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Zetta Reviews: XBLAZE: Code Embryo (PSV)

It is a rare moment where I take issue with animu tropes. Really, really rare. If you talk to me about this kind of thing or read my blogs regularly enough, you probably know that already, but so we can be clear on this, and I admit it is l...


Through REVIEW - Breaking barriers, folks

Developer: GoshkiPublisher: GoshkiFormat: PC (browser/flash) Being yet another game that I played once and skipped over due to not understanding, Through is a minimalistic puzzle-platformer made for GameBoy Jam 4. It's a short and sweet ga...


REVIEW: Life is Strange (Eps.4-5) (PS4)

(Presented below is another guest review by my wife for Life is Strange –Episodes 4 and 5 that she originally wrote in two parts for her own blog. I’ve not actually played this game, but I’ve watched my wife play it and it seems excel...


REVIEW: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS4)

After the release of the critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, hopes were high and anticipation through the roof for Naughty Dog’s next and final game in the PS3 trilogy. Yet, when Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception came out it ...


REVIEW: The Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)

This month is my “Month of Uncharted” and I’ve mostly been playing through Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection; a series of remasters of the original Uncharted trilogy released on PS3 but now remade into 1080p and 60fps on PS4. Whi...


REVIEW: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4)

When Naughty Dog released the follow-up to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune it was immediately met with critical acclaim, and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves remains in the top ten lists of “Best Games…” for that generation of consoles. Consid...


Persist REVIEW - A Trial-Filled Tale of Redemption

Developer: Adventure IslandsPublisher: Adventure IslandsFormat: PC (browser/flash), Android Persist is yet another one of the many neat flash games I didn't enjoy when I first took interest and played it, and then later grew to understand a...


REVIEW: Donkey Kong, or "Stop! Hammertime!"

Well, we are finally past the initial launch titles of the NES and have moved on to the next wave of games.  June 1986 was a great time for gamers with an NES, especially if they liked Donkey Kong, since 4 different DK titles came out....


Toukiden: Kiwami Review (PC)

Before I begin, let me state that I heavily dislike the Monster Hunter series and games like it. However, I am still willing to give them a shot. I've tried Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, and now I've tried Toukiden: Kiwa...


NES Golf, or "par:3, score:18"

Golf for the NES!  Because God knows that there wasn't enough sports games available for the NES at launch. So let's play this and see how it goes!  Hows the game look? So, you've got a husky looking version of John Daly, it see...


Shadow of Mordor: Greasy Popcorn

I recently finally got around to playing Shadow Of Mordor on a friends computer after hearing about how well liked it was. I found it compelling, and I proceeded to burn through it pretty quickly from meh start to disappointing end. How is...


Excitebike, or "Launch Day Gold"

Welcome back!  This time around, we are gonna look at our next launch title, "Excitebike" Excitebike is motocross action!  In "selection A" mode, not only did you have to race against time, you had obstacles, ramps, mud, and your...


Grim Dawn Early Access Impressions

Hello, I'm a newly minted Grim Dawn fan, and I'd like to take a minute to talk about Grim Dawn - specifically it being A Good Action-Roleplaying-Game™ It's an appropriately mournful take on the genre, set in a pos...


Metal Gear Solid V and its lost identity

Big Ti-Oh I'm sorry I was typing while reading and didnt see you there. I usually reserve my writing about video games until the end of the year and get it done in bulk , but I feel this is something worth writing about atleast while all th...


Renew Review: Alan Wake

Stephen King once said "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." Stunningly, this dryly-worded quote spectaculalry fails to make an appearance in Alan Wake, though just about everything else King wrote in novels and short stories does. But ...


A Kitty Dream REVIEW - Wakey, Wakey, Sleepy Head!

Developer: Raiyum (with music by Bill Kiley)Publisher: Raiyum (with music by Bill Kiley)Format: PC (browser/flash) Out of all the games I've planned on reviewing, this one has probably been the longest one coming. It's been months since I'...



It took me a long time to love Metal Gear Solid. Back when I purchased my first Sony PlayStation I couldn’t really appreciate the slower-paced stealthy gameplay and found the whole thing to be much too difficult for my impatient youn...




Whats a game you felt did a boss rush/refight all the old bosses you already beat part actualy well?


Definitely starting the emigration process to leave the US and live somewhere else as a skilled


Love thy neighbour


Just hanging with the bestie!


Is it me or the epic store makes the free games appear with a little bit of delay on the home page? (With the intention of getting people to actually look at the store instead of rushing to the free game exactly like I do every single week)


The other day I spent all my currency to get the new honkai girl and didnt even on a pity roll which sent me to the depths of Today I played enough to get another chance and actually got three characters including

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Astral Chain (Switch) -Shinsekai: Into the Depths (Switch) -Control (PS4/5)


Have a great day!


My current look, freshly hit level 50 and maybe halfway through Act Such deep, fleshy hooks in my So far Hammer of the Ancients > Whirlwind


Ive officially hit build paralysis in I basically love every class, so I dont know which I want to do in Thankfully this weekend is a golf weekend, so I can think it over


Work this week was full One way I seem to cope with stress is buying DS games I got FSR for First impression: wow, what a large car


I almost forgot to enter the sf6 runback campaign so i can get sf2 turbo in the gallery game Game Center in Gallery isnt unlocked yet so I wonder when thatll Campaigns here

The Mars In The Mirror

Im feeling nostalgic for a time I never lived Doing some retroactive people watching wondering who these people were, what they did from that point on, where they thought they would be years on and My parents wouldve been 19 & 22


Hot take: Insomniacs Spider-Man and Eidos Montreals Guardians of the Galaxy are the best adaptions of either sets of comic characters in any other medium

Whispering Willow

Settled on this Mayflash arcade Arrives tomorrow


I just fulfilled my fantasy of sheepishly telling people I wont do karaoke all day, then killing it with Frank Sinatras My Way as the very last song of the dont do This was a once in a lifetime exception


Not sure if a Zelda image I found is too NSFW or So, drop into the comments if youre brave


Current status:

Queen of Philosophy

unCAGEDgamez and Caboose were among the first people to play the new Mortal Kombat He recorded a few matches, which I think gives us a better notion of the second-to-second Honestly? It looks fantastic! Cant wait to try it out for myself :3

Chris Moyse

It’s too hot for him to break into my house I’m saaaaaad Hope you’re doing ok x


That Lies of P demo was pretty It bears no shame wearing that Bloodborne inspiration on its sleeve, and shirt, and pants, and shoes, and Im a bit iffy about the dodge feel but otherwise if it reviews decent enough, Im Pic

Boxed Swine

The biggest lie is that the wooden puppet is named Thats the name of the mad scientist and scholars all agree the puppet should be referred to as Pinocchios


At the start of episode 3 part 1 of Turbo Overkill you get a upgrade for your shotgun/gernade launcher hybrid gun that makes it so when your bullets dont hit a enemy and hit a surface each of them Very fun/cool little


If you didnt watch Day of the Devs this year, you should! Neat Im particularly interested in Cart


Getting ready for some hot, sexy Diablo Guess what? Ive never played a Diablo game before!


Super bummer news and unsure why this is happening since theyre not licensed games and the Switch and PS4 shop are still up, but be sure to grab at least one of these if they interest you! God Wars is a pretty good SRPG!


Had fun watching the Summer Game Fest with Hope to see everyone on Sunday for the Xbox show! This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how our week


So Helskate is a rogue lite skateboarding game with combat and story/art that reminds of Skateboarding roguelite is a very unique idea I admit even if I am not a fan of


My newest video is done and out! I think its one of my best, I put a lot of fun stuff in it, check it out if you want!


(Totally Meatless Ingredients): “chicken fried” oyster mushrooms, spicy gochujang glaze, jalapeño and kimchi relish, sesame vegan mayo, black vinegar vinaigrette cabbage slaw; all on a vegan bun Not a mushroom guy, but this sounds pretty leg


After 120+ hours, I finally feel like playing non-TotK games Still missing sidequests, probably some shrines, and a bunch of misc stuff, but I feel satisfied for I saw Neon White on sale, and that seems like a fun new


Huh the new indie game from the devs that made Cloudpunk seems like it will use a lot of mocap Wasnt expecting that with ita visual


Man you know what, I was MEGA excited for a Persona Tactics game cuz I like both of those things, and Im not a one who doesnt like the P5 cast just cuz theyre popular, but what a waste to not be Q and include all of the previous Persona Like whyy


We need better media literacy because the theories surrounding Spider-Man 2 are the most baseless, asinine theories I have ever Like its literally just this is what I would want, therefore thats what is going to

Chris Moyse

Flying visit, In the middle of the usual Summer steamroller, so up against But I hope you have a happy and fun Enjoy the streams, chill out, be I hope that life is treating you as kindly as I Love U x


I am surprised to say that for the Devolver direct the game reveals felt mostly pretty boring apart from more Talos Principle 2 trailer like past years had much better trailers and game info and Devolver has loads of games cooking now so odd


I wonder if the Exoprimal Street Fighter designs will come to SF6 as costumes?


On a huge nostalgia trip Specifically bad ass 90s ladies (PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Whats on your jukebox?

Queen of Philosophy

Very few people saw it during the MK 1 gameplay trailer, but he was there! Whos ready to have Hsu Hao back?! 😆


@jobejoe : Trying this I havent been able to contact you for the key because there are several people with similar Post a direct link to your steam profile in the comments if you My steam name is silvaofwind , will contact from there


Man its so fucking boring to see just how much of Big AAA games lately are remakes of existing They do look fun and all it just feels pretty creatively boring to I do hope next year we see less remakes and more new games in series or new


Fire flowing harder than the Red sea


Have a great day!


Huh apparently Spider Man in the Spiderverse has a animated lego scene and the scene was all done by a 14 year old lego animating you Thats pretty cool,I saw a bit of the scene and suprsingly it was really Really nice to see a kid get to do


Got bored, so shell swap was Pic in


All right, Im about to join the excitement, and will most likely get completely


Note to self, go with GC Dual next time rather than Pluto HDMI Board for Itll save a lot of

Queen of Philosophy

Crappy image quality, but man! This stance, this outfit, those kombos - my Queen is back (and this time it seems like she really is queen!) 💜