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Call of Doody: Fatigued Warfare.

I've noticed here on Destructoid as well as other places that I write about Call of Duty (and its derivatives) a lot. And I mean a lot. Which means I must love Call of Duty, and you're right. Yeah, I'm that person people hate because accord...


Cblogs of 06/20/11 and 06/21/11 + Late Funkisms!

Dag yo! I’ve been very busy and “away” from the site for a while, but catching up on a week of Dtoid is pretty much its own job! >_< In case anyone was wondering, I was in Taiwonto, Onterrible for a week for a mini-family reunion...


You asked for it!!!

A blog written by someone you never heard of or cared about , dont worry if you come back later Ill talk about favorite games in the most pretentious way possible I guarentee this to you my fellow Americans , my Bullshit will be not be unhe...


The Strategy Guide that changed my life

(It's been much too long since I posted something here: I've been busy with my studies for a while now. And it turns out that trying to study while E3 is going on is really darn difficult. Who would've thought? :P Fortunately, I'm done for ...



I would consider myself to be a strong boxer in the UFC. That's kinda why they call me the Headhunter. Sure, I don't quite have that one punch knockout power, but I will make sure people leave the ring looking a lot uglier than me. Tha...


Dragonblog Z

I believe I have decided to pass on Ocarina of Time 3D, though I did play it and it's fine. I've already played it in fact. Several times. Why would I want to play it again on a tiny (albeit third dimensionalized!) screen? If you are cu...


I made a Board Game + Contest

As this post goes live, I have spent the past 2 months buried in Sketchbook Pro, 8 hours cutting tiles, Countless many hours nervously pouring my soul into a project that will follow me to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this week. T...


Drew a Conclusion: You Don’t Know Jack HD

Those who find themselves drawn closer to the Saturday Night Live rendition of Celebrity Jeopardy, replete with the surly visages of Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds, than Trivial Pursuit will, odds are, have played Jellyvision’s You Don’t ...


Some thoughts on Dust 514 and Defiance

One thing that I've felt has been lacking on Dtoid has been the spotty, hard-to-find news about MMOs in general and about these games in specific. Though the news, as almost always has been the case on Dtoid, has been great, I feel like the...


Why I'm a Gamer and What Does That Mean Anyway?

So, as I promised before, I have content in the works. This is one piece of that content, and I'll try and keep it short, but not short enough to not cover at least some small, vague portion of the topic. Hold on, I'm going to grab a Coke Z...


An open letter to Gearbox regarding Duke Nukem.

Dear Gearbox, I honestly doubt you're going to see this little community blog I'm posting, but I'm going to pretend you have found it and are now reading it. The reason I'm writing this is to give my opinions on Duke Nukem Forever, and als...


Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Promotional Trailer

A whole lot of new information has been released today about the "Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces" album. There's a video you can watch on YouTube, which talks about how I met Sakimoto and got the project started, plus some insight into th...


Link's Awakening Review [Destructoid Review Format]

I never thought I'd see the day where I could play Ocarina of Time on the toilet. Technology has come so far. Back in my day, one played Link's Awakening, the first ever portable Zelda, on their Game Boy Color and counted oneself lucky if t...


Dead Space 2 :D

I love it! I've beaten it on normal and now i'm going through it again on survivalist for the elite suits and so i can get better so i can try for zealot. Bought it pre-owned so i didn't get the codes for multiplayer but from what i've seen...


A New Contest Approaches! (updated with more info)

A note: It's not about liking the genre at all. It's about giving something different a chance. That's all. Whether you like it or not doesn't really matter, so long as the post is well written and entertaining. So, it seems enough people ...


GUYS, GET OVER IT! Girls Game. Some Don't.

It is 2011 and I still see frequent blogs and articles of how to get that girlfriend or wife of yours into video games. Guys want to find ways to coax their girls into a passion for their hobby. Publishers try to scheme up ways to tap into ...


Shut up and take my rupees

Hello! This is going to be a post about Ocarina of Time 3D, but first, an introduction. I've lurked the site regularly for a little while now and tend to stick with the front page, commenting on news posts. I'll be going to PAX for the fir...


Portable Gaming Then....and....Now

Ok let me take you back in an era where portable gaming was taking it's first steps In my eyes atleast, that would be the original Gameboy. When I received my own rectangular brick of a gaming system from that day on I was infected with th...


Remake, Remaster, Rehash

Keza MacDonald at IGN thinks video game remakes are great. I disagree...sort of. MacDonald asserts that, “when handled correctly, remakes, remasters and re-releases are an extremely good thing, both for the industry and for us.” Accordin...


Trophies, Coins, Achievements - OH MY!

Once upon a time, great feats of gaming had no Achievements, Trophies, or Coins to rub in people's faces. What's the point, without them, right? Nintendo calls them 'Mythical Rewards', despite introducing them with the 3DS, and making it ne...


Good Does Not Mean Fun

There is something that has been bugging me recently. I have a friend (don't all laugh at once) who insists that for a game to be good it has to be fun. Now, before we get any further, we need to define these two words otherwise I'll get in...




Dragon Quest Xs gameplay is very similar to FFXI where it has an active turn based battle Right now it is way more accessible than Quests have good conveyance, npcs tell me where to get my quest items and I have npc party members! Its fun!


Put a few hours into Guild of Dungeoneering: Ultimate In short: I dont recommend playing it, but also dont regret buying Kinda bland/repetitive, occasional frustrating RNG, some interesting ideas here and

sp testure

Does anyone else use RetroAchievements? Just made an account please add sptesture, This is gonna be FF4 Ultima achievements here I come!

Patrick Hancock

Genuinely dont know what to say to my students tomorrow, found some words, I put them in the comments


After today Ill be taking a break from Qtoid for a little I dont think anything I post will be Be good to the people you love and please remember the Any 1 kid is more important than everyone on here See ya


In case you hadnt seen it yet, and wanted a little bit of good news, Raven Software (under Activision Blizzard) has voted to Would love to see that as a trend across the industry and see people treated more fairly to make the games we


Its pouring down; major Teddy in his Mavs Damn TX Its really harsh Hope everyone can keep it together and buy crypto! Dumb Shit is Uggggghh so


163 mass shootings in the United States between 1967 and June Thats 3 mass shootings on average a

Whispering Willow

Make no mistake, Im livid about I just process my anger a little differently I hate all the people with the power to prevent these shootings and their phony thoughts and They worship gun lobby


Arbys has a hamburger for a limited First in their whole Tried it today I really liked Would get it (it doesnt look great, Im a terrible food photographer)

Whispering Willow

I think the best thing Ricky Gervais and Dave Chapelle have ever done is help me discover better, more talented comedians like James Acaster, Nish Kumar and Hannah


Well now, things happened in Dragon Quest X and now im an Ogre! For my Vocation, I chose Minstrel! I shall dance the night away!


Low res img due to phones and events which inspired


lol i just remembered downloading midi files to listen to video game music


not to defend Ubisoft, but that whole Escape from Notre Dame on fire was not on Ubisoft, they were contracted to make that VR experience by a film production company making a big budget documentary about Apparently you play as


PSA: If you are somewhat of a gaming masochist and enjoy bad games, Sonic 06 is on sale for $5 on Xbox 360! Sadly its not backwards compatible on Xbone


Hope any of you peeps with family or friends in Texas are doing Words dont do it justice, but this Brit can only offer his


My expectations were low but holy fuck

Chris Bradshaw

its amazing how competitive just buying an 80 dollar PS3 from ebay is compared to PS Plus Premium

Virtua Kazama

Combo Breaker is this weekend and I decided to use this session of VF Takeover for any last-minute practice! Lets play some VF5US tonight!

Chris Moyse

I put up a qpost that referenced USA apropos of nothing, but took it down because somebody did something terrible and utterly Anyway, my qpost and the recent news in Texas were not Its just an exhausting, miserable


So my jury duty is already Turned out that in the hour before the trial was set to begin the attorneys worked out a deal with the I was basically paid 40 bucks to drive to the courthouse and wait in the jurors room for an


Nothing worse than being ridiculously pumped for a movie, one that has been on your Most Anticipated List for months, and it just doesnt click with you at That sensation just leaves a hollow feeling in my


Current Status:


In an attempt to use up the honey I got from a coworker last year, I made rather trivial honey-roasted Thankfully Im taking them to the office in the morning, because Ive been eating too many of


Sorry for the double, if you are looking to upgrade your internal This coming memorial is probably a good time to Samsung has there ps5 ssd’s for a decent Sure there are other


Current status:


Current status:


Can confirm

Whispering Willow

While I initially wasnt wild about Trusts becoming an increasingly central aspect of FFXIV, I also realized it will slowly choke out people who whine about their dungeon parties on the


I didnt think Ubisoft would stoop this low, but Ive been wrong What the flying colugo lemur

Dr Mel

Will be getting my own office soon (its a converted storage closet) and honestly getting to turn off the overhead lights is my biggest I hate office


Rise of Kyoshi was an incredible read, solid As a megafan of Avatar it probably means more to me, but it took the world and made it heavier than Nickelodeon wouldve ever Yees writing was colorful, engaging, and shocking to the end


Had a Chrono Trigger LetsPlay in the background and Robos theme got me mad Ive also fallen asleep past 4 each day this week, so I might just be mentally


There has to be a way to make a good, non-Frankenstein movie about Victoria era graverobbing for medical


Im really hooked on the new PRR album, Above They are really hitting their stride on this one and are honing their FFO: VOLA, Smashing Pumpkins (Adore namely), Steven @Voex, I think youll dig this!


Be the change, you want to

Mike Sounders

Finished Pokemon Sword over the That very mid, even compared to the Diamond/Pearl


Implemented auto-playing cutscenes and the all-too-important Skip button in Mirama! As soon as Ive got level transitions figured out I think its time to start making proper level design in this ^^


Watched the new Doctor Strange I enjoyed it for the most part, but about half way through I was thinking this all sounds Sure enough credits confirm, What are composers you like or From what works?

Spiders For Sale

How to write dialogue


Took a vacation and disconnected for a It was my first real vacation since Covid and I didnt realize how bad I needed Didnt get my head perfectly right but was a great start! More pics of Sardinia and sexy selfies in the


Man, Thor: Love & Thunder looks super Also Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher looks


Current status


I downloaded and played Dragon Quest X tonight in passable english! Im using those machine translators that translates on the Its not perfect but it works! Only put an hour in cause its late but im excited to play more!


Omega (2011): The final track of my second album From Alpha to Omega where I wrote a song for each letter of the Greek This song is meant to represent hopelessness and I share these songs because I dont want to be