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Cheat Codes Ep. 84: Horse Latitudes

Rob Auten, professional game writer and consultant (Battlefield: Hardline, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Gears of War: Judgement), joins us for a whimsical jaunt right to the heart of the FBI’s new anti-radicalism game, Peter...


Cheat Codes Ep. 83: Shut Up

Web columnist and game dev Brian White (TAY, Current Digital) joins us this week to go over his latest piece about playing HALO for the first time. He helps us out as we dissect blanket positivity in gaming criticism and we t...


Cheat Codes Podcast Ep. 82: Rock Block

Our buddy Alex Baard (Due Process project lead) returns to join in the conversation about Impostor Syndrome, a mobile app thats supposed to help ADHD sufferers, and the Steam curators ‘The Cut-Content Police.’ We’re in fine form ...


Cheat Codes Podcast Ep. 81: Tame a Horse

Davis Standley, Respawn Game Designer joins us from sunny California. We come to terms with our college days by investigating the Minecraft Education Edition, sharing our best rage quit stories and eye-balling the blurring line between movi...


Cheat Codes Podcast Ep. 80: Footlong

Kevin Katona, game designer at Wargaming.net joins us this week to ponder ESPN finally committing to eSports, earning class credit for playing video games (in Norway), and software pirates getting sad about PC games getting too tough to cra...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 79: Game Fax

Alexandra Lucas joins us in the studio to tell us about her new job as a game writer for Plarium games which will require a relocation to Ukraine! She helps us make sense of Hasbro’s reasoning for leaving Rey out of The Force Awakens ...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 78: Shampanya!

It’s the end of 2015! We get the core panel together, discuss #NewYearsResolutionsIn5Words, pour some champers and rattle off our favorite games of the year. We follow it up with an examination of the Valve DoS attack over Ch...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 77: Schwartzmas

Associate Producer at Bungie, Samir Patel is back with us in the studio this week to go over how all the VR makers are helping solve each others problems to establish a successful market. We also examine Microso...


On the next PStoid: Meanderbot!

Our guest as seen in widescreen PStoid is going to be doing its first episode of 2016 this weekend. We will be joined by none other than Meanderbot who over the years has contributed a heck of a lot to this community, too much to link ...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 76: Vonderloost

Our old friend Nate Hitchcock joins us in the studio to talk about his work at Soulbound Studios on their MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria. He gets back in the mix pretty quick as we hash out topics like game design at sea, t...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 75: Exchange Rate

Alice Taplin, UK Content Assistant at audioBoom and host of the “Double Tap” gaming podcast joins us this week, all the way from merry old England.  We go over all the Final Fantasy VII remake news, Nintendo’s...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep 74: Mmm Sous-vide

We welcome the return of Fingered developer and game trailer auteur, James Id!  He brings his perspective along to help us break down the new multi-billion dollar Breaththrough Energy Coalition, the story behind ...


A New PStoid For Your Enjoyment with Guest Jack Shadow!

Sorry to barge in on you Dtoid, you weren't expecting us were you?After a short, unplanned sorta hiatus, PStoid is coming back for a new episode this weekend! Of course, we were never really gone. We'll also be posting the last episode (#34...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 73: Stay Classy

Happy early Thanksgiving everybody! We’re back to the core panel this week to ring in the holiday season. We break down the testimonials from old Nintendo “Powerline” workers, the implications of the new Valve Steam Sale plans and Ma...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 68: FascistWindPasser05

Alexandra Lucas is in the studio with us this week as we speculate on the new Nintendo NX rumors, the deserved success of Undertale and that odd survey that Riot is using on their League of Legends players. We round it all out with our usua...


PStoid Episode 33: Halloween Spooktacular!

Here's what happened in our Halloween Episode!On this special Halloween themed episode of PStoid: Nanashi loves Slender The Arrival, Neal wants to commit front yard property damage, Mike is surprised Yugioh is still a thing and special gue...


Cheat Codes Podcast - Ep. 67: Jello Shots

Consider this episode an early Christmas present from us to you! Bungie Assoc. Producer Samir Patel joins us again to talk about the new Destiny micro-transactions, VR Porn vs. Real Sex and the obviousness of a placebo effect in gaming. For...




Gameboy games, in particular Game&Watch Gallery 3, was the best/only thing of interest for At least this time I can adjust the colour saturation on the


Just finished King and Chizmars Gwendy Loved it, and I definitely did not expect where it all led!


Metroid Prime Remastered is stupidly gorgeous, and Im like 99% sure its just upscaled from the GameCube That console could churn out some of the most gorgeous games, even by todays Metroid Prime is fucking timeless


Would play tf out of


Got a bit of spare change, and want to make someones day? I have something to propose in the comments


This looks super neat, the level design and level gimmicks looked wild in the second half of the trailer in a good 8 hours of music is very impressive and apparently Bandcamp and streaming revenue for the music will go to help Trans Lovely


So etrian odyssey collection is Does 1 and 2 include the story mode from the 3ds though?

Inquisitive Raven

Baby Girl Annie is back in Splatoon 3 - with DRIP! I missed her so

Cygnus Rush 961

Been playing Metroid Prime Remastered, worth the


I see a new Nintendo Direct New Zelda trailer, Pikmin 4, Samba de Amigo, lots o DLC and expansion passes, Octopath Interesting! I think that about covers everything of


You know I was I think more postive of the last fee directs then others or was pretty happy with I do love Pikmin but I would say this direct was I would rate the previous Directs better personaly but still there was some nice

Whispering Willow

Ive been really stressed this week, so having Metroid Prime Remastered dropped today amidst a good Direct did my heart some And now I start a four day


I saw so much Level-5 today I was half-hoping Yo-Kai Watch 4s localization would finally be completed and release Stateside, but I now know that to be a distant Ill have to brush off my Japanese degree and import it, I suppose


Ooof Etrian Odyssey HD collection is $80 the bundle, or $40 I love Etrian but jesus a few years ago I payed $20 for


Wow, Ghost Trick AND Baiten Kaitos? I have no more ports to beg how about Adventure island HD?

Chris Bradshaw

Im replacing this double post with a super hexagon track remake I found on NES (w/ expansion I cant delete this original post without hijacking another account by


Nintendo Hot Take: Metroid Prime did not feel good as a It did a lot right imo, but the shooting aspect, after seeing the remster trailer today, reminded me that the shooting felt like lethal spitballs: yea, they kill things, but wheres the oomph


I dont know about you guys, but Im real into that detective jrpg Level 5 is

Chris Bradshaw

now thats a name Ive not heard in a long time


Heads up for those interested: the Kingdom Hearts and soundtracks are now on Spotify and Apple


Witness, witness my all important opinion that no one asked for about the Nintendo Direct !


I made two pots of chili in under an hour right after coming home from work, I fucking


Missed the Direct cause of Chess Saw a recap and I am Now that I am home I can debate on whether I should get Prime or


is the switch lite safe to buy I hate the size of the normal switch

Anonymous 20

I was really hoping for the Prime Trilogy, but if this means were getting all 3 Primes remastered, I think Im ok with it Prime 1 is my favorite in the series, the only one I can say I I kinda have to get

The Mars In The Mirror

Yknow what game series would be perfect to resurrect for Switch? Chu Chu Rocket!


Just finished the nintendo Fantasy Life is back bay-beeeee! Oh And metroid I


That Prime remaster is good


Direct was pretty good but that Prime Remastered Stealth release had me howling, good god damn am I excited to play it again after all these years


Welp, Twitter don did a fucky-wucky, so heres my Mastodon page for anyone


Never got to play Prime Now I can do it easily whenever I want, and it was a surprise drop Yeah, thats a win in my


Yay story DLC for Xenoblade It doesn’t feature any of the characters from the Boooooo


The start of my weekend is soon!


Man that wave 1 paid dlc expansion pass looked really lame/underwhelming imo for Splatoon Nice enough content but should be free if its just bringing in old content from 1 without much Hopefully the wave 2 campaign expansion is


But wait theres more! Jp direct had three notable games including a new Boku no natsumi title, a full remake of the first Atelier, and a horror adventure game from square Edit: trailers in comments! atelier confirmed for English release!


Fuckin Metroid I wish they were doing a collection but fuck 40 bucks is actually reasonable and a physical versions coming and its one of my favorite metroid games and FUCK I neeeeeed


Thinking about Tears of the kingdom collectors edition on Nins website is giving me xb3ce ptsd


Courtesy of Geoff, courtesy of Nior:


You know what rhymes with time? It’s about damn Metroid Prime!!!


Pikmin 4 was looking fire until they seemed to show a return of going through lifeless lookong/feeling caves/underground areas like in Pikmim Hoping thats just a tiny part of the Doggo is best doggo and ice pikmin is a neat


Ghost Trick for Switch? So glad more people are going to be able to play this


Tried to tell yall it was real Stop sleeping on my man Jeff, when hes got a source, hes got a Timing was off but the remaster is and was very much real, clearly 😂


An exceptional Think the first presentation Ive loved from beginning to end since Sonys PS5 Excellent stuff all


Level 5 woke up and chose to live


Prime is $40 on the eshop


Huh, EO HD is also coming to Steam as well! Now time to decide if I want to play it on Steam Deck or grab a physical release for


Nintendo won

Inquisitive Raven



Obviously mad hyped for Zelda and it looks amazing but, holy shit fuck balls! Etrian Odyssey HD! Ive been pining for that series on Switch Would have preferred a new entry but Ill take that trilogy as I started with


It was