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Some Words on Platformers

I've finally been released from the grasp of BioShock: Infinite which is seriously the best game I've played for a long, long time and I can tell it's going to be my personal GOTY (unless something really surprises me) and I'd very much lik...


C-Blog recaps of 3/30/13 + 3/31/13 + Saviorgasms

Did you all have a happy Easter? Eat a bunch of ham and candy? Lovely. Do any of you even know what Easter is really about? Let ole Phil take you on a history lesson. In 1761, Jesus was born to a whore of a woman, who was a virgin. Her ...


Making Sense of BioShock: Infinite

Warning: All of the spoilers beyond this point. BioShock has always been a franchise praised for its story, and perhaps for Infinite this is most true. Indeed the only common criticism I have heard is that there is literally too much going...


The Metal Gear Series as a Newcomer

When I bought the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection I was thrilled, I finally had a new game to play after having surgery. I had read and watched many reviews on all the games, as I was told it was a great series, but had never played a single...


Weekend Warriors: A Break From Bioshock

Yeah; why not? Why not take a break from Bioshock Infinite? Soak in what you've already played and let it swirl around your brain. (But smurfee, how can it swim AND soak in? (Fuck you.)) In the meantime, play some other games with your fel...


Fresh in the Heels of Style Savvy: Trendsetters

While all the hardcore gaming ladies and gents were verbally exploding about the mastery of BioShock Infinite this week, I started Style Savvy: Trendsetters. Good heavens, what did I get myself into? Initially I was only able to scratch ...


Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds (Omaha)

Last week my wife and I attended Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds at the Holland Center in Omaha. We were very fortunate (and surprised) that the show came to Omaha and knew we couldn't miss a chance to see music from Final Fantasy performed...


Do Video Games Need Good Stories?

Short answer? Of course they do. Post's over. Long answer? The rest of this post. If youve seen my posts before, you probably know what Im all about. Good stories! Interesting leads! Ideas and themes explored in full! Hnnnnnnnn...


C Blogs of 03/25/13 + mcgeeisms

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMONDAAAAAAY. What's going on 'Toiders? How is this fine Monday evening treating you? I hope well! Not a huge blog day (not complaining) today. I wonder of people are just waiting for a certain game to release/pre-load...Hmmmmm...


Skyward Sword and the complex feelings it evokes

So, I'm late to the party on Skyward Sword. I traded my Wii in shortly after the release of Warioland: Shake it! due to the lack of interest I had in any upcoming games. I recently purchased a Wii U for a nice price and wanted to go back ...


C-Blog recaps of 3/23/13 + 3/24/13 + Philgasms

Welcome to the weekend recaps! Once again we ride together to enjoy all the lovely (and not so lovely) c-blogs this weekend has thrown at us. Not a lot this weekend, so that's kind of nice considering the week or so I've had. That's ne...


My problem with Kickstarter.

This is my first cblog, so thanks for reading my first sentence fragment, but I'll get right to the point. I have a problem with kickstarter. More specifically, I have a problem with the way kickstarter is being used to fund game projects. ...


Snesberry pi. Emulation done right!

In the digital age, it can be a hassle, and inconvenient to pull out the ol' SNES, dust off a couple games, and gamble on if they well work or not, let alone still have the battery left to keep your save file from 10 years ago. The solution...


Is it time for Super Luigi to make a stand?

Luigi, the most famous second-hand guy out there. We all know of him....as Mario's brother but this guy's popularity is more than some 'main' characters of other video game series! Since Nintendo has declared the year of 2013 to be the "Yea...




Why does it feel like that bruh

Virtua Kazama

I havent done a Mario Kart stream in a long I guess Ill do one


Hmm I want to homebrew my Switch so I can mod a certain game but I also dont want to get banned from using the This is a


Has Jeff Goldblum done a film with Nicolas Cage? He


Hey got a extra free steam code for the game Going Under if anybody wants It a cool expires the end of next month so take it now if you let me know in the comments if you want the Claim the game before it claims you


A detective giraffe in a top hat solving murders in 1920s yeah, this is a day one buy!


Im still wordle-ing but I found an awesome variant that should be interesting for the film buffs around here: Guess movies with just up to six frames given as in the comments


Current status


Have a great day!


2022 hasnt gone the way Id hoped, BUT the Indies and AA games have really filled in the I finished Eastward a week ago, and just finished Narita Boy, which isnt new, but I ordered the physical from LRG--glad I did! 2022 is still shaping up!!


Published porn just fine, but getting a real novel published is a Guess the world isnt ready for: How to Hide an Erection at a Childrens Birthday Party for


First DLC chapter (of 3) for Stranger of Paradise now has a release date & trailer (link in


If youve ever wondered, why does Mario Odyssey have motion controls?!, Exhibit A: a small kid at my hospital only knew/had the dexterity to throw Cappy by shaking their Suddenly my least fav part of was still my least fav part


I love everything about The BioShockian world, Colt, Juliana, the 70s retrofuture motif, even the distinct personalities of the What I DON’T love is the game’s penchant for crashing to dash at the most inopportune 😐

Whispering Willow

May add to the TOS that only prayers to The Nocturnal and Sheagorath may be led on None of that Molag Bal or Sithis


I have an Origin code for Star Wars Squadrons and a Steam gift link for Siege Survival from this months humble bundle in the I already have Squadrons on Steam and Siege Survival doesnt interest Have at it!


The DHL package apparently has been delivered! Cant fix it tonight more than likely so Friday project the New 3DS


Is AKIRA not one of the best mangas, let alone stories, ever conceived? One of the few works which every major character is incredibly human, full of Colonel Shikishima incredibly endearing despite being responsible for Best cyberpunk


Need a new game


Its amazing how many people you can find on dating sites if you just remove all of the filters that matter!

CaimDark Reloaded

Depressed Solaire is all of

The Actual Charlton Heston

Alright Qtoid, ol Hestons about to drop a game deuce in the Yall know the drill: you claim it, say First come first


Looks like were getting our chance for the XC3 special edition Maybe Nintendo have hired a few more hamsters to power their servers this

Sweaty Dungus

My playdate is here! Immediate thoughts: damn this screen is hard to I’m in a sunlit room with a book in one hand, playdate in the The book can be easily read while the playdate is nigh Was expecting more of a kindle-like


Third palace down in P5R! I wasnt sure if Id like this part as much as before, but no, Makoto is still Im ever so slowly convincing myself to pick up that Pop Up Parade figure of hers, especially since the upcoming Aigis one has derpy

Mike Sounders

And theres the rest of the season 2 00 Strike Freedom and Turn A were on a different Shaping up real nicely with another 2 months of potential reveals to


I saw this game Kharns Crypt Even Death May Die when I was looking at steam summer sale Seems intresting basicaly like Links Awakening Gameboy verison if it was more metroidvania and you canr turn into all the enemies like Kirby On Switch+PC


Oh shit, Rimworld on


Did a short core exercise I just sneezed and my belly felt like it was crying

The Actual Charlton Heston

This one goes out to our resident psychopath and dear sweetheart,

Whispering Willow

Chris Pratt opened up to say hes never attended the homophobic Hillsdale Church, but instead the Zoe Church that moved away from Ill give him the benefit if s Still needs acting lessons

Sam van der Meer

Had some free time the other morning at work so I brought in something WARM to test some stuff in the theaters…

Mike Sounders

Question of the day: How would you get the remaining Mega Man games that have not been in the collections rereleased? Couple rules in the


It’s here, it’s finally here!

Queen of Philosophy

For the Saoirse Ronans fan club (theres an informal SR fan club here on Dtoid in case you didnt know!), heres the first trailer for See How They Run! Love that Sersh is being allowed to speak in her real (and wonderful) accent :D

Anonymous 20

Pet peeve: including legacy games in best of lists because they were There are some games, like Chrono Trigger or FF6, that absolutely stand the test of Games like The Legend of Zelda or Metroid were pioneers, but should not be included


I prefer my houses


Sorry, today is apparently my random thought I want a Power Rangers game in the style of Squeenixs Guardians of the Just give me a good, solid linear-ish action game built upon established lore and make it fun and


I hate that you get an email saying something has shipped when, in fact, all that has happened is a label has been Thats not what shipped means!


Was feeling like playing a digital TCG that didnt had that F2P bullshit from current games like MtG Arena, friend of mine recommended me this Playing with the premade decks, looks fun so far but Im also feeling a bit dumb learning it haha

Dangus Taargus

Just played The Cute Wasnt expecting a Calvino joke so


Street Fighter 6 should have Yakuza guest


I am in a making light saber sounds mood and none of you can stop


I cant do it anymore, I gotta drop Medievil I would say its my favorite 3/10 game, but the game design is so bad I cant stomach it 10/10 style, 10/10 music, 6/10 humor, 1/10 Is the PS4ver any better in any way at all?


After some forbidden guide usage (oops) I finished Varres questline and found that sweet rune farming So long, next 20 hours - hello LEVEL 100! This is the Souls power fantasy Ive always FWIW - I only beat Godrick


Looks like Sunbreak is reviewing very Apparently its got sharper teeth than I already bought it and got it downloaded (some bonus stuff and gear is already Who else is gonna be murdering superfauna tomorrow?