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Would it be wrong to make a Jesus RPG game?

My friend and I have been coming up with a concept, which I will or my friend will later post, of a Jesus video game. It may be offensive to some catholics and all uptight priests, but it is not really meant to. It's to let the player be in...


Dear Destructoid Pt.2 My Setup

Hey yo.. This I my setup or I guess collection. I very much envy all those who came before me, but Ill put this up just to tip my hat, so to speak. This is the whole deal right here. I dont know if the TV or amp are amazing, I do know ...


Code Monkeys!

Sorry if that's offensive, but now that I have the attention of you better-at-math-than-me programmers (I'm not bitter, I'm just better at English), I have an idea that only you people can execute. I've read about the Rock Band Netwo...


iPhone development:Hire an iphone developer

Hey Friends!!! A big hiiii!! to all Are you guys looking for some best iphone apps! Come and have a look over it!We are developing best quality iphone applications according to client's requirements. Our iphone developers are highly talen...


Kryptinite's Gaming Setup 2.0: The 2nd Coming

before - my first dinky HDTV Hello one and all to Kryptinite's new and improved Game Room 2.0! As you can easily tell through the magic of photography I have made a few upgrades in life in the past year. I recently got married which meant...


My Preping for Mass Effect 2

So I've decided that I wanted to keep my decisions from the first Mass Effect game once I heard that they could be carried over to the second game. I replayed all of ME in the last week (pictured is my Shepard) and purchased Mass Effect 2 ...


Mini-Setup blog and Demo Impressions

I really need to get a proper digital camera. These cellphone pics aren't cutting it. A few people have asked about my setup recently so thought Id post at least one picture of the setup Ive been gaming on for the past few months. Desp...


The Technoshack - My Setup

In this, the time of Cold Weather and Soggy Socks, I decided to keep myself busy by doing whatever it takes to save myself venturing outside into the Cold, so I took a bunch of pictures :D It would be easy to discount this little unassuming...


Collection Corner Pt. 1: The SD/Retro Roundup!

After seeing some of the totally pimp and AMAZING setups from you guys, I thought I'd start showing off a bit of my stuff. Since it's a pretty sizeable chunk, I'll put out a few more easily digestible blogs over the next few weeks. First u...


Merry Christmas Destructoid

Pictures within. Also, I got a new Sony Bravia! I'm worried about upscale lag from my older systems, but I still have a 20 inch CRT in the other room. Wonder if I can get people in for some gaming action in the new year with the new setu...


Dillinger's Day Off - Part 1: The Pad

Most people on Destructoid like to inform its population on their gaming set up with a simple yet efficient blog with pictures to enlighten. Here at RC, we have decided to take it up a notch and give you guys the cribs episode you wish MTV ...


My Room

(Click The Above Image To View Fullsize) I had been meaning to make this post for a long time. This has been my room for about 10 years and it's one of my most favorite places. Ever since my family moved into this house this is where I di...


Dtoid World Of Warcraft Guild

All right. It's about time I hunkered down and committed to this. It always confused me that a gaming site as big as we are has almost no MMO representation. I know there is some of you that play. In fact, it seems like Brad Nicholson se...


BabaGeek Family Friendly Gaming Setup

This may not look like much, but under the hood is another story, and that is exactly how I want it to be. If you have read any of my other articles you know I am a happily married father of two boys. The need for a nice family room tha...


Experience: DJ Hero Booth at Best Buy

www.djhero.com ... "Try game now" *Punches in zipcode* Ohhhh snap. --------- You walk in and run to the video game section. To your surprise, there is not much of a line besides a kid, a teen, and a creepy bald guy. You get behind the cree...


The Sticks of Seasons Beatings IV

When you're serious about fighting games, you're also serious about your controllers. And when you're so damn serious that you travel the country looking for tournaments, your arcade sticks show it. Sure, you can go out and buy a stick of...


My Recovered Gaming Rig, Let Me Show It To You

After some unfortunate tornado business a few months ago, I've finally managed to get settled in a special place. I remodeled this place just for me. I am no longer above ground, so tornadoes can't reach me, and I have all my gaming stuff s...


Pictures of My Psychotic Gaming Setup

I finally got a digital camera. Well, I kind of did. I just got a new cell phone with a camera phone in it. I never have had a real digital camera, just a few cheapo keychain digital cameras. But yea, anyways I tooks some pictures of my ga...


Hit the deck! Setup and collection blog incoming!

Welcome, friends, welcome. Step into my world. As some of you swell forum-dwellers might already know, I recently moved into a new apartment, where I make my bed below what can only be described as either an elephant or a human who someone...


I'm making a custom SE FightStick...

I bring the sexy. I'm waiting on my buttons and new stick/balltop right now. ...Any suggestions on the artwork? Anything you feel that should be changed around? I promise to at least look at your suggestion. :D BIG, BIG, thanks to the...




Man, did you guys know that Zydrate comes in a little glass vial?




seen a shockingly large amount of people saying when did Ozzy Osbourne get political? They obviously havent listened to any of his music


Patrick, would you like to see more photos of bread?


As much as it pains me to say it, 2010 is starting to feel not modern to me


Final 24 hours, Retro Gaming fans! Back the book and get a pin, sticker, 20+ extra pages, bonus contributions, ribbon bookmark, hardcover slipcase & more!


What do yall got on the movie docket for spooky season? Mine in the comments


42 hours later and I have an autoclicking gelatinous

CaimDark Reloaded

I just finished Man of Medan and, well, not the best of endings, to put it How did your playthrough go, assuming anyones played it? Spoilers,

Inquisitive Raven

TFW you had your first TriColor match in Splatoon 3 with someone random and go on to have a lot of matches with them and you share an unspoken bond and you go to look for them in the plaza afterward to take a cute picture but theyre nowhere to be found


Im away for a while and now this is a bread enthusiast site?


Im really good at this Sorry to my gear teammates


Fun pick ups for We contain


Todays theme song and current #breadtoid

Virtua Kazama

The Splatfest continues on! Were about to reach halftime soon, so lets see which defending team will be bullied this Lets go live, shall we?


Man I just love #breadtoid!


Slice of Life (Bread Spread): Nows a good time to share this song as any ;) I wrote this for Agent9 some time ago, and was given permission to share it back in June of this My favorite type of bread is YES, PLEASE


No bread just bread Mods dont bane me for the forbidden pink!

Inquisitive Raven

Nintendo gave me a lovely ($7) Birthday gift Deets below!


The #breadtoid


Not actually my current status, but I love when it is #breadtoid




Tried Deathloop (FOMO strikes again) annnd This is certainly a roguelike/lite/whatever I still have faith Ill finally play one of these that actually feels rewarding, but this aint Cool concept tho! Pretty game, too


Yeah never mind, I cancelled my reservation for a steam I think I should just save up a little Its not going anywhere anytime On the flip side though, I got an email saying Trails From Zero LE got shipped! itll be here monday!

Cloudman Sam

Looks like I finally need to replace my old Anyone want to give me some recs?

Ricky Namara

Me: Why would I be upset about Cyberpunk Edgerunners ending? Its just fiction! It doesnt matter! Also me: *googles Can you shoot Adam Smasher repeatedly on the junk after winning without killing him in the game?* (image courtesy of Markiplier)


I have come to announce my next project; Bread Wedding: Things Have Gone A


Turns out I did get a raise and was never My hours are so abysmal at CVPL though I didnt XD


The latest chapters of the Elden Ring manga revealed that Patches is a motherfucking


Idk whats up with Youtube these days, but theyve been recommending me a lot of interesting videos from small channels instead of just trying to force feed me generic dreck all the Been

Inquisitive Raven

I dont really get #Breadtoid , but its amusing!


I dont think Ill start watching The Tick at my age, but are there really no bread villains in DC? (A google result says there was in Earth-9047, whatever that


After a bit of a Covid-related delay, I have finally finished my video on Colour Splash! Give it a watch if youre interested! One last bump for the weekend crowd!


Anyone familiar with Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner? Ive played it for a little bit but dont feel like The 90s anime art and full voice acting is nice, but the story utterly failed to grab me and the monster catching feels


Alright, heres my character I made so far in PSO2 since it recently hit Full body in the comments since its bonk Anyone have a particular server theyre on, in case I break my solo-ing habit?


Grand Theft Auto: Gotham City


Why are we like this?


good day folks



Whispering Willow

Rarely say this about modern anime but this looks like crap, plus its an adaptation so corners will be cut and a likely a lot of Taros design quirks vanish with it, reduced to cute androids who cry and never realize the opening

Yue chan

Thanks again Neronium I really appreciate you! I got my homework done for the week, so I’m gonna be enjoying this bad boy! ❤️❤️


My old 2004 Ford Fiesta was absolutely like


Dont feel too hurt Team Grub and Team Gear when we crush you into the Its just a video game for fun after all and we are going to have fun destroying you so Big Mans can showcase his objective superiority to


I am so down for a Kings Field-esque horror game thats actually Almost takes the sting away from the death of the fantranslation for Hungry I might just play that damn thing in Japanese one of these


Have a great weekend! Go Team Big Man!

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -LMJ: Katrielle (Switch) -Wargroove (Switch) -Yakuza 5: Remastered (PS4) -Splatoon 3 (Switch)