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Cblogs of 3/12/16 - Just not in the mood

So Daylight Savings happened, which means we all lost an hour. Curses! While I guess it's inevitable considering that we're going to get one back in a couple of months, I could've used the extra time right now. I'm still behind in Com...


Cblogs of 02/14/16 + Video Killed The Textual Star

Sorry to say that this recap wouldn't be another rambling session about Final Fantasy 8, as I've lately been working on a handheld RPG review. So let's talk about something else. Something unrelated to the holiday. Let's talk about videos...


Cblogs of 01/17/16 + The Difficulty of Difficulty

Today I had to restart playing Persona 4: Golden, after trying to play through it a second time for the past week. Still stuck on the first dungeon's first few levels, I felt like I was on the cusp of being able to power through but by doin...


Cblogs of 01/11/16 + Is There Life on Mars?

Nostalgia, what a peculiar beast. Despite the forward march of technology, design experience and accessibility, we still go back to the older games of days past. We ponder on games years upon years old, we get excited every time we blow dus...


Cblogs of 01/03/16 + Sometimes Its Okay To Stop

I have a viewpoint that may be very controversial (considering fan pressure campaigns), or more likely isn't at all (due to similar reasons as I). Despite this, I believe there is a general trend within videogame series that leaves me simul...


Cblogs of 1/2/16 - First Dreamgasms of the year

First recaps of the year, and I don't really have much to say. Other than experiencing the awesomeness that is Undertale, unfortunately, things haven't been going too great lately (if you couldn't tell from my bad quickposts... sorry ab...


Cblogs of 12/27/15 + Things Rio Has Been Up To

Oh man, I'm so happy I got the Sunday spot. Also known as a few days after Christmas and before the New Year (i.e. days that I could have been found drunk or hung-over). Well, I guess it is the little things we must cherish. In the reviewi...


Cblogs of 12/19/15 - Tame The Force Awakens X

I didn't get a chance to do much gaming this week. Other than the occasional hour of Star Wars: Battlefront for a couple of days, I haven't really "had time" to touch either Fallout 4 or Xenoblade Chronicles X. While I did have some fre...


Cblogs of 12/06/15 + Award Season

It is now December, the dead month for releases. You do have Rainbow Six Seige and Just Cause 3 at the start of the month, but from here on out it is seems to strike me as a month of indie games through Christmas and leading up to New Years...




Thought, would spaghetti be a soup or a sandwich?


Oh boy, I cant wait for that Nintendo Direct!


Have a work bathroom selfie of me before I get my hair cut this weekend!

Zoey Handley

Yaarrr! Shes the shame of the fleet! The deadliest eyesore to ever taint the seven seas!


Okay, so theres a Touhou farming game on Also: Supported languages: But the screenshots are in 25€ is maybe a bit much to spend on a

CaimDark Reloaded

It never ceases to amaze me that people who live their entire lives online and know better than anyone else exactly how the internet works keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different Case in point:


#15 Game beaten in 2023 is: Continuing my streak of playing new genres, Infamous convinced me into the open world This games creativity sure had me plugged in, though that saving system is not well Cole is a


Direct prediction: Itll end with $70 pricing being confirmed and within 24 hours fanboys will have convinced themselves its not only necessary its actually good, Nintendo has blessed us by charging ten dollars more HALLELUJAH!!


It’s happening?


Wrong Direct predictions Mother 3: Amiibo Festival mobile exclusive shadow


The UK regulators are proposing removing parts of AB from the MS

Punished Nietzsche

I been playing Fashion Police Squad on Switch and is pretty Runs well, is a novel concept for a boomer shooter (it looks like a modern Doom WAD) and to be honest, is kinda funny Its on sale too, so give it a


Oh fuck, I just found my game OST of the

Inquisitive Raven

Had some minor allergy symptoms, and my mom had me take a got Welp, I guess I got my wish to see the Nintendo Direct now!


Not all heroes wear

Boxed Swine

Liked She-Hulk, but that last episode did not do the character The show weaves this story about what women go through, in particular those that are famous, and it builds up until she is vulnerable to society and her Then *fart noise*


For todays song, one of my top 5 albums from one of my top5 bands ever: This album The Ugly Organ I have listened to countless times and still fall in love with it every time


You look to both sides of you and find these staring, You were about to You must Difficulty, scale of 1-10?


Morning I just gotta survive 2 more days till payday, but otherwise Im doing good I Been a bit too tired to put any real effort in games this week, so Ive just been doing side stuff in Dying Light Might get the Grim Dawn dlc on

Inquisitive Raven

Nintendo Direct Day!!! Im like 5 seconds away from calling out of work, but I guess Ill be responsible and just have to wait the two hours to see

Ricky Namara

Random Thoughts While Pooping Ars Goetia Edition: why are the Goetians called demons when a lot of their skills and powers are beneficial to humans? I mean, one takes money from the wealthy and divide it evenly among the people! How is that evil?


The props and the way this is shot is very cool but man the constant laugh track and auidence background track noise like every 4 seconds ruins it for Not familar with SNL really but at least there is no Wario or Elon Musk this


The new pathfinder is $20 on PSN which seems like a pretty good deal for something that came out less than 6 months Anybody know if this port is good, etc? Dont play many crpgs, but Im

Chris Moyse

Me literally having no idea what to do with my time away from the EDIT: Its going ok, still


This is a very cute easter Wouldnt really call this a spoiler since its just a easter egg and you have to do a random code not hinted at all in the game to activate the easter


Love how Ive gotten my Deck to A mesh of Persona 5 and Fallout 3 aesthetics <3

sp testure

Anyone who has know me on the site for a while knows that I occasionally start banging on about Warship Gunner 2 and wishing for a spiritual Well my prayers have been cant wait to try


Eternal status


Giant kudos to Jeremy Jayne and Noclip for making this (spoiler filled) I wasnt able to get into the gameplay of Signalis but I thought the narrative was really Glad that I can have a bit of second hand appreciation for what it did

Electric Reaper

While I do like games like Gigapocalypse and some of the Vampire Survivors-inspired games, not being able to select my own targets or move when I want to is


Have a great day!


Im not the only one that remembers the price of old cartridge games, am I? FFIII SNES cost my father damn near 90 dollars with tax brand Im not saying prices should go But games used to be quite expensive for what they


Might have to pay 800 in the poor man gets Hopefully it is just an


I cannot wait until they announce that Metroid Prime remake, now for the low, low price of US


Boom! I won the 50/50! Although Im starting to get a little Ive won the last 3 50/50s in a row so now Im just expecting to fail on every Well, I guess its a good problem to Good luck to everyone who is pulling!


Heard an eShop listing has Zelda at $70, so some are suggesting locking in a physical preorder at $60 if that concerns Could be


So TIL I learned from a twitter post rant about Roilands involvement in the show: The Pickle Rick episode was written by the showrunner for


Tried out that newfangled Sniper: Ghost Warrior: Contracts and I enjoy it for what it Cool scope Enemies are dumb as hell, but a stiff breeze kills the Large-ish mission


Got to say even just lately all the indie games and cool lesser known and weird games Zoey here has covered on the front page with her articles lately is a really nice Some pretty cool games, some even I didnt hear of, well worth a

Virtua Kazama

Holy crap, were almost at 100 I gotta think about what to do when we reach FT5 or FT10 battles, perhaps? Well discuss it on tonights episode of Virtua Fighter Takeover!


We finished the Lego titanic this Son for scale

Virtua Kazama

Okay, the Talia Al Ghul boss battle is not fun to deal I just want to finish Gotham Knights


Playing this weird Dungeon Crawler called Aeon of Kind of a mash up between Eye of the Beholder and Wasteland (with choose your own adventure A bit maze-y currently but it has a great aesthetic!


Shamus Youngs last regular book was a nice bit of sci-fi, even if the scant mention of heart attacks felt painfully It does a good job of presenting sensible AI and weaves a murder mystery around I highly recommend


Shit, I gotta say - so far 2023 aint so Im genuinely happy in My mental health is improving by the day, and even my physical health has improved I dont hate my My kids are both doing My wife is doing Not too


*onlybump* Any Lego heads here? I have two, unopened, NIB, Indiana Jones, and LotR If youre interested, make an Ill let them go for under market


I genuinely think this might be the thing I have instead of a It makes me that


Got to level 4 without continues on normal in Hidden Star in Four Seasons while using an Xbox360 controller with a tendency to suddenly drift Im fine with Not my