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Good Things In Bad Games - Borderlands

The best part about the internet is that I have always found it to be a place that people can freely express their opinions and engage in conversation with others quickly and civilly. We can all thank Al Gore for this unique ability, f...


What I'd Like to See In Silent Hill

Ah, Silent Hill, it's a series that at once calls to my heart and pushes me away. My personal experience with the series is very limited, having only played through Silent Hill 2 a couple times and that was quite a ways after release. ...


'Souls: "Guts Mode" in Dark Souls II

It’s my “Month of ‘Souls” and I’ve nearly finished my playthrough of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin; the current-gen remaster of From Software’s sequel, with altered enemy and item placemen...


Final Thoughts on Resident Evil:Revelations 2

~Prologue~I was listening to an interview with comic book writer Scott Snyder, currently helming Batman, better known for putting an emphasis on horror into his stories— underline horror with a big fat red pen! The interesti...


You Don't Want a New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Well, it looks like The Birdman hasn’t retired his digital skateboard quite yet. Recently, the gaming world was abuzz with rumors and speculations regarding the kind of, sort ofconfirmed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, chomping a...


Nintendoid FNF 05/01 - Slinking in the shadows

There were big shake ups this past week. I finally became G ranked, slayed some elder dragons for their parts like a turbocharged Native American, and made a really cool pair of knives that do both ice damage and explode. What? Th...


My 5 Favorite Games Within Games

Mini games within video games can be the small portion of a game that can make or break the games success. Many of the most popular games of all time have games within them in which you can boost your score or even be awarded an extra ...


The Shit Box: A Shitty State of Affairs

Greetings all, it's been a while since I've done one of these. I've been meaning to let things settle with the redesign process, and wasn't intending to make an entry for another week. This isn't an angry summary like usual, I'm just h...


Cblog recap of 04/29/15 and PSEUDO-QALAMARI-ISMS

http://i763.photobucket.com/albums/xx276/l6t4g1/striderisms.jpg Last week, in addition to letting Riobux take a day from me, Destructoid went through a massive visual overhaul with the expected hanky-jank bugs and glitches. Stuff like ...


I (inadvertently) stole one of my favorite games

I spent most of the PlayStation 1 era obsessed with Japanese role-playing games. I blame Final Fantasy VII, mostly, since it was the first game I ever bought with my own money, causing it to become the standard by which all other games...


Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts!

DLC gouging? Studio closings? Needless controversy? Community quarrels? Suicides (seriously, RIP)?! Also, no Kanji?!  Can you believe it? Video games aren't always happy. As great as they can be, the industry surro...


How to not treat your employees

I was done blogging until today. Everytime I even thought about blogging, I got a painful reality check injection, telling me I should work on my thesis instead, you know, the thing that probably will define my future? Yeah, up until n...


Weekly Top 5: Mario Games (Platforming)

It's been a couple weeks since I've actually posted one of my weekly top 5 blogs. I do sincerely apologize. It was the first time since I started doing them that I didn't post one, which began last summer. I had a pretty good streak go...


WHAT'S KONAMI'S FUTURE? An UnPro Speculation

  I wasn't planning to do a vlog of this, but I had a few thoughts not mentioned elsewhere....Plus one of my lights went out. GO TOWARDS MY CHANNEL TO SEE THE LIGHT! Or at least some happier videos.https://www.youtube.com/user/jo...



I know I know that is the killer question that everyone has been debating over! Especially with all this CRAZY news going on with Konami. But this is the biggest and most important issue that you all should be concerned with ;) I do n...


Cblog of 4/25/15 - Yes, just the one.

http://i.imgur.com/EQvAXeu.jpghttp://www.destructoid.com//ul/user/2/25438-291011-363jpg-620x.jpg Well, maybe it's because we're in the middle of transition, but yesterday's blog count was very small. I mean, the only one who posted a b...




On a lighter note, Ive had this guy recommended through the YT algorithm often enough that I took the plunge hes absolutely I love him!


Been working on a Morrigan Insta - upinsmokeproductions and I checked out the new Coheed album while playing no crosshairs overwatch last night at

Queen of Philosophy

Lots of game companies have spoken against the atrocious decision made by the Shitty Court Among them, Bungie took a step further by announcing a travel reimbursement Link:


Ive played Three Hopes for like 30 minutes and theres already two big improvements over Three Houses: The protagonist if fully voiced, and the cutscenes are clearly animated by a different studio because theyre no longer


My internet was out all damn day! So I missed out on work, which is a plus and sucky all at the same time buuuut I got to play GoT all day sooo theres that! This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Queen took care of it for me this


I dont have a joke to make anyone feel better Today was just the beginning The writings been on the wall for decades Write your And if we must,


Good Vibes Gaming are currently doing a charity stream, playing TMNT, for womens People in chat are about their favorite pizza To drown out the I love


So this day has just been Not only with the whole SCOTUS shit but my dad got into an accident in the car I just fixed for him and it is :/


“Hijinks are the most logical course of action” might be my new favorite Star Trek Also, Strange New Worlds is an incredible If youve ever considered watching Trek but havent pulled the trigger, this is the series for you to


fuck off govt music thread here


… this message … this message …


Theres something so satisfying about booting up Tetris after not playing for a month and setting a new Marathon and Sprint score (1:45 for sprint!) Anyway, time to protest basic bodily


I hate how ugly I that last acid experience got me feeling so down I hate Fucking low self esteem is a killer 💔😭


My Texan ass when Clarence Thomas says he wants to reexamine the laws legalizing birth control and gay


Id like to hear the Logic and Facts on this


Republicans: Abortions are Nine months later: so, uh, is child


Stand up now, fix the problems now, or the next generation will be so oppressed they will hold you responsible for letting it happen, and they will burn down everything to be free of


Shit is still depressing right now in America, so heres something to help us all


I think Ive been dealing with a chronic migraine for the entire week without realizing quite what it And on second thought Ive probably dealt with them for Today I am at a point of Scrolling through social media isnt helping


Said and done: God of War 2 I thought I was going to take longer to do it as I havent been feeling well emotionally, but I Glad to have found the means to get out from where I


I moved recently, and discovered there’s an Asian market three minutes from my They have fresh meat buns on Friday!


So if the daughter of one of these politicians is assaulted and she learns that she’s pregnant with the assailant’s child, they’re just going to be grateful for being new grandparents? Fucked up world we live


My copy of FE: Three Hopes is on the I cant wait to do nothing wrong as


I hate that I was super looking forward today, between AI to play and a new Coheed album to listen But all I feel is like shit and dont want to partake in The things the leadership in this country do piss me off to now end


The news is bleak But just for my own sanity, Id like to share some nothing good news in that its super cool to be able to refund a purchase on Hat in time is on sale now and they refunded me so I can buy it at the lower price, its nice

Chris Bradshaw

NVGR: what ever happened to the conservative value of leaving people the fuck alone?


Just woke up and heard the Stay strong and take care of yourselves my friends in the


Seeing roe v wade get struck down by a bunch of wretched husks-one of whom is married to someone who wanted the rightful election results overthrown-while they salivate over other protections they can gut sums up the current state o things dont


Whats some good psychological horror/thrillers, trippy sci-fi, or slow-burn horror/thriller flicks on Netflix, Prime, or Apple?


wish I had something cool to say but I dont Hope u guys have a good weekend


ATTACK OF THE KILLER POMODORI: fresh mozzarella, fried green tomato, heirloom tomato relish, fried banana peppers + sundried tomato


Me after todays Supreme Court ruling:

Mike Sounders

Oh man I really like the movement and structure in Gundam Evolution now that I got my hands on

Chris Moyse

I ain’t feeling super cheery right Rough week ending I hope that you’re all able to rest, find some jou, and enjoy the Wish we could hang out for drinks and But be sure to look after yoself and do things you love x


#Wholesometoid to try to remove that nausea some of you may be


I know good few people here quiet liked the look of this game so this might be worth a look for some pretty good, thing that could make or break it is how combat like a metroidvania with a mix between combat and clue gathering

Cygnus Rush 961

I hope those five conservative Supreme Court justices are watching their backs as their ruling to overturn Roe Wade just made them high profile targets of Theyre disgusting to the

Inquisitive Raven

want $156 of commissions?


Anybody else playing the Gundam Evolution beta? It’s pretty fun though I wish you got some more XP for I want that Char’s Zaku If anybody wants to play during the beta, my PSN ID is

Whispering Willow

So, force me to fund schools that preach bigotry, make it easier to get shot and no bodily Fuck Illegitimate and rotten to the

Major Toms Coffee Cup

I’m fucking gob smacked this happened so is so I’m talking about roe v I know there are already posts but fuck


Mark my words: Obamacare is going to be destroyed by the Supreme Court, leaving millions without More in the comments when I have a


Fuck America and Fuck


Huh I didnt know this but with the games Amazon gives away with its subscription if you download the Amazon app you can play the free games even when your subscription is gone if you use the Amazon Bunch of free indie games with Amazon Prime now