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Beyond: Two Souls: An Enemy’s Stand

Here’s a question that won’t make anyone’s bile well up in their throat: how much do you like David Cage and his company, Quantic Dream? I never really had a problem with him, at least originally.  But then I tried the Beyon...



That's right. I'm fucking glad. That shit costs $600.00 big ones. You know what that means? WE WON'T HAVE THE INDUSTRY FOCUSED ON IT SO SOON. Unlike the latest gimmick (motion controls), it's freaking expensive to get VR so the install ba...


Robots + Boobs = PROFIT?

Remember Medabots? Yes? No? Maybe? For those of you who either didn't have a childhood, are old, or who had childhoods that didn't involve discovering the glory of robotic beetles and middle aged Japanese men being able to appear from seem...


Rebuttal: Gaming doesn't need Safe Spaces

[This isn't meant to be in any way meant to attack, bash or talk shit about Jed. This is meant as a legitimate rebuttal to the points that were brought up in his recent article and to address why people might be as riled up as they are.] W...


So I Got a 3DS

So, I got a Nintendo New 3DS, just last week. I know that I'm a bit behind the eight ball in regards to picking up a 3DS, but it's been a long time coming. It feels like it's been almost a year since my boyfriend and I were wandering around...


It Begins With You & Me!

Video games are in a weird place right now, it seems. Weirder still, however, is the place the video game community seems to be in. It's apparently a place where you can't speak your mind about a subject without making sure to belittle and ...


Deadly Camp Solid

There’s a moment during the first few hours of Deadly Premonition that has always stuck with me. After a particularly long day, Special Agent Francis York Morgan rises at the crack of dawn in the Great Deer Yard Hotel. He’s ready to wo...


Forever Alone?

After playing the Rainbow Six: Siege beta for a few hours, I'm not quite convinced that Ubisoft's decision to axe a single-player campaign was the best choice. This has nothing to do with my own preference for campaigns, mind you, just tha...


First Impressions: Platformines

Interesting concept, crashes right out of the gate Platformines is terrible. No, you could stop reading now if you wanted. I'll explain my position, but that's the summary of it. A randomly generated 2d-platforming shooter, the focus of th...


Fallout 4 and the great video game equalizer

I’ve never cared much for the modern iteration of Fallout. I love the classic entries, and enjoyed both Fallout 3 and New Vegas for what they were, but have never understood the Fallout fervor that Bethesda’s recent entries have...


Survival Horror, RPG's, Fall Weather and Yoga Pants

  Sometimes I get to urge to play certain games during certain seasons. There's no logical explanation for this, nor is there some deep seeded reason for why my brain decides this is a good idea but for me certain seasons make the atmo...


No Notion of Good or Bad

I’m one of those strange and possibly terrible people who thinks that The Simpsons is still funny.  In my defense, I don’t think it’s laugh-out-loud or roll-on-the-floor funny, but for me the show has never been that...


Looking back at Kamen Rider Drive

The saddest time of the year is upon us once more. It is a time of goodbyes. It is a time of fresh starts. It is a time of change, a time where we must let go to what we have loved for so long as we welcome in strange, new changes into our ...


SOMA Fucked Up My World-View.

Frictional Games' SOMA was just released this week. I was intending to do a review of it, but after the deluge of professional critics and their day-early copies beat me to the punch, I won't. Instead I will talk about something that has be...




Finished Fire Emblem Engage last What a game haha


Got to say so far in Devil May Cry 4 I am very mixed on Its not terrible or bad but I would say out of 1,3 so far I not enjoying it as The devil arm B grab a enemy is a very mindless boring move that works on/incentives pretty much every enemy

Whispering Willow

Witherbloom has poisonous goth plant girls, making it the best campus and curriculum in Strixhaven, a better school for Im told another has campus magical orc

Inquisitive Raven

Red Orca, one of the bands who did music for No More Heroes 3, made a music video for a track that I dont think is in the game, but definitely has that Rock on!


Current status:

Zoey Handley

Some music to work


This looks like a silly and entertaining boomer Guess Ill grab it and play it in my mesh t-shirt wearing socks with sandals and a fanny


Current status


I was going to post a beautiful image of myself naked for your pleasure, but since qtoid is broke, I will have to give you a Think succulent crisp bacon, and two over medium eggs with the yolk oozing onto


The hero we need these days :


Oh it seems like Hifi Rush may have made brand new or heavily remixed vocal song replacments for all the boss fights with licencsed songs if you play the game on streamer mode Thats a really neat little Curious to hear what they sound like


I found an old video of me playing whatever I feel like while wearing the Dtoid shirt (which no longer fits It didnt get many views then, most likely the case But if you want to learn more about me, the best way is to listen to my piano

Chris Moyse

Hey folks, it seems that the weird image issue Videos are fine, pics are Ill reach out to support today and hopefully they can Its unlikely to happen this week - as were hittin the weekend, but hopefully will get sorted soon x


Ive been getting back into music theory recently, so fuck star signs - what major mode do you identify as?


Cant post pics ? Well Ill post a random video ! Hahaha, you can break me ! I mean cant, you cant break me !


Best Bruce Wayne - Michael Best Batman - WHERE WERE THE OTHER DRUGS GOING


Have a great day! Stupid meme in the

Sweaty Dungus

Been watching the Seinfeld AI hell simulation last few days and it’s really the most productive application of machine learning I’ve seen thus A fascinating little diorama that will slowly nurture itself into overtaking our reality, with any luck


I dont want to go to Whats the point of going to bed, it just brings you closer to stuff you dont want to


For a week Ive had no internet aside from my TheInterns writing made that suck quite a bit Kudos to your skill,


For whatever reason (speculate away, folks) Microsoft sent a statement to Gematsu saying the 360 store isnt shutting down in May, as had been The previously circulated list of games being delisted this month is still happening tho


Last Pizza Tower quickpost for a good while but Im still loving the game, theres a golf level and its just everything I want out of a platformer!! Also this track is an absolute banger, makes these escapes a blast


Think Im down to just the boss soul weapons in Dark Souls, then Im at


TW: Steamy, scarily sexy vore action in the


Drainus is out for Switch and I cant recommend it enough for gamers new to shmups, or wanting to get back into A little on the easy side compared to others in the genre, and some of the best sprite work youll Still an awful name--great game!!

Dangus Taargus

First game of February down: Super Monkey Ball which is somehow both an impressive piece of GBA tech thats better than it has any right to be, but still extremely frustrating and generally not all that fun to play with digital


My cats greatest fear in the

Anonymous 20

Saw the Bill and Frank episode Hit just as hard the second I DO regret that we missed out on some Bill/Ellie banter, but they more than made up for Just out of curiosity, what exactly happened to Frank at the end there?


Welp, looks like I called Some of Microsofts support pages are showing a complete shutdown of the 360 store is


Turns out that the Church thing was a No $500 to save the Fuckers did get some info outta me, but nothing that isnt out there Really well put together phish/scam, credit where its due and Going to the FBI Fuck

Virtua Kazama

Tonight on Fortune Roulette: Peppino Spahgetti loses his mind while trying to save his restaurant from Its time to play Pizza Tower!

Anthony Marzano

FTL still in the


I can confidently say that Metroid Dread is a perfectly serviceable Final boss was brutal


Recently saw a teardown photograph of the new DualSense Edge compared to the base DualSense and the Edge has a battery (same as the DualShock 4), which is 500mAh smaller than the base For a premium pricetag?


I just read that two games being developed at The Coalition were cancelled, and theyre now just making Gears of War Reminder that they were previously Black Tusk, and working on new IPs for Xbox that were cancelled in favor of Gears of War

Virtua Kazama

I was able to get the Gamecube to Wii U adapter working on the This is going to be fun using


Thats Hifi Rush done overall a really fun time Overall lovely surprise and a really nice change to play a game and not know anything about it really in Hope to see a new IP game from the studio instead of a Evil Within 3

Inquisitive Raven

A trio of fun things arrived in the mail recently! What could they be? *Insert picture of a box here because QToid is being a meanie*

Chris Moyse

A strange hiccup is causing Qtoid images to break for some, not all, It only became apparent recently, so hopefully its temporary - but well let support Again Qposts isnt their jurisdiction, but will *try* (emphasis) and get a (bump)

Boxed Swine

You did Youre a gaming Top of the food You have the sponsors, the merchandise, the G-Fuel flavor, your face on a reclining chair, and your shirts still dont fit you right but no one judges you What opinion do you post on Twitter?


Was going to upload of photo for this post but I am unable to, an X with an error message shows Anyway, today marks my 2nd year with a One of the best acquisitions I have made in recent


Trails from Zero might have the most grounded, quietly intelligent party I’ve seen in an I assume some bad shit is going to happen to them, but for now it’s relaxing just being in their company :D

Sweaty Dungus

Dead Space was ridiculously ahead of its The chunky limb cutting combat and fully in-world HUD stood out in 2008 and not many games have borrowed these elements since, making them still feel novel Huge props to original team at


Grabbed a game called Atone and after a couple hours Im really digging Its has story, puzzles, exploration, and rhythm mini games for Getting vibes of Super S&S, Hyper Light Drifter, and Jotun though it does do its own


Date night 2 was a success! Infinity Pool aight


Played and finished the Tomb Raider DLC for Powerwash Kinda felt like a step down from the base game, didnt quite have that same feeling of Think its just how it was designed for the most


Its time for another mini review of a tabletop roleplaying game that isnt published by a billion dollar corporation! Lets talk about Honey Heist, one of the silliest games Check it out in the #ttrpgquicklook


Alright so therapy is really I was going to keep going for BetterHelp but the price I thought was monthly is actually So thats Will hopefully find a affordable