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YESSSSSSSSSS I tried the demo for this and it was sick, really cool immersive sim like I reckon this will be like Gloomwood in the sense this will be in early access for a long time but its great to get news on the


It’s rare that I cook myself a hearty breakfast to enjoy, and I’m definitely going to enjoy this <3

The Actual Charlton Heston

To follow up from Anthonys post, if yall want to play some L4D on PC let us Youll get my sultry tones, and the ability to try and murder a British man Youd be mad to say


Itching a mosquito bite and minor cut within the same square inch area and IT HURTS SO GOOD MMMF


Me telling my bruh Bloodborne is easy just dont get hit


Have a great day!


Ipad has been fixed for my Now if only shed remember her damn Passcode!

Dr Mel

Huh, this popped into my youtube front Pretty damn

Anthony Marzano

Calling all ye PC players, whos up for another night of Left 4 Dead 2 multiplayer? Know we did one a while back and it was a lot of fun and I along with some others have a hankering for it Was thinking some time this More in the comments


Lol I think I might like this Final Fantasy VII thing


Can now say Ive taken apart a Macbook Tis an older model, but holy hell Apples use of screws rivals that of Nintendo! D:


Very nice to see Tchia has been getting very good reviews and CJ reviewed here it on Destructoid It will be launching to play on PS Plus and on Looks like a fun game! Should be out later

Dr Mel

I love XCOM style games, but they wear me Ok, I just got done with a tense Now I have to sift through all my resources and monitor various timers and a ticking Id probably really love these games if I was


not sure if any of yall have fucked much with Berried Alive, but ive been loving their shit a lot lately, especially their latest love the hiphop beats, pop production, and guitar shredding mixed all


What is the Letterboxd of video games?

Inquisitive Raven

My Nintendo has a set of Metroid Prime Remastered pins up for 800 platinum I already have the Metroid Dread pins,


Maybe AI art isnt completely


Well my supervisor came over to me and told me EHS people checked the noise level last Wednesday where I now work and it was withing their said to him then I want to book appointment with the work kept saying no, talk to EHS person tomorr

Virtua Kazama

Today is Ryomas first day on the job as part of the Shinsengumi I think hell be Going live with more Like a Dragon: Ishin!


For the real ones


Ladies & Gentlemen:


Guess who bought Super Mario Run just to be able to afford those sexy GameBoy posters ? Guess whos afraid hes addicted to Super Mario Run now ?

Lord Spencer

Check out my retrospective on Mega Man X4, the introduction to the excellent Zero gameplay, and consequently once of the best games in the

Inquisitive Raven

The Sights, Sound, and Speed update for Sonic Frontiers launches March 22! Updates include new time trial/boss rush modes, a photo mode, faster leveling, and more!




The second wave of spring Now you damn weebs have no excuse not to jump on the Trails series, Azure is finally here! And I got curious on the prequel to Giant Enemy Crab Simulator after the Gamingbrit video, so I picked it up for


Went to the zoo the other Sad to see they had only one dog It was a Unrelated #Striptoid


Ive been talking about it for but after waited with bated breath for a big end of the 3DS eShop sale, I finally gave in sans any sale and made what I assume will be my final purchases on the 3DS eShop


What is the worst and/or most dangerous day job for an NPC in a video game? For example, a roof top guard in Assassins Incredibly boring and pointless, and high chance of being stabbed and yanked off the




Kinda blows my mind that were 7 days from a complete eshop closure and were not getting steep discounts on That revenue stream will be gone forever, might as well get a few bucks, eh capitalists? Only great sales going on now are Capcoms


Look at this

The Actual Charlton Heston

Age of Darkness has its hooks in me, real Made it to the last A valiant stand was taken against the endless, reasty nightmare hordes; over 8,000 slain as they crashed against the bulwark of my All for naught, but twas glorious


Do people still use kickstarter/ indie go go / whatever to fund games or is it all Steam Early Access now?


What are some of your favourite lookong indie pixel visuals and animations for a I remember Iconoclasts looking really nice when I played


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My Enormous Hairy Downstairs Kitchen

Lads, I am going Is anyone else having trouble with the preview function while editing blogs? Im making changes to posts, but the pop-up-previews arent reflecting any changes I When I publish posts, they seem to publish *old drafts*


In hindsight, I think Monster Hunter 4U is my favorite MH It was the pinnacle of “classic” MH, and while I LOVE World and Rise, MH4U just hit Put like 200 hours into it the summer before I went to I should play it again, RIP 3


PSA, rumours have leaked of a release on Game Pass of Shin megami tensei III nocturne HD + ports of SMTIV& Apocalypse and Looks sketchy as hell but Id be super down for a replay of SMTV with a decent resolution/frame rate!


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Have a great day!

Boxed Swine

Hopefully this doesnt double


Saw Scream 6 tonight and loved It was a fun follow up to the 5th We then visited Terror Trader again and they had some new stuff Legit love this More pics in the