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Daniel plays - Layers of Fear

I’m joining in the fun of filming myself playing video games and to start it all off, I’m giving Layers of Fear a go. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on the Twitters. Check out Layers of Fear&n...


YouTuber and Live Streamer

Hello Everyone! My Name is F3TUSSTATUS, and I am a YouTuber and Live Streamer on Twitch.tv. I started my YouTube channel quite awhile ago. However, I decided to become very serious about it and the amount of work I put into it. I play new, ...


Destructoid Story R | Let's Play

Good Evening! http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Marche100/destructoid-story-r-an-rpg-based-on-the-destructoid-community--296097.phtml A little while ago, this guy ^^^made a game called DESTRUCTOID STORY R..   It was made with RPG Maker ...


Flea Market Finds for 6/6/15

Sorry about the lack of flea market finds last week, but sometimes the flea markets aren't quite the treasure trove that you expect them to be. I found a total of two things last week, and neither was worth writing home about. But this...


Positive Play +: Persona 4

Hello everyone, I hope all has been going well. Some time ago, I made a post about Fire Emblem: Awakening on here and a bit of advice someone gave me was to take my writings and putting them forward into vidoes themselves. I knew this ...


"Game Over" Hyrule's #1 Game Show!

Hey guys! I'm Edwin Joe and began a new gaming discussion kind of show! Here's the first episode, were we discuss the following topics: 1. Fallout 4 Revealed! 2. Batman Arkham Knight is pretty heavy. 3. The Nathan Drake Collection con...


[Video] Laura Kate Dale Interview

This week Destructoid's own Laura Kate Dale gave me a fantastic opportunity to interview her for my channel. I've been a big fan of Laura for quite some time now, so even if my nerves didn't quite hold up and I stumbled with my words i...


GTA Online Has An Infestation of Vermin

Not Lamar. GTA Online has a big problem with hackers. A BIG problem. People who know the inner workings of GTA could be good people. Modders, we tend to call them. Others, the hackers, are just out to be a dick and make you suffer. Be...


Flea Market Finds for 5/23/15

The weather in Cincinnati was absolutely phenomenal this past weekend, which meant that there were sellers a plenty at the flea markets. Even at 5:45 am, there were probably a good 20-25 booths already set up, and by the end of the day...


Will Splatoon be Nintendo's Next BIG Hit?

If you would have told me a couple years ago that Nintendo’s next big IP would be a shooter, I would have said you’re insane. Now, here we are. The full release of Splatoon is only a couple days away, and we’ve gotten...


Hall of Game: Felix the Cat (NES)

For this episode of the Hall of Game, I take a look at a game that's considered by many to be one of the best hidden gems on the NES. I'm also taking advantage of the internet's love of felines by doing a video on Felix the Cat. This e...


Build your own motorcycle game!

You're bored and the idea of playing a free motorcycle game on your tablet or smartphone with graphics that surpass the likes of Forza and Project CARS sounds like something that might interest you? I got you covered! Requirements: A...


Flea Market Game Finds (5/9/15)

What's going on everybody, it's time for another enthralling episode of my Flea Market Game Finds. This weekend was threatening rain all day on Saturday, which usually makes for a pretty pointless venture to the flea markets, but lucki...


Video Game Dance Club + Me (Video)

I was in a Funny or Die video that was all about a cool club, except this cool club happened to play video game music. I don't really get why it's funny because it was just thee coolest dance club I've ever been to. (and I live in HOLLYWOOD...




Sometimes I read the things people say on the internet and am so baffled at the stupidity and the loudness of said stupidity that I dont even know how to handle


I sincerely love how Resident Evil bosses are scripted to die by the last bullet or shell in your It just fits the vibe of the games


Whos that Pokémon? Its an origami Dragapult! Despite everything Im quite enjoying I caught a Dreepy the other day, so I was This was more complicated than expected, but I really like how it turned Designed by


Current status


The classes stuff in Pokemon Violet have taught me more about mechanics in-game than literally the past 8 generations


Another encounter


Brutal Status:


Review came in my Looking forward to it! I started binging scarlet Grace after Frontier when I probably should play something not saga before this releases,


Ive been away due to family and health reasons, but to catch you all up to speed: Half-Life 2 cannot be from 2004 its too good; super excited for Dragonflight today at 6; Warzone 2 sucks, but 3rd person is fun; Pokemon S/V is the best modern Pokey game


I started playing Undertale again after not completing it the first time a year or so ago(I was streaming it but then I stopped streaming and never finished the game) and its time for another Dino hot take! Its very BUT


Happened upon this whilst browsing random Steam The (damn good) demo made it plainly obvious what it took inspiration It might as well be called Scott Pilgrim The Harsh messaging, but cathartic nonetheless! Currently

Inquisitive Raven

Congrats on the new look, IRyS! Very BUMP!

Anthony Marzano

Back by popular demand, Secret Samta is happening once again! Sign up link is in the Well be drawing names on 12/1 (moved up so people can get cyber week sales) so Ill bump this a few times before (Monday bump)

The Actual Charlton Heston

Four days until I can be the best there is at what I do, and what I do is click on people who are wearing leotards on a screen and tell them what to do while I eat slices of beef with no utensils whilst using my wife beater as a


I tried to check if a different browser would allow me to upload images to the blog editor again and all I was rewarded with was access to Seymours edit


Falling further in love with the I already mentioned I installed vibrantDeck via enabling plug-ins to help with the saturation loss, but I now have the Persona 4 UI sound effects and the Wii’s home screen as background audio!


Current Status:


Have a great day!


Also, it looks like I might be getting commissioned by RTUSA to do compilations of his gaming live streams for some decent pay! Fucking surreal to be noticed like that by a million+ sub


I finally posted my 3rd of 4 blogs for the year, detailing all the shit I had been playing the past few Witness it!!!


#38 Game beaten in 2022 goes to Metal Gear 2 Solid So many improvements done from its Its interesting to see how those gameplay mechanics from 1990 translated and evolved beautifully to a 1998 3D Long live this

Virtua Kazama

Virtua Fighter Month begins this I have five blogs prepared as per


And thats Pokémon Scarlet dusted! Post-game aside, that The OST in the final area was fire! other than that, that final gauntlet not Its a bit spoilery, so more details in spoiler tags in the


Kong Status:


Current Status

Inquisitive Raven

Im expected to come back to work tomorrow, but Im not sure if Im up to it just I still feel rather tired, congested, coughing But its 90% congestion and coughing at this point, so I dont know if I should just power through or


Just saw Glass Loved Its a worthy sequel to Knives


Ive decided to beat Final Fantasy VIII, so I might be posting cheap digs at the game without


Trying to upgrade to Windows 11 and the dang thing is failing to Edit: Got it to go through, OBS Studio was causing the


Soul Hackers 2 update: 25 hours in the plot has ground to a halt while Im busy tending to my I love how all of the systems intersect to create a really dense RPG experience with constant And it even feels balanced correctly!


Status update: Hurts to hiccup


Managed to find the other Zaku III A shiny little


Oooh I won two tickets to a The Game Awards fan event, its a live screening in the BFI Now I just need someone to go thanks Geoff Keighley! I hope the reveals are good

Dangus Taargus

Well Im The Evil Withins DLC somehow managed to reel it all in and elevate the overall It had its issues, but I had a much better time with it than the base I likely wont be doing the executioner DLC


Edit Doubleposts Please delete me


God wouldve been 80 today, but he lives forever in the feedback of our minds and the sounds that creep in space between objects and stretch out to


Analog Pocket finally arrived!


When Spiderman isnt burning down orphanages, he is spittin cold hard facts


Happy birthday @xabier!!


The most captivating documentary Ive seen, and I generally dont like Informative while also telling a fantastic All on four Disney Channel




Sunday Currently playing: Whatagirlgonnamuthafuckindoo by The Coup and Janelle Monae


Reading random spoilers for Catherine really makes me appreciate just how buckwild the game So glad I beat it after owning it for 11


Got the wind knocked out of me skating at the trans (as in ppl, not transfers) skate club meetup Cool ppl, great set up at a diy indoor But yeah, felt like my lung Slammed my chest right on a Spine Gonna hurt tmrw


So I don’t think I’m going to beat Tactics Ogre Reborn by the end of the year which means I’ve played a significant amount of 12 games this Might not seem like much but it’s been a busy year! Fav game? probably SMT


I also cant remember where I heard of this game but it also seems quiet Basicaly its like a old school top down GBA style Zelda game with a pretty open world,colourful art and the kinda intresting idea of adding in romancing/waifu option into


Im a little sad that NES Remix and the Pushmo games arent on Ports of the 3ds Boxboy games Pic


Its so odd to see them show off somw new music for the sequel when the orginal game Ion Fury is supposed to get DLC this year and there has been no real update or news on it since it was