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Afro Samurai Pre-Order Figurine Is Made of Awesome

I meant to post about this yesterday but I couldn't find my digi-cam, but it's been found soooo... Anyone else who got the pre-order figurine surprised by the quality? It's shorter then what I thought it would be (about 5 inches tall) but g...


Lara Croft - The Boob Chronicles

The latest Tomb Raider game royally went down the tubes. Why? Because her chest is getting smaller, that's why! I miss her sandbag lookin' busom. I wrote about this initially in my blog, but a picture means a thousand words.. meet the Boob ...


I received a strange package today.

...What the hell is this? I didn't order anything. So today I woke up to stumble upon this strange package sitting outside my door. A very peculiar shape indeed this package was. Upon opening it I was presented with something that I do...


My World of Warcraft FigurePrint Arrived!!

I've been playing World of Warcraft for quite a few years now, and like most people, I have especially fond memories about my main character. I even made her the subject of a Monthly Musing blog about video game characters that meant som...


Woodworking in gamer land

Being a woodworker(insert gay/penis joke here), I sometimes like to tool around in my workshop. The fact that I am a gamer as well brings me inspiration at times. I decided about a week before Christmas that I was going to make some game ...


Goozex Gift Cards 1/2 Price!

Holy Crap! Goozex known as the game trading site is having a Half Price giftcard sale on their cards. This means that for the price of $27.50 you can get 1000points and 5 trade credits. In non-Goozex member terms that means that you can...


Imported lootz get!

So, browsing through my local comic/game shop, I came upon a stuffed Yoshi. Being a huge Yoshi fantard, I took a look at it. Seeing the tag, I knew it was rather special, given that it was in Japanese. As in, completely Japanese. So I picke...


Make your OWN Longcat as long as you want!

This isn't a trick or a scam. It is the real deal. In this blog you will find the tools to make a Longcat to your desire. And better yet, you can take it with you where ever you go (if you can) cause it is made out of PAPER! That's right, P...


Surprise for the Destructoid Community.

I'll be able to order him soon (as soon as the better half's coat gets returned) I won't post a pic until I have him safe and sound amongst his many many friends made of plastic die cast rubber and other sorts of synthetic materials.


Your holiday top 5?

With Christmas around the corner, I was wondering what you guys would pick as your top 5 games to receive this holiday season. Stick with games released recently, or games that will be releasing just around the corner. What would you love t...


Wedge ordered the P4 Social Link Expansion Pack for my birthday/christmassy-thing, right after he found out I preorded Persona 4. Everything is pretty cool in it-- especially the shirt. Though it's really, really big for an allegedly "XL". ...


Custom Halo 3 Pink Master Chief. + Cave Story?

Before I get started, yes, I totally bit this picture template from Jin Saotome. I figure it works, it looks good, so I ran with it. In the future, I probably won't use this set up, but for now, it'll do. After finishing him (her) all up...


Genki-Jam thank you post

Thank you to the man who has blessed us with a thousande movies and blessed me with some awesome birthday presents! Some kickass Sabritones, WHICH ARE FUCKING TASTY! and of course the mighty moustached moustache from Ninjatown DS! I ...


WCC Rearview mirror fuzzies are back!

Portal fanatics/obsesses, get to the Valve store cause those Weighted Companion Cube Fuzzies that hang from your rearview mirror are back on the site. And who cares if hanging stuff from there may be illegal where you live...just say GLaD...



After many months of sweat, blood, tears, nails, lumber, and some really good drywall and carpet installers, the Media Room/Basement/Office has been completed!!! The brains of the system...receiver, and gaming central. A slightly broade...


Pendelton's Perler Creations

Hey, all. I just realized it's been a while since I showed off some Perler pieces I've been working on/finished. Since I love showing off my work, here's the best of what I've done recently: This I did for a contest on the Bead Sprite For...


HD Revolution?

So for my first post on the C-Blogs, I'm going to kick off in not-so-classic style by announcing - I've just bought a kick arse HDTV. OK, that's a little ostentatious, but I'm more than a bit proud, since it's the first really shiny bran...


mega man 9 soundtrack spotted

http://games.blog.nl/wii/2008/09/13/mega-man-9-soundtrack-is-uit-inclusief-ge-llustreerde-boss-galery to much awsome :) cd is including tracks from the game and also commentaries from the rockman 9 team. http://img366.imageshack.us/img...


The greatest LEGO creation ever: L4D

Yeah, that's right. Epicness has struck last week and has left a profound impact on my mind. It is simply one of the most amazing things you will ever see, ever. More amazing then a puppy and duckling getting along. Sorry, but this is true....



After returning home from a long hard day of learning nothing in class (I was tested on my ability to create WordArt in Microsoft Word in my first class and did a report on the differences between a Wii Remote and a light gun in the other...




Marvel Midnight Suns alert : the Morbius DLC has made enemies t pose and it has crashed my PS5 several times, I cannot Morbius is a great character besides breaking the

CaimDark Reloaded

My experience with the MS store and games has been pretty bad so far, theyre really not helping their Not being able to change a games language is a major turn off, and I just had to spend a fair bit of time solving a Gears 5 audio issue that


This is a fun little demo that I would recommend for fans of puzzles are more action-oriented and you can just kinda let your subconscious solve


Aidios smiles upon


Hit a bit of a wall in one of the story quests of Boss can one shot me in phase 2 if I dont get out of the way in Think I need to raise another class thats tankier?


Counter Strike 2 announced, is technically a free update and engine upgrade to CSGO! I havent played in many years, but I am a fan of tac shooters like this and The smoke upgrades are great, but this is my Valve knows how to upgrade


Hi-fi Rush is definitely my goty so Been listening to the soundtrack non-stop! Anyone have a favorite moment so far? Also you cant say the whole game, while correct its Also I guess spoiler warning for people just in case!

Anthony Marzano

Lets see how rusty the old DemoKnight in me


After a bit of confusion that I assumed was user error, turns out the 8bitdo ultimate controller only supports bluetooth for switch, and needs to be used wired or with an included dongle on Would have been nice if that was clearer in


Id bitch about circumstances, and life in general, but you know what? Im Its Kids Cant really Have a good fucking

Whispering Willow

Probably going to get a bigger head start on E3 tarot readings by taking questions in the next few I will not accept F-Zero questions this


Got my Mezco John Constantine figure set up on the One of my absolute favorite 90s Vertigo books are my


I still feel a bit iffy on Counter Strike 2s lighting right now, but I still absolutely love the visual

CaimDark Reloaded

Finished Gears not too bad? A significant step down from Gears 1 in every I didnt really like any of the new things they tried, the enemy robots, the horde sections, giant robot Then it ends and Im like wut, thats it?


After weeks of folks bombarding every Arkane/Xbox tweet about Redfall with when are you removing the always online DRM, it looks like they might finally do Good work, yall 👍 lol


Someone made an anime VN that does your Just a reminder not to give your SSN to visual Except that one where you are flirting with a Nigerian prince, then you totally


This was a cool ride! Am now able to parse all the neat worldbuilding Id been experiencing from earlier Now for the impossible task of actually playing through this story


Just saw this bundle on the gaming site fanatical, Patch Quest seems like a fun take on a roguelite and the bundle cost is cheaper then it on Basically its a rogue lite where you capture enemies to ride them and use their unique moves and upgrades


I really dont like AI That is Pic unrelated(?)


Current status


The further I get away from my last adderall, the harder it is to channel this seemingly unlimited amount of mental energy into anything I really hope they replenish This could be another year where I only release like 1 or 2 albums :(


Have a great day!


Tchia is a very charming The music while sailing is so Love

Boxed Swine

While I still feel Wo Long was great, now that Im almost through with my fresh replay of Nioh 2, Nioh is overall a much stronger Im hoping for a sequel, Hopefully it can do what Nioh 2 did for that series

Inquisitive Raven

As much as I love it, I wouldnt wish navigating the 3DS eshop to purchase hundreds of games on my worst enemy (well, maybe just my worse Kudos to them for making it work, though!


So uhh… I finished Automaton I have thoughts (in the Not really sure how to process it all, but it’s a wonderful bookend to the 3DS’s


So, Bong, were doing old school fantasy/sci fi art?


Have to thank Slimey for highlighting a lot of these awesome Vernal Edge is a good time and I can recommend for fans of Combat is actually really damn fun once you get the hang of it and I appreciate the mild SOA airship


Whats in the Boxes!


Oh baby, I finally hit Ive also been working my ass off, and it looks like Im going to have another video entirely done and ready to go before my next one goes live on Gotta do that


I dont fully get what this I think maybe there was a Spike Chunsoft Japan onky game last year and this September its getting a English translation and dub for Lol at saying ps4 and only mentioning ps4 in the trailer nowadays and not


Ive been playing almost nothing but It is a dangerous game, but an entertaining Heres my Bard, Kaldur, with his chocobo Their name is


Update on my Uncle: hospital is gonna move him to my cousins today at 5 Hopefully it all goes Gonna distract myself with some gaming and later console Gonna mod a GameCube with a Pluto IIX board in a few days, just need the flex


Im not super fond of DeDeDes current

Virtua Kazama

Tonights session of Virtua Fighter Takeover is a do-over from the Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Stream last Heres hoping we can play VF3tb proper tonight!


Very disappointing to hear Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 seems to recycle at least 75% of its locations from chapter 1 Also it came out on Quest in December and just came out today on steam, I didnt know it had been out that


New series of posts here: movies I have watched as the year goes, plus a few So: #1 Movie of 2023 is The marketing this movie had seriously got many thinking this would be a waste of time, and believe me, it is Had its moments


I am looking for game suggestions for a 6-year-old who is getting a Switch for Easter, unbeknownst to Have been recommended Lego games and Paw Patrol

Anthony Marzano

Calling all ye PC players, whos up for another night of Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer? Know we did one a while back and it was a lot of fun and I along with some others have a hankering for it Was thinking some time this More in the comments


Just got news my uncle is in Currently sad and helping my cousin out with getting them stuff so they can be with their


Found a neat 3DS recommendation on PCGamer of all places called Automaton One of the last new games released on the 3DS and apparently a really neat experience--also $7 USD on the eshop, or $10 on Steam right now!


Arnak has a new expansion coming!

Inquisitive Raven

Theyre deleting Mirrors Edge and some Battlefield games digitally April How dumb! Especially for Mirrors Edge, which is singleplayer except for online


My girlfriend was let go from her job on the 1st of She put up a Unemployment should respond soon, but its getting close to the end of the month and some bills arent covered :/


Heads up, The Criterion Collection is having a 24-hour 50% off sale on their Still has over 23 hours to


Today is the day I get to subject my friends to the Dark Souls 5e RPG! Excited about it as Ive had the book for a while and the changes sound very fun


Average Tuesday Status:


I started Yakuza 5 back up and oh yeah, its good to be Shame ima have to put it back down soon for Tchia and RE4 this Distractions ahoy!