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P2 Press Start: Multiplayer Single-Player Mode

Being a person with more than my fair share of brothers, multiplayer gaming was very popular in our house. There was only one TV, and only one NES, or SNES, or N64, or GameCube, etc. Whichever it was, we were either going to have to play ...


Myself and Water Levels in Games

UPDATE: I totally forgot to mention, this, like my last post, was copied from my personal blog, go take a look, there's a new address so the old won't work. http://azzelog.wordpress.com/ ) Okay, the title isnít exactly what the post is a...


L.A. Noire: Where do they go from here?

I love Team Bondiís and Rockstarís L.A. Noire. I feel it is an awesome game and a leap forward in emotive storytelling. I also liked the fact that the game was a bait and switch. People expected another GTA style game and they were giving a...


The Emasculation of an Action Star

Fellow blogger VenusInFurís write-up about ďSilent Hill: Shattered MemoriesĒ got me thinking of other media with more human males. He laments that more male characters arenít shown being weak, but itís all Iíve ever really known. This bri...


LA Noire: In search of perfection

LA Noire is a game about people, places, connections, humanity and judgement. It’s gone beyond the general call of duty when it comes to video-games and technical innovation, it’s delivered something that may change the f...


I lost my Groove!

Yeah, when my old 60GB backward compatible PS3 died last year, I lost the ability to play the old PS2 Eyetoy dancing game "Groove" on my PS3. I was a sad girl. I was therefore delighted when my husband recently bought me a 360 with the ...


Let's Give TNA iMPACT for iOS a Try

I'm having a very bored hungover Saturday so thought I would give you some unedited thoughts AS THEY HAPPEN of TNA iMPACT. The original TNA for iOS was a weird 2D turn-based wrestling game which I kind of enjoyed. It was a fun diversion, ...



See that price. It's the price of Minecraft right now. It's a price that is plaguing my head at the current moment. I have more than $21.95. Still, it seems like a lot of money for a game that is not even finished. So let me give you some b...


Who finds Mileena sexy, anyway?

Recent comments made by Howard Stern, an American radio host and prominent Ďshock jockĎ, provoked anger in me. I realise how idiotic that sounds -- íshock jocksí, after all, are apparently dedicated to provoking anger and resentment. Howeve...


5 Gamer Reasons the world will not end on 05/21

So, if any of you paid attention, I posted a blog earlier this week about a few things I was thinking about regarding the supposed end times and how I'd rather see it go down. Included were two links for articles about said event; one ridic...


Occam Thoughts: Summer Cometh

-May already? Jesus, time flies. Thatís good. Looking forward to August and PAX and the first vacation I have had in many moons. Plus the Summer here in Louisiana is not unlike the crotch of morbidly obese man resting comfortably in a T...


Single and Multiplayer can exist Together

There are several articles around the internet talking about how many games today have multiplayer and how many of them are just an afterthought in the developing cycle. Others are just the contrary and we end up with an awful campaign an...


David Cage: Respect Is A Good Thing

While this week we are basking in the awesomeness of a certain game called L.A Noire, something struck me during the build up to release of the Rockstar/Team Bondi collaboration. Something I probably did not expect and that was reading, wha...


Getting my Witcher 2 on!

Well no Eve for a while. Been hitting World of Warcraft with a friend at work. We have blasted our way up to level 30 in a couple of weeks. He heals as a priest and I tank with a Paladin. We do pretty good but we are on break for a little b...


A Mercenary Attitude Towards Companionship

No thanks There is a particular popular gaming trope that has never gelled with me. Escorting. In the real world this word makes me think of a couple of things: High paid, glamorous women of ill repute, cheap women who don't look like the...


May 21st... Meh.

May 21 is the End of Days(Click Here) Reading the news and hearing from friends about the event mentioned in the link/article above, I can't help but relate this to video games. Instantly, I think of games like Apocalypse(PS1) and Disast...


I'm Casual

Itís often considered an insult amongst the gaming community. To call someone a ďcasualĒ gamer is a way of saying that those people that enjoy the occasional game of Farmville or Words with Friends are less of a gamer than those that devot...


Split-screen Woes

Multiplayer is definitely not the newest idea in the gaming world and itís online application isnít even in its infancy, but Iím really starting to feel angry over the lack of proper split-screen or developers bright ideas to tack them on...




PSA: Warhammer 40,000: Gladius and Hue are free to keep on Steam right now


Forever status

Chris Moyse

The old gray mare she aint what she used to


Have a great day!


The comments on here made my night better


I think Ive hit that point in the year where theres basically nothing left I really want to get out of stuff thats After Street Fighter, which Im not even sure I want, all that is really on my radar is Talos Principle


I nabbed a copy of Ex 3!


Spider-Man 2 trailer was cool, although I hope Spider-Man 3 (or Morales 2) is in a new Shanghai, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Vancouver, Mumbai, Hong Kong, somewhere


Getting home to my wife watching Reboot, holy This show brings me back, both in the fact I watched its of run on ABC, then got to finish it in High School via I remember loving how serious it got by the end, good preteen melodrama

Inquisitive Raven

Marvelous will have a Direct in 15 minutes! Will my wife Nami StoryofSeasons make an appearance? Lets find out!


This is my first exposure to Quixort and I cant get over how clever a game it Its basically Tetris + pop culture/math questions, but you need to see it play out to truly understand I cant elevator pitch this one too

Virtua Kazama

Tonight on Fortune Roulette: This will be the last one for a while until I finish Were going to start it off with Deathwish Enforcers, a spiritual successor to Sunset Riders!


Current status


Is Games Workshop okay? All day my feed has been blowing up with Warhammer video Like, dude, Boltgun was

Virtua Kazama

I should really make a blog about It needs a sendoff like Yeah it had a rocky start, but it did become better at the


Huh people just found out that the NPCs in Tears of the Kingdom that arent main story NPCs their faces were all made from a more advance verison of the Mii Nice to see a bit of Miis atuff even indirect stuff


Seen on a van this morning on my way in to Apparently Shrek is Latinx and has a side


I specifically requested extra I guess this is


I totally missed the initial Phantom Blade: Zero announcement but looking at the trailer that game looks damn Almost as if they put Nioh, Ninja Gaiden Black and Sekiro in a blender and then took the result as a base


I refuse to do Proving Grounds Shrines in Theyre


Welp, still no space marine 2 release date so Im gonna go ahead and guess its March of Sad Status:


I played through this games Steam Next Fest demo a while ago and it was Was suprised to find the game felt very much like a indie 3D Mega Man but I dont mean that in a bad It just came out right now!


You hear of Fashion Souls? Well, I wanna see your Drip of the Kingdom!


Throwback Thursday, Do you still feel the Thoughts?


So its WORSE then I predicted

Ricky Namara

Kids say the darkest EDIT: I originally typed darnest, but my phone corrected it to It is It is


Sky pirate indie I havent played Skies of Arcadia, but Im guessing thats part of the


@Sam Bat Boy is out today looks like it might be a fun little indie to play! It is also out on


Oh I really want this ! But I shouldnt spend that :-( Goes live in some 6 hours if anyones


Gollum looks positively The reviews are going to be a fucking


Book 3, Hallowed Harvest, Three down, three to


Deception 4 really upped the skill ceiling to a ridiculous degree, to the point where it makes me feel dumb at But not as dumb as the game itself, holy shit is it stupid and horny in the best possible Image


A full playthrough got uploaded to YouTube like a week I skimmed it and every part visually looked like mud, and gameplay wise it seemed like nothing was ever

Punished Nietzsche

This may sound stupid, but hell, I prefer to ask you guys rather than spoil the game watching a How the hell do you get money or rubies or gold on Totk? I been playing for hours and I still dont Also


Even if there were no 1st party games shown (or even many exclusives), there was plenty of interesting stuff at the PS Mad hype for Talos Principal 2! That Phantom Blade 0 soulslike thing looks interesting Have a great day!


Current Status:


It finally fucking I joked about it for I lamented its absence for But its finally fucking happening! And the news has finally made my wife interested in trying the first game! Fuck yeah! Dragons Dogma 2 baybee!


Im I thought Sony was showing off video games today, not a collection of short films?


Sony finally giving the Wii U the respect it

Ricky Namara

Tony Stark died for your


Is someone going to tell Konami that Delta has the value of 4, not 3?


Yall check out VIVIDLOPE yet? Its a fun And its only And it runs great on Steam


4 Genshin Impact codes (60 primos + exp and These might expire quickly so use them


I said a while back when Sonys shareholder data indicated the overwhelming majority of its sales were digital that this would be he last generation of consoles w/ built in disc Update on that:


Few weeks ago I finally got my hands on this game for 4$, which I post today as the Metal Gear Master Collection doesnt include Still good to see Metal Gear Solid 3 getting a Gotta hang on to this one before prices go


Theres a dupe trick in ToTK Im capable of Under update in this article:


Wheee ! Very interested in this, as in hoping it doesnt stay stuck on the Playstation ecosystem too