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Me Self Indulgently Whining (Somewhat NVGR)

This is just going to be a short blog where I whine. Feel free to leave. I won't be offended. Anyway, now that those jerks are gone, I'm upset about some stuff I just heard about and that happened to me. 1) Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is probabl...


I'm going to have a "fun" weekend.

Instead of making a long rant about my current situation, I'll show my reasons Me : Where's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations ? Game publisher : Never heard of it. Me : Where's BioShock for PS3 ? Game publisher : Will a...


The End of the Addiction

(This post is extremely long-winded, but it's also an issue that's close to my heart, so read at your own risk!) MMORPG. The acronym makes some people cower in fear. The word means poison to others, a genre of video game that they will nev...


Opinionated Idiots and rant

So I've been receiving some really stupid messages. This guy sent me a few stating that I knew nothing about games and that because I don't have a high end pc and a 1080p tv etc etc I am not a true gamer etc etc. Crysis is the best game ev...


Gamer Arts & Crafts: Charms Vol. 2

It's that time again! :D I've added the second set of charms to my Etsy store, so here they are to make their debut. This time around we've got: -Mario Hat -Luigi Hat -Burgertime Hot Dog (which I have dubbed Happy Wiener) -Power-Up Mushr...


In Honor of Sir Hitogoroshi

For those of you who don't know. Where the hell have you been for the last few years. Hitogoroshi is the Jesus Christ All Star of the online dtoid IRC community. I say this of course because i honestly think so and because the man is going ...


Dead Space Story Guide (DONE POORLY)

Yeah, my idea of a guide is putting little to no effort into it whatsoever and just taking shit from wikipedia and gametrailers, but I do think all this non-work is worth it for you folks out there dying for some explanation behind the Dead...


Weinercast Wednesday

The Weinercast is go at PlayingWithMyWeiner.com. This week I discuss WoW 3.02, the Little Big Planet Debacle, and female gamers. As always, the Weinercast is available on iTunes. Please leave us a review or a comment/question, and we...


NVGR: Why Australia will one day kill me

Sweet Zombie Jesus! Yes, that's a spider eating a bird. Look at the friggin' size of it. These photos were taken in near Cairns in Queenland and are genuine. They show a Golden Silk Orb Weaver spider that's caught what's to believed to b...


Cblogs of 10/21/08 + Pendeltonisms

Alright, folks, before we get started today, I�d like to draw attention to one of the blogs not in the Top Blog area.. galabug wrote today about a DLC system the Super Famicom hadcalled Satellaview. Read more about it on his blog. Anyway, ...


SingSterling 08: The Videos Are Finally Here!

Ah... a sweet sigh of relief. After sitting here for three full days working on editing, reformatting and uploading all of my SingSterling videos I'm finally finished. There are nearly 60 videos, even though I didn't think to record the f...


Cblogs of 10-20-08 + Jimboisms.

I'm back... reading the cblogs of Destructoid in all its totality and recapping them for your reading pleasure. Your usual Cblog Recapper, the gentleman known as Casual Weaponry, unfortunately couldn't make the proceedings tonight due t...


Halloween in Rapture

I haven't been that into Halloween the last few years, but my girlfriend is crazy for it so I've decided to give it a go. Our first activity was pumpkin-carving. I decided to do The Cheat, which I've wanted to do for years, while she ha...


System Lynk is Live on Fan Off Network

Anyone bored right now? Come check out the live System Lynk podcast. You can also hang in the chatroom and interact with the hosts. http://www.systemlynk.com/chat Just throwing it out there. We're talking Fable, Videogame movies, Favori...


Welcome to NXE: Here's some info!

This is completely legit. This is not a fake like my last 360/MGS4 picture that I personally shopped for the post. I have some news regarding the NXE. Apparently people like it and want to know about it. Go figure, right? NXE was in O...


LPB delayed over Quran lyrics

Found this on CNN this morning. I was all like "lol wut". Then somebody referred me to this. So that's what that's about, allegedly. Overreaction? Conspiracy? Can "gamers" hit Islam's Amazon page hard enough?




God damn what a 15 Ups, downs, fights, love, literally life saving Hair pulling So much happened Such a huge part of my Id do all again in a heartbeat I love all the people here past and Take


As few days remain to say goodbye to Qtoid and the users blog section, I remember the entries I wrote over Typing felt These blog ideas will be written eventually in another


Maaan, I leave you guys alone for like 5 minutes and whats the result?


I dunno why, but hearing Qtoids gonna be gone just makes me think about *that* song Like the


The era had already ended but I guess this is the real Poked my head in to see the state of to the Qtoid Deviants who made every Christmas

Rad Party God

Another blue Another nail in the Dtoid Ive already moved on from this place, but I still have many fond memories of it and its You lot helped me in my time of need and I will never forget it, I will forever cherish those


Fourth stage of status: depression


Remember kids:


One more for the I joined back in 2011, but all things come to an Besides, weve got cohost now, which is our own Qtoid/Dtoid with blackjack and See you on the other


I can’t believe Torchman would go and kill off Q-Toid and of luck to all of our exemplary wordsmiths and talented creators, you were the heart and soul of this weird and wonderful Friends! (Shitpost In Peace)


Third Stage of Status: Bargaining

Virtua Kazama

After I release the EVO 2024 blog, Im going to do one final blog on Destructoid before it shuts completely


Thats when I joined Its sad that I wont get to celebrate 10 Still, were on Cohost at If you love me in particular, my Blogs will be (soon-ish) on Medium Links in It was a


Second stage of status: anger

Virtua Kazama

I heard that CBlogs and Qtoids are coming to an end I want to say that CBlogs was a way for me to talk about my experiences in the FGC to a wider Thank you for The EVO 2024 Lineup Thoughts will be my last


It beyond sucks to hear that CBlogs are The sense of community we gained from it was one of my favorite parts of the site and part of the reason so many of us stuck around in the early RIP


Hey all, I just wanted say one more thing before the Qtoid has always had a special place in my It was honestly the best social media site Ive been Ill still be at Cohost and I hope you all take care and live your

Virtua Kazama

Were in Hawaii, and The Hero of Yokohama reunites with The Dragon of Dojima, only he looks Anyway, its time for more Infinite Wealth!

Virtua Kazama

Sorry the EVO 2024 lineup blog is taking a long Very busy with Itll be out sometime this


Current Stage of Status: Denial


Fuck this, who wants to be penpals


Ladies and gentlemen, Mambo 5:


Not logging off until Qtoid shuts I scrolled through the many posts I made, screenshot some of them and saw my You all made this possible, and these are my words to thank you See you over at Cohost and if not, wishing you all the

Chris Bradshaw

let it be known that Dtoid stood out because of its community involvement with all its Now itll be like every other gaming site and truly fade into The owners should have respected the team and the spirit of what made this place great


Yeah, RIP

Virtua Kazama

Tekken 8 got a new update and Im going to be using my modded stick! Its time to play some more Good Ass Tekken tonight!


I had been writing a blog on more ports to 8-bit Guess thats not Heres the list: Puzzle Bobble (C64), Leisure Suit Larry (Spectrum), Monkey Island (C64), Eye of the Beholder (C64), SNK vs Capcom (C64), Pinball Fantasies (Amstrad CPC)


It was a shame that Asterix & Obelix Slap Them All (and 2) are such bland Same studio (Mr Nutz) as behind the New Joe &




Current Status:


BTW, if one of you was Upvotebot, its time to reveal yourself! Your recognition and appreciation is long


Qtoid to close at the end of February? I can only remember the insane amount of posts I shared over here, more than anywhere else, This is my semifinal post as I would like to write something happier to say You guys deserve

Sweaty Dungus


The Mars In The Mirror

This will most likely be my final post here (as Im sure it will be for some of It was a fun time with a manner of interesting Sad to see it Best wishes to all of you! Cheers!


My first ever post on Qtoid was about how I was definitely going to finish Final Fantasy IX this To bring it full circle: I have since then beaten Final Fantasy We had a good run over here; lets keep in touch!


Great, the one time I check up on everything in Qtoid, and I find out this happened! It was fun while it


The The The well


For anyone who hasnt migrated to Cohost yet, please consider it! Im really gonna miss End of an I wish you all nothing but good things moving forward!


See ya space


Rest in peace Qtoid, you were one of a

Cygnus Rush 961

End of the line for qtoid, its been a fun

Virtua Kazama

So I got 8 out of 9 Unfortunately, DBFZ got the shaft at EVO this