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Cblog recaps of 11/04/15 and ONE PUNCH-isms

My friend Astrobullet did this! There's a lot to talk about in relation to what I've been doing that's worth talking about. I'm always ready to talk about Undertale seeing as how I haven't made the time to do so. My money situation's also ...


Cblogs of 11/01/2015 + Short Sort of Stuff

You'll have to excuse how short these intro are getting. I admit part of that is due to some health issues that have reared its head slowly and with great weight, like a stone beast crawling from the dark caves after a long hibernation to s...


Cblogs of 10/18/15 + The Excuses Begin

Uuuuhhhhnnnnnnnhg...… I didn't see you there. I've been... Chewing on my pillow? I guess that explains the clothy faint-salty taste. You see, you may remember last week where I was moaning and groaning about all the EGX work I had to do (...


Cblogs of 10/15/15 + Determined-isms

For a while there I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to talk about this week. I mean sure I've been playing the games and doing the things, but nothing really stood out as a good -isms topic. Because yes I actually think about that...


Cblogs of 9/27/2015 + A Defense of Evil

Evil, unfortunately exists in abundance in our world. Racism, war, rape, terrorism, sexism, torture, and a hundred different other ways some humans use to dominate over other humans. As long as evil do exist, we shall always see works of &...


Cblogs of 9-25-15 + Rest in Peices

http://i.imgur.com/DuU3D0w.png As of yesterday our skater community took it upon ourselves to put a few month long skatepark to rest. This involved skating, drinking, bbq'ing and playing lots of music. It was a sick party and felt like the ...


Cblogs of 09/22/15 – FTL to space!

http://i.imgur.com/bmj1EMt.jpg How are you all doing this week? I have been playing a lot of games lately and enjoying them a great deal. There are periods when you can play any game and feel like you’re just going through the motions...


C Blogs of 09/21/15 + Wrenchisms!

http://i763.photobucket.com/albums/xx276/l6t4g1/wrenchisms.jpg Hey again! I'm back to fill in for last Monday and as always it is a pleasure to read your blogs. You folks are killing it these days. The past few weeks for me have been a blu...


Cblogs of 9/14/2015 + Defending the Atlus Tax

The Atlus tax is a nearly $10 extra charge on nearly every game Atlus releases, especially on the 3DS where the regular price of games is less than consoles. To justify this increase, Atlus usually packages the first prints of their games ...


Cblogs of 9/20/2015 + Making Mario

In his 30 year history, Mario traversed about 500 2D levels. In Mario Maker, the community made more than a million levels in a week. One Dtoid blogger made the argument that Nintendo no longer needs to make another 2D Mario after this one...


Cblogs of 9/19/15 - Dreamweaver's second form

"Oh my... Dreamweaver, you've... changed." Why yes, that I have. Do I still look pretty, my darlings? As some may have noticed, after a year or so wearing the avatar from Akiba's Trip: Undead and Underdressed has finally changed his look....


Cblogs of 09/17/15 + Getting Down with Luigi-isms

Another week, another two more games. They seem to be getting played by the boatload. I'm probably going to have to start doing something productive soon. Come to think of it, I've actually been playing a third game this week, but that one ...


Cblogs of 09/13/15 - For The Sake Of Sanity

In this recap, I guess I'm going to dip my toes into an area that is simultaneously topical, ironic* and hypocritical. As well as a bit provocative, an unenjoyable subject and one that is going to induce some rage. Today we talk about cont...


Cblogs of 9-11-15 + Closing Soon: Summer

http://i.imgur.com/DuU3D0w.png This week marks the near end of summer and I have completely lost track of time. It's equal parts understandable, since being out of a job/done with school really means it's just been summer all the time for m...


Cblog recaps of 9/9/15 and STRIDERISMS in the BAY

I feel like my presence on Dtoid has slowly evaporated but hey, that's what happens when you prepare to enter a new status quo. Look what happened to Spider-Man you know? I've finally finished my move with my fiance. We have our own apart...




Im sure most of us would scoff at the idea of watching Game Theory, but they did a really good job wrapping up this 4-video Always been fascinated by FNAF lore, but could never wrap my head around it until


Finally finished Yakuza LAD (7), and while I think there’re a few problems with the combat, for my money this is one of my favorites in the past Can’t even really put into words how much I loved Felt like a series

Sir Shenanigans



Sorry to post so much so fast, but I got my commission for my Metroid I love


Y’know, the bogus regenerator bit never was An image of an ACTUAL regenerator:


Welp, I am grinding abilities in Ive not even done anything past the Im already level have a


Causal Sunday Evening Status:

Anonymous 20

So, im about 12 hours into RE4, and I gotta the FUCK happened with RE3 remake? Remakes 1, 2, and 4 are so damn good, so damn faithful, and complement the OG very I like R3make, but At times, it feels like a whole different game!

Zoey Handley

Feeling somewhat Doing some self-care with a recommendation from Timothy

Just Aaron

Is anyone else struggling with the RE4 remake? The difficulty on Normal mode is I can`t seem to beat Even on New Game+ I`m still having a hard

Boxed Swine

I have huffed a Sharpie (trademark) to see the I present to you the Regenerator of RE4 Remake!

Inquisitive Raven

This is the last day of the eshop, so anyone planning on transferring Pokemon to Home with Pokemon Bank/Transporter will need to make sure they have both


Forum keeps logging me in to other peoples manage


Everybody check out this mans hard It took seven years to make this! A WHOPPING 40 MINUTES


Finished Sominum Files,while I enjoyed it I wouldnt say I really liked By the end the main murder mystery felt very flat and Felt like they wanted to make more of a character focused story then a intresting murder mystery story imo


Chapter 2 of Mirama, Demers Mining Co, is going to be significantly less linear than the Temple of the So I was curious to know your take on how you prefer your adventure game Questions in the thread!

Virtua Kazama

Just announced today: After a four-year hiatus, VFR has announced the 18th Beat-Tribe Cup! The most prestigious Virtua Fighter 5v5 team tournament in Japan since 1994!


Aside from Ada’s new voice actor being Dwayne The Rock Johnson and or Ronda Rousey levels of bad acting and the omission of “Your right hand comes off?” I’d day RE4 is the perfect


Spent all day yesterday playing Tale of Two Wastelands and am almost done with Point Lookout and have finished Having a blast, despite dying from this damn


I finished the village part of RE4make and Im sold on it not as a replacement, but as a I can see a lot of RE8 DNA here given some more room to They even smoothed over some jank in the boss fights, which is


I cant find reviews online yet but I saw some reviews just droppes for 9 Years a Shadow on you Didnt expect any reviews on a So far its reviewing pretyy well for I might pick it up myself tomorrow on Such a pretty


Most hated character in a film, go


Got a $50 eShop gift card for my birthday Got less than 24 hours to buy stuff from the Wii U Recommendations?


The more I play RE4R, the more Im reminded of The Evil Stealth, reviving enemies, the crossbow trap gun, even Leons movement feels more like TEW than the OG RE4; I feel that they took at least some inspiration from Mikamis own RE4


Have a great day!


Hot take : I saved a piece of my dog so I can clone her in the near


Bubble Bobble need ray tracing


Man, what a I havent seen a live stage demo in many (starts around 5:00 after some new trailers)

Czar Kazem

D&D, ya dig?


Dreams do come true!!


Disco Elysium Log #9: Threads come and threads Feels like Im encroaching on the end as the game is seemingly running out of Assuming the wall on the boardwalk speaks its secrets, the plot could take its place on the forefront


Every time I cheekally reference the latest Shinji-Mikami adjacent hotness yall act like Im speaking in


Just remembered VNV Nations exists


Using almost any app on the xbone is one of the most infuriating Things dont get highlighted, white text on white boxes, and other horrible UI It feels so


Current Status:


Drunk Ask me any questions ya Or Im English not a


Woohoo as you are, as you were, as I waaaah you to be

Whispering Willow

A real controversy for for Come to think of it, Other M aside, Nintendo doesnt really break out a warchest for marketing public perception of Samus like Then again, it never feels like a chore to be Samus,


Ghostwire: Tokyo is a very pretty but very shallow experience, however one I recommend getting on a sale to both support Tango Gameworks and walk around a neon-lit, yo-kai infested 7/10, full thoughts below


Almost ten years later, I finally own Mario Kart I had played it before on Switch but on WiiU it looks just about the same, which is Playing on an 20 CRT TV is Old games look like they were supposed to, and newer ones look crisp as well


Today marks the first time Ive used a What are some recent first times you guys have had? Major or minor it doesnt


Alright, my next video is finally out, this time Im talking about One Piece Odyssey! Check it out if youre interested! Bump!


Yo, these RE4 changes are A WHOLE LOTTA BULL!!


I refuse to leave this bed until Ive beaten Age of


I am very excited to unveil the Nintendo Switch trailer for Belle Boomerang! Preorder today on the Nintendo eShop!


About 4 hours in and Im having a pretty good time with Its not as hard as a lot of reviews seem to claim, at least once you get the parry timings I wish the music was a bit more interesting; mostly just slow, gloomy strings so