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Giving Thanks: Endings

I read a quote long ago that said something along the lines of this: bad endings are more memorable than good ones. I’ve always cherished that quote, because it gives me hope as a gamer, movie lover, and avid reader that I don&r...


Giving Thanks: Still Thanks To Give

El Dango wrote a blog based on a blog Jinx wrote based on a blog Overlord Hoffman wrote which in turn spurred me to wrote a blog. Rote. Here's a list of things I want gifted am thankful for and looking forward to: Metal Gear Solid VBig...


Giving Thanks: Twitch & Gaming

So as much as I enjoy blogging, one thing that will cause me to get away from getting things accomplished is watching a stream or two on Twitch. I will be the first to admit that I'm a huge addict. My passion & excit...


"Giving Thanks: for the Octopus"

I'm not actually American, so I don't celebrate this holiday, but I do eat Turkey so it's fine.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I am thankful for a great many things; this massive cardigan I'm wearing, the fact that I wa...


We All Have a Hero in Our Hearts

Have you ever played an online game and realized that the whole time, you’ve thought yourself the good guy? And every time someone kills you, they’re either a bastard, evil, or somehow dastardly?   A few days ago, I wa...


Fangs for the memories: Subversion with Eversion

Warning: As with any scary game, most will want to experience the spookiness fresh, without spoilers. The following will totally spoil Eversion in its entirety. Note that I'm so much of a scaredy cat that I still derived an amount of ...


Fangs for the Memories: F.E.A.R

I have played many horror games over the years and games with horror elements in it. Ravenholm in Half Life 2 still gives me the creeps (especially with the cinematic mod's visual overhaul). Resident Evil 4 is still one of the greates...


Fangs for the Memories: Sloth Monsters

I know they aren't called Sloth Monsters. But I was twelve so I had no idea what they were. Plus we had AOL dialup with parental controls so I doubt I could have found anything before being kicked off by my mother picking up the phone...


Fangs for the Memories: His name was Jason

Halloween is, without a doubt, my favorite time of the year. Since I can remember, I’ve always been a huge fan of horror movies, and things that were meant to scare you. Maybe it’s because I spent most of my childhood up N...


Fangs for the Memories: Eternal Darkness Bathtub Scene

Yup, anyone who played this game knows instantly what I'm talking about unless they were lucky enough to have missed the button prompt in the Roivas (hey, that's Savior spelled backwards! :ppppppp) mansion. It has no bearing on the plo...


Fangs for the memories: Always a (godd**n) lighthouse

Back before I began reading about games on great sites like Destructoid (ahem), I walked into a shop one day and saw a shiny cover for a new game that had recently come out for my new PS3. It had one of those shiny cardboard covers wit...


Fangs for the memories :Resident Evil 4

Now I know some of you are going to laugh but I am a little chicken shit when it comes to horror games. There's a reason I don't buy them or play them often. But out of the handful I have beaten RE1 and 4 comes to mind. The reason RE1 ...


A Crash Course on Gaming with an Orange Bandicoot

I don't remember how old I was during that time, but I was at some kid's house when it happened. I think it was a classmate's birthday party, so I was at least old enough to go to school. I don't recall much about the party itself, exc...


My Favorite Game: Yo, screw your desert island

I don't think it's really possible to have a “favorite” favorite game, or at least it's not possible for me. I've never been able to answer any of those hypothetical questions where you have to choose one album or movie or...


My Favorite game?

.fancytext { font-family: 'Tangerine', serif; font-size: 120px; } #orange{ color:#ff7f50} .titlespacer{ hight:50px,width:50px} .vgt{ font-family: 'Press Start 2P', cursive;} 1987 was a huge year in gaming, quite possibly ...


My Favorite Game: Final Fantasy Tactics

It seems almost expected that gamers around the world would, at the very least, consider a Final Fantasy title as their favorite or most-cherished game of all time. And, in truth, it feels almost cliche to choose one of the many title...


My favorite video game: Sonic 3 and Knuckles

How do you define a favorite video game? Is it the one that filled you with the most inspiration? If that's the case, then the clear winner would be Skies of Arcadia, a JRPG for the Dreamcast that presented a bright world full of wonde...


My Favorite Game: Super Mario World

I know, I know. You young bucks are probably sitting there thinking "Dustin, of course Super Mario World is your favorite game. I can tell from the gray hair in your beard that it was probably the only game that existed when you were ...


My favourite game: (Thief: The Dark Project)

Whenever I play any medieval-like games, I often look down on archers. Sure, they're equally important in real-life medieval warfares, but on games, I more than often preferred to ignore them. I mean, why be an archer when you could be...


My favorite game: Silent Hill 2

There have been many, many people who wrote why Silent Hill 2 is such a brilliant game. Our old friend Jim Sterling repeatedly called it his favorite game ever, Yahtzee Croshaw drools on it every chance he has, Shamus Young of Th...


My Favorite Game: Xenogears

The "Favorite Game" is a topic as old as the medium itself.  These days, it's hard to pick a single favorite.  Hell, I have about 25 fluctuating favorites at any given time.  However, when someone asks me to pick on...



Chris Moyse

Hey folks, I’ve not been on the fp for a couple of I’m in bed and pretty I hope that the week has been better for you and that you have a nice Make the most of it, and remember I love Send support and I’m sad x

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) -Aviary Attorney (Switch) -Death Stranding: DC (PS4/5)


Current status:


I almost thought these were real since they usually do crazy flavours anyway but you know April 1st and


Today was my last(ish) day at my favorite job so So excited for what Im moving on to, but man was it First time Ive left a job where I wasnt ready to leave, but the new opportunity was just too damn good to pass on

Sir Shenanigans

Was told today I “could be a character in John Wick” (compliment?) and I’m like “Yeah, maybe among the


Feel like I should stream something casual tonight but I just dont know what to Ive got Oblivion on the backburner still, and then theres my dont know what to play even though Ive been downsizing my game Wanna


Dinner and a drag/burlesque show with horror-themed ice cream was an excellent night to take a goddamn break from


Didnt much care for Why did I 100% it? No


Gotta admit I wanted to watch this for Taron Egerton alone as hes a great actor, but the movie really holds A video game documentary made into a film with Hollywoods touch? Yes, but a good That Game Boy scene is Wish to see more like this


Ive finally binge watched all of Camp Camp but have no one to talk to about the show because its been three years since the last


Barbacoa success!


Never forget the E3 piss


A while back, someone on this site posted something that offended me so deeply and personally, I dont know if Ill ever This person said, of all things, that Mac and cheese is A statement so wrong, so foul, it haunts me every


Facts of the day; the best hashbrowns are shredded




Oh also! I got a puppy! I have never been more tired and my 3 cats hate it for now, but shes a wonderful lady and I cant wait to see her grow


Im currently entangled in, like, 3 MMOs, most of which are casual relationships: LOTRO, GW2, and even a bit of But what singleplayer game should be next? Dragons Dogma, Atelier Ryza 1, Yakuza 4-5, FF7R, Mass Effect trilogy, or Diablo II?


Its glitching!


Friendly reminder that its already April 1st in


When you review a game on the Google play store you sometimes get asked if the game is If a person would ask me that I would give them another try and if they repeat the question I would slap


Finally a intresting Sonic game for once and all they had to do was kill Sonic for it!

Inquisitive Raven

Dont think I mentioned this here, but I recently made a decision: After tomorrow, I will no longer have weekend shifts at I figured itd be better for my physical/mental Ill probably be short of money, so Im gonna draw A WIP:


Never heard of this before and not sure exactly what type of game this is maybe a rogue lite like Exit the Gungeon? Still looks maybe neat!


Prepping a Pathfinder campaign for some friends, and to get myself motivated to finish it, I decided to write it a theme Its the first original track Ive written with my new Mac! Check it out if youve got a minute!

Anonymous 20

So, 17 hours into About 2 chapters left to My only issue with this game is the same issue i had with Remake 2 and I miss the I miss the I understand why its gone, but it was so goofy and fun, and part of why it holds


ZB TRIPLE DOUBLE: Three crispy fried chicken strips, two black pepper-crusted pieces of slab bacon, smoked gouda, Buffalo garlic parmesan sauce + cabbage Give that a big Caitlin Clark has been killing it


This week flew for me! This weeks TGIF is up over in the Come say hi and let us know how your week Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Man Im gonna miss I know the big studios will just do their own streams around the same time anyway, but it will never quite be the same, yknow?


Til that Tetris for the CD-I has a really good


The Drip War isnt thawing; it is bussing with a fr Cheugy isnt sleeping; it is, as always, not @Marzano


Havent played Elden Ring in almost 2 days! Been picking up Hades and Cuphead, Just beat the funhouse level w/ cars in the latter, and still cant get past Elysium in the One day Ill beat it before Hades 2 releases


I dont know a whole lot about D&D but I did have a lot of fun watching Honor Among Not overly ambitious but very I also did not expect the visual effects and action scenes to look so good but the the majority of it was


Ah, the I remember when I still was excited for a new Final

Inquisitive Raven

Its Genshin Direct Day! The Youtube repeat is about to start in a few Primogem codes


Got to say April is looking like a mighty good month for indie games with big cool looking indie games being revealed to launch in April for the last 3 days for 3 Might make a list of indie April 2023 games to keep a eye


Oh gee nintendo isnt that too much padding for a package that needs to travel TWO FUCKING COUNTRIES?


I listen to my music a Listening to the old Songs for Gamers albums makes me sad, because a lot of people Ive lost contact with, or they Im really glad you guys are around still :) Maybe Ill write more music for the community


Hopeful status


Gunners Gauntlet in FFX-2 is Only took me *looks at clock* 3 hours to get to max Had to cheat for the last one


Have a great day!


Remember a couple years ago when E3 posted the home addresses and other contact info for every press attendee on their website? Im shocked it lasted even 1 year beyond

Cygnus Rush 961

Feeling a little bit happier, lets just say that it involves a high profile person of interest being indicted, with hope of more to come of


Ive complained about this before and Ill say it Please Youtbe search results, just show me what I asked for and stop recommending me unrelated videos about

Anthony Marzano

Happy opening day! 1 and 0 baybee!


Ive been hate playing too many games I need something to get absorbed into that I


Indictment Status: