicken No matter where I go, I just want some When there arent tendies on offer, something will just feel very Now, wheres my chocolate milk!?


Look at my post history and get

Inquisitive Raven

Sir, yes, SIR!


Casual Sunday Status:


Waiting for RE4 by playing Its weird without a GC controller (the controls dont make as much sense without the octagond stick, a chunky trigger that aims and a big green face button that shoots), but its still every bit as fun as it was in


Got my first mount in FFXIV and needless to say, Im a big fan

Virtua Kazama

The 63rd Bi-Weekly of VF5US is the last stop before we get to EVO Japan 2023! Tune in for some of that #VFStrongStyle goodness!


Here’s my rendition of those taxi cabs in Earthbound


I feel like I havent posted in a Im finally affected by the Adderall shortage, so Ive been withdrawing the past 4 days or Mostly headaches, which ibuprofen seems to help Still waiting to hear from Download an album! :p


My Plus sub expires on April Wont be reupping, at least any time Want to try one or two games from this backlog before it Suggestions?


Still Working Kicking ass in Playing board games when I Look what has arrived!


I love


Stopped by a toy shop yesterday and picked up a bunch of neat


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Inquisitive Raven

Ryza anime? Ryza anime!

Virtua Kazama

So I finished 2nd in First time I actually made it to Grand Finals in a FGC


#20 Game beaten in 2023 is: Zelda Breath of the Its true what they say: the feeling of the very 1st game on the NES is very present here, alongside the wow factor from Ocarina of Bosses could have been harder, but this is a


This games does look quiet Not a game for me purely just because I dont like turn based rogue lites but its turns based system seems The art direction,world and basic story seem very Your killed and in hell and want


To all of you who mentioned/recommended Paradise Killer in the past: Thanks, Im having a blast!

CaimDark Reloaded

Just finished Gears Pretty Its been so long since I played a Straightforward third-person, testosterone infused cover shooter, it felt oddly The gunplay is great, and the game strikes a good balance between the super soldier fantasy


Have a great day!

Whispering Willow

Amano Tarot deck also came in Definitely This was a 1997 Book certainly smells the age and the card stock is good, very glossy, but not modern There were also tea cup markings on the


Picked this guy I saw this movie opening weekend and while I have no emotional attachment to He-Man, I will honor Frank Langella’s performance for the rest of my


#Caturday 3rd person loaf


He has a claw hooked through my sock to ensure I wont leave #caturday


Heh, just had a funny idea about RE4R, that Krauser will show up multiple times throughout the game and Leon will question whether hes real or not and starts having visions of events that havent happened revealing that-