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My boy is finally a It seems like yesterday I was installing him in computer Now hes on Deck exploring the


My cult is officially Cult of the A7 Chord, as tribute to my favorite guitar (comments)


What a sad state the DC films are And I say that as someone who likes DCs characters more than Marvels, on the


With todays repair I did something a little different: I did an original Xbox by replacing the fans with Noctua ones, both on the case and the GPU, and replaced the clock capacitor so the thing actually keeps time Super Current status:


Instructions too Dick got caught in the


Love that Im hearing Running up that hill on my top 40 Do it to more songs


So theres this genie--right? Yadda, yadda, three You know how it The catch: if you make a wish theyve heard before, you gain nothin and lose that Also, Genie punches you as hard as they can in your What do you wish for?


Saw The Weeknd last Too bad Im old and cant stay out like I used damn, hate that I took shrooms before the show started and by the time he started performing, 930, my trip was p much And I just sweated anxiously thru most of


State fair gluttony! ZOMBIE BUTTER COW BURGER: American cheese, slab bacon, fried egg*, crispy onion rings on a chipotle maple-glazed donut bun with hot honey whipped butter Others in



Sam van der Meer

Continuing my recent western obsession playing Outlaws, which is really good! Just a quick run with cheats… But if I could find a big box of this for a good price I would FRAME


Why must drunk people be so damn loud and at the corner by my flats Can hear them over my Pic


I posted a new blog! Trying out proper development blogs for Mirama instead of weekly status updates in the QPs, let me know if you like it! ^^ Link in the Bump #2!


Cold take: Ubisoft open world games have become too big for their own good


You know, From Software has really made strides when it comes to making engaging demi-god fights this Poor ol Doran here dropped his combat script and never found it Not even when he mysteriously caught the plague for some odd

Anthony Marzano

Played Aperture Desk Job yesterday, it immediately re-opened my scabbed over wound that is the lack of any narrative Valve games (that dont require a thousand dollar Pain™


Stray was a nice Despite some frustration getting lost in the slums, and simplistic puzzles, it was charming enough to keep me Meow meow

Anonymous 20

What do you think Dtoid friends? Can you remain just friends with someone after telling them you love them and being rejected? Or is it healthier to move on? Any thoughts, opinions and experiences are More from myself in the

Sweaty Dungus

The concept of the Steam Deck is that it’s a “Switch killer” because it plays modern games at high performance, but the compromise to achieve this is a battery life of around one Sounds like a flawed

Chris Moyse

Hey folks, these weekly posts aremt quite the hit they used to But thats fine, Im just glad yall still see And know that I wish you all a very happy and safe weekend, with as much love now as Ive always Have a wicked one, friends x

Chris Bradshaw

i decided to not get the steam deck, however

Zoey Handley

Not only do I have a review for Cult of the Lamb, but said review describes the Handley familys literal adjacency to a real 80s


PSA : Everyone is now


This sword does bleating Too much will put you to sheep


Current status


Have a great day!


Went back into splatoon 2 and all my save data is gone? And I cant download a backup? This is some


Finished XBC3 at 110h (didnt use any bonus XP, wouldve been 14 levels higher if I had Maybe with most others in mentally different states than me the game wouldve resonated more than it did with


Some upbeat and funky house tunes Sometimes you just need a song that gets you moving and nothing Fantastic dance #musictoid | Crazibiza - Soul Cool


Current Status:

Whispering Willow

Friday Draw from Pulp Tarot! The Devil represents To pull a quote from Deadpool, Happy International Womens


God I feel this so Minimum wage will always get minimum effort from


Today was the last day of the librarian who brought structure to the public library I am Now that shes gone I


Ooh, those are some hot tamales


Another Might consider getting a social media page as an


I now reveal my true demon name as Dreadeat Dung for the Dung

Inquisitive Raven

Best Buy is offering a game for $10 every day for the next 8 days or Todays game is Nioh 2 on Seems like a good deal!


Felt like shit two days ago, had a 101F fever but tested negative for Felt better yesterday, tested myself before bed and had no Felt even better today, body temp was normal, went to work, tested just now to be safe, I now have


Lookie what I Im very excited to get into this!

Inquisitive Raven

Today was such a pain, my stress headache returned at one point, but Im off for the next 4 days (3 of which will be away at a friends house), so Im gonna try to make the most of it!

Dangus Taargus

Just finished Halo 4 which concludes my time with the I dont have a fuggn clue what just happened, or why any of it was happening, or why seemingly important story dumps were hidden behind missable But its over and I had a <3


Psychonauts is 100% Hardest part wasnt Meat Circus, no hardest part was Coach Oleanders Basic Braining Minigame in 75


Braunschweiger on pumpernickel with baby swiss and homemade So

Virtua Kazama

As one offline event ends, another one begins next week! Its time for Virtua Fighter Takeover!




♫ Im a lamb of the land, Im into Got some tarots in my hand and lotsa wool on my ♫