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Brought a BUNCH of mangoes for some Now to see if they will actually eat Got Francis, Haden, and Cost me nothing as they fell off the back of a moving truck, but I consider it a donation to my


Bought a BUNCH of manga for the Now to see if people actually check them Got Pokèmon, Splatoon, and all Zelda Cost a little, but I consider it a donation to my


The interview was a bit odd, Im happy with how I did but Im not expecting to move if you pass this interview you have to do a later online 15 miniute This is a lot of time and work for one job thats paying pretty averagis


Shoutouts to Nasir Gebelli, and Sakaguchi & Co for moving their entire production to America to keep Nasir on the


Im going to do something personally unheard of for the next Genshin Im going to be pulling WEAPON BANNER!!!


Best Soundtrack for my Retro GOTY Awards 2022 goes to: Alone in the Dark Those Bulgarian voices are out of this world, being very fitting for this Runner up: Child of The scope of that orchestra is Nominees in the comments


40 hours into Forbidden West and Ive gotten a good taste of what the game has to Im overall quite impressed with all theyve done to make tertiary content feel more Aside from enemy camps sadly, but those go by much quicker at


It is Monday :3


Spencer recently alluded to price hikes in the Xbox ecosystem, and this felt like the obvious Sony and most 3rd parties have long since moved to $70 MSRP for new games, so its not surprising MS is following suit


Happy birthday meander bot! I have your art in my apartment and my water bottle, so I carry a piece of you around daily!


Based Uncle Kaz

Sweaty Dungus

I don’t like to get political on here, but last night I saw a bobo rub his prenis and it made milk and the milk made babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at

Whispering Willow

Happy Birthday Meanderbot!


I completely missed that GolfTopia got a update in Its a golf course management sim by one person (and another doing the music), and I wrote a blog on it in March ( )




I have Meanderbot’s art hanging in my I have cards, I have memories, I have Happy birthday You are a gift to the site and your art is synonymous with Destructoid for so many of Have a wonderful day!


These texture pop-ins are getting out of


This looks part Metroidvania, part bullet hell 2D May have to look into this some more, but Im liking it conceptually at


Not sure if anyone was familiar with Lost Soul Aside, originally a one-person developed Devil May Cry style action game that turned into a Sony exclusive and went quiet for a few New trailer is out and the game is looking real good!


Gotta say, the Last of Us show looks pretty promising! I wish theyd just let him use his real accent Its not even that its a bad accent, its just distracting because I know what Pascal is supposed to sound like


13 years and Oates are

Sir Shenanigans

Pinocchio is a masterpiece by the


So he calls himself Worldwide but the cities he names in his songs are all like LA, Miami, New York, Hes a bit of a fraud innit

Anthony Marzano

Amogus sus baka


So I found the first console game I would give a 0/10 over the Soccer Story on the Xbox Series


Well I got a email today that I have another interview for another job I applied for this Wednesday and a different interview job I was the only person that of the people that applied that made it to bit concerning that


Happy birthday Meanderbot!


Downloading Fortnite so I can see all those fancy UE5 features they just Then probably delete after two


Happy birthday to one of the awesomest chaps around: I fucking love you man, I fucking love your art, and I fucking love dat sweet ass I hope today is as amazing as you Much

sp testure

Since it is the 30th anniversary of Star Control 2, decided it was past time for a Such a fun game, and the


Have a great day! Cursedmas in the


Saw this article trending the other day, people were NOT happy about it I feel like everyone who saw that Matrix Awakens demo couldve seen this coming a mile


I am already head over heels in love with Midnight Just dont go in expecting Its basically Magic, but with just enough movement in the field to trick newbies into thinking its not a TCG


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate them Pic Unrelated


Any good Steam recommendations for someone looking for a particularly atmospheric joint? Not necessarily just spooky games, but like a Deadly Premonition, Lost In Vivo, LISA, Everybodys Gone to the Rapture, Though, probably gonna be a spooky


That moment when it takes every fiber of your being pulling in the same direction to not go horny on


Oh baby this is getting


Guys help, Im addicted to Subnautica Below Zero!

Anthony Marzano

Tetris Grand Master is a Not only is the ramp up the fastest Ive seen in a game, but the limited slide/rotate after a piece touches your stack is jarring to get used Feels like a nice midway point between modern and


I completely understand how silly it But what would be the point of having these figures and not doing it? Link in the comments

The Actual Charlton Heston

Happy Birthday, Ves! Tender lovin, and hugs and kisses to you, from my swarthy, hirsute bosom to

Ricky Namara

Happy Birthday Vesailus! Hope you had a good bday weekend!


Hope you have a good birthday Hope itll bring you everything you


Henry knows what’s


Double post Wish Vesalius a happy birthday yall! Hope its a great one buddy!




Yeah, Id better not bother playing anything beyond one-deck patience on my sofa But at least I tried playing a