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I wrote all night last I havent done that in Making some headway and think this thing might actually get finished next Just turned on some Deftones and cut The goddamn writers block might finally be


Current status


I found what may be the perfect managa for Gamemanic that is coming out next month is called Chieri no koi wa 8 Meter or in English My Childhood Friend is 8 Meters Tall and seems like its supposed to be a rom


As a slight follow up Spike Chunsoft made a notice that Steam really did reject Chaos;Head from the platform despite being an already toned down version of the Keep in mind that the sequel has been on steam and is more


Damn, this last Dark Tower book is About halfway through now, and I legitimately tested up twice in a 100 page


Forgot to mention this here,I saw that they made a mini 4 minute animation for the end credit song in the ainme Cyberpunk I think they call these AMVs, anyways its pretty impressive animation for a side


I hate the food, but Im here for biblically accurate mascots from my Starting 3, such horrors can be ours!!!


Welp, got paid today and as a treat to myself leaving danger library, I have gotten all of IDW Phase 2 Transformers All 12 of My wallet weeps, but I am :3


Finally got a Steam Deck Liking it so far and will definitely get a second one for the living This one will mostly be for transferring files via USB and using a mouse and keyboard in the Desktop And because it looks nice on my


In my defense, I was bored and left unsupervised with my second favorite video game of all time: Adobe

The Mars In The Mirror

Shadow I want you SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDD! Found a new game store!


Here’s the thing their new models are the same as the old


If there are no birds, only government drones, so whats KFC been feeding you lot?

Robo Panda Z

Current Status:


I only drink beer when Im sober - bless the Irish lasses

Virtua Kazama

Not gonna lie, the update for Splatoon 3 did fix a couple things last But I only played it for 30 minutes on the Fortune Roulette I still need to get better on using the


Get in the damn 12 piece bucket Shinji!

CaimDark Reloaded

Ive never met a mongol in my life but I already hate their HONOR SHALL BE RESTORED!


#striptoid did I do that right or have I just used a NSFW tag?? Lol


Found some old Halloween Lets get spooky 👻👻👻




Fuck I bought a I want to play Binding of Isaac in and Elden Has anyone had experience with Elden Ring on it? Does it run well?


My mum told all her friends I like cats and now I get offered kittens like twice a month which doesnt sound like a problem except I cant have a pet so theyre dealing unknown amounts of emotional damage through their kindness


Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has an even better weekend! This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend


Awww yes! Was hoping to finish my replay of Sky 2 before popping this in but I cant hold off (will probably play the first chapter and finish Sky over the




Bunger is living in my head rent-free and Im okay with


This is a 19 year old, pot stilled, cask strength, barrel fresh The tour guide basically said they messed up by giving them a 19 year old barrel, which lost about 30 percent to He estimated at a bar, this drink would be over 150!

Sam van der Meer

It’s not my favorite meal*, to be honest, but we went out to our favorite little cafe to get ramen with friends for the first time in literal Pretty as a picture/fit for a Yakuza (Like a Dragon)!


I could go for a spooky


Finished my first chaos knight! The main part was actually done for a while now, but I completely fucked the base up, first time I would at some point like to do some of heraldry to spruce it up in places, but Im calling this a great start


And the mystery of why Stadia failed begins to Turns out, Google is dumb and turned down multiple single-player exclusives during a point in the industry when single-player games are fairly

Anthony Marzano

Its Friday, I feel like ass and have all I hate Its times like these where Phantom Thread rings as one of the best movies about modern perceived We need to be brought to our knees before well admit we need Picture unrelated

Chris Moyse

Hope yall have a good Take care of yourselves and be sure to grab as much fun and/or rest as you are

Just Aaron

New Slipknot album just It`s on


Hey there, Moonscars on Gamepass is pretty good


Dont mind me, still obsessed with the soundtrack for The Devils

Whispering Willow

Lower Decks is just gold It gave us a small look at post-Dominion War life on Deep Space Nine this Sadly, no Maybe well see that plain simple tailor again


Just popping in briefly to remind everyone that Final Fantasy 12 is the best Final Fantasy and a top 5 game of all time


The dtoid user SpikeyWiggedHero here said Resident Evil6 is a fun game




No power no water, off to work, fuck you hurricane


Been on a big time Devin Townsend kick The positive vibes radiating from him and his music is so Always a go-to when I need a pick me up or something to relate This song in particular when Im Give it a listen :) #Positoid


Good vibes to everyone out Shits stressful af, for all of No need to add to it, or soak in Be a force of positivity, bc we dont know which of us is close to the thing that snaps or breaks


Quick reminder that Phil Collins is the


So I finished RE5 and begun my journey into controversial Ive only played the first chapter I kinda like it? Is there something wrong with me? Why do I love Leon Reedus?? Guys???