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Across the Spider-Verse comes out tomorrow!!!!!!! Im going crazy waiting, so started skimming negative reviews to keep my expectations Then I realized all the negative reviews were from Brits, meaning they should automatically be

Ricky Namara

Also why I quit the fucking Artist credited in the


Tried the Amnesia: The Bunker demo and it was good! Its a lot more open-ended and has more in common with Resident Evil 2 than previous I dont know if I liked babysitting my flashlight, but mechanically it seems extremely fun and challenging


Was reading a SF6 thread about wifi/wired connections on Reddit and the lack of compassion in the replies to folks who have legit trouble going wired makes me want to play wifi only out of And my Xbox is not that far from my


Was reading a SF6 thread about wifi/wired connections on Reddit and the lack of compassion in the replies to folks who have legit trouble going wired makes me want to play wifi only out of And my Xbox is not that far from my


Carbot does it again!


Some unknown Blizzard BS aside, Rhykkers Diablo 4 review is probably one of the most comprehensive for those on the fence about the Makes sense given that hes arguably THE best Diablo content creator out Great review


dag nabbit sony, stop porting games to PC until youve ported Bloodborne!


Thinking about grabbing The Tartarus Key on Switch later today to give myself a little break from chasing squirrels in Zelda and jrpg overload dominating my Lowpoly, combat-less, puzzle heavy, story driven horror is calling to me


Current status


You know when a bands sound finally clicks for you, and suddenly you have no idea why you didnt care for their music for the last 32 years? So, Porcupine

Ricky Namara

Random Thoughts While Pooping Tired Caregiver Edition: Hey game developers? ENOUGH WITH THE HORROR GAMES WITH THE CHILD-FRIENDLY PRESENTATION! You little shits owe me for getting my little shits traumatized!!


After finishing the main quest of Xanadu Next, I started playing Mothmen 1966, a small visual novel with a pulp horror It’s great so far! There’re moments of minor interaction but ultimately it’s a VN through and Great


I have Octopath Traveller 2 on Switch arriving today, I saw it for €35 already on Looking foward to giving it a try but I hate hearing the game has random battles That shit died out because it fucking sucks in


Have a great day! Also, can Retro finish up Prime 4 soon so we can get another DKC game?

Whispering Willow

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom (2023)

Anthony Marzano

Death Stranding is a weird as hell Thats the


Developer in 2023: We must put yellow paint on everything otherwise the player wont understand how to Developer in 2001:

Ricky Namara

Random Thoughts While Pooping #78923: Why do we instantly trust dogs and severely distrust cats in video games?


Gotta I fucking loathe Trumpish politics and AI fucking terrifies me, but I dont care what other liberals/progressives think: This is pretty damn


Need help Im gonna do another commission from the person who did the Ape Escape Im thinking either Skies of Arcadia/Legends or Spyro the My reasoning is with Spyro I can use it now and for a lot, for Skies itd be for future stuff


Had an awesome session of the Dark Souls reskin of Last minute planning, but I cranked the tension up and really did my best to do set dressing and even some improv on the It went great! One of my favorite DM sessions


It’s a couple days until release and I’m surprised no one mentioned Haggar as a mentor character? Yeah, probably!


I dont normally do this and have largely given up streaming, but in celebration of Amazons LOTR MMO announcement were playing the Still Great LOTRO while watching Is it legal? Live now

Chris Bradshaw

Now this controller right here, lemme tell Metroid Prime Remastered never felt so good


Looking forward to finding out if Nioh 2 remains the best Diablo game

Dr Mel

Getting deeper into I had heard people say how crazy the puzzles get but I just had no I havent had a feeling like this in a very long Its really an outstanding


FINALLY beat one of the dungeons (fire temple or w/e) at 60+ hours in! Felt like I was meandering much of the time as trying to explore only led to Needed better Maybe its just me, Okay Game is still a 10/10

Virtua Kazama

Fighting Game week continues as we go live with another session of Virtua Fighter Takeover, this time back in VF5US!


Real talk, I have no idea how anyone can afford to live right My wife and I are making decent Losing our apartment, so were thinking of buying a Theoretical budget puts in in the


Hrot seems like a fun time,Sweaty Dungus still got that good taste in In the first two short levels I kissed Gutav,fought a gorilla shooting a gun,fought a truck that came alive,a helicopter played pool and played a Game and Watchman chicken miniga


If I had a quarter for everytime someone wanted to admit to me they were into BDSM because I wouldnt judge them for it, Id have 2 Which isnt alot, but its weird its happened


Today I won one of those giveaways where you randomly find Steam gift cards lying on the ground

Sweaty Dungus

Wasnt expecting the nuanced // just asking questions // lets hear from both sides documentary on disco elysiums IP theft to be an exercise in character assassination, but here we Exit the vampire castle, woke


Just finished Bowsers Fury with all 100 Cat Perfect palate cleanser after 90 hours of Its a short, sweet, concise Lot of fun in a small




3 weeks left of Hopefully it goes by The students are being super extra and we just got back from a long


Whenever emulation or piracy comes up in online spaces theres always the one user who turns into a holy crusader who will fight for Nintendo against the heretics who played Mother 3 that one


I just flew an airplane for the first AMA


It is great how all the characters in Chainsaw Man always have their priorities


Finally got Fatalis in place


Oh sweet! My reasons for getting a ps5 instead of just building a good Gaming PC are getting Hopefully the indie company Sony can manage to do a functional PC Port for a €60-70 2 year old game


Its a conspiracy against my bank account !


New Moyse review just dropped for a fighting Is a banger News at


Legend (1985) may not have my favorite story, but it may be my favorite fantasy set design of all time, next to Its THE quintessential 80s fantasy: glitter on everything, ethereal sets & costumes, whimsical unicorns and

Sir Shenanigans

Ain’t never heard of no air pod


Im morbidly curious so I think Im going to gamefly Gollum


Sleep Token have always intrigued me because they have a really unique vibe going on (Pop R&B Deftones metal thing) but their previous albums just kinda bored The new one is hella more dynamic and worth a listen even if the lyrics can get a bit


After about 7 hours, Im calling it quits on Amnesia: While the story and mystery were genuinely compelling, the actual act of playing it was a It was the worst parts of Soma, but longer and with more obtuse Full thoughts below: