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Beyond: Two Souls: An Enemy’s Stand

Here’s a question that won’t make anyone’s bile well up in their throat: how much do you like David Cage and his company, Quantic Dream? I never really had a problem with him, at least originally.  But then I tried the Beyon...



That's right. I'm fucking glad. That shit costs $600.00 big ones. You know what that means? WE WON'T HAVE THE INDUSTRY FOCUSED ON IT SO SOON. Unlike the latest gimmick (motion controls), it's freaking expensive to get VR so the install ba...


Robots + Boobs = PROFIT?

Remember Medabots? Yes? No? Maybe? For those of you who either didn't have a childhood, are old, or who had childhoods that didn't involve discovering the glory of robotic beetles and middle aged Japanese men being able to appear from seem...


Rebuttal: Gaming doesn't need Safe Spaces

[This isn't meant to be in any way meant to attack, bash or talk shit about Jed. This is meant as a legitimate rebuttal to the points that were brought up in his recent article and to address why people might be as riled up as they are.] W...


So I Got a 3DS

So, I got a Nintendo New 3DS, just last week. I know that I'm a bit behind the eight ball in regards to picking up a 3DS, but it's been a long time coming. It feels like it's been almost a year since my boyfriend and I were wandering around...


It Begins With You & Me!

Video games are in a weird place right now, it seems. Weirder still, however, is the place the video game community seems to be in. It's apparently a place where you can't speak your mind about a subject without making sure to belittle and ...


Deadly Camp Solid

There’s a moment during the first few hours of Deadly Premonition that has always stuck with me. After a particularly long day, Special Agent Francis York Morgan rises at the crack of dawn in the Great Deer Yard Hotel. He’s ready to wo...


Forever Alone?

After playing the Rainbow Six: Siege beta for a few hours, I'm not quite convinced that Ubisoft's decision to axe a single-player campaign was the best choice. This has nothing to do with my own preference for campaigns, mind you, just tha...


First Impressions: Platformines

Interesting concept, crashes right out of the gate Platformines is terrible. No, you could stop reading now if you wanted. I'll explain my position, but that's the summary of it. A randomly generated 2d-platforming shooter, the focus of th...


Fallout 4 and the great video game equalizer

I’ve never cared much for the modern iteration of Fallout. I love the classic entries, and enjoyed both Fallout 3 and New Vegas for what they were, but have never understood the Fallout fervor that Bethesda’s recent entries have...


Survival Horror, RPG's, Fall Weather and Yoga Pants

  Sometimes I get to urge to play certain games during certain seasons. There's no logical explanation for this, nor is there some deep seeded reason for why my brain decides this is a good idea but for me certain seasons make the atmo...


No Notion of Good or Bad

I’m one of those strange and possibly terrible people who thinks that The Simpsons is still funny.  In my defense, I don’t think it’s laugh-out-loud or roll-on-the-floor funny, but for me the show has never been that...


Looking back at Kamen Rider Drive

The saddest time of the year is upon us once more. It is a time of goodbyes. It is a time of fresh starts. It is a time of change, a time where we must let go to what we have loved for so long as we welcome in strange, new changes into our ...


SOMA Fucked Up My World-View.

Frictional Games' SOMA was just released this week. I was intending to do a review of it, but after the deluge of professional critics and their day-early copies beat me to the punch, I won't. Instead I will talk about something that has be...




Seems it will also come to European retailers as well :) I can get a month of PS+ Premium for like €7 because my sub runs out in So I might do that to play this day one and then buy the physical for the Def my most anticipated game


I dont know You dont know If you dont mind, Id like to watch you


Have a relaxing Sunday!


Memory card corruption My GameCube card corrupted so I had to play through Twilight Princess intro This is the third D:


I asked Dall-E Mini what the best NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Wii U and NSW games First two were clearly 2D, N64 had polygonal 3D, GCN was daaark and had lots of GUI, Wii and Wii U were bright and NSW,


Caught the momz watching Its, indeed, Morbin


Finished Neon S rank on all I can honestly say I enjoyed the hell out of this game despite a few


Uhhh I think I need to pick up SMT V

Whispering Willow

Dunno when Im playing the new Saints Row, but I made my She likes praising the sun, flipping people off and tea

Boxed Swine

Video Game Companies are running out of ideas for pre-order Their newest gimmick: butthole Which video game characters butthole do you want to taste?


I always felt that Ocarina of Time 3Ds animations looked off, and I finally found out Those animations were very clearly built around 20fps, they look weightless and uncanny when you try to add


TMW youre considering applying for a university but with the way things are going stateside, those dreams are bound to be dashed to hell and


Persona 5 officially has its hooks in


Okay, Wonderlands lets you break it like a roguelike and I respect




Still trying to clear out the desk so just more 15mm shenanigans for the penny Billy Banger, The Boulevard


Since Im tired of the sticks absorbing grime, I got myself some thumb grips for my PS3 I was already keeping them in plastic bags, but it wasnt Gotta take care of these things, DS3 controllers are difficult to get in good


Bleh, I think I need to put certain games on hold until I get new Some games are getting extremely annoying to focus Ah

CJ Andriessen

I reckon these are the only fighting games Ill need for a


#selfiesaturday — in Atlantic City gonna have some beach fun!


Sloppy #Caturday

Just Aaron

There are nine Judges on the Supreme Who would you replace them with? My choice? RiffRaff, PatBateman, Chris Moyse, Chris Carter, DeadMoon/don`t remember his real name, SpikeWiggly, MikeMartin, Snailed, and a


What are your favorite cyberpunk games? Id like to make a list of games in the genre to


If you guys havent played Ys VIII, youre missing out on a pretty special I love it more every time I play Ys IX, however? Tf were they thinking???


Never knew much of game Soul Reaver but figured it was some lesser known game but seems like it reviewed very highly for the Seems like because of Square Enix selling off some of their teams the Soul Reaver game has been delisted on gog/steam sadly


Maaaan, I just wanna lie down and be lazy all Maybe Ill take a midday nap or

Dangus Taargus

First day off in months and Im wasting no Just did the DLC for the Disney games collection - Aladdin (SNES) was great but I still think I prefer the GEN It was a great platformer for Jungle Book (GEN) was awful Not my


There was a thread of anti-government music yesterday and it reminded me of this Interesting look at how protest music was nearly obliterated after


Almost an an A grade on Sprint in Tetris Pleased as




Heat wave is Time to run the second My bank account

Chris Moyse

This is still the best thing Tom Hanks has


Just got Tunic for my Steam Deck, excited to be able to try it Bonus super blurry doggy plus kitty Secret hidden kitty in the door


So lets say an angel comes before It presents a device; it has a single The angel tells you every press of the button will cure 10 terminally ill people, but, in exchange, a single sinner will instantly be Would you press the button?


Its #Caturday!


Saw this randomly recommended and I think fans of The Internet Historian will enjoy His narration and editing its He also uploads about as


Been waiting for this to go on sale and it just got a 75% off sale for on Switch and Seems like a fun game, basicaly a autorunner platform game that seeems to feel more puzzley like and you basicaly play as goomba trying to beat the


Tried getting into Project Zomboid and woooooooof is that a tough game to get Rolled Survivor Mode a few times and constantly felt as if I was getting myself locked in a neverending cycle of trigger zombie > run away > trigger zombie >

CaimDark Reloaded

Hell yeah! I did it again! DS2 Platinum baby! Man, the last Pyromancy trophy was I get to Drangleic Castle in NG++, buy the remaining spells from the chancellor, and when I buy the last nothing Panic!


Im Adrian Belew with a slightly better At a loss for words, so Im just going back to absurdity and Maybe Ill say

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Travis Strikes Again: NMH (Hold) -Axiom Verge (Hold) -Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4)

Dr Mel

Am drunk, because


A beer post is just the


Im drunk as hell off local craft beer right now and I must say of all the sundry things I will miss moving to Japan next month the delectable concoctions of my local brewery will be one of Bless Jimmy Carter for making homebrewing free of taxation!


I forgot how damn good the old Hellblazer comics Just started back with 1 and finished the first 2-issue


Ive had a throat infection for a week Its been hurting for a while but got debilitating I cant eat, barely drink, speaking hurts, and Ive had trouble sleeping from the pain and the Im falling apart over

Whispering Willow

Hard to find something to make my day, but some fun prints came in and this is a nice cover for an upcoming Star Trek I guess Harry Kim and Miles OBrien are cursed in the same


You know what, Im just gonna say it


Good Vibes Gaming are currently doing a charity stream, playing TMNT, for womens People in chat are about their favorite pizza To drown out the I love