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FPS of the Year - 1999

And here we are...all the way to 1999. It's been a long road, but it's finally come to an end. Aliens versus Predator Goddamn, could it be any faster? Well, so far it reminds me of what was done in the newest AvP, which is kinda cool....


RexwolfTrivia: It's been a while...

Sorry about the absence of trivia lately; I've been busy. I've been busy. I'm going to keep this short, because there's a RandomWolf I'm working on that'll be up by today or tomorrow. Law and (Not-so)HandsomeBeast each have one point! D...


The FMV Gumshoe

While I hate to admit it, over the years I have realised that I lack any real skill when it comes to adventure games. I don't solve problems, I usually make them and then run away from the inevitable fire and potential dismemberment. But th...


Nostalgia-Goggles: 'Pocahontas'

My video game beginnings were humble. I didn't get off to the most "hardcore" start. My foray into the gaming world began not with Duke Nukem 3D or Final Fantasy VI, but with Pocahontas for the Sega Genesis. When the game came out in 199...


Too Young to Appreciate Final Fantasy?

Out of the twenty-six years I've been on this planet, I have been gaming for about twenty-two of them, and I still cannot stomach an entire playthrough of the first Final Fantasy game. I know, I know! No one's more disappointed about that...


Freeware Tiberian Sun; or, as I call it, ULTIMATE WIN

Today, I learned possibly the happiest bit of gaming news I've heard in a long while: Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, as well as the expansion Firestorm, were released as freeware by EA. Over a year ago, in fact; to promote the 4th Comman...


Rex, PI Episode 3: A change of Scenery

Hey, look! It's Rex, PI! It's taken me far too long to release this, but it's not the only Episode three that people have been waiting for... Since it's been so long, you can catch the previous episodes in this nifty little hidden blog! Al...


The Legend of Zelda: A Reminiscence

The Legend of Zelda: A Reminiscence For the past twenty-five years, The Legend of Zelda has captivated many a gamer with its green-clad hero, golden triangles, ocarinas, talking boats, and chatty fairies. Its a series that defined the a...


Famous Seamus' Classic Gaming Nook: Batman

Welcome to the inaugural post of my inaugural blog, The Classic Gaming Nook. I thought about using the term retro, but decided against it because Im not a twat. This blog will consist of all things from the 8 and 16 bit era of gaming. ...


Dingoo A320: Retro Gaming Handheld

(Note: In this post, I will discuss the Dingoo A320's stock hardware and emulators. In an upcoming post, I will discuss the optional custom firmware, Dingux, that really makes the Dingoo shine.) I'll just go ahead and disclaim this post: I...


FPS of the Year - 1998

This one's a pretty easy year, actually. Sure, there were some good games this year, but also a bunch of really shitty ones. I think we'll all agree on #1, but the other great ones this year definitely deserve your interest. Let's go! B...


FPS of the Year - 1997

This is yet another big year that houses some of my all-time favorite FPSs. And that is exactly why though it was obvious what my #1 is for this year, it was heartbreaking to not be able to do the same for so many other great titles. ANYW...


Why Call of Duty is a Negative Influence

Why Call of Duty is a Negative Influence There used to be a point in the past where any new videogame was a wonder to behold. We lived in a time where the industry was infantile and big name companies like Bungie, Valve, and Bioware were j...


The Zelda Theme in Cumbia Version

Hi Dtoid community,here's a new track celebrating the 25th anniversary of "The Legend Of Zelda",this time in cumbia version (a very popular music style here in Mxico) Enjoy and share! Please follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.c...


"Revisitation Rights"- Nightmare Creatures

Revisitation Rights is a segment dedicated to the discussion of remakes. In my eyes, a remake (unlike a reimagining) should literally re-make an idea that may have been previously flawed, or improve on what might have been lacking; in ...


FPS of the Year - 1996

...Fucking hell. I was worried this might happen. Okay, as a general disclaimer, there are some serious BIG games this year...many of which would normally be #1, no problem. I'm confident in my #1, however, especially as it's my favorite...


How I Made Money Off of Pokemon in the 7th Grade

I think people here would really appreciate this. I made money off of Pokemon cards twice in middle school. Both were similar yet different and both times, I made money off of my classmates. When I was in 7th grade I had a bunch of Pokem...


RexwolfTrivia is *GASP* on time!

It is a beautiful morning here in Rex-Land, and I thought that it might be a good idea to bring all of you swell fellas some trivia! I know that it hasn't been on time lately, but there have been legitimate reasons for that, and I'm just t...


FPS of the Year - 1995

This is a big year, no lie. I won't say it's the biggest year, but holy damn. Even still, a lot of titles doesn't mean a lot of good games, so...well, let's just get into it. Alien Breed 3D And we start out this year strong with somet...




3rd PSP game has been As a piece of history its interesting, but Resistance Retribution has some of the worst writing put to video games, terrible enemy encounters, and way too many As a PSP TPS, its fine I 3/10


I have no intrest in buying this stuff for any game but I just figured I would let people know this was just announced and live to preorder for seems like a lot although I imagine it will have a lot of really nice 350 pages


I got a bit into Children of Morta yesterday, its a fun time so Though I get way too attached to one character and get sad when the game wants to make me Switch to another lol


Will we ever see a level 5 game in English again or will they shut down

Chris Moyse

Im very tired, and Imma keep this incredibly Have a great holiday Promise me youll do something cool for yourself and for someone Get some rest, have some fun, and thanks for being part of this here Love you x


No connection to this guy at all, nor the Minecraft community, but from all accounts seemed to be a stand-up content creator and good 23 is far too young to


Belle Boomerang is now available on Go show the game some love and give me a


I went back to play a bit more Severed Steel and man the unlockable gravity gun weapon they added in a free post launch update is fun as Being able to yoink a door then use it as a makeshift shield and fuck it at a enemy to kill them is really


Have a great day!!!


Current status


Holy moly they actually fucking tried with this


One of the worst feelings in the world: Seeing a chatroom jumping with activity, saying something, and the chat just fucking goes dead for seemingly no I have to assume its me, even if its So I left a buncha Take

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Travis Strikes Again: NMH (Hold) -Axiom Verge (Hold) -Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4)


The Texas AG is trying to revive our defunct sodomy laws, making the simple act of being gay a felony, with the feds being given near-unlimited power to enforce the Fuck this shithole, Im moving to a place where I can fuck


Current Status (after waking up at 10pm):


Ive recently discovered folk metal, and Im REALLY hoping these guys arent singing about white supremacy or It seems like kind of a coin toss these days


3 episodes in, Im loving this season of The Ive really enjoyed both seasons, but this one feels like its getting the tone just Putting Starlight front and center as the emotional core of the season is working damn well

sp testure

Heston using public


Am drunk, is Is subtitled slander libel?

Anthony Marzano

Um, can you say Basedtriots?


Stayed up too late to get an S rank on marathon mode in Tetris I feel



Dr Mel

I mean, I know its one of the generic twitch emotes, but this was a weird thing to

Yue chan

Feeling very I could use some cheering


Almost done with the base story stuff of Rise, and then Ill be ready to roll on the DLC Also been playing Sekiro and yeah, its good so We shall see how the rest be, currently dealing with the guardian


Hit the halfway point in FF The game is just a


Your username is now a What products do you sell? (mine is obvious)


Damn, and I thought I was a Nintendo fan (series was Link to article in


If your murder mysterys soundtrack doesnt make people react like this 👏 I 👏 dont 👏 want 👏 to 👏 play 👏 it 👏


Three super silky smooth songs rolled into one short Each vignette/song is ~2 Moody ambient vibes and good melodies #musictoid | Isabel LaRosa - im watching you EP

sp testure

Things have been rough for everybody, I cant imagine getting through all this crap without you Needed some comfort food so I grabbed a stack of Calvin n Hobbes form the Library and reinstalling a Nice to see the mod is still being updated


Goodbye Eri, by Tatsuki Fujimoto of Chainsaw Man fame, was very It’s a short read, and it’s drowning in his naturalist writing and choppy, eerie The ending was… weird, but fun in a twist-y The atmosphere was a major highlight


If you gave up earlier, like me, you might want to give it another I got on about 15 minutes ago, and viola! I think theyre basically doing open orders, kinda like limited Run Thats why everything else is shipping Just a guess though


But after seeing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, I have very little faith in I loved all the old Kevin Smith movies growing up, and have been waiting for Clerks 3 since the second Hoping its at least


Imaginary status:


Playing that Links Awakening Im pretty early on, but man o man do I prefer the original so


Lets see Yoshi Ps soundtrack

CaimDark Reloaded

Dark Souls hate mail is the best hate I just fought the same dude several times in a row, he was using a big ass hard hitting slow weapon, kept dying to backstabs, then sent me a message complaining I was abusing I love it!


So Im playing Death Stranding out of morbid Any suggestions of fighting the dudes w/ stun sticks that track your packages? I have a mission there and cant beat Do I come back later? This game isnt great at explaining


Fun fact, just found out that New 3DS and New 3DS XL shoulder triggers arent compatible with each At least I think they arent cause I got errors when trying to boot up my N3DSXL and it boots with everything but the ZR+R cable I farmed from a N3DS



Virtua Kazama

I havent played Mario Kart in a Lets fix that, shall we? For old times sake, were going live with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!


Cuphead DLC was good I mean I had fun! Def worth the 2-3 hours it is! Heres my full no hit playthrough


Cuphead DLC was good I mean I had fun! Def worth the 2-3 hours it is! Heres my full no hit playthrough


I know it was you


Double post sure, but wtf switch store?


Extreme personal opinion time: SMT V is boooring

The Actual Charlton Heston

Vadicta, true to his


I left the My Nintendo Store to go do something else and when I came back, to my surprise, I was on the checkout But then when I tried to check out it put me back in waiting room,