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Initiation Station - Who am I?

The eyes should be blue, the nose smaller, he's smiling too much, he looks way too old with this haircut. You have to look young and strong, avatar! Maybe I could deform my character on purpose and make him look like an ugly demon beca...


WAIFU WARS : That is MY Waifu!!

Well hello,good to see you again.Why don't you take a seat-What's that?Oh right,I'm the only one with a chair...Stand up then!So you think your waifu is the baddest and drop dead sexiest mutha-?!Well let me te...


HOPE Wars: Nagito Komaeda

Danganronpa 2 was a surprisingly polarizing experience for me initially. There were times I found myself shockingly disappointed with Spike Chunsoft, and there were times when I was completely immersed and enraptured with what they'd put ou...


White Whales: Too Many to Count

I was going to use a silly picture, but this is nice I wish I could say I wasn't an anxiety-ridden person. I wish I could wake up, confident in who I am and what I study and with my path in life and just ...


White Whale: Whale pile

My first idea for what would be my white whale was Morrowind. Unfortunately past me, being the asshole he is, decided to cover pretty in-depth my journey from the games breakage on Xbox to its eventual completion on PC in good detail. So ...


Whites Whales: Finishing a Game

My white whale is simple, yet seems impossible. It's not something that requires skill or is particularly challenging. My white whale is finishing a game.This use to not be an issue for me. Not only did I finish main storylines, I unlocked ...


Thankful it's Over: The Grind

If there is one aspect that I can both love and hate about games, it is grinding. The love or hate will usually depend on the game and the manner in which The Grind is presented to the player. It doesn't even matter if I like the game, beca...


Presents: The Joy of Giving

My first Bloggers Wanted and it’s actually one of the best themes I could start with. You know why? Because I love presents! Not necessarily the fact that I’m getting something or giving something in itself, but rather all the anticipat...


They Call Me Spooky: My Trip to Hell

It's Halloween once again. As this fabled night of horror draws closer and closer, I am drawn to the memory of a game from my past. This tale put me through horrors unlike any which I had ever before experienced... And if you're willing, De...


Those Meddling Kids: 'Trip to Akihabara

This blog is basically to serve as a form of closure for me and also contribute to the monthly call. Having just beaten Akiba's Trip there is a ton of stuff I want to talk about, including how it relates to the theme this month. So without...


Those meddling kids: F*ck 'em (nsfw)

Imagine this, will you? Back when I was just starting college in Tokyo, my father suggested I'd stay with one of his friends' family while attending school. I didn't really care one way or another, but imagine the shock for me as a healthy ...


Those meddling kids: Born and raised

Rather than focus this Bloggers Wanted response on a specific group of meddlers or even one specific meddler, after a bit of deliberation, some a bit more personal than I'd care to admit, I settled on a different way to approach the topic: ...


Challengers wanted: Aggron the immovable object

From deviantart The metagame for Pokemon is extremely large. And as such finding a challenger to battle can lead to any number of varied experiences. Even if you fight against tier hogs who adhere to the strictest idea of playing with tryha...




To celebrate completing my summer research and for getting a new job that I start next week, I bought myself a Retron 3 Now I just need NES/Famicom/SNES/SFC/Genesis/Mega Drive games to


Man if this video is accurate and if most of Xenoblades 3s soundtrack isnt just remixes or the same song changed a little bit then a OST that is 11+ hours long for any game is I cant think of the last game I saw with 11 hours of music made for

Inquisitive Raven

I feel silly going outside with my mask nowadays, especially when I can count the number of other people with one on one And the latest policy on the virus is *shrugs* Oh well! Still gonna keep it up for the foreseeable future,


Continuing with my trend of playing new genres, Hyrule Warriors Legends has been My 1st Musou that I struggled to get by but got the hang of it to the point of playing even when charging my Also, this is my #24 game More in


If youre having a bad day at work be happy your boss isnt

Jetter Mars

Bonus QTOID: According to an interview with M2s There will be 20 Sega CD games for the Genesis/MD Mini 2 and the US release will be getting an exclusive Robo Aleste was low key confirmed too for the Link in comments to Twitter


Anyone who thinks Donny Darko is better than Southland Tales is living in a world of BULLSHIT!!

Whispering Willow

She always finds me, no matter what


Pretty much done LiveALive that was a really neat game that mostly suprsingly holds up pretty The voice acting,localization and graphics where really well Was nice to not be spoiled on the game despite how old it is


Thoughts on Cult of the Lamb? Thinking of picking it up to play on my 2 week break before classes start back


Look how they massacred my boy! #Caturday

Mike Sounders

Less than two weeks to gooo ye ye ye

Jetter Mars

Made a new friend while rollerblading this morning! Was really sweet and playful! #Caturday


Get Belle Boomerang while its still 25% off and support Riley Hospital for Children!


I hate all the young people for stuff they have no control Also, Ive decided I hate mirrors

Inquisitive Raven

Oh snap, theres a Genshin Direct right now!?


Current status


The Female Guts with a ghost stand Character action game is one Im rooting for to be


TERF speedrun In only 2 years JKRs statements have gone from Ill march with trans people if theyre being discriminated to Watch this epic tradcon religious If she nails her frame perfect Orban endorsement tweet shell have WR


My 2nd favorite local cinema just announced a Cronenburg marathon for this week leading into his new Definitely going to catch Videodrome and maybe Do I dare watch Crash again? What are some amazing movies you must see but once is enough?

Cygnus Rush 961

Came home from work and played the PC port of Marvels Spider-Man Seems to be a Polished Port so far, the people at Nixxes that helped with said port knew what theyre Screenshot also related:


This really flew under the radar Looks like an okay platformer I guess itll really depend on the price for I could see myself putting down $30 for this, maybe I do have a weakness for these sorts of

Whispering Willow

Matsuno had these trollishly long Invalice sidequests in FFXIV and Yoshi P just announced theyre cutting two of Soon newer players will not learn how much Matsunomand his wife love bacon I like learning that


Ive tried to broaden my horizons lately and break down emotional walls, but some of the behavior of large Twitch streamers is Actively whaling on the latest mobile games make a point? And people eat this shit What the HELL

sp testure

So I picked up Diablo 2 R back when it was on sale as an early birthday Vicarious Visions did a great job with the The legacy mode is a nice addition as Its nice to go back to a bit more sedate pacing, compared to Diablo

Ricky Namara

Okay, fess up: which one of you got to the Monkeys Paw again?!


Trump fighting


Ape Escape doesnt hold up as well as I remember it holding up twenty years


Breaking in the new bartender at my friends What do I have him make?


Current Status:

Zoey Handley

Am I wrong?


When you cant hear all three ladies behind the counter and dont wanna say what for the 12th fucking time Current Status:

Chris Moyse

I wrote an epic feature on the things I would like to see Capcom Do and Very Much Not Do in Street Fighter Its on the FP if yall have the time to check it It long, but hopefully


As a horror fan, Im glad that Alone in the Dark has a new game


Ive been training pretty hard in Multiversus when not Improved significantly I Met a streamer/tournament player who mains Harley and we discussed some That helped a Also decided to pick up Guilty Gear


Today fucking Head Drowning headache with On the bright side, I have a phone interview set up with a new company thats fully remote and the starting pay is good so wish me luck! TGIF is up over in the blogs! Dont be a stranger!


Took a long break from Yakuza Like a Not a great stream game, not a great podcast game, so didnt fit into my Fuck is it good when you have time for it,


Whats the most intelligently rewarding game youve ever played?


I finished one of the endings for SMT V Im still mulling over my thoughts on the game in regards to the series but overall I think it was extremely Story not so great compared to other entries but combat and exploration felt really fresh!


If your intrested in Splatoon 3 this ia a good Its not big new stuff just small Save data backup is in for Splatoon 3, you can skip the starting news events,if you die against big salmon in Salmon Rush you dont fail the 3 rounds you did et


Speaking of Cults that political assassination in Japan sure had some


My boy is finally a It seems like yesterday I was installing him in computer Now hes on Deck exploring the


My cult is officially Cult of the A7 Chord, as tribute to my favorite guitar (comments)


What a sad state the DC films are And I say that as someone who likes DCs characters more than Marvels, on the


With todays repair I did something a little different: I did an original Xbox by replacing the fans with Noctua ones, both on the case and the GPU, and replaced the clock capacitor so the thing actually keeps time Super Current status:


Instructions too Dick got caught in the


Love that Im hearing Running up that hill on my top 40 Do it to more songs


So theres this genie--right? Yadda, yadda, three You know how it The catch: if you make a wish theyve heard before, you gain nothin and lose that Also, Genie punches you as hard as they can in your What do you wish for?


Saw The Weeknd last Too bad Im old and cant stay out like I used damn, hate that I took shrooms before the show started and by the time he started performing, 930, my trip was p much And I just sweated anxiously thru most of