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OCT 2015: Uncharted Month (+Recap)

As you may or may not know, this year I have been trying to theme each month of videogame playing, so far covering series such as Zelda, 'Souls, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Metal Gear and now it's time for another new topic. Since most other ne...


#Cyberviolence #Eggplants

I started out typing up some big, clearly satirical rant about how two brave white women of wealth and privilidge went up infront of the UN and said, completely seriously, that Disagreement = Harassment and that being subjected to disagree...


Egotisms #2 - My Fresher's Week

Welcome to the post-fresher’s week write up, in which I will beguile you with stories of my first week at uni in the hope that you give a damn. If you missed Egotisms #1 – it’s here. Let’s get started. (And I’...


RAE - Timeline

G'day guys, hope you are having a great week. Now this is more of a personal blog. I thought it was about time I told you the full story about the beginning and end of RAE on IGN and the transition from IGN to Destructoid. In 2009, I was pl...


Nostalgia, Minecraft and Art

In the long, long ago – 3 years to be precise – I developed a new hobby. The art of minecraft builds. In the space of a year I placed tens of thousands of blocks by hand, and hundreds of thousands more by WorldEdit. As the need...


Undertale: The Case for Heart

I will be discussing minor spoilers about this game in the blog below. I would rather you skip reading it then ruin the experience. Please, play this game. If you have played it, discuss with me. This weekend, I bought a game called Underta...


Steps of Subversion: Halo 2 and Sons of Liberty...

It takes a certain genius in crafting a great video game narrative. You have to account for player agency, pacing, stylistic decisions that bring in narrative focus that could take away gameplay options, and ensure that your protagonist is ...


EGX 2015 - What will I Play?

EGX 2015 is very big in the UK. We're straved as a gaming society of any events that celebrate gaming and tantilise future releases. That's why I'm going this year as a press member to choose which games I want to cover. I'm spoiled for ch...


It's Hard For Me To Write These Days

Consider this my hasty and incredibly pretentious introduction to Destructoid blogs. I’m not the best writer out there, but I’m at least able to put my thoughts onto the table in a well-organized manner, thank you very much. And...


resolution...sort of

Earlier today I was told that the GUYS that broke into my house have been caught. They had the Ipad jerk offs ID and it took them to one of their houses. Inside the house they found a few other people a bunch of stolen property. While they ...


Super Smash Flash 2 is the thing

Super Smash Flash 2 is another great concept game created by McLeod Gaming, found at Furg.net. Intended for PC and not for profit, to register and play the game is free. It has everyone [and everything] from Yoshi to Pikachu. To play you ha...


Megaman Movie (mix of excited and terrified)

As history has shown, movie adaptations of games can be, em agonizingly painful. titles like Alone In The Dark and Doom (The Rock did make it a little epic for a while) are only a few examples. When i hear he words "Megaman Movie" i would s...


A Free Plague Courtesy of Yacht Club Games

I was a latecomer to Shovel Knight. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a good reason. In fact, I’m not sure if I would have purchased the game last week had it not been for the sudden and horrific realization that I nee...


The Sega Incident

Included in the above video is footage we captured of the Sega Vs Nintendo panel from this year’s Pax East with Al Nilsen, former Marketing Director for Sega of America. This panel ran from 9:30pm to 11:30pm on Friday, which came aft...


RAE - The Return to Dtoid

After a long wait due to education commitments, I am proud to announce that RAE is back after a couple of months hiatus. Guys, these last two months have actually been two of the roughest months of my life, and I was very close to announcin...


Retro Terror for the Future

It was about 2:00 am in the morning and I heard someone or something that sounded like a wounded satanic gorilla; at least that’s what I imagined the cursed primate would sound like if it were roaming around Mars. I felt like I was ei...




Also, it looks like I might be getting commissioned by RTUSA to do compilations of his gaming live streams for some decent pay! Fucking surreal to be noticed like that by a million+ sub


I finally posted my 3rd of 4 blogs for the year, detailing all the shit I had been playing the past few Witness it!!!


#38 Game beaten in 2022 goes to Metal Gear 2 Solid So many improvements done from its Its interesting to see how those gameplay mechanics from 1990 translated and evolved beautifully to a 1998 3D Long live this

Virtua Kazama

Virtua Fighter Month begins this I have five blogs prepared as per


And thats Pokémon Scarlet dusted! Post-game aside, that The OST in the final area was fire! other than that, that final gauntlet not Its a bit spoilery, so more details in spoiler tags in the


Kong Status:


Current Status

Inquisitive Raven

Im expected to come back to work tomorrow, but Im not sure if Im up to it just I still feel rather tired, congested, coughing But its 90% congestion and coughing at this point, so I dont know if I should just power through or


Just saw Glass Loved Its a worthy sequel to Knives


Ive decided to beat Final Fantasy VIII, so I might be posting cheap digs at the game without


Trying to upgrade to Windows 11 and the dang thing is failing to Edit: Got it to go through, OBS Studio was causing the


Soul Hackers 2 update: 25 hours in the plot has ground to a halt while Im busy tending to my I love how all of the systems intersect to create a really dense RPG experience with constant And it even feels balanced correctly!


Status update: Hurts to hiccup


Managed to find the other Zaku III A shiny little


Oooh I won two tickets to a The Game Awards fan event, its a live screening in the BFI Now I just need someone to go thanks Geoff Keighley! I hope the reveals are good

Dangus Taargus

Well Im The Evil Withins DLC somehow managed to reel it all in and elevate the overall It had its issues, but I had a much better time with it than the base I likely wont be doing the executioner DLC


Edit Doubleposts Please delete me


God wouldve been 80 today, but he lives forever in the feedback of our minds and the sounds that creep in space between objects and stretch out to


Analog Pocket finally arrived!


When Spiderman isnt burning down orphanages, he is spittin cold hard facts


Happy birthday @xabier!!


The most captivating documentary Ive seen, and I generally dont like Informative while also telling a fantastic All on four Disney Channel




Sunday Currently playing: Whatagirlgonnamuthafuckindoo by The Coup and Janelle Monae


Reading random spoilers for Catherine really makes me appreciate just how buckwild the game So glad I beat it after owning it for 11


Got the wind knocked out of me skating at the trans (as in ppl, not transfers) skate club meetup Cool ppl, great set up at a diy indoor But yeah, felt like my lung Slammed my chest right on a Spine Gonna hurt tmrw


So I don’t think I’m going to beat Tactics Ogre Reborn by the end of the year which means I’ve played a significant amount of 12 games this Might not seem like much but it’s been a busy year! Fav game? probably SMT


I also cant remember where I heard of this game but it also seems quiet Basicaly its like a old school top down GBA style Zelda game with a pretty open world,colourful art and the kinda intresting idea of adding in romancing/waifu option into


Im a little sad that NES Remix and the Pushmo games arent on Ports of the 3ds Boxboy games Pic


Its so odd to see them show off somw new music for the sequel when the orginal game Ion Fury is supposed to get DLC this year and there has been no real update or news on it since it was


Big winners of the night were JIMMY AND THE PULSATING MASS and Thanks to all who Better luck next time I have twenty dollars and a


Real, cultured Gamers™ use their Deck to play Cookie


Evil West is good video game


I cant remember where I heard of this game but it seems quiet neat, its in Early Access now and seems to be updated pretty Its a 3D platformer with third person shooting like Ratchet and THey are aiming to have a lot of levels and worlds


I was born in the wrong Damn zombies and their fancy pants cell phones and /s Seriously though, maybe put your cell in your pocket when walking or driving, you dont multitask as well as you think you Have a great day!


A Christmas Story Christmas was surprisingly I have always loved the original movie, and I was going into this one expecting to hate I was pleasantly surprised!


Im enjoying Bumper in Berlin WAY more than I expected Possibly the most surprising comedy since I get it, The showrunner is Megan Amram, one of the key voices behind The Good If you liked Pitch Perfect, give it a shot!


I think Im content, at the moment, in playing Arceus over Scarlet until they (hopefully) fix these fairly serious technical Seems to cater, moreso, to my tastes and be generally more interesting ALSO, thanks for all the bday wishes! <3

Inquisitive Raven

Congrats on the new look, IRyS! Very


Man I wanna nab sonic frontiers That song is


Viz Media is releasing a collection of stories by Chainsaw Mans creator from before he created that Ive heard his one shots have been pretty cool so Im definitely keeping an eye

Whispering Willow

Need to stop playing with the AI

Czar Kazem

And a bonus Caturday


Amnesia Rebirth was better than I was led to The criticism Ive read about its boring opening hours are correct, but Frictionals way of writing and designing is so enthralling to The spooks are old hat, but the puzzles are fun!


Guys I have $20 left to spend on the Steam Please make Im caught in indecision, but Im desperate to spend Someone help me!!

Czar Kazem

Im just over here trying to cope with the fact were already on the back half of the holiday Seeing just how much game Wild Turkey and I can milk out of this MAKE ME YOUNG AGAIN


Its not delivery, its a war