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Last minute eShopping spree! Automaton Lung, Dillons Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, Crimson Shroud, Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!, AMBITION OF THE SLIMES, Parascientific Escape: Cruise in the Distant Stars and KAROUS - THE BEAST OF RE *exhale*

Anthony Marzano

I know time hasnt been kind on LA Noire thanks to McNamara being revealed as a literal slave driver but I cant express how much of a joy the game was for someone who grew up with noir I wish we would get another AAA detective game but


Someone found the true answer to the trolly quest on High On Life

Boxed Swine

Damn, Regenerators in RE4 Remake looking dope!

sp testure

I consider myself an old hand at modding Fallout,RimWorld,Skyrim Decided to mod up Oblivion to take advantage of my new beefy I had no amount of mods for this game is absolutely Found a good and current guide


If you made a bug MMO, would the hard bosses be a Raid?


I hope re4 has adaptive I think thats what was really cool to learn


The Callisto Protocol is I really enjoyed it! Its rather flawed in very obvious ways but I still had a blast and wish there were more linear games like this (though perhaps not as linear, this is legit a corridor simulator lmao)


I really wish my government cared less about tiktok than it does about school shootings, Healthcare, child care, taxing the rich, the environment, homelessness, sustainability, care for the elderly, space exploration, police I could go



Virtua Kazama

The Virtua Fighter 4 era brought a brand new attitude for the franchise during the early Lets talk about it tonight on Part 4 of Virtua Fighter 30th Anniversary Livestream Retrospective!


Thats another Yahtzee book After the first one being so cynical, this one felt equally cynical, but fully committed to being space pulp as Its very solid well to draw comedy from and this book does so


Ive recently watched all the Mad Max films and want to tell you about Quick thoughts on each in the Spoiler

Cygnus Rush 961

Messed about with the new Photo Mode update in Sonic Frontiers, not quite as impressive as the Spider-Man games (Remastered & Miles Morales) or my racing games Photo Modes (ie: Forza Horizon 3-5, Assetto Corsa, ACC, PCARS2) but

CaimDark Reloaded

Im a boring No matter how many innovative fancy weapons Gears offers me, I always stick to 2 Lancer


Another series of posts Ill be sharing: TV shows Ive been watching this #1 TV Show of 2023 is: The Last Of The game was ok, overrated if you ask me, but this didnt do it for I hope to play the 2nd game before next season


Mmmmmm, Gondorian tomatoes!


The TMNT Last Ronin game has me thinking, what story arcs/AUs from comics would be good inspirations for games? I personally want a Spider-Man: Spider Island inspired I think a Spidey game where the criminals also have similar abilities would be rad


So they are making a new expanded release of a really underwhelming kinda broken collection? If this is not free DLC for the orginal release then that is pretty

Sweaty Dungus

I wish all the guns had laser sights by default in re4 Even if that were at least an option in Just saw footage of the Red9 and wooof, that thing looks unusable Bullet spread and re4 dont


Time to sludge it up!


Decided to check if my Wii U games had As it happened, I wasnt imagining that the disc wallet felt too snug for the The majority of the discs are now Oh


TMNT is getting a game based on the Last Ronin Pretty sure I manifested this into reality as Ive been asking for this since I heard of that comics Bit concerned about a AAA TMNT game in the current industry but trying to stay

Just Aaron

Saw a good comment on the front page asking about who has the best jacket in Here`s my

The Mars In The Mirror

Snaileb got it!


Friend of mine in Japan is already playing Me? Gonna wait for my next Wife got the Diablo 4 early I can Hopefully it will be worth it!

Punished Nietzsche

Linus Tech Tips was hacked and his channel Im assuming this is a temporal measure, but i was watching it unfolding live and the hacked deleted almost ALL of the videos before being take Linus must be fuming right


Uncle passed at 3 this Couldnt say goodbye because I got sick so now I feel double


Was watching old GDC videos when the presenter put up this gem:


Ryza 3 is reviewing pretty well so far, this one gives a Excited to play it down the line, and what comes next for


Man, I cant wait for Remnant 2 to come Thats a day 1 purchase for Especially since one of the new classes essentially has the Very Good Boy power built in!


Yoooo just figured out that voice actor narrator from Disco Elyisum voices the bonus boss P2 fight in Ultrakills latest Small thing but pretty cool, love his voice performance, hope to see him in more


1,100+ games FINALLY compartmentalized!!! Will further specify some categories, but everything has been put into a box and made just a little more convenient to find based on my current I love that I am, for the most part,


The Final Fantasy 7 THEY dont want you to see

Chris Moyse

Just checking in, What a Hope that youre all doing ok, yo <3


To all the dtoiders who arent native English speakers, I very much admire If I didnt know any better Id have said youre all Good job :) Have a great day!


Thats a wrap on A Realm That leaves the not-so-small matter of literally all the other I am both excited and

Boxed Swine

Also, part


Current status: what in termination?


Yay! New termies after like 20 years lol!

Ricky Namara

So its the first day of Ramadhan, and the first thing I saw on TV when I woke up this morning was an ad for a new all-you-can-eat Who says the universe doesnt have a sense of humor? Happy Ramadhan, everybody!


Suck it, Rhitahtyn, you iron-clad Woo!


Session 0 of Dark Souls went very Enemies and players are both deadly, and combat has a lot of risk/reward or One player Ready for sesion 1!

Boxed Swine

Follow up on the Roiland

Whispering Willow

Mando Season 3 Episode 3 was very, well, in the direction of Book of Boba Fett sorts of Episode was a nice recovery, especially the guest star this


ok i finally saw what pizza tower is me do want?

Dr Mel

Alright, not to dredge this up even more, but the idea that the RE4 review was embargoed the way it was is Review our game, but dont go into detail! As you might have noticed, it makes anything other than total praise hard to


Oh and heres a picture of me being *mildly* vain- sorry for the double