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Mega Man 3 is a dirty, dirty game

Apologies in advance to anyone who can't look at Mega Man 3 the same way after this. In the original Mega Man, the robots are designed to perform industrial tasks, and conveniently double as a world domination task force for Dr. Wily. For ...


Hardcore? CORE-HARD.

I was having a discussion with a fellow Dtoider and our conversation came to a halt when I made a confession. Something shocking and disgusting. Something so unseemly and devastating that anyone with a weak stomach might want to turn off ...


Chrono Trigger=overrated, Cross is better

Chrono Trigger blows. Go play something like Chrono Cross. Yeah, I don't feel like writing a lot right now, but I'm sick of people trashing Chrono Cross when it's plot is 10x better than Trigger and it has better character development.


Why You Should Have Faith in Sonic Generations

Many would agree that Sonic the Hedgehog hasnít had the best track record when it comes to making great games over the years. Segaís mascot has had his fair share of ups and downs over the course of his career and while he still proves t...


Chart On: Sequelitis

I started playing through some newer games instead of going through my backlog, and I realized something: Half the games I was playing were sequels. I finished Bioshock 2, which is notable for not being as good as the original. The same ...


Hitman Absolution: Worries

The guys at IO Interactive have had a long, long time spent in the gutter the past five years. Their little Mini-Ninjas†game was the only little gem that came out of the studio. I awarded Kane and Lynch 2†my game of the year out of utter ...


Dear Brink,

You are half a game. What happened to your single player? What happened to character development and cohesion? Maybe it's asking too much to have every FPS that has a well-rounded multiplayer to have a foundational campaign similar in brea...


A Game That Mirrors Destructoid

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I recently bought Shadow of The Colossus (SoTC). At the time I was up to the third Colossi, and I greatly enjoy the game. Now, Iím almost done with the game, and I have mix feelings about it. Mixed be...


Would You Open the Door to Other Worlds?

Yesterday I was thinking about what to write today, and as my mind took the less traveled roads, I remembered an old cartoon. Many of us might have seem it, Captain N. It was about a gamer who get sucked trough a vortex and ends in Videol...


Of Course Video Games Are Art - Duh!

ah yes, quite classy. this man has won awards... more than one... plural. ART! proof that skilled writers exist outside of the game industry this is simply juvenile compared to the narrative in most Resident Evil or Halo games pr...


Appreciation for Vidya Gaymz

This is totally copied from my blog ( https://azzerare.wordpress.com/ ), so if it's referenced in any way, please excuse it. So, recently, like, 10 minutes before writing this, me and my friend weíre having a conversation, and he was say...


My Kid Can Bayonette Rush Whoever He Wants

So here's the deal, I was thinking about how I'm gonna deal with my kids today, and aside from deciding to be the lightly teasing, gently cuff you upside the head and call you an idiot but in a way that magically makes you laugh kinda dad,...


Happy's Flea Market

Between planning my Sonic vs Mario birthday party, receiving awesome blog headers (thanks falsenipple!) deciding on if I should get bangs or not, interviewing with Google, and working my ass of in general at work, Iíve paused on my daily in...


It's all about follow through

I've never been the most athletic of men. I live in a country where the national dish is often believed to be "deep-fried anything", my local fish and chip shop had a "if you bring us some food we'll put it in the deep fat frier for you f...


Them things what I done today that time.

Today's been interesting. It's been an unproductive, productive day which sounds counter-productive (stop saying productive, gosh!) but let me explain. I started the day at around 9am, watched some TV, ate cereal (I head coco pops they were...


Game advertising failures

Greetings and salutations; I come to you in hasted nights lack of sleep, under the hastened rattle of keys clicks and clacks after many unrealized similar rants. What sparked my desire to digitally log about today's subject would be the co...


Game Amnesia: Fallout 3

According to my Xbox, I haven't played Fallout 3 in roughly 2 years. During this time I chose to get a Masters degree, and didn't game much. Today, I decided to return to the world of Fallout (does the world have a name? Should I have remem...


Saving the MMO: With Imagination!

The metal toe of my moon boots clank ever so quietly against the railing as I land, gyroscopic ankle supporters helping to keep me balanced on the rain slick catwalk. Looking down I survey the area through thick plastic lenses, a super c...


Top 5 Most Overrated Video Game Villains

In every list of video game villains, there are always a few who are placed way too high for reasons that seem to escape understanding. Some I think are just blown out of proportion, some I don't get at all, but let's get right to it, shal...


Pay up Sony!

Still another day that the PSN is down seems like I'm in it for the long haul. Right now I'm kind of numb to the whole situation but not completely. Today Sony announced that aside from the welcome back program they are also giving away 2 ...


How many log-ins do we need?

Maybe it's my OCD talking but lately I feel like I have way to many accounts scattered around the internet. The recent PSN outage (yeah I know you don't want to hear anything more about it) had me scouring the internetz changing passwords...



The Actual Charlton Heston

Interesting mechanic Midnight Suns uses for recruiting Spider-Man to your True Bold move,


Played Midnight Suns for 5hrs In Its the supernatural, corny ass Marvel rpg, that I never knew I I can almost even forgive the absence of Moon Knight, since Magik AND Nico are It is a bit jank, and dated, but I love


Bones and Black Magic (v2) (Xeo) (2022): I picked up a sweet set of virtual drums called BFD3, and the first song I wanted to try them on was Xeos song, because I felt the original drums were too Let me know if these are a better fit for the song :)


Have a great day!


Hi everyone! We are a indie game studio, and are new here on Check out our Steam, and support us by If you like any of our games - you know what to do! Thank


Was looking on my librarys database to see what other good games are Of course sonic frontiers has a 30 queue waitlist but Persona 5 R is available! Both Judgement and lost judgement are Oh hey the original Dragon Quest XI as


Looking at the scores for Callisto Protocol right now are certainly interestingly be sure to give a play eventually but hearing that New Game+ wont be in the game at launch just turned me off a


See comment below about Midnight Suns shader Apparently its far worse for Callisto Protocol on How the hell is this still happening?


Aw shit I almost missed the first day of #stripmas


It took a lot of self control not to squeee while watching I was very into Beast Wars as a


Another day, another shitty PC Within 10 minutes of playing, Midnight Suns seems to have shit the More in comments


I know some of yall have been saying it since the beta, but Darktide fucking SLAPS


People cant complain about plot holes if I expose them myself! The nobel prize is mine!


the japanese sonic cd logo is one of humanitys greatest artistic achievements


My secret Santee is getting


Finally finished Metroid Naturally, when I stopped playing it six months ago, I stopped almost immediately before the last


PSA: Nazis Thanks for coming to my TED


I have been lifting parts about 5 lbs in each hand to move then from crates to cages at work today for 8 It wasnt taxing individually but I am freaking exhausted Almost home, and then making chicken nugs and Then videogames and sleep!


Oh snap, didnt realize I went over 1400 quickposts! Time for a good old AMA? Bump!

Inquisitive Raven

I have made such good use of my time on my day


Went to the library to renew my card and look what I snagged on the way out!


Being the prettiest game Ive ever seen, Forbidden West serves its purpose well as justification for my Beyond that, its really fun! Im still in the prologue, but Im feeling the formula doing its thing Machine Strike hurts my brain though


I had a dream about a lady with a beautiful bottom, but she had an absolutely terrible diet in terms of how it would affect feces


This HyperEncabulator is going to revolutionise the field of trans-phase bi-positional cyber

Yrahcaz But Snowy

I had a second date with the girl Im interested after And I think she had a better time this time so hopefully Ill see a third here Turned out to be a pretty nice day after


Well, we got trailers for Beast Wars movie and Indiana Jones 5, Jaiden Animations is now a vtuber and Kanye West is officially public enemy Today cant possibly get any more interesting, can it? Image


Good news, my total loss claim is just about Surprisingly my car was still worth quite a So now I can get a downpayment for a new Well new to me, used in


Current Status:


So anyway, I guess I have a shiny Maushold

Whispering Willow

Since Mullon is playing

Virtua Kazama

New and returning weapons, maps, ITS A CHILL SEASON, BABY! Lets try out the new update on tonights session of Splatoon 3!


Well Monster hunter Rise is coming to all platforms on January


Well according to some friends of mine, crossplay between psn and PC seems to be up for Warframe right Might still be one of those stealth tests theyre doing, but still its awesome news!


Game #47 of 2022 beaten is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Yeah, its pretty good

Chris Moyse

An AI app took some photos of me and kicked out Awesome!


I keep going back and forth on Squall Every time I think his emoism has become too much the game decides to remind me that he is the only one on his team with half a brain


Now entering the endgame of The gremlin Tinkaton that I named Goldymarg was the last thing Team Star saw lol


To whomever drew my name in the secret Santa I was intending to go in RAW, but I think Ill throw a few things on the wishlist after Im done I feel like Ive portrayed enough of my personality, but Ill be nice and throw a


I ordered Romancing Saga:Minstrel Song from playasia and saga Always been interested in the saga games so itll be neat to play them one

Virtua Kazama

Seriously, this year is flying by

The Mars In The Mirror

There are some other cool perks to going to work Cool participation raffle prizes! Still not sure how the drawing process works I just need to show up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


Chained echoes I kick-started and it looks great so far, check it Eastward is up now, meant to check it


back with another android game worth a fantasy tactics is a brilliant little puzzle game(despite its looks its not an rpg), free of charge and addictive as only 25 levels but i aint complainin


Every Easter Egg from the OVA to Mario Kart in the new Mario Movie Trailer


Front Mission 1st: Remake? Moar like Front MISSING EVERY SHOT I Also, I kitted out a mech to do only melee attacks, and now the game freezes every time I try to melee so that save is borked

Anthony Marzano

Merry #cursedmas everyone! Please remember to keep images in the comments of your posts so that those who dont want to see them arent forced


Never a good sign when a AAA game releases in <24 hours and there are zero reviews Either the game is coming in very hot (read: broken) or its being embargoed because it isnt very Buyer be


Best narrative for my Retro GOTY Awards 2022 goes to: Grim Its commentary on work class, the importance of co workers, humbleness, and lust is Such an excellent driven 2nd place to Super Paper Nominees in the comments: