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Reviewing the SNES

Among many gamers in this site, as well as gamers in general, the SNES represents gaming’s golden age. Its games regularly feature in the greatest of all time discussions, and the console itself some claim to be to the greatest as well. F...


SNES REVIEWS: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

For those reading one of my SNES review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: "While the SNES was a constant presence in my childhood, I never had a large collection of games for it. In fact, many of the games I played I sti...




Currently starting a playthrough of all the Mario & Luigi games, as I adore them, and now have a 2ds to play them I dont own Paper Jam Is it worth grabbing? Not a fan of Sticker Star, and worry they might have Sticker Starred


As a 21yo, I was actually in the target demographic for these Wii U commercials when they Saw them all the time while watching Cartoon Network with my Speaking from first-hand experience, I can say that these ads sold a lot of Xbox


My ISP is having trouble connecting to certain sites like Disqus so to answer those who are asking, those TMNT figures in my last qtoid post are called Metalfigs by Jada Sorry if this is qtoid


8 hours in and Im starting to feel a bit of a grind in the cult management in Cult of the Lamb, but it could just be because Im letting my flock die Went from 10 to 7 in a matter of a couple days! Hopefully, recruiting will alleviate


It took a lot of adventuring, but now the Penetrator armor is What a crazy secret to add, even by From Software A shame that armor in Demons Souls sucks, but hey, its the thought that It was such an obvious

Whispering Willow

The zombies will finally come for Pat Sajack but Vanna will be at the


This joke feels like it was crafted for this


Are y’all ready to join the new world? I hear it has energy drinks with goji

sp testure

Another day of birth is upon It has been a crazy Glad I got to spend it with you Luv ya


The previous game made by the Cult Of The Lamb Developers of the game Adventure Pals is 90% off for €1 now for another day or Its funny seeing the tone be the complete opposite to Cult Lamb Its a 2D platformers with lighr combat I


“I’m just going to get “Okay, maybe Leonardo “You know what, I’m pretty sure there’s a law that says I have to have all four or none at


Fixing my elderly aunt and uncles D:


100 hours and I finally have a use for all those odd shards!


Just a reminder that RRR is no joke the most entertaining movie youll watch all This movie has ruined all Western action flicks for me because they will never have the balls to be this


Theres a hug chunk of indie games that are just If (insert AAA company here) wont make it, I WILL! Anyway, heres another Paper Mario inspired game to add to the This one looks pretty neat

Chris Bradshaw

they should give him teeth


10 years ago today we were blessed with #Darksiders2 and the world was never the same


I Am Fish was okay, but the biological and physical inaccuracies were really


I do think the animation videos this channel does are really I pretty much never get all the refrences made throughout the animations though but I did get this one was quiet neat if very


Current Have a relaxing Sunday!


Just now realizing I should have named my cult Meat for Lanz

Dr Mel

Dog butt Its not a Its just the


Current status


ECLIPSE is a miniature puzzle platformer where you control the orbit of the moon! This game was created in just two weeks for LOWREZJAM2022!


Man Splatoon 2 is so I really missed Im so hyped for Splatoon

Chris Moyse

Pushed The Girl into Ultra Honestly, I should have hit this level well over a year ago, but I just fell into a slump of bad play habits and self-destructive Wanna plat before SF6 drops <3


5 minutes ago I did not know this game existed but now I have to admit my interest is


So I found out that if you put EVERYTHING on a


Theres a conspiracy theory that the internet died in 2016 and 95% of its current commentors are Its obviously not real, but damn it FEELS Go back to old internet threads or videos from like 2007 or so, everything just felt




Since no one asked, Ive always found sleep paralysis and the lead up/post-game to be far more akin to or Visage than any of the stereotypical memes and Theres occasionally a creature in the corner, but it tends to be far more

Whispering Willow

Decided to open these up and check them out Probably gonna grab another for collection Fangamer also has Dark Souls decks but this and the Undertale tarot deck feel more Dunno what to make of these ! cards,


The gf and I just got a professional Swedish/Thai massage combo for the very first time and it was A bit painful at times but still felt I definitely feel very relaxed after and it was much needed after a rough Highly

Anonymous 20

For the love of God, can someone PLEASE get Lanz something a bit meatier!


Im two episodes into The Sandman, its been The casting is


One of the best things about XBC3 is that there is auto-save, quick save, and manual This amount of saving pleases Pic


I was recently told about peanut butter and tomatoes on Its surprisingly delicious! That is


Current Status:


This was a super interesting ride!


Man, I feel super Really didnt want to work Went to a party last night for my coworker who Was fun but now I am even sadder that she is


I may have to eventually become a bit more ruthless of a leader, but Ive, thus far, been very merciful and my servants do not appreciate that like they should! *prepares sacrificial chamber* Shame…


Waiting for a doctors note for the days I missed this Old guy is just here coughing without a Is Just wear the mask if you think your Hell I still wear mine because its awesome for allergy Anyway have a fun


To celebrate completing my summer research and for getting a new job that I start next week, I bought myself a Retron 3 Now I just need NES/Famicom/SNES/SFC/Genesis/Mega Drive games to


Man if this video is accurate and if most of Xenoblades 3s soundtrack isnt just remixes or the same song changed a little bit then a OST that is 11+ hours long for any game is I cant think of the last game I saw with 11 hours of music made for

Inquisitive Raven

I feel silly going outside with my mask nowadays, especially when I can count the number of other people with one on one And the latest policy on the virus is *shrugs* Oh well! Still gonna keep it up for the foreseeable future,


Continuing with my trend of playing new genres, Hyrule Warriors Legends has been My 1st Musou that I struggled to get by but got the hang of it to the point of playing even when charging my Also, this is my #24 game More in


If youre having a bad day at work be happy your boss isnt

Jetter Mars

Bonus QTOID: According to an interview with M2s There will be 20 Sega CD games for the Genesis/MD Mini 2 and the US release will be getting an exclusive Robo Aleste was low key confirmed too for the Link in comments to Twitter


Anyone who thinks Donny Darko is better than Southland Tales is living in a world of BULLSHIT!!

Whispering Willow

She always finds me, no matter what