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New Pocketoid Episode Records Tonight!

Hey guys! So, crackity jones (Addison) and I (Jordan) are recording a new episode of Pocketoid tonight! I don't know how to access Pocketoid's Dtoid account so I will just post this from my own for now. Anyway! This week we'll be talking ...


Comments of the Week: I have returned edition

Yoho Dtoid! A lots happened since Ive been doing real world stuff and not coming by here as much. It feels... smaller than before. And did we get rid of the trolls? This place seems pretty relatively troll free compared with before. May...


Video of the panel I did at PAX East

Remember that panel I talked about back in March? Well here's the video of it. I barely remember saying any of it, even five minutes after the panel was over. Many thanks to Derek Nolan of 2Old2Play for letting me be a part of it and fel...


[NEW HEADER] Like it?

Not great ot this design stuff, you like? Im also getting this error when I click on 'my posts' Warning: require(/home/home/destructoid/public_html/incl_envolve.phtml) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory ...


Long time no see (E3 related fanart)

Hello, guys. I recently had a really serious problems in my life, so I didn't had time to write new posts in this blog. But I'm back on my feet again and shitpants excited for E3, so I drew a E3 related picture of Mr. Destructoid. Enjoy. B...


How Joplin, MO and Dtoid come together

Last Sunday was the scariest day of my entire life. As some of you may have heard on the news Joplin, my home town, was hit by an F5 tornado and was one of the most deadliest tornadoes in US history. As surprising as it may seem even this d...


Dtoid on JTV: Weekend Chatter

As is my duty and pleasure, I once again bring you my harvest of highlights from Destructoid's official live-stream channel. It's Monday, which means our focus is on the weekend line-up. Saturday Morning Hangover is kind of a big deal wi...



I'm going to go ahead and start this off with saying; Money well wasted. I believe I earn bragging rights for the following images: Cp. DTOID leads his army to the front lines. Close up for the little guy! DTOID GET! I LOVE YOU TARA....


Corduroy Turtle's Caption Contest - RESULTS!!

I was completely blown away by the response to this contest! I guess when you dangle free games in front of a group of rabid video game lovers, it garners a response. Who knew? In fact, this contest was so fun that I will be using this...


Dtoid On JTV: Weekendertainment

Though the weekend line-up on Destructoid's official live-stream channel is smaller than the rest of the week, it is still not to be missed. On Saturday Morning Hangover(10am-NoonPST) Dtoid editors Conrad Zimmerman and Jordan Devore play ...


Killzone inspired Destructoid shirt!

Hi! I suck! I've been very much in the shadows as of late and I hate that fact. After E3 I'm hoping to drop a majority of my editorial duties so I can refocus on what I love the most: The community! AND CONSUMER WHORISM! We actually hav...


FYI: Outer Heaven Temporary Home

Hey there, just a quickie... I know that's how you like it. We've taken up temporary residence for the Outer Heaven regulars on the same IRC server as #destructoid. That is: Server: irc.dynastynet.net:6667 Channel: #outerheaven Also...


Dtoid On JTV: MASH TacticS Highlights

Once again, I bring you a selection of moments from Destructoid's live-stream channel. This time, the focus is on MASH TacticS. Mash Tactics airs over 20 hours a week, and every moment is packed with entertainment, but some moments are ju...


Dtoid on JTV: 6K Followers Special Stream

This past Sunday(5/15/2011), MASH TacticS held a special 6 hour streaming event in honor of Destructoid's live channel breaching 6 thousand followers! Dr. Jesse "Tactix" Cortez and his brother Jesus joined Jon Carnage and Pico Mause in the ...


That Outer Heaven Chat Thing That People Talk About

BRUDDAH Chat has been going for a good couple of months now and it has easily become one of the reasons I come here. Even in the dead times of GMT mornings, there's usually someone awesome to talk to. I honestly believe the only person w...


Chit Chat: My Outer Heaven Experience

Everybody has a unique Destructoid story to tell. Some have been here since the beginning. Others migrated from different gaming blogs throughout the years. Some have even lurking in the shadows for many, many moons, waiting for the perfect...


Comment First, Read Later

So apparently there are some pretty sensitive people around these parts who would prefer to demagogue rather than discuss. I thought my post from last Friday would have been so outrageous and goofy that people would have either passed on...


Tommy Wiseautoid

Ever since we started taking movie suggestions for our totally-not-an-obvious-product-tie-in Destructoid/Netflix movie club, people have been yammering at us to watch The Room. No. I've seen that fucking movie enough times. In fact, here's...




Question: Is there enough single player stuff in SF6 that someone like me who has no interest in online would still be able to play it? Id like to hold out for the Ultra Arcade Hyper Edition that is inevitably coming but as a counterpoint,


Boy Im getting into a weird rabbit hole w/ Monster Im reading about MHDos with its new fan translation patch, and this game No other title in the series is quite like this one, and its very hard core

Whispering Willow

Had a blast with SF6 last night! Lost a But learned a fair bit about Had a great number of fights with a Jamie player, who I also want to Also JP is a


#28 Game beaten in 2023 is: Being the movie one of my favorites of all time, I wanted to try this My first GTA like experience and one I had fun with, just like my brother did years ago when I helped him finish Loved the 4/5


Happy its Friday! Short week seemed to drag but excited for this This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs! Come say hi and let us know how your week went along with all your weekend plans!


Guess whos bank double charged him when he paid his rent cause of a glitch with Now I am more than broke, I am Super Broke! (Overdrafted 100 cause of these shenanigans)


ZOMBIE AHOGADA: crispy carnitas, jack cheese, guacamole, pickled jalapeño, lime crema; in a tomato-chile broth and topped with crispy pickled red onion Sure to piss of traditionalists, but man, Im

Anthony Marzano

Back on dat


Played some Octopath 2 as the Thief girl and its fun but yeah the random battle system just I wish these games would do what Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass It has random battles but red alert comes up, press button within 2 seconds no


Just saw an ad for the Limited Edition Budweiser Harley-Davidson Not only is it a hilarious overcorrection to appeal to the hard right, its also a direct promotion for drinking and operating a motor


I just ordered this


Gonna go to work and hit myself with a mallet every time I think I should buy SF6 because those are thoughts of a FOMO I got too much other stuff to play right


This headline has amazing comedic


Did any SF 6 news mention all the monetization and mental trickery in the game? Battle passes? Rental passes to test unowned characters for a whopping hour? Battle hub clothes costing 4x what you can make in a month? Paid currency that’s time limited?


Bad Luck Brian meets #Wholesometoid


Cleanup on aisle 12

Chris Moyse

Have a wicked weekend, all yall, glad Qposts got I havent had a day off in weeks, but this weekend will be donuts and I hope the game stresses me out less than SFV over the coming Hope yall dig Love all yall x


Just played hours of Street Fighter 6 without feeling the time go by, and I couldve put in more time if I didnt have to pull myself Tons of SP content outside World Tour (an actual arcade mode with unlocks) and smooth online kept me


After finishing chapter 1, first impressions of Astilibra Revision are Simple but effective combat, good art style, some item crafting to Its nice to play something that feels like a passion


Have a great day!


Feel like I’m committing sacrilege by opting for controller over mouse for Diablo, but I’m old and prefer to be Also, this game is pretty ducking good so


Alright idc what anyone says, the street fighter movie is goofy The corniness was there sure, but its endearing and the action was pretty Raul Julia is still What really got me rolling was him using a fightstick and Zangief is not bad guy

sp testure

Modding Fallout 4 with MOFAM progresses! Definitely one of the more challenging mod builds Ive I think the results will be worth Has a female theme with icons, pip girl and even a different


Beat Gal Fun lil Not great, but a lot of fun homages and


Great, some knucklehead hit a power pole and knocked out the Luckily I have a few external battery chargers and my Now the wait Time should go by quicker with TotK to keep me Also, Im a Apparently a


Spider-Verse is worth watching just for the animation masterclass it puts The fact that it excels in a bunch of other aspects like music, set pieces, is more cherries on Cant wait for the next

Anthony Marzano

Finally mounted the canvas on some stretchers and now Ive got a whole Nixon


Alright another sf movie came in! Im about to watch the street fighter live action movie before sf6 unlocks at 9pm Lets


Man I am so sick this Luckily today I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a bunch of Now Im going to go home and see if I have the energy to make something like rice with Anyway have a


Idk man this seems like a pretty strong argument for putting difficulty options in Dark Sou-- *gunshot*


Finished Mothmen Its a fantastic little story which goes to some crazy, suitably pulpy Basically a VN, but its got some clunky puzzles and gameplay in there Reminds me of old adventure games a Its short (100mins) but


Even though itll never happen, Id love to see Duke Nukem revived in keeping with Giannis memery of the Duke can still be hedonistic whilst being an ally, right? Nothing more manly than two men in a burly embrace, right?


Nothing like being told that check you earned for hosting a club all year aint coming at Want to cry right

Inquisitive Raven

Saw Mind blown! World brightened! Artsy


I caved, Diablo IV will be played by yours truly at 7PM I may stream it (check my profile), but regardless, Im going to be a Druid and soak in my enemies Lowkey more excited than I thought I would be, and if youre playing: Mamekuma#1683


The newest game Burnhouse Lane by the dev that made The Cat Lady is in a fanatical bundle now for relatively played a good bit of it on Steam Deck and it was quiet good,really well done only stopped because I got a rare in comm


Monte dans le putain de robot


The first season of Strange New Worlds is on YouTube for anyone in US to I think it is a great show and the closest thing weve gotten to the Trek ethos in the new Link in the


I did it! Finally dealt with one of my long time white whales of gaming - Darkest Dungeon is wrapped up, on the standard darkest Mid game was a little bit of a slog, but really enjoyed the final areas, even if they were pretty


You know I would be really down for a Bullestorm With how well Doom 2016,and Eternal did I imagine that should make it easier to pitch a sequel or a new FPS IP single player


Also the new game by the devs that made Hypnospace Outlaw is out Its set in the same world as Hypnodpace, it takes a character mentioned in that game and has that character making a gamr that your playing that is a retro boomer shooter looking


Killer Frequency is out now,seems like it could be a fun Basicaly a horror puzzle game where you run a radiostation and get callers guiding you about solving how to help them while a killer is trying to kill

Anonymous 20

So, according to my Switch, Ive played TotK for 110 hours or I know Ive logged heavy hours since launch, thanks to being home from minor surgery, but Thats approaching my time with BotW, DLC included! And I still have 1 temple left


J E T B O O T Very odd to see a modern game have a flappy bird like short minigame in it


Happy Pride to my fellow freaks! Stay safe, Like, Were due for something (else) pretty terrible to happen at one of these events, given the current political So very much looking forward to


Happy June Dtoid! How is everyone doing? Whats the haps???


Just thinking about the good ole days, and how I used to see this car all the Glad I can at least find a picture to prove that I’m not F


Zombie Despite our governor, Des Moines always feels accepting and progressive to me and Im happy to call it


Shin Kamen Rider was a pretty dang fun time at the


Gianni Matragrano’s “Pride Month” short continues to be the