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Next Sunday, A.D.

Frank Conniff, probably best known as TV's Frank from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, recently posted a short video showing the true victims of the WGA strike: The studio executives. Those poor, poor, multimillionaires. Speaking of MST3K,...



I just caught over at the greatest webcomic in the world featuring a talking T-Rex that there's a new site up called LOL BOTS. It's essentially LOL CATS (awesome meme but a terrible moniker), except with robots. While cats win the adorab...



Dangus Taargus

My Super Monkey Ball marathon is nearly Ive started with Banana Mania but havent fully finished it though Ill be completing it fully Done is Touch & Roll, Banana Blitz HD, Step & Roll, 3D, and Im halfway through Banana


Got to say the guy on the left Harada who I think has been the main director for the last few Tekken games is looking fly as hell in that I do agree that he does look like a Tekken character in the

Virtua Kazama

Its tournament time once again! Were going live with the 61st Bi-Weekly in the series for VF5US!


My two cats pretty The lady is the shady back alley


If we are getting more top 10 lists could we get a top ten Destructoid articles and a return of top ten Nintendo Amiboo ranked as how good they work as a butt plug? That would be a nice/fun


Sadly my copy of Sushi Strikers might be destined for the local chairty The presentation is so utterly obnoxious haha AND the actual puzzle side of the game doesnt require much thought - more reaction I hate it


Years ago, I saw a used copy of FE: Path of Radiance for I thought that was way too high and decided not to get Totally one of the best money decisions I /s


Started a new job as a designer at Wyrd Games last Ive written freelance fiction for their Malifaux tabletop skirmish game since 2016, so landing this was a bucket list dream job, for


Sadness, its super cloudy and starting to No retrobrighting today I


Well half way through Devil May Cry 4 and mqn conoared to 1 and 3 the boss fights suck apart from Dante 1 wasnt amazing with boss fights but it had a few fun I think you fight rhe same bosses as Dantes

Sweaty Dungus

Playing a bit of Goldeneye XBLA on Xenia inspired me to set up NOLF 1&2 with all fix’ins (widescreen, 1080p, Also did the same with AVP2 for good Going Monolith


Gotta play with protection, this game at night with headphones and a fifth of Vodka is FUCKED Need my therapy Issac kinda looks like hes into my


Thats Its Every side quest, all DLC, every good ending, 2 full Grandmaster sets, and all coming in slightly under 150 I am now a full-fledged Witcher fan, and CDPR has now made 2 of my favorite games in the past few 10/10


Alright, just beat Strangers of Paradise, now to do the dlc!

Dr Mel

Just seeing this type face makes me think of RPG And the older Mincho font definitely reminds of the old Resident Evil


No! Jon Cartwright is far too aware of his excellent narration skills! HE CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS!!!


After a month or so of use, I do have one complaint about the 8bitdo The texture on the back of the grips is a dirt/dust Pretty noticeable on a white Wonder if its safe to use hand wipes on those


Game of the year


Double post but I would also want to mention this indie game that only came out a few days Looks very It is called your Only move is Basicaly a 2D fighting game but turn Hard to explain but looks novel and its only €5


Say hello, Corpsy! >


Hey, I just posted a mini blog there of cool looking indie games due out in 2023 and included trailers and steam links for every game I mention and a description of them so you can easily wishlist it a look if your interested!


Star ocean 6 has a triple triad-style mini game where you challenge townsfolk and earn new pawns who double as play pieces and as powerful Of course theyre all heroes and villains from previous star ocean (and maybe other tri Ace?)


I dont usually try to get 36 stars, not because Im not able to, but because it usually takes a couple hours of grinding to do But hyperbloom Raiden is insanely good this time around; it trivialized the 1st half so I could concentrate on the


I am extremely excited for Theatrhythm on Especially looking at the Song List (cant seem to link to the Its important to note the DLC will be spread out over Ill probably pick up the Deluxe version instead of the Super Deluxe


Its a little over a week The world is Give someone you care about a


After 6 or so hours, I think I’m done with Gurumin It’s a charming game but also, sadly, a bit The levels are not that exciting and you’re forced to go back and forth between them and the main It’s all clearly stretched a bit thin


Have a nice day!


Its Carnival season and the good doctor is always there for you!

Whispering Willow

I did that screenshot everyone else is


Current gif status:


Theres been a leek for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and you guys are never going to believe what the UI looks like!

sp testure

Fuzz Butts loves my computer


Toaster blueberry is the best pop


Was there ever a Persona 1 or 2?


Welp, not perfect but a major Bottom shell is before the

Chris Bradshaw

right on time, it looks like the homebrew community has managed to bring an early build of Xenia to Series consoles! super dope


Wow, NG+ in Dark Souls is fun for how fast you can fly through the Got the platinum, praying that the 3rd Sif Soul was the last one I Wish I would have timed NG++ from start to Anor Maybe 30 minutes?


Disco Elysium Log #4: The investigation is going GREAT! After soaring through the air, I ended up at the first boss and his vicious chair I didnt almost die and went on to chase drug smugglers and got the body Kim respects me ^_^


Also, Old


Im calling out the Yall out there?


I put list of indie games out in 2023 and beyond that I am quiet intrested in a word Its like 200+ indie games now I I was going to put it as a blog here but thats way too much so I think I will split it up into monthly Makes more sense


Got so cold our well froze below the frost line so we havent had water for 24+ At least a pipe didnt burst, and Id rather drink beer


Saw these lists going around on twitter, so I tried to do it on my Ill throw the template in comments if people want to do


Now that there is no local outage to blame instead, internet technician can finally show up Oh



Punished Nietzsche

I caught a cold a few days ago, and yesterday in a fever stupor i bought Fire Emblem not I havent played a FE since Valentia, but i can see some I only wish the cast will stop kissing the feet of the Dragon


#14 Game beaten in 2023 is: Batman Arkham Origins Transitioning the Arkham gameplay to handhelds was almost done The navigation system hurts, especially during backtracking, but the comic book art style cutscenes are