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OCT 2015: Uncharted Month (+Recap)

As you may or may not know, this year I have been trying to theme each month of videogame playing, so far covering series such as Zelda, 'Souls, Final Fantasy, Witcher, Metal Gear and now it's time for another new topic. Since most other ne...


#Cyberviolence #Eggplants

I started out typing up some big, clearly satirical rant about how two brave white women of wealth and privilidge went up infront of the UN and said, completely seriously, that Disagreement = Harassment and that being subjected to disagree...


Egotisms #2 - My Fresher's Week

Welcome to the post-fresher’s week write up, in which I will beguile you with stories of my first week at uni in the hope that you give a damn. If you missed Egotisms #1 – it’s here. Let’s get started. (And I’...


RAE - Timeline

G'day guys, hope you are having a great week. Now this is more of a personal blog. I thought it was about time I told you the full story about the beginning and end of RAE on IGN and the transition from IGN to Destructoid. In 2009, I was pl...


Nostalgia, Minecraft and Art

In the long, long ago – 3 years to be precise – I developed a new hobby. The art of minecraft builds. In the space of a year I placed tens of thousands of blocks by hand, and hundreds of thousands more by WorldEdit. As the need...


Undertale: The Case for Heart

I will be discussing minor spoilers about this game in the blog below. I would rather you skip reading it then ruin the experience. Please, play this game. If you have played it, discuss with me. This weekend, I bought a game called Underta...


Steps of Subversion: Halo 2 and Sons of Liberty...

It takes a certain genius in crafting a great video game narrative. You have to account for player agency, pacing, stylistic decisions that bring in narrative focus that could take away gameplay options, and ensure that your protagonist is ...


EGX 2015 - What will I Play?

EGX 2015 is very big in the UK. We're straved as a gaming society of any events that celebrate gaming and tantilise future releases. That's why I'm going this year as a press member to choose which games I want to cover. I'm spoiled for ch...


It's Hard For Me To Write These Days

Consider this my hasty and incredibly pretentious introduction to Destructoid blogs. I’m not the best writer out there, but I’m at least able to put my thoughts onto the table in a well-organized manner, thank you very much. And...


resolution...sort of

Earlier today I was told that the GUYS that broke into my house have been caught. They had the Ipad jerk offs ID and it took them to one of their houses. Inside the house they found a few other people a bunch of stolen property. While they ...


Super Smash Flash 2 is the thing

Super Smash Flash 2 is another great concept game created by McLeod Gaming, found at Furg.net. Intended for PC and not for profit, to register and play the game is free. It has everyone [and everything] from Yoshi to Pikachu. To play you ha...


Megaman Movie (mix of excited and terrified)

As history has shown, movie adaptations of games can be, em agonizingly painful. titles like Alone In The Dark and Doom (The Rock did make it a little epic for a while) are only a few examples. When i hear he words "Megaman Movie" i would s...


A Free Plague Courtesy of Yacht Club Games

I was a latecomer to Shovel Knight. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a good reason. In fact, I’m not sure if I would have purchased the game last week had it not been for the sudden and horrific realization that I nee...


The Sega Incident

Included in the above video is footage we captured of the Sega Vs Nintendo panel from this year’s Pax East with Al Nilsen, former Marketing Director for Sega of America. This panel ran from 9:30pm to 11:30pm on Friday, which came aft...


RAE - The Return to Dtoid

After a long wait due to education commitments, I am proud to announce that RAE is back after a couple of months hiatus. Guys, these last two months have actually been two of the roughest months of my life, and I was very close to announcin...


Retro Terror for the Future

It was about 2:00 am in the morning and I heard someone or something that sounded like a wounded satanic gorilla; at least that’s what I imagined the cursed primate would sound like if it were roaming around Mars. I felt like I was ei...




I know I just got a PS5, but sometimes just lying down in a comfy bed is the best way to spend some




Got my hands on my Omori physical Based on what little Ive heard about the game I am ready to be depressed!

Spiders For Sale
Yue chan

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!


Boss phases are in! Now onto designing attacks that are fun to dodge with all the pieces in place ^^


Double post but played a bit more of Samurai Gunn 2 now and man its a hugeeeeee step up from the pretty meaty and worth buying now even still in early mode is meatyish and online and can barely find a match thoug

Inquisitive Raven

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Genshin Direct thingy! I was just chilling all Heres the overview trailer (the stream I had here before was pretty laggy, so Ill just replace it with the official one later)


Finished Shinsekai, was a lot longer than I expected for a cheap indie game and thats not a bad Loved the atmosphere and Wonder if theyll ever do a PC


My friends convinced me to buy the new monster hunter game since they needed a They have all gone to sleep and I just looked out to see the Its been a long time since I have put 12 hours into a game in one Definitely worth


Looks like Diofield is gonna be a September New gameplay shown but its not uploaded


All right, I have pretty much settled on getting an LG C1 65 Its 4K with 120 Hz, VRR and HDR, which is what I Theyre not absurdly pricey now Question is, what kind of soundbar should I be looking for?


The more I think of it despite the fact its in Early Access I got to say Ultrakill is one of the few games I would consider giving a on sale now and Act 2 dropping soon and price going to €30 after that so you should pick it up soon!OST is sick


Have a nice weekend! Be excellent to each other!


Whoa! Black


Jesus Without spoiling anything, theres a scene in the Stranger Things finale in a kitchen that legit has me ugly crying right So damn beautiful and well acted

CaimDark Reloaded

I just spent a delightful hour murdering an equally delightful fellow named Old Man He came at me seemingly every possible way! First he invaded me as a dark spirit, then as a blue spirit, and we each killed each other


The Zelda: OoT TAS Beta Showcase at SGDQ2022 somehow became one of the most touching, moving moments in my entire life of I’m so glad I got to see #HereTogether


Apparently this section of Persona 5 would have been more interesting if I had been pursuing someone romantically instead of the boring waste of time it ended up being because I had been pursuing anyone


So I decided to reroll my redheaded stepchild Destiny character, my I had NO idea that the new player experience is a retelling of the beginning of Destiny 1 now, with a nice modern twist/tie in at the Thats so cool! Nostalgia! Khvostov!


Playing Far Cry 5 (its on Game Pass) and cant stop laughing at how they made cult a multiracial group of a non-specific religious denomination lololol


Messed around in MASS Builder for a few hours today (early out from work, Some rough UI edges, a lot of unlocks, overall it seems pretty fun for someone whose mecha interest was watched Gundam on Toonami


I said good morning to Zoey Deschanel at work Guess were married Hope yall are well

Inquisitive Raven

Jill from VA-11 HALL-A is getting one of those chibi Nendoroid figures! Now I wait patiently for a Dorothy (Mall Santas sold separately!)


Final Space has been erased from All traces were removed from official YouTube channels, the Adult Swim website, and HBO They already killed the show, and now this?


It is indeed #Canadatoid day, and heres some relevant #musictoid

Soulbow eh

Happy Maple Syrup Day nerds <3


Was loving Ayesha until I got to the first boss 90% through and he decimated Spent an in game year prepping for it and scraped Now Im not sure I have enough time to finish off the final Doomed to new game plus if


My dumb ass forgot it was Friday! This weeks TGIF is up now over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend The gf and I will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary this weekend! Go us!


Karp friend! This is obviously more than one piece of paper, but its still Designed by

Whispering Willow

Pride Month may be over but Garak is


Eastward is pretty, sounds great, and is a lot of it SHUTS TF UP and lets me




Episode 7 of The Boys had the funniest content warning I had seen in Posting it in comments just to be safe, though doesnt really spoil anything if you familiar with the show at


Current status


Damn it, they closed down the Best Buy in the That was the only place around here to buy video games that wasnt


So, the weirdest thing has Brother was going through some old stuff and sends me a video or an old kids toy playing some I recognise the Like its driving me He knows it as well but not from Its from How?


I havent had the opportunity to play as much as I would like to this year, but choosing my favorites is still a So far, out of the 16 games beaten, these 3 have been the ones Ive had the most fun




Tom Holland as Tom Holland in the new movie: A Tom Holland Movie but with a Different Background


OLD GORY: Certified Angus Beef hot dog, slab bacon, American cheese, potato salad, fried watermelon + Cherry Coke-bourbon-BBQ at least I know Im free


Hey got a extra free steam code for the game Going Under if anybody wants It a cool expires the end of next month so take it now if you let me know in the comments if you want the Claim the game or bad things may happen


The Dicey Dungeons mobile ports will be released next week alongside some free Finally, I can stop looking it up on the play store every single


Years half Current GOTY check Kirby and the Forgotten Land for


Still very wary about this game, but goddamit, its Digimon and I wanna Digivolve those Not a fan of the in-battle Adventure Quest-style animations, but it otherwise looks Very curious how the VN segments will feel


What are some movies that makes you happy? My Neighbor Totoro, Kikis Delivery Service, and The Goonies are my happy place


Permanent status


Six flags was a blast! Kids were good and rode However I really regret dropping almost a band on the platinum flash Park was super Goliath was amazing Hope u guys are having a good one xoxo Jenni