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Playing Nice

Heya D-Toid land. This here be my first blog post on this site after making the occasional comment here for quite a few years now. Been meaning to get into the blogging community on D-Toid for a while, but my first blogging priority is my...




#caturday for the random stray who adopted us

Inquisitive Raven

Trying to force myself to apply for jobs Sadly 90% of the remote work has the clause You still need to come in sometimes anyway, defeating the And most of the rest seems above my level, a sidegrade at best, or reads like a


Full hands on preview of MultiVersus


New blog of ANOTHER ROM Hack (expect at least 7 more) plus a few videos in the upcoming weeks!


Now I know why they named the new Metroid Dread, I just do not have any motivation to finish that The EMMI encounters are everywhere and feel less Metroid and more X from The enemies are so easy, theyre just health No thank

Whispering Willow

Checks out, I

Chris Bradshaw

just beat Telling i feel like this is the loosest definition of a game ive ever otherwise, its an aiiight piece of art


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A NEW DTOID DRAWS! And this around, the time make your own Shin Megami Tensei Demons and/or Angels! More details in comments! BUMP TODAYS THE LAST DAY!!!


The conservatives in the Australian election lost!!!!! lets goooooooooooooo!


Current status; chilling at my parents this long weekend to look after my mom while my dad is at She just had foot surgery and needs someone to give her her meds and make Also watching Whos Line is it Is good How are you guys?


So about my post I know no one really like got mad about it, but I still want to apologize for posting something Because I had no interest in the movie I didnt consider that others would, and thats on Im


I recall hearing that, a long time ago, the proliferation of fiction in literature was rather Now that we live in a fictionpunk world, do you think those early concerns have been at all validated?

Whispering Willow

Occams, the Pokémon Whisperer, will also be asking Pokémon your summer stream questions and make game predictions, so leave a Pokémon and question for it in this quickpost!


#caturday ama


Killer remix! Hope u guys like ❤️❤️

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Switch) -Guacamelee! 2 (Switch) -Yakuza 4 Remastered (PS4) -Into the Breach (Swit


Current Status:


I really went in on Final Fantasy XI the past couple of I made it to level 43 red mage and progressed the story a Im using a guide that actually tells what content I can do in I started the rhapsody of Vanadiel and wow, its




Last Words of a Dying Man (2019): One of the few songs Ive written that can make me Originally written for a scene where the hero is saying goodbye to a long time Its not a very complex song, and its kinda But it still


Thank God Its Not Christmas, by Sparks is my current


Board game night! Played Steam Punk Rally Fusion first but forgot to take a So here is Dice Yahtzee Battler with unique Both were great


I graduated today and Im not wearing pants right Both are very important life achievements that I thought I would


Watched Love Death & Robots season I really enjoy the anthology format and the level of detail is really A lot more hits than misses this time Anyone else a fan?


Why yes, they do make pig orcs in My God do I love these little guys Even better that I found 15mm little square bases for em! Cant wait to do some more 15mm fantasy stuff down the line 👍


So far League I know thats what everyone already knows, but this game has terrible new player Like, I know how to play a MOBA, but I dont understand these characters, their names, items, jesus its a lot

Chris Bradshaw

drinking some fancy, or not so fancy beers (depending on where youre from) called, stalla AMA


I watched the finale to Legend of Korra for the first time since Current status:

Punished Nietzsche

in the end, i read the Wikipedia entry for Wandavision and went to see Strange It There are some sketchy stuff there, and i couldnt sympathize with Wanda at But overall very entertaining, it even had some jumpscares!


I had a mental vision before dream Muppet looking birds of various colors were sitting on a subway and glaring at me; I thought, thats interesting, maybe I should make something about angry And then thought, aw drat


Something to jam


3 deliveries in one day! M2 Shottriggers Sky/Fire Shark collection!!


All hotdog and no bun

Just Aaron

I`ve been watching Youtube lore videos on Warhammer 40k for the past 6 I love What`s the next step? I`m not aware of any good video games to Not really interested in the board How are the books? Is that where it`s at?


Found a really cool artist on etsy and immediately bought all of their Pokemon They all arrived and look fucking More in the comments


Anyone kind enough to list some great PC exclusive games I should check out on my Steam Deck? Age isnt a problem mostly, just needs to be Also, @Torchman


This piques my interest


If my calculations are correct, the last time I managed to boot my ps5 was two weeks ago, I wanna play some elden ringgggggg! All I managed to play is the Kirby demo over and over because my daughter demands to see Beerbee

Whispering Willow

The time has come! E3 gives way to another summer of streams! But we can still do predictions! Ask me your questions and Ill see what my tarot cards have to say! (Bump #1)


I believe destructoid did a review recently on this game and gave it a Tried out Citizien Sleeper and the writting so far is pretty engaging and well paced and the Massive flaw of its just so fucking buggy so far though


You know


brined and battered 10oz pork tenderloin fried crispy, Prairie Breeze cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickled red onion, heirloom tomato relish and garlic An Iowa


Ive been quite into puzzle games lately, its helping me take my mind off Opus Magnum is especially No set solution; it just lets you build whatever machine you want, as long as it delivers the correct It makes for satisfying gifs!

Chris Moyse

Imagine carrying this kind of fucking swagger at 75 years Goddamn, I love her so (its Kaji, of

Sweaty Dungus

Finished Disco Elysium last night, Switch Hell of a Loved curling up with it handheld like a good I’m interested in playing Planescape Torment


This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend plans!

Ricky Namara

Random Thoughts While Pooping #6523456: Cream the Rabbit sounds like something that would get you put on a watchlist if spoken verbally and taken completely out of

Inquisitive Raven

New Genshin Direct starting in 10 minutes:


Fuuuuuuck the New Londo Fuck Fuck those ghosts and fuck Ingward, and fuck that stupid ladder in the room with 15 of those stupid And fuck me for not just going back to the belltower and buying a purging And fuck the frogs,