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I love Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed I is my favorite game in the series. There, I said it. Before you leave in horror, I agree, it isn't the best game in the series. That honor likely goes to II or Brotherhood, but nonetheless, for me, Assassin's Creed is my ...


I love Catherine

Hmm...I just realised that the title seems excessively profession-of-love-y. Nevertheless, I shan’t hide this secret from the world. I do love Catherine, and believe it or not, it is my favorite game of all time. I’m well aware that no one...


I Love: A Machine for Pigs

I think that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was much better than Dark Descent. There. I said it. Wait...where are you all going? No! Stop, come back! You can't be a horror fan and not have at least some sort of lingering knowledge about Am...


I Love: My Dick!

What can I say about my dick? He is an awesome ass dude. Standing at 7-7.5" (interest depending) he is a stout, somewhat short gentlemen. He clocks in at decent girth of almost 2 inches and wears (what I'm told) is a very beautiful helmet...


I love Armor Lock and everything it stands for

Playing Halo Reach online, if there was a point of contention about armor abilities is was Armor Lock.  I've heard it called "cheating", "for noobs" and strings of curses.  But why was that?  Well apparently "fair" in Halo meant the ability...


New Beginning

Hello Destructoid!  My name is Guillermo Magana, but most people know me by Memo.   This is my absolute first blog post, and I am curious and scared to see how it is received.  Just like the majority of Destructoid readers and editors, I en...


Question for the community?

I have an issue that I think can be solved with the gaming communities help. My parents are fine with my little brothers playing rated M games. Games like: Fallout 3, GTA5, the Mass Effect trilogy, and many more. I've been playing games sin...


Microsoft is Sorry About Last Year - E3 2014

Over the past twelve months or so, Microsoft has had to apologize for a lot of things. They were sorry for trying to implement DRM on their consoles. They were sorry for trying to make you pay extra to use stuff you're already paying for. T...


The Past : Video Game Stores

We've all been there, waiting for out parents to drive us to the video game store once a month to buy a game. Way before Newell blessed us with Steam we actually had to move away from our computer to buy games. Nowadays the most one walks i...


The Past: Oreos For Breakfast

I was three.  Just turned three, in fact.  Late December, 1985. I was spending Christmas with my family at my Aunt and Uncle's house.   My Mom was pregnant with my baby sister, and I was a criminally-precocious kid who had rocketed out...


The Past: Cory and Haley's Sexual Tension

I'm at a weird age. I'm 28, meaning that I'm getting to the point where I'm becoming much more cynical about the media I consume. I'm old enough to remember original versions of films that are now getting reboots. I'm sure the new RoboCop...


The Past: Before I Googled Videogames

Before I checked Metacritic, Before I got the scoop from Destructoid, Before I watched gameplay videos, Before I waited for recommendations, Hell, even before I peeked into Nintendo Power to see what was up - I played videogames. I played ...


The Past: [Immutability]

So, to start, little bit of backstory, just to acquaint, I've been a gamer since as far as I can remember. I was born in the year of our lord 1981, not religious just like a sense of revelry and gravitas, anyway, and some of my earliest mem...


The Past: [The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening]

I have always wanted to write about the games that really shook me; the interactive experiences that molded a good chunk of my moral code and expanded my view of the world by diversifying it. Games can have such a diverse effect from just b...


Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Everyone hates rumors, especially in the video game journalism world. How can any self respected journalist try to make news out of rumors? Well I think that is a bit unfair and honestly kind of hypocritical.  Journalism is a highly compe...


Strider's last minute GOTY for 2013

2013 was a goddamn great year for games if you ask me. And none of my reasons pertain to the new generations of consoles either! In fact, this year has been the year of the 3DS for me. Regardless of how much fun I was having on my 360 tha...




Have a great day!


Huh apparently Spider Man in the Spiderverse has a animated lego scene and the scene was all done by a 14 year old lego animating you Thats pretty cool,I saw a bit of the scene and suprsingly it was really Really nice to see a kid get to do


Got bored, so shell swap was Pic in


All right, Im about to join the excitement, and will most likely get completely


Note to self, go with GC Dual next time rather than Pluto HDMI Board for Itll save a lot of

Queen of Philosophy

Crappy image quality, but man! This stance, this outfit, those kombos - my Queen is back (and this time it seems like she really is queen!) đź’ś


Logging in for the first time in 2 months just to say that a certain game trailer that leaked today made me cry real Legitimate adult How yall doin otherwise?


Here we Gory, grimy, but juuust cheeky


Here we Gory, grimy, but juuust cheeky


You’re all legally allowed to post this today for various


Pat Robertson is fucking


Just watched Across the Spider-Verse and I might have enjoyed it more than the Seeing it two more times this weekend but right now I feel like Ive just had one of THOSE positive What an exceptional fucking


When Atlus Instagram announces two Persona games, one of which is the remake of Persona 3, earlier than


I didnt say it, he did

Anonymous 20

it directly into my NOW!!!!!!

Inquisitive Raven

Devolver Direct in 10 minutes!


Gamestop is closing down so I got Xenobblade 3 for kinda Just started it and know nothing of the series and never played any of Really great to see the game just skips post battle result It really shows how much time you waist in

Boxed Swine

Sometimes I pee sitting down because Im too tired to stand and I dont need everyone on this bus judging Its hard enough to drive without all these eyes on


Overall, not a bad It had plenty of games that Im pretty excited Plus ending with a release date for FF7 Rebirth was pretty Looking forward to the Xbox showcase on Hope to see more of you in the comments watching live with us!


SGF23 wasnt too bad, lots of first looks at games tailored to me, like Ever Crisis, Remake 2 (please be better), Space Marine 2 CO-OP, Return of Moria, Many things exclusive to PS5, but thats the way it Hoped for more dates


Im not sure what the fighting games community reaction to Mortal Kombat 1s gameplay trailer but I am suprised to say it looked pretty boring/unintrestingto me and I did kinda like the look of 11 and Street Fighter 6,the newest upcoming Tekken


“Speaking of Final get a free burrito from Legendary


New 2D sonic game,seems like it could be fun but I do personaly find it really really old/repetive how much Sega has done hey remember the old 2D sonic games, hey remember!over last few New levels with Sonic Mania seemed like the right step fowar


Have you ever had to make a big decision but found yourself paralyzed by fear? If so, what did you do? Howd it turn out?


Man Rap music was a awful choice for music for a new 2D Prince of Persia game but it does look like it could maybe be fun? Seems to have nothing to do with the Sands of Time


Sweet Capcom revealed a new MegmanX game is coming to switch and PC in a few months!


Nice to see a release for the end of this month for Dave the Zoey reviewed the early acess launch verison of the game and was really postive of It will come to Switch end of this year


Nice to have a new trailer for this it does look like a fun probably pretty linear 2D The character swinging her motorbike as a weapon does remind me of Devil May Cry


Release date of August 24th now for Blasphmeous Looks it will be fun for fans of


Sweet Turbo Overkill Episode launch is June Always great to hear Giannis voice in these trailer and he is in Trepang 2 for the end of the month Seems we are going to space for episode 3 and playable mech Hope new weapons


The new game by Dontnod the devs that made Life is Strange is out now,I dont really have too much intrest in this but they got Lena Raine to do the games soundtrack so I will for sure check out its


Go Team Venture!


Hope you all are safe and

Virtua Kazama

Oh While Ive been taking a hiatus from streaming (until Sunday with the Bi-Weekly coming up), my recent blog has been put on the Front Good stuff!


I got let go from my second job for similar reasons as my Turns out its hard to break into the programming business when things are planned My boss was so distraught he lost sleep after failing to convince management to keep Yay?


When does E3 start? Cant wait to spend all day watching news, previews, and interviews on G4!!

Inquisitive Raven

Wait, New-E3 is today???


Sweet Bleak Sword DX is out now! Looks pretty neat,I was orginaly turned off by the game because I thought it was a rogue lite but its actualy not a rogue lite at all and is level by level singleplayer


Im eating good kino tonight

Whispering Willow

Working on some tarot predictions since I have some Xbox-ish and indie/PC questions I have room for two or three Capcom questions, so ask away!


And slaps on these hot cakes!


Please check out this wonderful video by Sl0nk0b0mb on YouTube! I had a blast hanging out and talking about Belle Boomerang!


Switch version of Dragons Dogma for five magic I guess its finally time to add it to the pile (toward the Hope I can finish it before I hear magic is the most fun build, is that right? Current Status

Chris Moyse

Dhalsim super cheesed me out with zoning Game 1, so I got super frustrated and sloppy next games, got the job done but what a mess, Except for that sweet air throw


Street Fighter: I still couldnt break into Bronze rank for the life of Switched to modern controls last night and while I was getting used to them climbed up to silver with Turns out instant command grabs are


Someone needs to go to Canada and beat up Ganondorf smh