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Challenging Narrative in the Modern Game

I haven't properly finished a game since Beneath a Steel Sky. Granted I only played it in March of this year, after finding out it's free. It was great, short, a refreshing change from the kind of games I play most these days. Alt...



Anthony Marzano

Merry #cursedmas everyone! Please remember to keep images in the comments of your posts so that those who dont want to see them arent forced


Never a good sign when a AAA game releases in <24 hours and there are zero reviews Either the game is coming in very hot (read: broken) or its being embargoed because it isnt very Buyer be


Best narrative for my Retro GOTY Awards 2022 goes to: Grim Its commentary on work class, the importance of co workers, humbleness, and lust is Such an excellent driven 2nd place to Super Paper Nominees in the comments:


When I say I like mostly all music: I absolutely do! I go where my ears take me, not to just search out new stuff, but thats where it sometimes takes Lots of good stuff out


I don’t have Spotify but I did listen to Alphadeus’ music on YouTube while working so that’s

Spiders For Sale

If you spell queueue with too many ue you summon French

Sweaty Dungus

Day 2 of wanting to play Need for Speed Unbound without spending My frothing desire I can smell the engine sounds in my A drop of blood drips down my earlobe as an enigmatic doorway It


Been a few Still enjoying my return to Guild Wars Pokemon Violet fascinating Its fun to play, but technically Id hope for a sequel to refine its ideas, but Im not holding my Gamefreak discards stuff

Anthony Marzano

Back by popular demand, Secret Samta is happening once again! Sign up link is in the Well be drawing names TODAY! Im going out for some groceries and will draw the names when I get Last chance to join in!


YouTube Music recap is here, and its pretty fun! More results below!


Its Saga Minstrel Song day help me pick whose campaign to play off of coolness


@Sam this might intrest you, the indie metroidvania game Grime is getting a new free content update in a little I think you own that


Soul Hackers 2 isnt Persona with adults, but I think I prefer it that Its a lean 50 hours with just enough plot to justify all the unhinged grinding and Might even do NG+ once the DLC is on even got the true ending without help!

sp testure

It HAS begun!!!


Have a great day!


After she refused an Inazuma costume, this time I made sure Lumine got a Sumeru one by modding it The lighting on her arms and pendant actually change color based on her (I didnt do that part, its actually built into the enemy

Inquisitive Raven

Google Doodle did a cute little series of retro-inspired games to honor Jerry Lawson, one of the creators of the videogame He wouldve been 82


Heard on a Youtube video running in the background an ad saying its a privilege and *a duty* to play GoW:R if I have a Reason enough for me to never get another (Got 2x


I dont use spotify and do most of my music listening the old fashioned analog way at home or in the But my most played artists and albums that I can recall will be posted all the same


My top song for this year (Apple Music, I dont use Spotify atm) is 6969 (Level Up) by Ninja Sex It probably wouldve been my top song on Spotify as I mentioned this before, but I have a silly playlist I listen to when I sleep or

CaimDark Reloaded

How good is Xbox 360 emulation these days? I got a solid new Gaming Laptop (yay!) and Game Pass is essentially free the first month, so Id like to at last play through the Gears of War Series, which would require emulation for the 360


Not sure if the post link will Making (and updating) everyones number one spotify song, in case you want the jarring tonal shifts of DToid radio

Inquisitive Raven

Street Fighter VI is getting a 2nd Closed Beta Test from December Details and signup here:


Current Status:


For the uninitiated (me) is every RE game like this? Just a comical amount of herbs I dont need but never enough ammo even with 85%+ accuracy? If so, why?? Lol

Kevin Mersereau

All these songs rule, and I love them, but this list isn’t I’ve listened to the song “Teddy’s Jam” by Guy more than all of these songs combined this year on Spotify haha… No idea why it didn’t show up, but it’s the


I am genuinely digging Pokemon S/Vs writing and plot this time around, which hasnt really happened since, uh, Its partly because of low expectations, but mainly due to great characters, genuine issues, a somewhat darker tone, and great twists!


Oh snap, didnt realize I went over 1400 quickposts! Time for a good old AMA?


I love everything about this


I love this dumb, Metalocalypse-looking image so


I dont disagree with

Zoey Handley

DBT therapy is absolutely kicking my It feels like any relief is taking So, heres my favorite track from one of the best Super Nintendo


Beat Ragnarok last night and I loved it so very Story wise, its my game of the Overall game of the year still probably goes to Elden Ring for


Yeah, that


Reminder this exists, its like a old radio horror


Got a interview for a place within the next few days thankfully they said it was online and didnt say I had to do it in person even though they are about a hour and a half away from me so not too too Not mad about the area f medical but oh well


In a doctors waiting room and playing Among US, TheBlondeBass was the Wonder if its our


Dont personally use Spotify but if I did this band would probably be top of the list this Saw them live on my birthday too!


This weekeng there is an arcade auction, a Christkindlemart, and Im going to get blasted on grain Its gonna be a good


I guess I really liked French electronic this year

Spiders For Sale

I dont want to,


Remember when I said theres a movie called Cocaine Bear, and its coming next year? It got a


So I just found out theres a Drug Dealer Simulator Not quite sure what to do with this information but Im leaning towards playing a character named Heisenberg, just for

sp testure

30th: Ur-Quan Masters 30th Anniversary Celebration twitch stream is live! Its some good stuff