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Can't Stop Starting Over

I've concluded recently that I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to RPGs. I find myself starting a game up, playing several hours, and then starting over with a new character or slightly modified version of the previous one.  ...




Le Monday


Did you guys know that every single odd number has an “e” in it?


Anytime there’s a discussion about TVs or monitors, there’s always that one guy who jumps in to post “Get a LG C2 Sure thing bud, I’ll pick one up just as soon as they don’t cost as much as a mortgage


Have a great week!!!!


In Your Base, Spaceship (2012): 2012 was a VERY experimental year for me I was trying to find my own unique sound, and that would be synth heavy songs with simple This song is a good example of the kind of music I


I normally dont pay much attention to leaks, but Im desperate for a new Silent Hill game at this Hope this potential screenshot makes it into the game if it actually happens because it is wonderfully creepy and I would love to experience


FF14 is in maintenance tonight so Ive just been enjoying Shenpais stuff

Kevin Mersereau

There is currently a ~4ft wild snake at large in my house right Fortunately, I am extremely terrified of snakes, so this works out great for


I bought a RX which is a decent upgrade from my RX manage to sell off my old 8GB RX 580 for $150 to make the upgrade cost $250 :3

sp testure

Dear Bethesda, do you not like money? Cuz forcing Skyrim AE resolution at 4k on the PS4 Pro is a sure way to get none! Seriously couldnt throw in a performance mode? (Insert it just works meme here) I think I will buy The Ascent


Just watched I didnt actually care about the reviews it got, and gave it a Somewhat entertaining, yes, but the script The acting saved some scenes,


I apparently am getting my Steam Deck Super Edit: Steam Deck Been messing with it and its actually really comfy and not nearly as big as I thought it


Steams discovery queue isnt as scary-accurate as Spotifys own recommendation algorithm, but Ive added well over a dozen more games to my wishlist as well as purchased 4 others since I began feeding my curiosity about an hour

Cloudman Sam

Burger king Berlins Mothers Day Pregnancy Promotion Burgers for expecting mothers! (Tater you prepared us for this whether it was intentional or not)


I have deleted my credit card information from Steam in an effort to stop myself from wasting money on kneejerk purchases of games I lose interest in after a

Silver the 3rd

Food was Water even The halo TV show cost an estimated 90 million usd, and they couldnt afford just moderately better writers? Pic unrelated


The whole gangs got their portraits done! Look at em!!


Game 7 Mavs v Mavs very much ahead early on! Lets go! Lets go Boomstick!

Anthony Marzano

We have reached another peak of the


to the party the other day but it was dry took way too much acid and Molly and lost two Kind of a strange experience:/ Hows ur weekend been?


It was hot today so I decided to get a


Aaaaand I didnt make it to the money prize on the day 2 of Arena Managed to draft the stinkiest White+Blue+Green deck and even then SOMEHOW I went But hey, not bad at all, never thought I could get so far :D

Virtua Kazama

No witty introduction or a theme Its time to go live for the 49th VF5US Bi-Weekly!


It is The ripping and tearing has come to an DLC 2 was awesome, I love the They succeeded in making me master almost every tool, so Im tempted to replay on Ultra-Violence and see if I can crush

CJ Andriessen

There is so much cottonwood pollen in the air right now my town is like a real-life version of Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy for people with

Dangus Taargus

First major game(s) completed on the Steam Deck are all 7 Commander Keen Episodes (minus the GBC Game, which Ill get to when I get my Analogue Pocket later this Not the greatest games unfortunately, but they had their Duke 1 and 2 next?!


Thats fishfucker with a Masters Degree in Microbiology to you,


Saw Everything Everywhere All at It was a big, weird hug of a movie and it’s easily the best thing I’ve seen from the Daniels so


Shared with my side bros yesterday, but might as well post it One of my best friends got married yesterday and my (literal) brother and I had the honor of opening the doors for her and her father to walk down the So heres me being a douche!


Good stuff And the video is also visually Like how this was #musictoid | Kendrick Lamar - N95


Konami should make Colonel Campbell a Send


Movie My turn to pick one for the whole Movie:



Silver the 3rd

Bdsp was on sale and Im convinced this is the pokemon game that swsh should have looked


Pro tip: never listen to billionaires in regards to your health Talk to your doctor and/or Musk is an


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A NEW DTOID DRAWS! And this around, the time make your own Shin Megami Tensei Demons and/or Angels! More details in comments! BUMP SIX DAYS LEFT SORRY FOR FORGETTING TO BUMP


Little Nightmares 2 Atmosphere, music, & art direction are masterful, but even they cant save it from a muddled story, sticky controls, annoying camera, and an ultimately frustrating Solid, but nothing special (much like the

Chris Bradshaw

never really watched too many movies growing up, but i took an opportunity during the pandemic to finally watch star And I gotta say! the more I get to know about the lore, the shittier those last 3 movies get boiii


Since reviews aren’t in the wild yet, please give me all your Evil Dead Game I’m hesitant on another asym mp game, but looooves Friday the 13th…when it worked 😑 Haven’t gotten into DBD at all bc of the grind

Chris Moyse

Happy Belated Birthday to our burger buddy Tater! Hope that youve had a happy weekend and that this year is a great one for Thanks for being a welcome part of our dear


If I were to buy a 3DS before the eshop closes, what would be some of the must buy eshop-only (or if physical second hand prices are too high) games?


The Creator Clash fucking ruled, got way too drunk and yelled a lot with my friends and all my favorite people What an amazing experience, and all for charity


Watched that new SPYxFAMILY show -- its pretty underground, you might not have heard of Anyway its been great fun! I wonder how long itll run, considering the manga still feels pretty early in its

Inquisitive Raven

Hey, Um TRAVELIN OVUH HEAH! I went to New York with friends Highlights below!


Freed up just enough shelf space to fit my PSP games in my new Displayed like this, it really doesnt look like a lot, but I think I picked apart the library for everything Since it was my first portable, I played most of these games a


Won a Last Spartan Standing!!! Not sure if Im a fan of this mode or Microsoft not really fixing the battle pass incentive structure but Ill take this!

Whispering Willow

Watched Constantine Ive grown to like the character through the DC animated movies and while Keanu lacked the accent, the live-action movie was pretty spot-on Might get to his comics after I get through my current