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More Geometry Wars. Yay?

When PGR3 came out, Bizarre Creations decided to bundle Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved with the game. Overall, it was a successful move and helped push PGR3, which honestly, didn't need much pushing. Now, PGR4 is set to release, and with it,...


New Geometry Wars Trailer, With Bonus WTF!?!?

Caution: Marketing Genius at work. I'm not sure how many drugs were ingested during the planning meeting for this ad, but no matter how hard they try to dissuade me I'm still buying this game. Three blogs in less than 24 hours? This is...


Geometry Wars Galaxies Video Preview

So beautiful... should have sent a poet... The 1UP Show recently had a video preview for Geometry Wars Galaxies on the Wii and DS. In it they discuss the game's new features, control schemes, and pretend to be having a casual conversatio...




Went to my doctor Got a lot of medical stuff Got my flu shot and most recent covid vaccine I was Also figured out a way to help GF pay her portion of the I bumped this Qpost with all the medical


Metroid Prime is very good


For those of you who enjoy having you nostalgia exploited, I got an email from Square that I will be debited for my FF collection pre-order on Would be a good day to check if your on the hunt for a


I have mechanically broken FFX-2 and now I am Have only done the side stuff in chapter Still need to do Zanarkand and


Have a great day!


Now that the 3DS eShop is no more, it only just kinda dawned on me, how now all those free DLCs are no longer (legally) Things like the Highlander Class in Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, you can never (legally) get even if you buy a used


Was stuck at work, forgot about eShop closing (like an idiot), did not get Attack of the Friday Monsters! because Im a procrastinating piece of Lesson Buuuuuuuhhhhhhh


In Night City, you can be What makes you a criminal in Night City? By getting cock!


Its been bittersweet saying goodbye to the 3DS eShop, especially on the systems 12th At least I got to redownload some games/videos and take a trip down memory Plus the music on the Wii U eShop was so It will be


Evidently, Adult Swim accidentally aired a commercial for Genndy Tartakovskys new show Unicorn: Warriors Eternal and has spent the last hour trying to wipe its existence from the Coming May 4th, no longer on CN or HBO


We are 2 weeks away from mike bithells Tron Im legitimately excited haha, I love this Watched both movies this weekend, onto the cartoon

Dr Mel

Ok, RE4 first playthrough (which I did on hardcore, because the game made it sound like I should) thoughts in the Spoilies


9 Years of Shadows, recommended by our resident bear of slime, is off to a strong I would have expected and preferred it to have a leveling system, based on the aesthetic, but its still pretty good so

Virtua Kazama

Hey, did you hear? Sakamoto Ryoma is hiring new recruits into the Shinsengumi! Enlist today as we go live with more Like a Dragon: Ishin!


Is sketti?


Im seeing a lot of stories and posts about people being sad that the Wii U and 3DS eShops are closing today and that they deserve better, and while it is sad to see them shut down, I have to ask: where were all of you when the Wii U was around?


The dating sim tax game is on now, and has a deluxe edition that comes with a body Best


Dont know if anybody owns the game here but I just learned that Bonfire Peaks got a big paid DLC this From what I tried of it it is a nice chill puzzle Kinda a early access DLC and seems quiet big!I imagine Bonfire Peaks should be on console


Heya FF14 on Ps4/5 with a controller, how do you configure it so I dont have to cycle through a shit to select the thing attacking me or not select a party member first when changing targets in battle? Any page/vid to show effective clutter free UIs?


Been having a blast with Like the Game feels familiar but still Would of finished the first big main area if I didn’t have to sit in a waiting room in urgent care for hours, to confirm I have strep Al least its not the vid


They fucked up Multiversus so bad they have now decided that it was actually in beta this whole time, despite it officially launching OUT of beta with season 1 last Now theyre taking it offline in 90 days for an actually real launch in


Found out my work is looking to hire for an Inventory Analyst Im going to apply because I think Id be good at it and it definitely pays Boss even said I can email my resume for it directly to him! Wish me luck!


Im glad Japan continues to put out great games, but I really wish these devs did a better job on the technical side of Fans shouldnt have to deal w/ performance problems like Same was true of Forspoken and Elden Ring


YESSSSs release date for the Early Access launch of Shadows of Doubt for April 24th I was super impressed from the Steam Next Fest demo for this so I am really looking foward to this and its a day after my birthday so it will be a nice treat for


Old news now but the confirmed videogames for esports at the next Olypmic games the games are Like cheap crappy mobile phone Wii sports has better games then Oh well videogames shouldnt be at a physical sport event anyway at


Its official: Dragon Quest VII is the last game to be purchased on my RIP my favorite Ill be sure to remember you fondly when I hack my spare system to ethically obtain all the games I forgot to legally purchase


Got to play REM4KE for a few hours this weekend and have some minor-spoiler (I havent even gotten Ashley yet) thoughts in the

Queen of Philosophy

Exploring the Forbidden West, killing some dangerous machines, putting out rebellions, climbing to dazzling heights, discovering ancient and having a good time with my girlfriend! (Pictures in the comments to avoid potential

Whispering Willow

Started a little ad banner for my FFXIV Figured out a way to modify my decks to do the Sharlayn Deck of Sixty for Astrologian in a way more accessible than the scant, old paper-thin guides that existed in FFXIV blogs and


Heads up Europeans, if you registered to get updates on bayonetta 1 physical on switch you should check your I just completed my order, this time they had a proper queue system and even verify youre effectively in the waiting list with a code


Aint found a way to WAHHHHH me yet

sp testure

I would really really like to change my Avatar Its been stuck like this since :( Still getting that fail to process image


Have a great day!


Im sure most of us would scoff at the idea of watching Game Theory, but they did a really good job wrapping up this 4-video Always been fascinated by FNAF lore, but could never wrap my head around it until


Finally finished Yakuza LAD (7), and while I think there’re a few problems with the combat, for my money this is one of my favorites in the past Can’t even really put into words how much I loved Felt like a series

Sir Shenanigans



Sorry to post so much so fast, but I got my commission for my Metroid I love


Y’know, the bogus regenerator bit never was An image of an ACTUAL regenerator:


Welp, I am grinding abilities in Ive not even done anything past the Im already level have a


Causal Sunday Evening Status:

Anonymous 20

So, im about 12 hours into RE4, and I gotta the FUCK happened with RE3 remake? Remakes 1, 2, and 4 are so damn good, so damn faithful, and complement the OG very I like R3make, but At times, it feels like a whole different game!

Zoey Handley

Feeling somewhat Doing some self-care with a recommendation from Timothy

Just Aaron

Is anyone else struggling with the RE4 remake? The difficulty on Normal mode is I can`t seem to beat Even on New Game+ I`m still having a hard

Boxed Swine

I have huffed a Sharpie (trademark) to see the I present to you the Regenerator of RE4 Remake!

Inquisitive Raven

This is the last day of the eshop, so anyone planning on transferring Pokemon to Home with Pokemon Bank/Transporter will need to make sure they have both


Forum keeps logging me in to other peoples manage


Everybody check out this mans hard It took seven years to make this! A WHOPPING 40 MINUTES


Finished Sominum Files,while I enjoyed it I wouldnt say I really liked By the end the main murder mystery felt very flat and Felt like they wanted to make more of a character focused story then a intresting murder mystery story imo


Chapter 2 of Mirama, Demers Mining Co, is going to be significantly less linear than the Temple of the So I was curious to know your take on how you prefer your adventure game Questions in the thread!