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Im finally beautiful!


Thanks America for another shooting, this time at a high school 2 dead were a just graduate and his My oldest was there an hour How do you process through that as a kid, let alone adult? School year cut What a mess

Sweaty Dungus

The monster isnt even scary, its just annoying and I hate hiding from it -person who is more afraid of the latest horror game than you could ever know

Sir Shenanigans

Key lime dulce de leche cupcake good stuff good stuff


new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny new its always sunny!


Hot damn did this take a while! Plaguevex Gnawmark, Exalted Champion of Ive had this guy in the trash hoard of minis I got and painted him to go with my next reaper mini Nurgle stuff is always a joy to paint 👍


Bought tickets to this and I cannot Ive wanted to see this for years and I believe this is the closest it has ever been to me


I know Im a few decades late to say this but: Murder, She Wrote is very


This is what started me on my noughties metal tangent a few days One part Godsmack, another Slipknot, yet another little Reminded me how much I used to love Lady


Level 34 sorcerer, I was going for a northern water tribe Im only doing frost spells its pretty busted Bonus Pic of my Druid in the


This intro is quietly brilliant and what they set up with the world map is really cool but idt I can handle Amnesia: The The noise - light - exploration combination is too much for me Glad people are enjoying it tho!


What a find! Went scrounging around in our garage and found some old Spider-Man The middle one is from 1979! Woo~


$33 on Facebook My heart


I did it, heres my latest review of Spyro the Mainly focused on the PS1 version because its for my YouTube channels 11th anniversary, and this was the first game I ever Lets


I’m already ready for the official remake to not look anywhere nesr this good also dat voice acting!


My Link OC, Demon Prince He is a A demon I call him Do not steal or he will come to you in your sleep and sit on your chest and you would really hate that, right?


The guerilla collective stream was Some cool indie and lower budget Worth fast forwarding or watching I nthe


@jobejoe : If you see this, post your steam profile in the That way I can add you to the friends list and message you the Blasphemous key I owe


Oh sweet I love Lisa the Painful so new content is great to I will put my expectations in check that it may just be some new boss short fights and side quests likr Omori console edition got and that the new main story content will b3


#wednesdogday lol iunno


Real shame to see now that the ads are covering up the fun pun subheadings of front page articles now :(

Dr Mel

Its like someone applied a sepia tone filter on everything, its crazy over here with this Fuckn canada, I tells


Dude this is radicaly rad dude,cowabunga my


No idea if this is hype for Monster Hunter series fans but they showed what the final monster of Monster Hunter Rise(Sunbreak) will


It dawned on me while playing Ishin that samurai action games is basically its own genre that I have made steady progress What about you? Played any of these, or know of any I should add to my list?


Been on a streak with new music discoveries and this band has blown me Ive already listened to the new album 7x in 2 Such an engaging, complete album! FFO: Early Dream Theater (Falling into Infinity specifically), Coheed, Porcupine Tree


The final MH: Rise direct is now

Chris Bradshaw

Big props to the nso update this Ive been wanting to properly play Kirbys Tilt n Tumble for years


Aww yeah, waifu get!


Very cool and good seeing forest fires increase in frequency and severity thorough my life while we keep doing less than the strict minimum about climate change


Lifting deep in my squat of loathing


Current Status:


Have a great day!


Loving the hell out of Diablo 4 so Now a level 15 Druid and being able to swap between mauling demons as a bear or tearing them to shreds as a werewolf in a matter of seconds is incredibly Excited to check out the other classes


Ooookay, when you allow me to unlock skin colors where I can basically make a tiefling, you know Im gonna do it!


After much soul searching, I think Im ready to say it: Diablo IV fucking So damn nice to actually care about the story Cant wait for the endgame


Can confirm, Amnesia The Bunker is super


Computer is Now for the fun part of any build: reinstalling and updating Windows!


For anybody else in the northeast, stick inside until after midnight if you If you cant, then wear a Air quality is really dangerous from the Canadian Pic technically related


I thought my copy of Katamari was in the mail, I forgot that I impulse bought this a few weeks ago--it was The Switch version is really rough, so I thought Id try Apparently Katamari isnt shipping till the end of the month, for some reason


This is pretty Here in PA, and Im smelling smoke from fires in eastern Canada? You guys doing okay up there?


Played a bit more of Finished the memories and the beasts, starting to feel like it is overstaying its welcome, but there are still like 2 towers and 4 areas that Ive barely explored and finishing without checking those out feels wrong, I guess?

Inquisitive Raven

Playing World Tour in Street Fighter 6, and Im addicted to the World Map How ISNT this the Character Select theme!?


I miss Amphibia and Owl


Do you guys still play Sonic?


I know Activision is within their right to advertise their games wherever, but advertising Diablo 4 within Call of Duty of all things is still a bizarre


And thats DMC5 taken Moving right on through the


The Plucky Squire looks joyous and Im definitely gonna play it


Super Mario Odyssey implies that Goombas are physically capable of jumping but are too dumb to know


Got the new computer (tower) put up where it’s likely to go (next to my old monitor)! Don’t laugh, but I’m planning on getting Geek Squad to do some basic setup and troubleshooting instead of fucking something up myself and severely losing my