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Im back again! (LETS GET HYPED)

Dang got a new job and my Internet goes down for almost two weeks and the site has completely changed again. Either a lot of people have changed their portraits or there is a TON of new and interesting people posting blogs and really doing ...


Casual & Biased Movie Review - Jurassic World (2014)

It's a well known fact that no one can top the original Jurassic Park with a sequel. Heck, even the original director Steven Spielberg tried that, and failed miserably even with two T-Rexes. While it's pretty much a foregone conclusio...


How E3 Will Go Down - "Hold onto Your Butts"

With the recent "leaks" of E3 announcements, anyone else wonder what on Earth could be left to reveal? Let me fill you in on my take of what the event could hold. Bethesda walk onto stage to the music from Fallout, stating that, like w...


I'm Back! (and here's where I was)

As some you may (or may not) have noticed, I've been absent from posting and even commenting for about a week now. Well I'm here today to state where I was this whole time, acting as if some of you care! It'll be fun, because I was on ...


More Kick Ass Art: FanimeCon Part 1

Fanimecon was last weekend and I am still exhausted from it. I have never done a full weekend at a convention before and this took a bit of a toll on me. Four days is a bit much for me to be on my feet, but in the end it was all worth ...


Seeking Feedback on monthly recaps

So the monthly recap is a thing we've been doing for the last four months and I've been spearheading that effort. it is a feature I wanted to do for many reasons, but it is also a rather challenging task given the amount of varied cblo...


That Player is Actually A Gibbon

Hello and welcome to a nifty little two-part thingymajig (technical term I assure you) on two classes of player. After a few too many heists gone wrong I was angry, and vented that fustration onto a page. That is where the following a...


Another ten things about a pixie

I'm still kinda torn on what stuff to write at the moment. I have a lot of ideas and my brain is shooting off in so many directions I can't seem to settle on one draft before starting another one. This either means a lot of blogs are o...


Here are some answers, now AMA!

Going full Jeopardy! up in this mother. There's been a whole lot of AMA going around. That's fine, but what fun is it to wait for a question and then provide the answer afterwards? No fun at all, obviously! So I've decided to cut out t...


Lessons We Learn From Videogames

Lessons We Learn From Videogames: After my admittedly serious and whiney blog, I felt I owed Dtoid something more educational. Of course, nothing can be as educational as videogames, and here are the most noteworthy lessons we can lear...



Okay, so there has been a ton happening in the last few 3-4 weeks at Destructoid and the C-blogs were off for a while. I actually started a new job and found myself with two jobs and very little spare time. However that is a great tra...


Ask me everything!

I have absolutely no clue why this is a popular thing to do right now, but here's another Dtoid AMA for those of you who somehow still have any questions left in you. I will accept any kind of question, but I might bullshit a few repli...



Just like the title says, I am not kidding you. I do hope you find it funny, though. Don't you just hate it when contests are based on the idea that whoever gets the most "likes" wins? We certainly do, so we decided to get a bit subve...


The Advantages of Being an Arab Gamer:

Gamers are often ridiculed and shunned by a larger society much too concerned about their public image. As for Arabs, no one has been as a vilified by the US media as much as us in the past 15 years. Thankfully, I don’t live in ...


♫ Could it be my destiny... to buy DLC? ♫

Look around you...Towards the sky...!You could be an unshakeable guy!The game before you is not what it seems...Yoh revealed through brand new DLC...! Yoh playable? Thought I'd never see!Oh what a choice is falling on me...Could it b...


Sorry, I've been away :(

Yeah, I'm a douchebagI'm sorry friends, I've been working and studying a lot and been away from here :(I promised (and was even featured by Strider in the interesting blogs recap! ;___;) to make my interview blog a regular thing, but I...




Have a great day!


DemonDan has been going ham with sf6s grapplers I


I went through an experimental phase with Delta-8 gummies some months back here, but its now become a regular part of my 25mg, 2-3 times a day and it does wonders for my They make it a little easier coping as a queer living in


I watched Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse today, and I adored it, easily my new favorite Spider-Man However, it did bring up something that kind of makes me not like the comics as much, which Ill talk about in the SPOILERS of


I reeeeally like how I got my Harrow Prime to look so Im showing it off! (Side and back view in the comments)


The first hour of Death Stranding is really captivating

Dr Mel

I used to write poetry and short stories constantly when I was bored, and I found an old document full of random stuff with the incredible title creepy text from the knifey beyond! Most of my poetry was just words I thought sounded good


Love hotel - Might turn into a Chat hotel before Cozy place to drink coffee and read a book! In the main story you need to come here for other reasons, but thats a story for another day!


Trying to come up with a price to sell my old PC Its barely a year old amd still has high end parts, but I dont wanna oversell it for too :/


Why do I keep trying to beat Hitman IIIs Freelancer mode? Its like deciding every weekend to bash my head against the


Went to my first Comic Con It was Had some pretty cool stuff but I wasnt blown away or The thing Ill remember most from it is that I was charged for a tiny bag of


I think Im fully in love with Diablo Genuinely great story; addicting action and progression; incredible, Warhammer-level gore and tone; punchy sound design making each encounter feel weighty and Never really an ARPG guy, but this is it

Punished Nietzsche

Me when finally get to use those hoverbikes constructions in TotK:


Sunday Twang Status:


Im sure others can make a better one but hey, I tried to make a


Maaaaaan, why do I only clean my room when I have cold or flu?



Dr Mel



#raindogday, so heres an older picture

Inquisitive Raven

I finished my placement matches for Ranked Mode! This is just about where I left off in Street Fighter V, so not


Was close to hitting bronze rank with Manon but thats when I started getting beat back I should probably learn more than the




#Sundogday wet




Need a break from Should I play The Tartar sauce Key or Deaths End ReQuest 2?


Found Stanger of Paradise for Yay impulse buy! Looking forward to finally giving it a go! Pic


When someone asks you what Diet Pepsi tastes

Anthony Marzano

Yo this gameplay is 🔥


Best games Ive played so far this Quick thoughts from left to 1) An anti-war game that hits 2) A+ on game 3) A fable made into a game? 4) An addictive 5) Masochism 6) Getting lost never felt so

Ricky Namara

Look at it Wait for There we


The one video game I brought with me to Japan was Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and while thats still a great time, Id completely forgotten how strange the balancing is in that game You end up overpowered without even


There arent any comments on the blog, but Im asking just in case -- did anyone try out the build of Mirama in my last dev blog? If so, what did you think?


I really love that Octopath 2 has a unique short backstory writting for every single NPC you can talk to and including all the extra NPCs that are only around at They are pretty short and nice to Plus you can rob children in the game!


They call me 3000! This is Bejeweled HD on the Ive been playing Zen mode (endless) for a very long time, and I finally hit level Just matching tons of gems over the span of (I think) 3 different Also tried to get all


Happy Birthday Planet! I hope you have a great day Youre presence here is always a wild Especially at the rpg


Have a great day!

Whispering Willow

Welcome to Metro This is the Youll be seeing a lot of


Birthday dinner with a swell gal and family (bonus pic of food in comments)


Goodbye Lucie, you were my best Lucie in the whole in ♡♡♡


Well this is a new one for me on Someone sent me an offer for Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and I They dont pay me for 3 days, than ask if I can lower the price by another $20 on top of the price I they already agreed


2 dollar wells at the dog park! But its only during happy hour which they choose to celebrate after Bless the inebriated souls of DSM


Current status


Tetris Effect makes me want to be I wouldnt have thought, but the game is probably in my top 10 games of the last 10


Im halfway through Armored Core and I feel like I got slapped by a time I knew the plot was foundational to Dark Souls, but cmon!

Whispering Willow

I think I need an arcade stick for Any recommendations? Best Buy and Gamestop had nothing :/ They acted like the idea was a foreign

Inquisitive Raven

Oh here I go, Street Fightin again!


Street Fighter 6 has been a I havent done ranked yet, just the battle hub matches and Guile plays just The World Tour mode is fun as well and im just enjoying exploring Metro City and finding I discovered Retsu is here as an npc!


Dog day afternoon


Still chugging along on the Evercade Been curious about Future Wars ever after seeing a screenshot of it in an 80s magazine in the early 90s, so maybe this time Ill get to play