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April Fools: Not "nerd"--"node."

No sentence better exemplifies how I felt about Raiden the first time I played Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. After the sinking of the tanker, which is one of the best opening chapters in gaming history, I was waiting with antic...


From Sofware with Love: The Tower

I bought my PS3 in 2009, after saving up for it for months. It came bundled with Metal Gear Solid IV, and as soon i finished wiping my tears for Big Boss and Snake, i decided it was time to move on to another game, and that game was De...


From Software With Love: Re-releases and Remasters

This month sees the release of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin edition on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC; an updated version of the game running in a high definition 1080p resolution (with increased textures), 60fps frame ...


From Software With Love: Find a happy place...

The ‘Souls games can be unrelenting, brutal and dark; true tests of mental willpower, emotional fortitude and grim resolve. Whilst playing, the majority of the time you’ll likely be inching your way through labyrinthine du...


REVIEW: Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (WiiU)

Despite my claims in a previous review, this month I was simply not done with Zelda, and even though I tried to put it down, once you get stuck into the rhythmic solving of puzzles and spelunking of temples nothing else quite scratche...


REVIEW: Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)

Taking a brief departure from the official canon of The Legend of Zelda, and uncharacteristically taking a risk with one of its most prestigious intellectual properties, in 2014 Nintendo released Hyrule Warriors on the WiiU. I'm reall...


MAJORA MARCH: The Most Disturbing Man in the Moon

Majora’s Mask ostensibly has a central antagonist, that of the titular mask and its influence over the poor innocent Skull Kid, and supposedly it’s because of this masked villain that you’re gathering power over the ...


Majora March: Lend Me Your Ears

Majora March is all about celebrating the minutiae of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in wake of its recent remaster on the Nintendo 3DS. Playing the game with a fresh coat of paint has the cogs in my giant clock tower of a h...


Bloggers Wanted: Majora March

[This month’s Bloggers Wanted comes from Preposterous Whitey and is all about weird masks and videogame conspiracy theories!] In the wake of the recent re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS,...


My Nine

I must apologize if this video is too artistic and somewhat creepy, here is another video if you need to cleanse your ears. To be honest I was not looking forward to this post. There is simply more than Nine people on the site tha...


The Nine Best Dtoiders Ever

I am not the easiest person to get to know. I'm a quiet guy raised by quiet people and I'm 75% deaf to boot. It's not the sort of life that produces the gregarious, amiable type. Being friends with me usually requires people who are co...


Happy Anniversary Dtoid: The Magnificent Nine

I've only just celebrated my one year anniversary here at Destructoid; I officially signed up in February 2014 after lurking for a couple of years in awe of the GIF bombs in the front page articles comments' sections. It's been good so...


I Love Shadow of the Colossus!

[This is an essay I wrote a while ago for my college work. It wasn't for a formal assignment, but instead just a practice piece that we were allowed to pick any topic for. So I decided to gush about SotC. I've been sitting on it for ag...


Band of Bloggers: Journey into Peril!

I bet you're wondering why that's an image from the old fallout games? For this month's Band of Bloggers assignment -- dedicated to one of my favorite gaming franchises of ever, Fallout -- I ahead of time asked Scholarly Gamer, one of...


Important Tips to Win at Sport Betting

Although a large number of people across the globe enjoy a flutter, but many understand as much as necessary about what they are doing to win at sports betting such as soccer betting in the long term. In betting, it is all about getti...


The Gift of Gaming: BIONIC ARM!

A great gift to me is something that qualifies the phrase, "the gift that keeps on giving." And what better gift is there that has more to give then what it initially offers then a good old fashioned fighting game? 2008 sounds so rece...


The Gift of Gaming: Influences on my sleeve

My name is Nick and I've been playing games my entire life. In this here blog, I'd like to share what games I consider to be influential on who I am today and probably impacted you too. First up, Sim City. Sim City brought me into adu...


Giving Thanks: Sega Genesis Collection

Initially I had scrapped an entirely different Giving Thanks post because I got to the point when there had to be a decision made about what could be included and what could not and instead the post got junked. Which sucked because I w...


Fangs for the Memories: Slender

It was surprisingly difficult to choose a top horror game, or horror moment. The first that came to mind was ‘of course, Fatal Frame!’. The game is generally very eerie; the ambience is effective; of a breeze drifting throu...


Giving Thanks: The Miiverse

Though touted as one of the greater evolutions in gaming, I’ve never been a huge proponent of online gaming. Indulging in a game’s world and story is a personal experience for me. The voices and actions of other players, pa...


Giving Thanks: Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire

...My Pa (Grandfather) passed away 13 years ago today. November 16th, 2001. His wife Nana passed away earlier this year after a long fight against Alzheimer's. I was 10 when he passed away... not really concerned with anything more tha...




Had a random thought in the If these type of animated training films were still being made today there is a non-zero chance of a Vtuber learning how to operate various weapon


This seems like a super nice indie game bundle for only Darkwood is excellent and well worth the Unexplored 2 looks really neat, call of Juraez seems like arcadey fun and deliver us to the moons is supposed to be neat looks pre


This seems to be aping Animal Crossing more explicitly than other life sims Ive Looks really good, but a cursory glance of the Steam reviews point to bugs being I might take the plunge soon

CaimDark Reloaded

Little Hope was an improvement over Man of Medan most of the game, but wow, they managed to make an ending that soured the whole What a stupid


Since we do periodically get hidden gems revived from time to time these days, I second Also Cubivore, Chibi Robo, a Viewtiful Joe Collection, Shadow Hearts Collection, Max Payne Trilogy, Shinobi/Nightshade, the Gamecube Pokémon


All game devs make concept/ reference art on sticky notes anyone who tells you otherwise is a dirty rotten


Running a Scholastic Book fair the week before Gonna call it the Scholastic BOO-K


Are you feeling sad, depressed, frustrated with the the world and yourself? Do you need a musical hug? Then listen to this new Devin Townsend song! So soothing, emotional, warm, and Such a relaxing and mesmerizing video too!


So I got a friend of mine this Pokemon waffle maker as a joke, but it turned out way better than any of us He used it to make powdered #Breadtoid

Whispering Willow

Galaxys worst DMs put on


My thoughts on QUAKE are up! Was it as EARTH-SHATTERING as expected??? Well, you can check out the blogs for my cluttered and dull opinion on the seminal shooter classic!


Do you think the universe is built around a yin-yang of explosion/implosion? Like, the life of the universe is cyclical, framed around the expansion from a Big Bang event that eventually reconsolidates matter to a single point before Big Banging again?


Cunk asking deep

Mike Sounders

Finished the Splatoon 3 campaign last night and played a bit of the splatfest over the That was fun, probably confused a bunch of people due to being Big Zam but on team gear so I could play with Frosty ;-;


Prodeus looks so good, not sure if I can keep myself away from that




Technically this is a bread post not a vacation post from the oldest lib in Dublin

Whispering Willow

Interesting marketing for


New Vegas is still based


They heard about Splatoon 3 and wanted


I dont know if I am being dumb but this new weapon even just visualy looks the exact same as the weapon already in Splatoon 3 no?


Im very tempted to grab this It looks a lot like Blasphemous and I loved that

Chris Moyse

Britain doing wicked


Current status


Current Status:

Inquisitive Raven

*Aggressively swoons*


Have a great day!


Didnt think this was

Ricky Namara

Everybody calm the fuck down! (art by: Kay Wan)


Most movies and TV shows have been kinda junk lately, but I can always depend on the GOAT actor to deliver a perfect performance! Absolutely killed it in the Bitches of Eastwick!, and my personal favorite, Mutt Ado About

Ricky Namara



Here for


Take your last #breadtoid


You ever get nostalgia from things you never grew up with? Like I never watched a Wallace and Gromit short until last week, but A Grand Day Out just has this cozy vibe to it that made me feel like I was revisiting an old childhood

Czar Kazem

Very nice promotion was made official at work today, less than a year since starting with the firm, so we celebrate Monday night cheers




ive gotten a knack lately for feeling a slight itch on my arm, rubbing it absentmindedly and smooshing a mosquito in the They dont see it coming cuz i do it so slowly pieces of fuck need more bats in my hood


Finally! Ive been waiting to try this out, but didnt want to double dip after preordering the physical 5-6 months So far its a cool metroidvania, with gorgeous graphics! Hope it holds up, but so far, so

Sweaty Dungus

Only thing that got me through the day was knowing my Steam Deck will be arriving thanks to the good people at It’s close I can taste Any minute


Not to make you guys jealous or anything, but Im almost certain I own the first photo in the world that was held both by Ginger Root and a leader of a political party!


Current Status:


You ever receive validation for not doing something that makes you realize you dodged a bullet? Thats my feeling right now about not taking danger librarys hourly position job after putting in my two


Could it be?


Just got back from seeing Moonage What an experience! If you have any love for Bowie it is a must! If you can, go see it in a cinema (or a crazy awesome a/v system at


The UK government the last

Virtua Kazama

CloudRunner Fortress: A place once ruled by the Queen CloudRunner who is now imprisoned by General PAY 60 SCARABS TO ENTER CAPE as we go live with Star Fox Adventures!

Inquisitive Raven

Whats in this box Ive been waiting 7+ months for, I wonder?

Whispering Willow

Thank you for letting me hold your cards uwu