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I made a Board Game + Contest

As this post goes live, I have spent the past 2 months buried in Sketchbook Pro, 8 hours cutting tiles, Countless many hours nervously pouring my soul into a project that will follow me to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this week. T...


RPG of the Year - 2006

Holy shit damn, what a huge year! 57 games! And yes, there was a Sega Genesis game released this year. This is also one of those awkward years where a lot of developers were jumping to the new systems while other ones were still very uns...


RPG of the Year - 2005

Now, at first glance, this seems like a huge year. After all, there are 50 games! This was certainly a strong year for RPGs in that there were a LOT, but not so much in terms of quality. I'm confident in my top 5, but the runner ups...oh...


RPG of the Year - 2004

You think last year was a big year? Ha ha ha! This year, there are 49 games! Madness! Let's do this thang! #5 - Fable (Xbox) Let's get the obvious out of the way. Yes, it's very short. No, it didn't quite live up to everything Mol...


RPG of the Year - 2003

This is a HUGE year. There are 45 games! This is also the first year we're seeing a mobile game on the list. While you'd think this would make it hard for me to choose, just a simple glance at this list and I can already tell what's what...


TOP 7 Obscure games that ROCK.

Hello everyone. This is my first post. My information is right there on the right so, let's cut to the chase. I've been thinking for a while about what to write first, and as much as I have a few ideas for posts I really wanna write next, t...


RexwolfTrivia is back!

Hey, it's been a while since I've posted trivia, hasn't it? (The answer is yes.) Anyway, the battle for the blog is back, and let's go over the rules, shall we? First to answer wins a point. Google is allowed. First to five gets to send ...


RPG of the Year - 2002

This was a surprisingly dry year, at least compared to last year. There are only 18 games this time and sadly, not all of them are great. Let's hop into it! #5 - Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind (PC) ...I am not a fan of this game. And ye...


Can game mechanics spoil us?

I have been playing the Final Fantasy IV Complete on the journey to and from work the last couple of weeks. I have been struck by this screen appearing every time I start and particularly the game noting that "Game progress will not b...


RPG of the Year - 2001

Back by popular demand that I just happened to find under the sofa, I present yet another GoTY article! This was a tough year. I mean, REALLY tough. It's bad when you've played half the games on the list and LOVED them. Yeah, THAT bad. ...


Dark Void Zero is friggin' hard!

I've been playing Dark Void Zero lately. I managed to find a use for my PS3 controller and mapped the buttons to keys on my keyboard so I could use it to play DVZ but gadzooks is it difficult! I've played it for 3 hours collectively and I s...


Retro-Rant.com is now live!

That's right everyone the website retro-rant.com is now live and has all our videos embedded from youtube. Within the next few weeks Ericd will be tinkering around with it (and probably breaking it). For those of you who haven't seen Retro ...


NES controller phone case

I should've taken a picture of this years ago. This is actually the second one I've made. The first one fell out of my pocket as I rode my bike to work. I went looking for it. I found it had been crushed by an automobile. This phone is ...


Conkers Bad Fur Day (10 years latter)

Rare, or Rareware, the developer that created Conkers Bad Fur Day was in this trend of creating these incredibly vibrant adventure games. All of which were successful. Rare continued the trend of making these kinds of colourful adventure ...


Best System Evar: GAMEBOY COLOR.

If there were ever a sentence that I never thought I'd say, it would be the title of this article. I mean it! I'm a console gamer at heart. I've loved my Playstation since it took over my life at age 7, and my love for the console game w...


Brushing the Dust Off of Old Adventures

Original Post at Experience Points There just isn't anything quite like pulling an old game out from your collection and loading it up for the first time in years. The familiar sights and sounds from yesteryear tickle your senses and half...


Dear gaming gods: Please resurrect me!

I was always fond of the PC and console gaming heyday of my youth. I remember yearning for those constant chills and thrills, knowing that certain characters and games were going to stick with me for a long time to come... if not forever....


Forgotten Gems: North & South

This image just screams "historical accuracy." Back in the NES days I didn't have my own system so all of my gaming was done at other, luckier kids' houses. Since my friends didn't want to sit there for hours while I played "The Legend o...


Something about gaming magazines.

Man, remember when we used to read gaming magazines? Maybe you don't, but I do. A few days ago, while I was on my way to give a friend an old Xbox DVD remote I wasn't using, I had picked up three old gaming magazines for $5 at a Goodwill: ...


The Ultimate Megathon Smackdown! For Charity!

This is the fourth marathon quest by the BROgamers, and the first to support the Child's Play Charity. We're a group of high school kids from an arts school in Central Virginia, privy to both current-gen and retro games. We've trudged throu...


Dreamcast News Round-Up

I really hope that title made you do a double take. YES. NEWS.. First off, bullet hell shooter game developer NG:DEV sold out of the batch of Fast Striker they sent to Play-Asia. They won't release how many units they sent to them, but t...




Merry Dwarf Fortress day, to those who


This is the subtext of the news that ZeniMax QA is voting to unionize: in exchange for Microsofts neutrality, CWA is publicly backing their bid to buy Will be fascinating to see if buying AB leaves MS w/ a wave of unionized


Be like


Impossible Lair is very fun, but I think the platforming and music crown stays with Tropical Freeze between the Though its like choosing between two delicious meals, anyway


Dont buy Soulstone Survivor on Steam Im addicted


The highest-rated game on steam is a visual novel THAT ISNT People still surprise


Average Tuesday Status:


Free Colosseum update for the PvP


Im really disappointed Ive yet to see Top 5 Butts on the FP :) Pic unrelated


Top 5 Death Stranding games, ranked by piss

Major Toms Coffee Cup

Call me crazy but pokemon violet is the most fun I’ve had with the series since X


I cant see any replies on Just takes me to some stupid metrics


I neither watch LTT nor own an Eufy camera, but I think its important that people know about this


Current status


Have a great day!


I was in the camp that thought DS1 was perfectly fine and didnt need remade, but hooolllyyy shiiiiiitt this looks Hell, DS2 is one of the greatest of all time, but remake that too! Redo the third while youre at it!

Anonymous 20

Top 5 listicles on Destructoid, ranked


Top 5 Chunguses of Video Games, Do it, I dare

Anonymous 20

I got a SHINY LARVESTA! Which means in 1000 levels, Ill have a SHINY VOLCARONA!!!!! HOLY SHIT! I never get Lol


Happy International Ninja Day! 2022 has been a particular good year for a certain group of Also, happy birthday MeanderBot!


Its looking pretty fun friends


Happy birthday to the talented May your day be filled with nothing but merriment, and completion!


Spoiler pic of Malignant in Unrelated, started Calisto on ps5, so far runs great no It is a spectacle with great sound


Happy birthday, Meanderbot! When I think of Destructoid, the image in myinds eye is of your I hope you have a great


Borped a BUNCH of bing bong because of some now to bork a bleep Got a Biffy, a Bubbub, and a bippity boppity

Virtua Kazama

We 100% the entire map on Ares Island (and did some things in the background), but were not done Lets go live with MORE Sonic Frontiers!


This years seasons The Bear, Sandman, The Boys, Severance, and Ozark (perfectly ended) are my favorites so Still gotta watch 1899, Addams Family, and Only Murders in the What are some of your favorite seasons of this year?


Here is a trippy retro survival horror RPG to check out! There is also a Kickstarter going to for this game called


I got a bunch of moogles to protect some Now to see if they will actually fight for Got Molulu, Moghan, and I gained some gil from it, but I consider it my contribution to the




Brought a BUNCH of mangoes for some Now to see if they will actually eat Got Francis, Haden, and Cost me nothing as they fell off the back of a moving truck, but I consider it a donation to my


Bought a BUNCH of manga for the Now to see if people actually check them Got Pokèmon, Splatoon, and all Zelda Cost a little, but I consider it a donation to my


The interview was a bit odd, Im happy with how I did but Im not expecting to move if you pass this interview you have to do a later online 15 miniute This is a lot of time and work for one job thats paying pretty averagis


Shoutouts to Nasir Gebelli, and Sakaguchi & Co for moving their entire production to America to keep Nasir on the


Im going to do something personally unheard of for the next Genshin Im going to be pulling WEAPON BANNER!!!


Best Soundtrack for my Retro GOTY Awards 2022 goes to: Alone in the Dark Those Bulgarian voices are out of this world, being very fitting for this Runner up: Child of The scope of that orchestra is Nominees in the comments


40 hours into Forbidden West and Ive gotten a good taste of what the game has to Im overall quite impressed with all theyve done to make tertiary content feel more Aside from enemy camps sadly, but those go by much quicker at


It is Monday :3


Spencer recently alluded to price hikes in the Xbox ecosystem, and this felt like the obvious Sony and most 3rd parties have long since moved to $70 MSRP for new games, so its not surprising MS is following suit


Happy birthday meander bot! I have your art in my apartment and my water bottle, so I carry a piece of you around daily!


Based Uncle Kaz

Sweaty Dungus

I don’t like to get political on here, but last night I saw a bobo rub his prenis and it made milk and the milk made babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at

Whispering Willow

Happy Birthday Meanderbot!


I completely missed that GolfTopia got a update in Its a golf course management sim by one person (and another doing the music), and I wrote a blog on it in March ( )




I have Meanderbot’s art hanging in my I have cards, I have memories, I have Happy birthday You are a gift to the site and your art is synonymous with Destructoid for so many of Have a wonderful day!


These texture pop-ins are getting out of


This looks part Metroidvania, part bullet hell 2D May have to look into this some more, but Im liking it conceptually at