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The Nostalgia Factor...Does It Still Exist?

Here's the thing with Duke Nukem Forever. (This is just a hypothesis) I believe that the only reason that has sold copies is because of the legacy of Duke Nukem 3D. The Destructoid review was told from the point of a gamer who cannot or ha...


Did LulzSec Leak Your Data?

While we could all argue between the righteousness and asshatery of what LulzSec, an off-shooting branch of Anonymous, has been up to lately, I think if there is one lesson to take away from recent events is that we should all be very, ve...


Metacritic, the Critic's Boogey Man

There is one thing that most critics agree on: they hate Metacritic. Well, maybe 'hate' is a too strong word, but most gaming sites are not shy to speak their disliking for the rating aggregator. It makes sense, since more people going to...


Custom covers for Borderlands

I enjoyed the absolute hell out of Borderlands right up until that last expansion released and I lost any and all desire to play the game. But that doesn't change how much love I have for the time when I had a lot of love for playing Border...


Introductions and Shenanigans

I guess it's time to get my writing hobby off the ground. I'm surprisingly well versed in writing, but I don't often spend time actually doing it. So I guess that means I need to introduce myself and what I'll be doing here. My name is J...


CaptainBus: The helmet comes off.

Hey guys! It's a big superhero reveal! Just like all great superheroes, I have my alter ego. The catch is that I'm not quite as mild mannered, and I am now revealing my true form as I am now officially Destructoid staff. Oh yes! What doe...


RPG of the Year - 2006

Holy shit damn, what a huge year! 57 games! And yes, there was a Sega Genesis game released this year. This is also one of those awkward years where a lot of developers were jumping to the new systems while other ones were still very uns...


Will Consoles Survive the Next Generation?

Edge has a great interview from their upcoming issue with Phil Harrison (former Sony Computer Entertainment exec). There’s a lot to dig into and I encourage everyone to go and read the full interview, but for now I want to focus on Harri...


New Pocketoid Episode Records Tonight!

Hey guys! So, crackity jones (Addison) and I (Jordan) are recording a new episode of Pocketoid tonight! I don't know how to access Pocketoid's Dtoid account so I will just post this from my own for now. Anyway! This week we'll be talking ...


I'm Going to Pitch you a Game...

And you're going to listen. No, no excuses, sit there and listen. I want this game to be made, and I want to helm this game because it will make me rich famous and respected. All shall love me and despair. Basic Synopsis: Video game design...


The Critical Review Debate or...

...the completely pointless argument that should just die. I was going to give my opinion about the debate, after reading this continued defense of something that should never have been said but realized something while typing. Everyt...


Assuming Direct Control

There is a desire most of us have when playing a game to be able to change the worlds we are. We want to be able to make choices, take different routes and say our minds to this fictional world. Some games are able to deliver it at some e...


So many ugly people!

Wow I'm shallow. I want to get married and have kids, I really do, but I just can't bring myself to marry an ugly man. Unfortunately, all the men are ugly! Now I've been through some hard times, and I'm a brawler, so I've packed on som...


Drew a Conclusion Review: Paper Wars HD

Once in a long while, there comes a game for an otherwise obtuse device that proves it capable of appealing to a community many would have initially suspected it was incapable of performing said task. For the iPad, titles like World of Go...


E3 Afterhype: Why There's a Demand for HD Remakes.

E3 was pretty cool this year, but it sounds expensive. Really expensive. I do not say that because I am cheap, but I just say that after looking at the trends with games over the past few years. One of these trends is the demand for HD rema...


Cblogs of 06/18/2011 and 06/19/2011 and Busisms

Another Busisms already for you people! Please hold the applause until the end of the presentation. Coming soon: Special developments in the world of CaptainBus which I can't reveal right now, but I will just be tantalising you guys for n...


Why the Wii U Will Work

Hi everyone! So I'm just getting rolling here, so I'm going to kick off with a thing that I wrote on my wordpress blog about the Wii U. Hope you all enjoy it! Initially, I have to admit, I was underwhelmed by the idea of the Wii U. I was...



Mike Sounders

SD Gundams opening is floating around now (thanks anime expo) and I suspected Qubeley was around but its really nice to see The O since its a little more rarer in


Do people still exist that still get upset about Wind Wakers art style?


Have been spending my weekend alone blitzing through Talos I havent been so engrossed in a puzzle game since I stumbled upon portal all those years ago


We are the The country is and will be better than this The 4th celebrates a successful revolution against a government that its people no longer believed That’s us! That is quintessential Happy 4th


Current status


That charity bundle for Reprudction Rights has some pretty neat games for $10!Hypnospace Outlaw,Grapple Force Rena,Kaiju Big Battle Fantasty,Bleed 1/2,Batbarian,Wide Ocean Big Jacket,The Last Survey,Adventures of Bertam,Shutter Stroll,Tomorrow for

Zoey Handley

Every so often, my brain reminds me of I honestly think that game might have fucked me up a




Im finally caught up on The Boys and holy shit fuckballs were absolutely zero fucks giving this season!!! Absolutely Very cathartic and must be doubly so for those living in Gotta read the gn one of these Happy 4th America!


Played a good bit of Wunderling DX on Switch and this game is a delight lot of fun to play in small or long bursts and to get all the levels of the more fun uses of a autorunner off at now on all platforms,Switch t


Enjoy all that freedom today


Xenoblade Chronicles, err, chronicle: pretty sure I got the final party member after a set of grueling I think its time to sidequest for a bit, and to finally go online and lookup how to manage party member arts & More thoughts


The M speeds in Tetris Effect are

CJ Andriessen

TIL this is what Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) looked like in the 80s and I am obsessed!

CaimDark Reloaded

Yikes, my Bloodborne platinum dreams might be over right after I assumed performance would be upgraded to 60fps like the Souls trilogy and, as I heard, Sekiro, but apparently its Still locked to 30fps, and choppy 30fps at Boooo

CaimDark Reloaded

Did I get gud? I think I got kinda gud! I thought Id be sick of Souls after this platinum run through the series, but surprisingly, Im not Maybe I should go all the way and platinum Bloodborne as well, though its my least favorite


Happy Fuck America of I mean 4th of Fuck What was it again? Im kind of at a Fuck America for


Theres a big old bundle of games on to raise money for abortion Ill put a link in the Edit: link is finally there


Man, I was FULLY engrossed in this It sounds amazing!


Finally got around to beating Jak and It was fun! Kind of janky by modern standards and the platforming isnt as tight as Crash All and all tho, very Looking forward to the (albeit more action focused) sequels


Looking through restaurant menu prices from two or more years ago on Yelp is A BBQ mix plate from L&L Hawaiian BBQ cost two years ago, now its


Looking through restaurant menu prices from two or more years ago on Yelp is A BBQ mix plate from L&L Hawaiian BBQ cost two years ago, now its

Whispering Willow

Finished Elden Same way I spent most of the game: dropping rocks on things, occasional glintblade, mimic tear, super


Aww yeah, Not going to be there for super long, but Im glad to be in a single-digit placement for a while at


Current Status:


Im at the point in Recettear where I need to get 500,000 dollars in less than a week and I only have 3,000 dollars and I dont know if its worth the effort to try and raise the

Sam van der Meer

It just looks so


I am now completely up to date with One I am exhausted, but excited to start reading week to week once it comes


Read Ruri That is


Am Is Drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk booze drunk


They are using Franz Ferdinand for the Cyberpunk anime I love me some Franz, but I would never have expected that to Though I guess since it is a mixed western production, it makes more

CaimDark Reloaded

Is Sekiro similar to Nioh? I didnt really like Nioh and Sekiro looks kinda similar in some ways, Im wondering if someone who didnt like Nioh is likely to enjoy


I think Ill try to get back to is a good bit to like about bit but I am going to have to play on invcible mode a bit because man the combat sucks and is so basic and this was just the same game but no combat and more explore/puzzl


Im so happy I got Huntdown on a This game is damned Came with a manual and some pins Pick it up if you


Boss phases are in! Now onto designing attacks that are fun to dodge with all the pieces in Bump! ^^


Edm event was advertised for every Saturday at this local place but only on the EDM page and not the official page for this That was my first Went and turns out it They canceled after the first weekend lol - wrong crowd for


My brother and I always used to joke about the Pope Gundam from Neo-Vatican city, so I made BE NOT

Destructoids Very Own Ein

Hi So many things have happened in the last year that I would love the opportunity to catch everyone I am excited to say as of a month ago I am no longer a teacher after 18 years and now I work for the department of natural resources!


Just read this Loved Might be my new favorite time travel story And apparently, its being adapted to a TV show soon! I hope the show is


I committed the cardinal sin of offering to help the apartment complex handyman with his computer, but it was in surprisingly good shape given that hes Still, Win 10 was not meant for cutesy laptops with 30 Gb of internal


Me watching Stalker for the 12th time and noticing another detail in this GOAT film

Inquisitive Raven

I made it to Bronze in Super Gem Fighter! Fear my tiny


I dont remember if anyone else around here shared this, but I know theres a few LeClue fans here LeClue 2 is in the Also the team shared some concept art for a different game they want to work on it the future a while Good