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New Pocketoid Episode Records Tonight!

Hey guys! So, crackity jones (Addison) and I (Jordan) are recording a new episode of Pocketoid tonight! I don't know how to access Pocketoid's Dtoid account so I will just post this from my own for now. Anyway! This week we'll be talking ...


Comments of the Week: I have returned edition

Yoho Dtoid! A lots happened since Ive been doing real world stuff and not coming by here as much. It feels... smaller than before. And did we get rid of the trolls? This place seems pretty relatively troll free compared with before. May...


Video of the panel I did at PAX East

Remember that panel I talked about back in March? Well here's the video of it. I barely remember saying any of it, even five minutes after the panel was over. Many thanks to Derek Nolan of 2Old2Play for letting me be a part of it and fel...


[NEW HEADER] Like it?

Not great ot this design stuff, you like? Im also getting this error when I click on 'my posts' Warning: require(/home/home/destructoid/public_html/incl_envolve.phtml) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory ...


Long time no see (E3 related fanart)

Hello, guys. I recently had a really serious problems in my life, so I didn't had time to write new posts in this blog. But I'm back on my feet again and shitpants excited for E3, so I drew a E3 related picture of Mr. Destructoid. Enjoy. B...


How Joplin, MO and Dtoid come together

Last Sunday was the scariest day of my entire life. As some of you may have heard on the news Joplin, my home town, was hit by an F5 tornado and was one of the most deadliest tornadoes in US history. As surprising as it may seem even this d...


Dtoid on JTV: Weekend Chatter

As is my duty and pleasure, I once again bring you my harvest of highlights from Destructoid's official live-stream channel. It's Monday, which means our focus is on the weekend line-up. Saturday Morning Hangover is kind of a big deal wi...



I'm going to go ahead and start this off with saying; Money well wasted. I believe I earn bragging rights for the following images: Cp. DTOID leads his army to the front lines. Close up for the little guy! DTOID GET! I LOVE YOU TARA....


Corduroy Turtle's Caption Contest - RESULTS!!

I was completely blown away by the response to this contest! I guess when you dangle free games in front of a group of rabid video game lovers, it garners a response. Who knew? In fact, this contest was so fun that I will be using this...


Dtoid On JTV: Weekendertainment

Though the weekend line-up on Destructoid's official live-stream channel is smaller than the rest of the week, it is still not to be missed. On Saturday Morning Hangover(10am-NoonPST) Dtoid editors Conrad Zimmerman and Jordan Devore play ...


Killzone inspired Destructoid shirt!

Hi! I suck! I've been very much in the shadows as of late and I hate that fact. After E3 I'm hoping to drop a majority of my editorial duties so I can refocus on what I love the most: The community! AND CONSUMER WHORISM! We actually hav...


FYI: Outer Heaven Temporary Home

Hey there, just a quickie... I know that's how you like it. We've taken up temporary residence for the Outer Heaven regulars on the same IRC server as #destructoid. That is: Server: irc.dynastynet.net:6667 Channel: #outerheaven Also...


Dtoid On JTV: MASH TacticS Highlights

Once again, I bring you a selection of moments from Destructoid's live-stream channel. This time, the focus is on MASH TacticS. Mash Tactics airs over 20 hours a week, and every moment is packed with entertainment, but some moments are ju...


Dtoid on JTV: 6K Followers Special Stream

This past Sunday(5/15/2011), MASH TacticS held a special 6 hour streaming event in honor of Destructoid's live channel breaching 6 thousand followers! Dr. Jesse "Tactix" Cortez and his brother Jesus joined Jon Carnage and Pico Mause in the ...


That Outer Heaven Chat Thing That People Talk About

BRUDDAH Chat has been going for a good couple of months now and it has easily become one of the reasons I come here. Even in the dead times of GMT mornings, there's usually someone awesome to talk to. I honestly believe the only person w...


Chit Chat: My Outer Heaven Experience

Everybody has a unique Destructoid story to tell. Some have been here since the beginning. Others migrated from different gaming blogs throughout the years. Some have even lurking in the shadows for many, many moons, waiting for the perfect...


Comment First, Read Later

So apparently there are some pretty sensitive people around these parts who would prefer to demagogue rather than discuss. I thought my post from last Friday would have been so outrageous and goofy that people would have either passed on...


Tommy Wiseautoid

Ever since we started taking movie suggestions for our totally-not-an-obvious-product-tie-in Destructoid/Netflix movie club, people have been yammering at us to watch The Room. No. I've seen that fucking movie enough times. In fact, here's...




Current brain status as I force myself to head to

Inquisitive Raven

Woke up yesterday with a crick in my It was annoying, but nothing too Took some painkillers and called it a Woke up early this morning, and it got I can barely turn my head or bend Called out for the first time in a


Today is the 15th anniversary of DMC4!


The Emerald Warrior Ship -Boss- (2023): Working on an album called Hyperion The story is that after saving the galaxy in the first game, Hyperion has become a wanted ship, and bounty hunters are after it to be Its going to be a boss


Bottom dumbbell


As someone who very much enjoyed The Last Of Us part 1, I am loving the TV Episode 3 took a plot point that was barely mentioned in the game and crafted a beautiful Im happy ppl are noticing some of what we already played and then


I might need an Ive also never had so many super rare achievements in any


Have a great day!


I tried to tell folks this wasnt gonna be the thing that finally pushed VR gaming beyond a niche It just aint happenin 🤷‍♂️

Sweaty Dungus

Wife caught me jaggin to AI-generated SlimeyToids with state of the art next-gen jiggle She is sitting next to me with tears streaming down her face as I type out this humiliating public Huge

Ricky Namara

Found this little gem, and while I get that this is a joke made by MTV, it amazes me how many things gets a pass by corporate executives back then as opposed to

Anthony Marzano

The Disco Elysium fandom is the gift that keeps on

Anthony Marzano

The Disco Elysium fandom is the gift that keeps on


I did some light sequence breaking in Dark As a result of my hubris, I found a new way to get the firekeeper That one came as a surprise to


You sell like 50 consoles a month in Japan, but apparently want to sell less? I understand the cost issue, and Sony also did this, but an extra $50 price hike seems like a futile decision considering the Japanese market has never fully accepted


Oh no, Im getting addicted to Pizza Tower

Anonymous 20

The Bill and Frank episode was fucking I loved it, easily my favorite of the three so The changes made sense in the context of the show, since youre not actively playing a Incredibly well done


Time to play Whats in the big box?


Of all the things that rubbed me the wrong way in Cyberpunk, trying to make choom happen was one of But I do kind of want to make choom


good shit m8s

Boxed Swine

Had to see it to believe This is an actual

Ricky Namara

Anime fanboys are the worst, and Im embarrassed to call myself one in

Ricky Namara

Screw your UWU

Virtua Kazama

We got what we to take down The Lets go live with more Gotham Knights!

Sweaty Dungus

Beat GTA IV, moving onto OG Dead Space on the ol dirty In This House its 2008 There is peace Hope is on the And the real estate market is absolutely looking normal and

Chris Moyse

Hope yall had a good weekend x


Nis is releasing Rhapsody 2 and 3 in the west for the first time as a bundle this Gotta give the first one a

Just Aaron

The best Sega Genesis soundtrack: Eternal I`ve been listening to it and never really appreciated how good it Listen to that first This game is primed for a

Virtua Kazama

Tickets secured for TooManyGames


Currently in the homestretch of Can safely say that this game is pretty damn great


Taking advantage of the weekends to play for longer time periods, I started Demons I wasnt prepared not only to die a lot, but to admire the craft this game As a masochist of sorts myself, this is a Defeating a boss never felt so good


Dead Space DF analysis Johns loving it as much as I have so My 2 biggest concerns -- Issacs new voice acting and the zero-g changes -- are not only not bad, but theyre actually Like better than the original somehow lol


Who needs a heater when you have 12 chromebooks charging and a server with no ac cooling it next to


Aayyyy witch from mercury is getting a The prologue just went up with it on crunchyroll, I assume the rollout is an episode per


Just watched Heat for the very first time if you can believe My main takeaway is that William Fichtner was super hot back in the

The Mars In The Mirror

Teaching my nephews to play retro games is an exercise in futility but they do seem to really like Turtles In Time! Have you guys been able to get younger family members into classic games?


Huh Clone High the tv show is getting a reboot/revival for two new seasons on HBO intrest in the show but never thought that show would getting anything new so thats its on HBO Max and will probably die quickly regardless of its quality


Star ocean 6 has a disease arc where ray gives everyone masks and gives an explaination to the fantasy people how masks can help prevent the spread of


hello how are you


Morning Status:

Ricky Namara

Destructoid, what underrated or niche movie/TV series/cartoons/comics deserved a next-gen video game adaptation? Personally, I want a Mystery Men in the same vein as Gotham I mean, cant be any worse than the actual Gotham Knights game, right?


The Butthole Surfers with Cake


I saw a few people mention it in videos but man the audio in the Persona 3 remaster is Its so compressed and just make everything sound like I dont have great hearing to begin with and I rarely notice this in a game so it is very bad


Tomb Raider


John Carpenter is a man of many talents, filmmaking, music but also to settle the debate of “Is it a remaster or a remake?” FF7 Remake is a remake, Nier Replicant is Done!


That new episode of The Last of Us is Just Using the song On the Nature of Daylight should be considered cheating because it never fails to make me


A new age of ThorHighHeels is upon I didnt think it was really possible for him to outright or be really negative for nearly any video


I cant deal with Shinji Mikami framed in this solemn tone talking about God Hand is just But my respect has grown ever


Have a great day!