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Dangoblog Legacy™

I haven't blogged since July. It would be really flattering if anyone here has noticed, but either way, now that I've brought it to your attention, you might be wondering if there's a reason for that. Truth is, I'm pretty much done bl...


The War on Boobs

One of the claimed points of social justice and feminism is that a woman should not be shamed for how she looks, how she dresses, so on and so forth. Its been one of their major talking points for the past 20 years or so. In fact, they go ...


Egotisms #1 - University Prologue

I will get back to proper blogging soon, I promise. I’ve been a bit ill lately, played a tonne of Witcher 3 (which is today’s strangely appropriate picture theme) and there’s so much stuff happening in my life, so that&rs...


My collection of stuff - part 3: Figures

After the runaway successes that were the first two parts of my series of blogs on my collection on stuff I wasted too much money on while I could’ve spent it on things I actually have more use for, I decided to quickly post the third...


Life update....

When it rains it pours my friends... Yesterday, I got a call from the police. The jerk ass jerk who broke into my home tried to pawn off my Ipad. When the serial came up as stolen they grabbed it off the counter and smashed it outside. That...


Looking back, saying thanks

Just about six months ago, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone. I’d been writing about games on a site that did decent numbers despite its size for a year or so and I wanted to grow. I didn’t have much of a plan, but I knew...


The tale of Fuzunga

With so many new folks joining the Dtoid blogging ranks these days, I figure the time has come for me to join too. You may know me from my years of commenting on the front page, but do you really know me? This is my story. It all ...


Summer Jam 9: The Experience

Summer Jam 9 came and went this past weekend. Players from all over the United States and Canada came to Essington, PA for this hype event. Since this was my 4th time going to a fighting game tournament, I learned that it gets crazier ever...


I'm not dead....just not alive...

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that developement on "The Tales of Riva" is put on hold......for just a little while. Last week my home was broken into and I was robbed of damn near everything. My PC, my monitors, my TV's, my xb...


From out of my rock I appear

Hello all it is I, some random person you've never met before! So I've been following this site for 4 years, you could say I'm a long time lurker and lately I've started to post comments on things and participate in this crazy site. So I've...


Music: New Album Released "Nonsensicals V"

Hello friends, I released a new album. I also released an EP that might have flew under the radar since I only posted about it in Quickpost. "ADBC" is the name of the EP. ADBC - EP by Alphadeus It is a 7-track EP. The first EP I ever releas...


A warm welcome and cheers!

With the release of so much fantastic games, and fantastic total crap, I normally obserb from the sidelines and occasonally voice a bit of an opinion on my Blogspot. It was a hobby of mine at first but its slowly growing into a passion. I w...


PC vs Consoles - A Different Type of Competition

There has always, always been a divide between gamers of different mediums. Some people are faithful to their console at the exclusion of anything else entirely (those people are now popularly known as "frothing neckbeard fanboys"). Others ...


This is why you can't have nice things.

Over the past few years we've seen a lot of bitching about how there needs to be more non-sexualized female roles in games. We'll ignore how idiotic this statement is and anyone who actually plays video games can rattle off a hundred titles...



Well I hate to be galavanting with terrible videos, but its been forever since I have truley been excited about birthdays so I think I can gloat once a year XDSo... The day the last Metal Gear Solid Launches is my Birthday! Which I should ...


The RPG Maker Buyers Guide

For those of you just tuning in, I recently started an RPG Maker Workshop series to help aspiring RPG developers become the game-making experts they’ve dreamed of. Yet in writing that, I assumed that my readers had already purchased ...


the amiibocalypse: the amiibaftermath

NAVIGATION:Part α: IntroductionPart 1: Existing amiibo Functionality Part 2: Adding New amiibo to Old Games Part 3: amiibomon: Gotta Buy 'em All!Part 4: Basically amiibo Fanfiction Part Ω: ???-> Part X <- And... wow. ...


SEPT. 2015: Month of Metal Gear!

I’ve had August off from my themed gaming months of 2015, once I finished The Witcher III: Wild Hunt I’ve had a busy schedule and a trip to Japan, with the only games I’ve squeezed in the meantime being shorter affairs li...


"10 Yard Fight" or "Tap Dancing Football!"

So lets get this thing rolling with our first NES game blog.  First up, a classic sports game! OH BABY, its time to strap in for the ORIGINAL 9-on-9 football!  If you thought NFL Blitz was the best game that used less players on ...


Oh the Horror

  Who doesn’t like Valve? They make great games and they created the almighty Steam. Without Steam I wouldn’t have amassed such a grand library of games on the cheap that I’ll never have time to play. But it doesn&rsq...


A Wretch Like Me

"Alright, ready to go?" My brother asked. It was November 7th, 2006. I had been waiting on him to take me to GameStop to pick up Gears of War, supposedly the most delicious looking game ever made. My bones felt like melty sugar, and my head...




Toaster blueberry is the best pop


Was there ever a Persona 1 or 2?


Welp, not perfect but a major Bottom shell is before the

Chris Bradshaw

right on time, it looks like the homebrew community has managed to bring an early build of Xenia to Series consoles! super dope


Wow, NG+ in Dark Souls is fun for how fast you can fly through the Got the platinum, praying that the 3rd Sif Soul was the last one I Wish I would have timed NG++ from start to Anor Maybe 30 minutes?


Disco Elysium Log #4: The investigation is going GREAT! After soaring through the air, I ended up at the first boss and his vicious chair I didnt almost die and went on to chase drug smugglers and got the body Kim respects me ^_^


Also, Old


Im calling out the Yall out there?


I put list of indie games out in 2023 and beyond that I am quiet intrested in a word Its like 200+ indie games now I I was going to put it as a blog here but thats way too much so I think I will split it up into monthly Makes more sense


Got so cold our well froze below the frost line so we havent had water for 24+ At least a pipe didnt burst, and Id rather drink beer


Saw these lists going around on twitter, so I tried to do it on my Ill throw the template in comments if people want to do


Now that there is no local outage to blame instead, internet technician can finally show up Oh



Punished Nietzsche

I caught a cold a few days ago, and yesterday in a fever stupor i bought Fire Emblem not I havent played a FE since Valentia, but i can see some I only wish the cast will stop kissing the feet of the Dragon


#14 Game beaten in 2023 is: Batman Arkham Origins Transitioning the Arkham gameplay to handhelds was almost done The navigation system hurts, especially during backtracking, but the comic book art style cutscenes are

Ricky Namara

You know what I hate? Corporations trying to take ownership of A long time ago, sharing a funny meme is as easy as right-clicking and sending it to your Now you have bullshit like right-click disabling over public domain


Mild Status:


Trails from Zero isn’t really Steam Punk as much as it is Deluxe Punk (reminds me of TNG levels of Check out this upmarket car interior!




PSA: Daytona USA is on that Xbox de-listing Grab it while you


Hearing New Hope-era Obi-Wan talk about meatsabers and without a hint of AI interference was but, mostly


So I am trying a new RetroBright method on my recently recovered Gonna leave it in the air tight container in the sun for a few hours to see if itll


The first son of Pablo Escobar is coming to a pub like 30 minutes from my house to do a book What a time to be


I wonder how Hi-fi rush does the animation If it’s hard coded in and just times the song start, or if its actually detecting the


​Its been awhile since Ive shared some good, classic footage of Act Enjoy!


I have acquired the Chungus

Boxed Swine

Good morning! Looks like someone on r/gaming got Hogwarts Legacy Put your scuba gear on, cause were diving into the comments! Wonder what treasures well


From the bits of HiFi Rush that Ive Dont use vocals as rhythm markers, and maybe dont use vocals at all? Just make the beat and maybe noises the Vocals suck in all games that arent Im feeling argumentative; I havent even played


In case yall were curious, heres proof that game devs dont get royalties for re-releases, so you might as well emulate the original game if you still have

Chris Moyse

The tech team found the account keys and got images fixed, lickety Hope you all have a lovely Saturday x


All right class, today we will go over the importance of budgeting your dev cycle correctly and making sure not to spread your resources too thin while making your Sometimes that means cutting awesome bosses, but thats better than not


The craziest thing just I was going to upload the picture I took of Bigfoot now that its working again, but the memory card spontaneously combusted as soon as I removed it from the camera! I guess it wasnt meant to


Since some of yall mentioned how bad the fallout frontier mod is, I checked some clips of Wow, I feel bad for these voice actors having to say many of these I wouldve been really embarrassed after seeing the end


Were I still more proactive with keeping up with my YT channel, Id try to turn these into quirky YT But, thats not me So, find a couple funny trims of Dead Space gameplay within the comments! Image

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) -SteamWorld Quest (Switch) -Nioh 2 (PS4/5) -Splatoon 3 (Switch)


Rewatching the R&R Hall of Fame induction for Nirvana, and it still blows me away that they decided to go all female performers for Perfect Maybe they should have done a different order, Kinda blew the load early with Joan Jett


Considering buying a set of PS5 covers but cant decide which color: Cosmic Red or Galactic So I asked for my wifes input, showing her the two I like the regular white Gee, hun,


Despite knowing its a pipe dream, there is a part of me that really wants Hi-Fi Rush to do for video games what Spider-verse did for animated Just please games industry, make more games that are just fun and complete at


God bless this amazing The news about him having to step down was rough, but hopefully he still has a lot of time If Patient Number Nine is any indication, hes not done making fun music


Thanks to Phil, Pat and whoever else, Im now addicted to Marvel


Been about 20 years since Ive seen it, but goddamn Near Dark still slaps!

Dr Mel

Wrapped up Dead Space remake, great game but jesus is it Im very ready now to play something dumber and more actiony, like the RE4 Some further commends on DS Remake in the


I would be drunk shitposting on twitch, but no one is live thats I would go live but I doubt I have more than an hour in So instead, getting bueno with Spotify recommendations and Dark Souls Hit me up with good music maybe

Whispering Willow

Been rewatching Picard and was reminded of the Romulan Pixmit cards, used in episode 3 for divination and in the next as playing cards, meaning their lore is similar to that of and now I need Pixmit


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Im sorry what?? Also, thank you Chris, et al for getting images working again 🙏


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