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Perfect Imperfection

Do you think you're perfect? So perfect you can call yourself Perfect, with a capital P? Are you Perfection Incarnate?Ooookay, that's a pretty pretentious way to start off, so let's back up. In all seriousness, while I'm sure some people m...


FanimeCon Recap Part 2

I know this is like 3 month's late but as some of you know I've been dealing with some shit so I'm sure you'll forgive me. Anyways, last blog I showed off the amazing art that I picked up this year at Fanimecon, so this blog I'm going to ta...


An ode to Chao.

For Destructoid, I use the Dark Chao as my avatar, for the simple fact that I like the Chao. I used to play the hell out of the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, to the point where I would replay the Sonic/Shadow levels over and ov...


Poetry Dump Part 1 - Death, Pistols, and Shotguns

Before I dropped off writing for a while I decided to dabble in a little poetry. The first piece is something I actually wrote for school, and is a piece I'm rather proud of. The other two are pieces I just wrote and currently have no opini...


Old School: Almost Leaving Video Games

On a recent episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, a question for the cast was if they ever walked away from video games, if any of them had ever stopped playing video games for an extended period of time. I thought I’d give...


Discussing: Falling Behind The Next Generation

Last week, it was announced that Mortal Kombat X for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was cancelled. After months of delays, last gen owners won’t be able to play the latest Mortal Kombat game. I was disappointed by this news as I&rsqu...


the amiibocalypse: PART Ω

It was bright. Bright, white landscape stretched out as far as the eye could see. Occasionally, a giant would pass, dressed in the bright and colorful garb of their people. A marvel to behold, but not a threat to those of smaller size, goin...


Digging through the lies - Shovel Knight

Is there a difference between American and British Shovels? Maybe. But they didn't localise the game properly in that case so my point still stands. Shovel Knight has clearly lied to us all. If we watch trailers of this “acclaimed&rd...


The breast kinds of reviews!

Ahead of its US release at the hands of XSEED, Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson has released in Europe, and naturally, some reviews are starting to make their way onto the internet. For those of you who have been hiding under rocks for the pas...


Come on! Ride her! Ride that pretty ol' corpse!

In the name of not pandering to the evil mainstream and fighting the advent of the site's recently acquired popularity contest nature, I am going to assert all of my nonexistent power over all of the nothing I have authority over and use it...


(NVGR) Not So Fun Facts About Being Homeless

http://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/3/35931-307909-HMSTjpg-620x.jpg 1: You can shit anywhere. That wall? Do it. That person's car? Go right ahead! That baby stroller, that the mom isn't paying attention to? Don't mind if I doo doo. It's you...


Music Notes: Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen

  When I review albums, I like to find a central theme that it's trying to communicate. "Emotion" by Carly Rae Japsen has two modes, so to speak. One is "I love you, you love me, so let's dance and mess around", the other is "I cheris...


What's in a Character: Agent 47

There were some inaccuracies with my original post. I've rectified the information so that the plotlines are correct. Thanks goes to Rudorlf for pointing them out to me in a polite manner. With yet another bomb of a video game mov...


Why List Articles are Usually Terrible

You know what it’s like, you go onto a games news website expecting to read about Fallout 4 or what shirt Phil Spencer is wearing under his jacket today - but instead you get a load of pointless list articles in an attempt to seem &l...


Can we fix Pokémon Events?

Ah, yes, Pokémon. The franchise that is today much as it was when I was just a lad. Weaken monster. Capture monster. Enslave monster. Become champion of monster enslavement and warfare. Truly, a franchise made just for the children. ...


My Gaming Landscape [August 10th, 2015]

Welcome to the new Gaming Landscape! In the past, I used these blog posts not just to talk about the games I’ve been playing but to chronicle and keep track of what I had been playing. However, that has become constraining as sometim...


Look what I found in a second hand shop in Poland.

If you go to secondhand clothes shops you know that most of the stuff there either comes from old people or people who had lost their weight and needed a complete wardrobe change. The best clothes are usually the ones that have already been...


Zetta Reviews: Dragonball Z: Resurrection "F"

Wait, what? A movie review? Is that kind of thing kosher for a video game website? Well, there's only one way to find out, so let's find out right now... Today, on DRRRRRAAAAAGONNN BAAALLLLLLLLL ZEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Dragonball Z: Resurrection...



Virtua Kazama

Only 50 away from hitting 1k followers on

Just Aaron

You know what would make me upgrade my recently outdated PC? Killing Floor I would buy a completely new PC with an RTX 5000 GPU just for I would easily spend $3,000 on Love Killing Floor Never gets


Yeah Im looking forward to the Dead Space Honestly I really like the first one still, so Im hoping its a good And if this goes well, it would be cool to see an expanded and improved Dead Space 2 as And then a new DS3


I underestimated John I knew he had a sense of style and humor from the Evil Within DLC & sequel, but I would never have expected him to shadow drop a motherfucking character action rhythm game styled after Jet Set I NEEEED IT!


The special Japanese edition for Xanadu Next looks so awesome! Shame I don’t live in Japan or … Australia


Xbox Series X purchased 👍 Kinda wild that I got it from Newegg (no 3rd party seller) w/ free shipping + 2 days sooner than in store pickup at the local Best Buy I woulda needed to walk to anyway Dead Space here I come!! 😃


Turns out shit hit the fan with my sister and her roommates so shes moving out today instead of Time to start moving her stuff once I get off


Metal Gear 1 has no shortage of obtuse annoyances from time to time, but moments like these are still gold, especially coming off of


Good deer God the new Riverside album is crazy great! Such diversity different vibes from each Loving this new Hard to pick a favorite to share but I love the electro prog jam intro and djenty outro of this


Many qpots ago, I shared that Ive used Silent Hill 2 for my classes but didnt go into The questions you see in the photo are the ones I ask after watching Marys Letter The exercise works, as students understand without playing the


One more day until Dead Space! I dont understand how Im so excited for a new coat of paint on top of a game Ive played at least 5 times already, but damn it, I am!

Lynx Amali

Update on the Mom situation: 3-6 months if were progressed to her brain and more through her Shes not getting enough hemoglobin to her Shes getting a special bed, oxygen 24/7 and a nurse


*bump3 2/3 update* Upped the goal on the GoFundMe, as bills never Things are not going great, progress Holidays, and govt Match made in Anyways link in comments, and update on the page Thanks for all your


Walking into a public bathroom when you see someone walking out and hoping you dont pick the warm Call that flushin roulette

Inquisitive Raven

My reaction when horror devs make a colorful, fun game to mix things up:


Still playing Fire Emblem Honestly not hating the bond ring mechanic as much as I thought I was going to, its a lot more thought out and kinder than say Xenoblade 2s


Im apparently getting a certain special something in the mail Anyone got guesses as to what it is? Pic not


Have a great day!!!


Back to working on my music, finally! Have almost finished another track for my Original Game Soundtrack project, but need some advice on what context to surround it Is it more a dungeon track? Vendor track? What? Link in the


I think not being alone in this universe is

The Whore of Babylon

A few hours in and I feel comfortable putting Hi-Fi Rush on the GOTY list Its like playing a Clover title for the first Style with Also Sebastian from The Evil Within cameo-ing and poking fun at his games is


I find myself stuck in a loop of eventual wanting to give up on trying to be I want to share my music, but hardly anyone listens, and it makes me wonder if Im bad at music, or people just dont give a fuck about Endless goddamn

The Whore of Babylon

Ok so why didnt they just show the first boss for H-Fi Rush as the presentation? Motherfuckers made a giant robot fight synced to Nine Inch Been a Had a very tumultuous year that kept demanding all of my Good now


The comments are right, playing this on loop is extremely funny


Welp repair job failed I wanna keep doing it but the parts are just too expensive and hard to find good ones without there being something MASSIVE wrong with Like today, I got a 2DS thay worked great, open it up and notice the SD card


Solitaire (Klondike specifically) is still the best card game on


I go through phases of Punch Out! And Tetris so fucking God If you ever asked me what my favourite games are, they would never come up but I play them all the Yall got one of those?


Been having fun coming up with attack patterns lately! Gif in the comments, its too chonky for qtoid


I am home to the You dont remember me because I havent been around but check the account and tell me I havent left you my First cab off the rank: Persona 3? Yall getting around that now?


If anyone hasnt played the Outer Wilds, they Charming as heck game with great Any game with a Banjo in its soundtrack is A+ in my


Shinji Mikami finally gets his PNO3 All is


Oh Its happening!

Ricky Namara

Ive seen enough hentai to know where this is

Inquisitive Raven

Bethesda, making a game I care about? Wasnt on my list for 2023, but its much-welcome!


Today has definitely been one of those days that gets to Normally it dont bother me, but today it has with these


Started replaying the Titanfall 2 campaign and damn I still love it so


Listening to new music at work and found: Finnish Symphonic power metal band doing a cover of an ABBA song that sounds like Madonna went metal in the 80s with some slappin bass, awesome synth, and alto Its odd how many boxes that ticks for me


Oh also Hi-Fi Rush seems to be made by some of the team behind Evil Within Very glad the team got to do some more work since neither game sold that well I


I wont go for eitherteaching English in China job but I got a contract from another company and they were paying 30-40% for a pretty much identical contract as the other Its odd the less professional looking recuriting one pays much


I was literally watching the Hi-Fi Rush announcement when I turn on my Xbox and went to new GamePass releases and whaaaaa?

sp testure

Do you like space games? Anime? Waifus? Anime waifus in space? Are you a bit curious about this Starsector game I keep ranting about? Then I have just the video for you! I for one welcome our new space waifu




Holy crap, Im soooooo irritated for some reason Gimme wholesome memes to get me through the rest of the

Chris Bradshaw

wow big fan of kingdom hearts radio future


So Im like 5 hours into Chained Echoes and Im shocked by how good it is so Maybe check it out if you like JRPGs??


Yooooo Tango out here stealing Platinum Games’ Crown jewels with that slick stylish Hi-Fi Rush looks dope! Plus NIN music in the game? Do need


Ooh shadowdroo, hope its good might not play it til this