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Waifu Wars: Naoto

Let’s just get this out of the way: Naoto Shirogane is THE beacon of light for all of humanity. She is the sun that warms my frigid heart, the moon that bathes my cold skin in her moonlight sonata and the stars that shine resplendently...




Hrot seems like a fun time,Sweaty Dungus still got that good taste in In the first two short levels I kissed Gutav,fought a gorilla shooting a gun,fought a truck that came alive,a helicopter played pool and played a Game and Watchman chicken miniga


If I had a quarter for everytime someone wanted to admit to me they were into BDSM because I wouldnt judge them for it, Id have 2 Which isnt alot, but its weird its happened


Today I won one of those giveaways where you randomly find Steam gift cards lying on the ground

Sweaty Dungus

Wasnt expecting the nuanced // just asking questions // lets hear from both sides documentary on disco elysiums IP theft to be an exercise in character assassination, but here we Exit the vampire castle, woke


Just finished Bowsers Fury with all 100 Cat Perfect palate cleanser after 90 hours of Its a short, sweet, concise Lot of fun in a small




3 weeks left of Hopefully it goes by The students are being super extra and we just got back from a long


Whenever emulation or piracy comes up in online spaces theres always the one user who turns into a holy crusader who will fight for Nintendo against the heretics who played Mother 3 that one


I just flew an airplane for the first AMA


It is great how all the characters in Chainsaw Man always have their priorities


Finally got Fatalis in place


Oh sweet! My reasons for getting a ps5 instead of just building a good Gaming PC are getting Hopefully the indie company Sony can manage to do a functional PC Port for a €60-70 2 year old game


Its a conspiracy against my bank account !


New Moyse review just dropped for a fighting Is a banger News at


Legend (1985) may not have my favorite story, but it may be my favorite fantasy set design of all time, next to Its THE quintessential 80s fantasy: glitter on everything, ethereal sets & costumes, whimsical unicorns and

Sir Shenanigans

Ain’t never heard of no air pod


Im morbidly curious so I think Im going to gamefly Gollum


Sleep Token have always intrigued me because they have a really unique vibe going on (Pop R&B Deftones metal thing) but their previous albums just kinda bored The new one is hella more dynamic and worth a listen even if the lyrics can get a bit


After about 7 hours, Im calling it quits on Amnesia: While the story and mystery were genuinely compelling, the actual act of playing it was a It was the worst parts of Soma, but longer and with more obtuse Full thoughts below:


Average Tuesday Status:


Are all of the Super Mario Advance games worse than the originals or is it just Yoshis Island?


Magneta is out now in Early Access! It has Act 1 and 2 of its 3 Acts at Demo is all of Act Its a 2D Devil May Cry like Not much game site reviews but the steam user reviews are very I just saw they snuck V1 Ultrkaill as a




Street fighter sounds great, and I have leftover psn credit in my But oh shit ps Plus extra gives me some real D tier games to play like night of azure 1 and 2! Theyre otherwise pretty expensive digitally and Thats REAL


The Marvelous Maisel is over and Im worried there will never be a comedy as detailed and clever and period piece fun and densely packed with dialogue as it was ever


Dark souls 2 (2014)

sp testure

Were back!! Wooo!


I Think You Should Leave season 3 just dropped on For those who dont know, its a comedy sketch series starring Tim Robinson and produced by the lonely island Humor is a tricky thing but these always land for


Finally ready to show my next gig! A mini open world - small in size but packed with stories, details, things to Dating, farming, murder mystery, sidequests, Imagine HarvestMoon / Stardew Valley but a bit more


Had a good run with Apollyon going in Binding of Isaac, but fizzled out at Lost too much health during the run to I would have accepted losing to Mega Satan, but regular Satan?

Chris Moyse

Andrew of our support team seems to have fixed the community section again (including logins) and notes that he has added code that should hopefully prevent it from ever entering Read Only mode Appreciate your patience, Pic unrelated


I have played through most of the main story for Tears of the Kingdom and got to say really dissapointed with its More then like half of it with the story of temples feels literally copy and pasted and unimportant and repeats samey info constantly


Have a great day!


Just watched The Visit for the first time and mostly loved this crazy ass They dial the creepy up to 11 halfway through and I definitely wasnt expecting what they had in store for Overall a fun


Got baked and watched What a blast from the terrible I love it, but everytime Jagger showed up, I just heard John Mulaney doing his

Ricky Namara

The Sonic fandom is both thirsty and


May the person who designed Lightning Tower 7s minigame in FFX-2 never have a cold side of a pillow, ever! Im so angry and I rarely actually get angry when playing


Alright, I have finished my Boltgun trek and I have to say, it is probably one of the best 40k games of the bunch👍 My feeling pretty much match Zoeys review though, iffy level design with no map and weird item pickup placement make it


Maaaaaan, I wish the Remnant 2 devs would give me a proper release besides I just wanna pre-order the dang thing already!


Rewatching Gundam 00 and god damn its still the GOAT of Just such a well done I dont think any Gundam series will ever top it again for

Whispering Willow

Looking forward to trying Manon this Still would like Rose in SF6, but Jamie, Kimberly, Chun Li and Guile felt cozy enough to patiently wait for her to turn Id play Ken, but Im cutting back on


who will be playing SF6 and Diablo 4; What characters/classes will you be playing? (Or in the case of SF6, which characters are you most looking forward to playing that we havent gotten to try yet?) Ill answer my own question below!

Chris Moyse

I’m glad qposts and cblogs are back for you I hope this will offset the Crushing Unhappiness and Physical Pain I’m dealing Btw SF6 review coming tomorrow and I done fucked it through Ggs

Virtua Kazama

Its fighting game week because Street Fighter 6 is coming out, but Im in the mood to play some VF3tb Were jumping back into the world of Fightcade for tonights session of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


Happy Memorial Day yall! Thank a veteran, and be safe!


Finished Xanadu My playthrough was about 15hrs and I loved pretty much every minute of Nothing ground breaking but it had a great atmosphere and the final dungeon was superb! Havent yet touched the endgame dungeon but Im sure I will do


Uh-HYUCK! Its the end times, Mickey!

Cygnus Rush 961

Many thanks to the people behind the scenes at Dtoid for getting things


This is the ideal male You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks