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Some Words on Platformers

I've finally been released from the grasp of BioShock: Infinite which is seriously the best game I've played for a long, long time and I can tell it's going to be my personal GOTY (unless something really surprises me) and I'd very much lik...


C-Blog recaps of 3/30/13 + 3/31/13 + Saviorgasms

Did you all have a happy Easter? Eat a bunch of ham and candy? Lovely. Do any of you even know what Easter is really about? Let ole Phil take you on a history lesson. In 1761, Jesus was born to a whore of a woman, who was a virgin. Her ...


Making Sense of BioShock: Infinite

Warning: All of the spoilers beyond this point. BioShock has always been a franchise praised for its story, and perhaps for Infinite this is most true. Indeed the only common criticism I have heard is that there is literally too much going...


The Metal Gear Series as a Newcomer

When I bought the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection I was thrilled, I finally had a new game to play after having surgery. I had read and watched many reviews on all the games, as I was told it was a great series, but had never played a single...


Weekend Warriors: A Break From Bioshock

Yeah; why not? Why not take a break from Bioshock Infinite? Soak in what you've already played and let it swirl around your brain. (But smurfee, how can it swim AND soak in? (Fuck you.)) In the meantime, play some other games with your fel...


Fresh in the Heels of Style Savvy: Trendsetters

While all the hardcore gaming ladies and gents were verbally exploding about the mastery of BioShock Infinite this week, I started Style Savvy: Trendsetters. Good heavens, what did I get myself into? Initially I was only able to scratch ...


Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds (Omaha)

Last week my wife and I attended Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds at the Holland Center in Omaha. We were very fortunate (and surprised) that the show came to Omaha and knew we couldn't miss a chance to see music from Final Fantasy performed...


Do Video Games Need Good Stories?

Short answer? Of course they do. Post's over. Long answer? The rest of this post. If youve seen my posts before, you probably know what Im all about. Good stories! Interesting leads! Ideas and themes explored in full! Hnnnnnnnn...


C Blogs of 03/25/13 + mcgeeisms

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMONDAAAAAAY. What's going on 'Toiders? How is this fine Monday evening treating you? I hope well! Not a huge blog day (not complaining) today. I wonder of people are just waiting for a certain game to release/pre-load...Hmmmmm...


Skyward Sword and the complex feelings it evokes

So, I'm late to the party on Skyward Sword. I traded my Wii in shortly after the release of Warioland: Shake it! due to the lack of interest I had in any upcoming games. I recently purchased a Wii U for a nice price and wanted to go back ...


C-Blog recaps of 3/23/13 + 3/24/13 + Philgasms

Welcome to the weekend recaps! Once again we ride together to enjoy all the lovely (and not so lovely) c-blogs this weekend has thrown at us. Not a lot this weekend, so that's kind of nice considering the week or so I've had. That's ne...


My problem with Kickstarter.

This is my first cblog, so thanks for reading my first sentence fragment, but I'll get right to the point. I have a problem with kickstarter. More specifically, I have a problem with the way kickstarter is being used to fund game projects. ...


Snesberry pi. Emulation done right!

In the digital age, it can be a hassle, and inconvenient to pull out the ol' SNES, dust off a couple games, and gamble on if they well work or not, let alone still have the battery left to keep your save file from 10 years ago. The solution...


Is it time for Super Luigi to make a stand?

Luigi, the most famous second-hand guy out there. We all know of him....as Mario's brother but this guy's popularity is more than some 'main' characters of other video game series! Since Nintendo has declared the year of 2013 to be the "Yea...



Whispering Willow

My new hobby this month is wishing a Merry Yule to people who believe in the War on They turn really pale when you do


Are the sidebar ads finally gone? I’ve missed it here but all my scrolling is done on mobile at night and every time I’d scroll down I’d accidentally tap an I don’t see them today and it’s making me hopeful I can resume browsing on here regu


Game #48 of the year is Yakuza What a wonderful cloth Gameplay was Majimas half is much better, but Kiryu has better I am totally fine taking a break form the series then doing Kiwami


Thank you so much to my Secret Elf whose name I totally don’t recognize on the package 😂 Never heard of Look Back but it seems great, and thanks for starting my Chainsaw Man series!! Hope everyone is doing great, this brightened my day!


Halo Infinites recent Custom games browser update is neat, as is regular forge, but man I wonder how the game wouldve been if it was as feature complete well, at least its in a good enough position to recommend playing


Ive seen a few ads on youtube for cloud gaming Here are the supported platforms they list on their promo I cant shake the feeling that somethings Stevia? Stadium? Cant remember the name


Had a little game dev conference thing at work today! Unfortunately, it wasnt recorded, and this prerecorded version doesnt have the same Hopefully, theres still something of interest to you in there?

Ricky Namara

I saw it, and now you have to too!


These listicles are kinda annoying,and the only ones worth reading were But qtoid is still the best


I just beat I completely understand the If I were to have a required list of games to play, Undertale would definitely be on Truly a


Wrapping up Yakuza, and I recognized when someone said good grief in Too much Jojo, I

Boxed Swine

For real though, Resident Evil 4 Remake should have laser sight for It honors the original while giving this new remake trend the skillful challenge it



Virtua Kazama

NEC 2022 is this weekend and we gotta Lets play some VF5US on tonights session of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


Start your day




Best Sequel/Prequel for my Retro GOTY Awards 2022 goes to: Gears of War Such creativity for a cover Runner up: Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors That change in Gameplay is justified by the new story Nominees in the comments:


This has been me every Domination match in Gundam I refuse to go on the point until my team fully controls it, and will now harass others off of it Been working out pretty


Time for the moment of truth with more Obviously wont justify waiting 10 years for, but at least time to see if it looks fun beyond quick trailer


December 8th iam8bit will be opening preorders for a Persona 3/4/5 Dancing All Night vinyl No idea if any can be bought


Watching the Genshin and Sonic fans fight over who wins Players Choice for the Game Awards and accusing the other of cheating is just the funniest thing Ive seen all


Have an interview scheduled for a job that would be a 50 percent pay raise but would have me leave me job of Mixed feelings


My man Caspian is kickstarting A Profound Waste of Time Ive backed the previous 2 and they are the most wonderful gaming magazines, beautiful to look at with great Ending in 3 days!


If y’all know anyone who would find Qtoid (and Dtoid) a cool place to exist, invite them to I’d love to see Qtoid welcome some new faces and any friend of y’all’s would surely be a friend to


I baked gingerbread cookies, but I didnt find my compass in And I didnt make the last piece of dough look like a massive

Chris Moyse

Happy belated birthday to the ridiculously talented Meanderbot! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome work with us, really brightens the place up and we really appreciate you x


My top five list of Qtoid, in the comments


Been trying to git gud at Guntank and Marasai in that Gundam Its a pretty solid time with a good


Merry Dwarf Fortress day, to those who


This is the subtext of the news that ZeniMax QA is voting to unionize: in exchange for Microsofts neutrality, CWA is publicly backing their bid to buy Will be fascinating to see if buying AB leaves MS w/ a wave of unionized


Be like


Impossible Lair is very fun, but I think the platforming and music crown stays with Tropical Freeze between the Though its like choosing between two delicious meals, anyway


Dont buy Soulstone Survivor on Steam Im addicted


The highest-rated game on steam is a visual novel THAT ISNT People still surprise


Average Tuesday Status:


Free Colosseum update for the PvP


Im really disappointed Ive yet to see Top 5 Butts on the FP :) Pic unrelated


Top 5 Death Stranding games, ranked by piss

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Call me crazy but pokemon violet is the most fun I’ve had with the series since X


I cant see any replies on Just takes me to some stupid metrics


I neither watch LTT nor own an Eufy camera, but I think its important that people know about this


Current status


Have a great day!


I was in the camp that thought DS1 was perfectly fine and didnt need remade, but hooolllyyy shiiiiiitt this looks Hell, DS2 is one of the greatest of all time, but remake that too! Redo the third while youre at it!

Anonymous 20

Top 5 listicles on Destructoid, ranked


Top 5 Chunguses of Video Games, Do it, I dare

Anonymous 20

I got a SHINY LARVESTA! Which means in 1000 levels, Ill have a SHINY VOLCARONA!!!!! HOLY SHIT! I never get Lol


Happy International Ninja Day! 2022 has been a particular good year for a certain group of Also, happy birthday MeanderBot!


Its looking pretty fun friends