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Nostalgia: So Much Better in Hindsight

Remember all those good times playing Galaga? First game of Frogger? That first playthrough of Final Fantasy 7? So do game devs, and they're going to get you to spend money on those memories. Now, the instant reaction for most people wh...


Comments of the Week VI: Comments Under Siege

I see comments of the week. Walking around like regular comments. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're comments of the week. From Ubisoft complains over Red Steel 2's 81% Metacritic...


What's in the box matters too...

I still remember opening my first modern computer game. We had just gotten a new Packard Bell (the dude at Staples had assured us we'd never need more than 2mb of video ram in our lives) and the next day my dad let me pick out a game at th...


Accomplishment Fatigue

It's been a long time since I've written a blog - these days I find it difficult to express my thoughts coherently. I used to write blogs all the time back on Gamespot, I'm not sure why it's been so difficult for me to do so these days... ...



Anyway, if there's one thing I can't swallow it's these two tired, broken record statements; "it was just more of the same", and "it didn't feel like the first time". I've seen them time and time again and they are as monotonous as they a...


Cell Phone Look Up Makes It Possible To Track Numbers

Although mobile phones have helped greatly in knowing who is calling you (e.g. via cell phone look up), there has been a rise in the number of 'Unknown Caller' calls being made to mobile phones and it is only natural that this becomes an an...


Oh Destructoid, How I hated to depart with you.

Hello everyone. Again, I'm here. I didn't actually go anywhere. This thing that the cool kids are doing nowadays called "school" is really consuming my life. Not like the dark side though. Because at least they give you cookies. At school, ...


On Reflection: A Story of 'Trade-in Addiction'

I walk in the door and exchange hi's and hellos with the two behind the counter. "Got any trade-ins today, Alex?". Yes, they know me by name. "Nah...I'm just looking for now." Of course I have trade-ins. I plop the 4 games on the counter. ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 39

Sowhos betting that Sakura Wars: So Long My Love will ACTUALLY come out next week, no more delays, for reals? Anyone? Well, anyways, Ill keep my fingers crossed (again) and offer up this weeks obscure gaming recap: --------- Atte...


How to use the worn down game formula.

This will work with any game. It's already been proven it even works with tetris. Here is the basic form: I'm only, like, an hour in. But (game name here) is SO relentlessly terrible. A game has never worn me down like this. There's no r...


Free gas... and being a lady.

So... free gas. No, I'm not going to lend you my husband who also has free gas, but I've been playing MAG (apparently over 180 hours of it since it released) and I just vetted over to a new faction and I'm starting again as a level 1... ...


A (more definitive) review of sequels

Not long ago a certain blog teased the promise of an absolute, incontestable review of sequels. Drawn in by this succulent promise I read the blog hoping to find the ultimate critique. What did I get for my efforts? Nothing! Well a solid ...


For Those Who Yet Still Walk This Hell...

[Disclaimer: This blog does not represent the views or opinions of Enkido as he exists in a sane state and he cannot be held responsible for the content expressed in this article. For real, these are dark times we live in. Also, cocks.] If...


Stuff, stockpiling and new blog

I look towards the Summer and I see nothing. An absolute drought of video-games. I'll be seeing Inception by Christopher Nolan at the IMAX, hopefully, but other than that I have no other plans. I'll be blogging everyday of forever from no...






Need a break from Should I play The Tartar sauce Key or Deaths End ReQuest 2?


Found Stanger of Paradise for Yay impulse buy! Looking forward to finally giving it a go! Pic


When someone asks you what Diet Pepsi tastes

Anthony Marzano

Yo this gameplay is 🔥


Best games Ive played so far this Quick thoughts from left to 1) An anti-war game that hits 2) A+ on game 3) A fable made into a game? 4) An addictive 5) Masochism 6) Getting lost never felt so

Ricky Namara

Look at it Wait for There we


The one video game I brought with me to Japan was Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and while thats still a great time, Id completely forgotten how strange the balancing is in that game You end up overpowered without even


There arent any comments on the blog, but Im asking just in case -- did anyone try out the build of Mirama in my last dev blog? If so, what did you think?


I really love that Octopath 2 has a unique short backstory writting for every single NPC you can talk to and including all the extra NPCs that are only around at They are pretty short and nice to Plus you can rob children in the game!


They call me 3000! This is Bejeweled HD on the Ive been playing Zen mode (endless) for a very long time, and I finally hit level Just matching tons of gems over the span of (I think) 3 different Also tried to get all


Happy Birthday Planet! I hope you have a great day Youre presence here is always a wild Especially at the rpg


Have a great day!

Whispering Willow

Welcome to Metro This is the Youll be seeing a lot of


Birthday dinner with a swell gal and family (bonus pic of food in comments)


Goodbye Lucie, you were my best Lucie in the whole in ♡♡♡


Well this is a new one for me on Someone sent me an offer for Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and I They dont pay me for 3 days, than ask if I can lower the price by another $20 on top of the price I they already agreed


2 dollar wells at the dog park! But its only during happy hour which they choose to celebrate after Bless the inebriated souls of DSM


Current status


Tetris Effect makes me want to be I wouldnt have thought, but the game is probably in my top 10 games of the last 10


Im halfway through Armored Core and I feel like I got slapped by a time I knew the plot was foundational to Dark Souls, but cmon!

Whispering Willow

I think I need an arcade stick for Any recommendations? Best Buy and Gamestop had nothing :/ They acted like the idea was a foreign

Inquisitive Raven

Oh here I go, Street Fightin again!


Street Fighter 6 has been a I havent done ranked yet, just the battle hub matches and Guile plays just The World Tour mode is fun as well and im just enjoying exploring Metro City and finding I discovered Retsu is here as an npc!


Dog day afternoon


Still chugging along on the Evercade Been curious about Future Wars ever after seeing a screenshot of it in an 80s magazine in the early 90s, so maybe this time Ill get to play

CaimDark Reloaded

I dont play many shooters, when I do its typically stuff in the vein of CoD/Gears where I play cautiously from cover to Doom Eternal is quite an


Gunfire Reborn is pretty good


Thats Bayonetta Origins 100%ed Overall delightful game and I hope we see more Planitum Game spin off I thought another team made this but Platnium seemed to make Big suprise considering the writting is much better then Bayo


First time since launch I’m having to wait to log in to I’d call that a pretty successful launch! (On PC at least, I know PS5 had issues)


Matsuno is just asking some

The Mars In The Mirror

didnt like this stage very The game from what Ive played so far screams Stiff controls, weird hit detection, and uninspired Does it get better later on?


The fact that the ending to Tears of the Kingdom even warrants an article makes me


Into the Spider-verse is one of my favorite movies, so I went to see Did not like it at They turned an emotionally hard-hitting self-contained story into a quippy MCU The arts still great, but man the writing went


For this Screenshot Saturday, I have a little Before and After! This is Act 1 of Belle Boomerang 5 years ago and today! Look at how much the games grown!


Im definitely doing a Photo Mode blog for TotK (despite the cameras limitations) as Im becoming proud of some of these A slightly more spoilery screen in the


No One Ring?

Ricky Namara

Thoughts on Destructoids Turn off your Adblocker or GTFO prompt that you have no choice but to comply with?


Back from my trip! Time away from the internet really does the soul some good


Just saw this video and for indie fans its really havent heard of a good amount of the cool looking in development indie added steam links to every game shown and describes them really The frog Jet Set Radio mixed with rhythm combat


Have a great day!


Happy 20th anniversary to Toontown Online! I only played it for the 3-day-long free trial, but it was great to run around in such a colourful MMO at the Been tempted to check out the fan servers, but maybe its best to leave the memories

Lord Spencer

Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently I am going to review those within brackets once completed: - -Astral Chain (Switch) -Shinsekai: Into the Depths (Switch) -Control (PS4/5)


Had this idea for a MonHun-style game set in a prehistoric world for so many years now, and TotKs Fuse system has given me ideas as to how the weapons would play


Marisa is great so this iteration of Zangief is BEASTLY! Cannot wait to see the pro scene for this I think HeadStomper in Sweden is the first official major?

Punished Nietzsche

Holy shit, they put Fran Bow on the Eshop? I wonder if its the same as the PC since that game has some seriously messed up imagery for a Nintendo


Alright Im not gonna be painting white for quite awhile I got a reaper mini order in and realized I have way too many reaper minis I havent even opened yet! This month Im gonna thin the herd and try to do 30 of Wish me


Paddys pub in Sunset Will try to make these vlogs once in a while to give some interesting behind the scenes footage from my game!