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Dangoblog Legacy™

I haven't blogged since July. It would be really flattering if anyone here has noticed, but either way, now that I've brought it to your attention, you might be wondering if there's a reason for that. Truth is, I'm pretty much done bl...


The War on Boobs

One of the claimed points of social justice and feminism is that a woman should not be shamed for how she looks, how she dresses, so on and so forth. Its been one of their major talking points for the past 20 years or so. In fact, they go ...


Egotisms #1 - University Prologue

I will get back to proper blogging soon, I promise. I’ve been a bit ill lately, played a tonne of Witcher 3 (which is today’s strangely appropriate picture theme) and there’s so much stuff happening in my life, so that&rs...


My collection of stuff - part 3: Figures

After the runaway successes that were the first two parts of my series of blogs on my collection on stuff I wasted too much money on while I could’ve spent it on things I actually have more use for, I decided to quickly post the third...


Life update....

When it rains it pours my friends... Yesterday, I got a call from the police. The jerk ass jerk who broke into my home tried to pawn off my Ipad. When the serial came up as stolen they grabbed it off the counter and smashed it outside. That...


Looking back, saying thanks

Just about six months ago, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone. I’d been writing about games on a site that did decent numbers despite its size for a year or so and I wanted to grow. I didn’t have much of a plan, but I knew...


The tale of Fuzunga

With so many new folks joining the Dtoid blogging ranks these days, I figure the time has come for me to join too. You may know me from my years of commenting on the front page, but do you really know me? This is my story. It all ...


Summer Jam 9: The Experience

Summer Jam 9 came and went this past weekend. Players from all over the United States and Canada came to Essington, PA for this hype event. Since this was my 4th time going to a fighting game tournament, I learned that it gets crazier ever...


I'm not dead....just not alive...

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that developement on "The Tales of Riva" is put on hold......for just a little while. Last week my home was broken into and I was robbed of damn near everything. My PC, my monitors, my TV's, my xb...


From out of my rock I appear

Hello all it is I, some random person you've never met before! So I've been following this site for 4 years, you could say I'm a long time lurker and lately I've started to post comments on things and participate in this crazy site. So I've...


Music: New Album Released "Nonsensicals V"

Hello friends, I released a new album. I also released an EP that might have flew under the radar since I only posted about it in Quickpost. "ADBC" is the name of the EP. ADBC - EP by Alphadeus It is a 7-track EP. The first EP I ever releas...


A warm welcome and cheers!

With the release of so much fantastic games, and fantastic total crap, I normally obserb from the sidelines and occasonally voice a bit of an opinion on my Blogspot. It was a hobby of mine at first but its slowly growing into a passion. I w...


PC vs Consoles - A Different Type of Competition

There has always, always been a divide between gamers of different mediums. Some people are faithful to their console at the exclusion of anything else entirely (those people are now popularly known as "frothing neckbeard fanboys"). Others ...


This is why you can't have nice things.

Over the past few years we've seen a lot of bitching about how there needs to be more non-sexualized female roles in games. We'll ignore how idiotic this statement is and anyone who actually plays video games can rattle off a hundred titles...



Well I hate to be galavanting with terrible videos, but its been forever since I have truley been excited about birthdays so I think I can gloat once a year XDSo... The day the last Metal Gear Solid Launches is my Birthday! Which I should ...


The RPG Maker Buyers Guide

For those of you just tuning in, I recently started an RPG Maker Workshop series to help aspiring RPG developers become the game-making experts they’ve dreamed of. Yet in writing that, I assumed that my readers had already purchased ...


the amiibocalypse: the amiibaftermath

NAVIGATION:Part α: IntroductionPart 1: Existing amiibo Functionality Part 2: Adding New amiibo to Old Games Part 3: amiibomon: Gotta Buy 'em All!Part 4: Basically amiibo Fanfiction Part Ω: ???-> Part X <- And... wow. ...


SEPT. 2015: Month of Metal Gear!

I’ve had August off from my themed gaming months of 2015, once I finished The Witcher III: Wild Hunt I’ve had a busy schedule and a trip to Japan, with the only games I’ve squeezed in the meantime being shorter affairs li...


"10 Yard Fight" or "Tap Dancing Football!"

So lets get this thing rolling with our first NES game blog.  First up, a classic sports game! OH BABY, its time to strap in for the ORIGINAL 9-on-9 football!  If you thought NFL Blitz was the best game that used less players on ...


Oh the Horror

  Who doesn’t like Valve? They make great games and they created the almighty Steam. Without Steam I wouldn’t have amassed such a grand library of games on the cheap that I’ll never have time to play. But it doesn&rsq...


A Wretch Like Me

"Alright, ready to go?" My brother asked. It was November 7th, 2006. I had been waiting on him to take me to GameStop to pick up Gears of War, supposedly the most delicious looking game ever made. My bones felt like melty sugar, and my head...




A catchy pop-punk song for the Gives off early 2000s vibe to me for some reason #musictoid | blackbear, Machine Gun Kelly - gfy

Ricky Namara

The last TV show you watched is the title of your sex What was it?

Ricky Namara

The news about what happened in Texas just reached us over Weve been here next time you see someone blaming gun violence exclusively on video games, show them this:


Getting a real Resident Evil meets Silent Hill vibe from Stranger Season 4 is really gory like wow what the


Elden Ring Log: Did 13,000 damage in one attack against the largest dragon Ive ever I also killed a putrid avatar way out of my league, worth 20,000 more runes than the aforementioned Still really digging this


I have imbibed To quote a phrase, is


Started playing Death’s Door I just got to a miniboss that has two infinitely respawning minions that follow you around the arena the whole time and it makes me want to quit Whose idea was this?


I lived through Columbine, Jack Thompson and the demonization The fact that this was even brought up and then called “Cyber Gaming”, like this was 1991 and my typing teacher is making class watch a video on the World Wide Web is fucking


I forgot it was Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend! This weeks TGIF is up over in the Queen wrote it for me this Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend plans!


Again, everything shows up at the same Cat didnt want to move, so we wanted to own Zombie Nation, its a crazy NES game where youre a flying, severed samurai head thats saving New York, by destroying


But this is what I really got from ZB today: TRAILER TRASH, American cheese, fried pickle, chicken fried bacon, cheese curds, ranch dressing

Chris Bradshaw

i always forget how old I am next to these youngin a dkc2 reference must be like a ms pacman reference to these kids


KOTOR2 is coming to Switch! Neat, I absolutely loved the first KOTOR, the sequel I havent beaten, but from what I played I enjoyed, just not on the level that I did with the first Either way, cool addition!


Guess Im playing Vice City The original, not the terrible I havent played it since it first came


Finally, some good Star Wars


A very cool video by illusory wall, highlighting a bunch of undocumented changes made to Elden Ring in the latest patches, among them alterations made to the AI in several duo boss

Anonymous 20

Watching Obi Wan, and apparently, I have nostalgia for the prequels!


uh oh, Obi-Wan show is kinda shiiiiiiiiiiit




Im trying the Mario Strikers trial, and the game tells me Press Y to What I didnt expect was that by tackle they mean Have Mario kick Yoshi square in the


After a gaming interlude due to work and the birth of my nieces, Ive beaten a new game this #12 goes to Final Fantasy IV Just like when I played the GBA version, I couldnt put this game Voice acting & cutscenes were well


E3 season is already here?! Oh boy, cant wait for the games I want to be But also cant wait for games I never knew I wanted to come into my But seriously I need to see a new Sly Cooper or Ima

Whispering Willow

The time has come! E3 gives way to another summer of streams! But we can still do predictions! Ask me your questions and Ill see what my tarot cards have to say! (Last bump)

Whispering Willow

Occams, the Pokémon Whisperer, will also be asking Pokémon your summer stream questions and make game predictions, so leave a Pokémon and question for it in this quickpost! (Last bump)


This shirt still fits 15 years? Excited to see them


KAIJU RETURNS: beef patty, soy glaze, Japanese cream cheese spread, sashimi ground spicy ahi tuna, fried rice noodles + Napa cabbage Hard pass for


I miss Inside Job and want season 2 to start


Im excited to see Ewan McGregor play Obi-Wan I hope the series does him Pic


Nobody goes to Dorsia anymore

Mike Sounders

Its always interesting to rewatch a trailer and see mechanics that were not really touched


Thank you algorithms for reminding me of this groovy slab of sexiness! Love this album! Shame it was a one off collaboration between the


My first paid summer break starts today!! Yesterday was our teacher work day and Wednesday was our last day with It was the most challenging yet rewarding job Ive ever Now to drink, camp and play for months and do it again!


I wonder how long I could run a D&D campaign by aping the first Halo games plot before the players

Anonymous 20

Sonic Movie 2 was actually pretty Better than the first I mean, it wont win awards, but it was just a lot of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Eggman were all And that teaser! As a fan, its hard to ask for


Yknow Square should port the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI onto


30 minute state of play focusing on third party and ps

CaimDark Reloaded

Playing the Souls games backwards, you notice some of the smaller later improvements more prominently after losing them, but the older games still hold up phenomenally May even be better in some


Get your boomerangs ready! Belle Boomerang will launch on Steam June




Happy friday guys! Im exhausted from receiving big crates of drag links and cross tubes at work all week, but Ill be done with those Looking forward to playing more Nemesis at boardgame night Excited for the weekend?


Because Twitter keeps showing us on the Trending tab and it makes me a little Have you heard about Québec in the news, wherever youre from?


Current status

Chris Moyse

Weve gotten to the weekend once again! And for some of you, its a Wel I hope that you all have a great weekend, packed out with some fun, some rest, some friends, and some chainsaw ice Be safe, and have a wicked Love U

Ricky Namara

Cleared out one of the last remaining dungeons up in the Mountaintops, lost about 100K runes, let out some screams, then continued onward as I ranted I was totally done with the game, got some good kills and the bloodlust high brought me back to center :)


Have a great day all you wonderful people!!!


Looks like Resistance: Retribution (the best Resistance game) has been rated for back Been many a moon since I shot Chimera and bullied frenchmen in that Heres hoping Sony sets it up with some debug options so you can aim with the


RIP Ray Liotta