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Xenoblade Chronicles X: A Double Lariat

Is there anyone reading this that laments the loss of the game’s bust slider? Just before Xenoblade Chronicles X hit store shelves in the west, there was that controversy over “censorship”, i.e. gamers couldn’t raise or l...




Disco Elysium Log #9: Threads come and threads Feels like Im encroaching on the end as the game is seemingly running out of Assuming the wall on the boardwalk speaks its secrets, the plot could take its place on the forefront


Every time I cheekally reference the latest Shinji-Mikami adjacent hotness yall act like Im speaking in


Just remembered VNV Nations exists


Using almost any app on the xbone is one of the most infuriating Things dont get highlighted, white text on white boxes, and other horrible UI It feels so


Current Status:


Drunk Ask me any questions ya Or Im English not a


Woohoo as you are, as you were, as I waaaah you to be

Whispering Willow

A real controversy for for Come to think of it, Other M aside, Nintendo doesnt really break out a warchest for marketing public perception of Samus like Then again, it never feels like a chore to be Samus,


Ghostwire: Tokyo is a very pretty but very shallow experience, however one I recommend getting on a sale to both support Tango Gameworks and walk around a neon-lit, yo-kai infested 7/10, full thoughts below


Almost ten years later, I finally own Mario Kart I had played it before on Switch but on WiiU it looks just about the same, which is Playing on an 20 CRT TV is Old games look like they were supposed to, and newer ones look crisp as well


Today marks the first time Ive used a What are some recent first times you guys have had? Major or minor it doesnt


Alright, my next video is finally out, this time Im talking about One Piece Odyssey! Check it out if youre interested! Bump!


Yo, these RE4 changes are A WHOLE LOTTA BULL!!


I refuse to leave this bed until Ive beaten Age of


I am very excited to unveil the Nintendo Switch trailer for Belle Boomerang! Preorder today on the Nintendo eShop!


About 4 hours in and Im having a pretty good time with Its not as hard as a lot of reviews seem to claim, at least once you get the parry timings I wish the music was a bit more interesting; mostly just slow, gloomy strings so


Think I am rither getting bronchitis or strep throat and it And its my spring break too which double


Question: are there any Diablo style isometric dungeon crawlers on Game Pass? Specifically ones that dont go for an overly stylized or cartooney look? A friend asked and I didnt have a good suggestion for


Crpgs be like youre pretty far in, what if the game crashes more now? seriously though even though Ive been saving more often it just ignored those and I had to restart an area where I did leveling and updated my


Theres that too, it has languages, even


Protip: Do not attack dynamite ganados with your Your knife is totally capable of blowing it up in their Ask me how I


With the front page list about best FPS games I though I would mention Deadlink since not much people are talking about Its a Early Access FPS Super fun so It has been getting very regular can combine items Risk Of Rain 2


The Diablo IV beta is utterly disastrous, but from what I was able to play its extremely Its not reinventing the wheel (that I could see) but its more deliberate pace, extreme gore, and genuinely intriguing story and cutscenes make me excited

Boxed Swine

Once again, I must apologize for previous This is the RE4 Remake


When Im working on 3 PowerBI dashboards and my boss is like could you work on another one?


To be fair, I was ruined long before the Have a great day!


Diablo 4 beta first impressions: Why are we fighting Lilith again? She seems like shed be more fun at parties than the guys Im aligned I dunno man, shes got a Where do I sign up with her lot?

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) -Return of the Obra Dinn (Switch) -Death Stranding: DC (PS4/5)


Looking forward to this Itll be a while, but


Im enjoying RE4 with what they added (and the parts that are gone will not be whats great is they took away Ashleys health, no sharing yo herbs They also give you a I need my space and a dont ever leave me Boundaries,


Ah, fuck, time to fight Otakemaru I love Nioh 2, but I hate this Its basically oh, you didnt do a magic build? Good luck!

Inquisitive Raven

The Sonic Frontiers update is pretty fun! Found lots of good music so Also this skin is fantastic!


Hot take: Dean Martin is a better singer than Frank


Im getting more and more hyped about 10th ed This seems like a great time for new players to Being able to just download (free) rules for the force they just bought and play a game is a huge step in the right Also the video is

The Mars In The Mirror

Got my bingo card ready!


Mod officially has Tried my best but it wasnt good enough to get it to Oh well, maybe I can return to it one Glad I have that spare GameCube right now XD


Doing an event Im calling Spirits & Spirits tonight! Playing Aragami 2 while 1 follow = 3 oz of beer, 1 sub = 1 oz of Stop on by if you want!


Wow, thats easily the quickest turnaround for any Limited Run preorder Ive Three months? Sweet!!

Nate Doktor

Dear Diary Today I discovered the secret level in Tetris Effect: I can confirm, absolutely


Thats Vernal Edge done well worth a I think I would rate it on the higher end of metrodivanias since the combat is a lot of fun and feels pretty different to a usual metrodivania combat and the game is mostly paced well without too much boring fluff

Inquisitive Raven

The dub of the Megaman Battle Network anime is on Youtube for free until September 20th - NICE! Just the two seasons that were dubbed Apparently theres also a lost episode in here somewhere - I always find stuff like that






Good news: Adderall has shipped, should be here in a few More Good news: recent donations to the gofundme have covered the cell phone Worrying news: No word from If they dont respond by the 5th of April, we cant pay full


John Wick 4 is still stuck way up its own ass, and Im good with not seeing another sequel ever, but I thoroughly enjoyed those 3 It may be my favorite of the sequels; solid characters, endlessly creative fight scenes and mostly


Got my first Relic Weapon in Final Fantasy 14! The Artemis bow for the Probably wasnt worth the effort, but its pretty, so Ill put time into upgrading it


So I take it this means the full game will have always online DRM?


Let it be known, installing an internal HDMI mod onto a GameCube is very D: