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I saw a post calling Ghilles in the Mist the best level in gaming, but I couldn't immediately think of other "best levels". I think Silent Cartographer is best I can do. What do you think the best level in gaming is?


Check out my blog on #post]Mega Man 3[/url] as part of my Mega Man retrospective blogs. I put a lot of effort making this one, and hope you like the end results.


Check out my blog on #post]Mega Man 3[/url] as part of my Mega Man retrospective blogs. I put a lot of effort making this one, and hope you like the end results.


Warwick Davis is back, baby!


Ahhh... It's good to be back, Sniper Elite...


Now that building blocks are in place for me to build a first level for Mirama in the short-term future, I'd be kinda curious to know from anyone who's played my original game jam thing what you liked/didn't like about it? To help tweak the new one! Bump!


Movie marathon had led me down the wonderful, genuinely kinda gross world of Freaked (1993). Never have a I seen a more gross-out '90s movie with a gag-a-minute script and incredible practical effects and sets. Really fun!


Today's 6th graders were definitely bad. One of them grabbed the school phone and dialed 911 then quickly hung up. :/


I appreciate the current street fighter producer being 100% blunt about the upcoming collection and chance of revivals.


Hooooolllly crap I think I finally got a PS5! Had to get the HFW bundle because that's all that was left when I got to the front of the PS Direct queue. Also picked up R&C and a Midnight Black controller. (The $72 in taxes hurt though!)


No matter how you feel about politics or religion, I think we can all agree on one thing: YouTube ads are out of control.


I hope the Capcom Fighting Collection does well enough to get a Volume 2. Capcom has a plethora of fighting games that deserve better than to disappear into the void.


Oh NECA, you saucy bitch. I will have this.


Boss and I were looking at 2022 game releases so far and man. I really hope Battle Alliance gets its date later today and we get some not-E3 surprises cus there is not a lot that draws my attention right now or screams day one.


Got the third .hack game in the bag. It was more of the same bland mush, only they removed my primary mage, so I had to gear up another one using the game's incredibly stingy loot system. I swear they stretched one game's loot across all 4.


Generally speaking, do your possessions bring you happiness?


Cool cool cool. So yesterday apparently teachers and staff except me and the other custodians got an email explaining that two kids got heated and threatened to shoot the school up. They already were taken aside. I wouldn't have come to work if I was told


I like to work with music on in the background. Recently found this album which sounds like the ambiance of a mall in some dream-state. What are some albums that you put on when you’re working? Drop some links in the comments.


New to 2D Metroid,at the final boss area in Metroid Dread on normal mode and got to say I pretty much still didn't find anything that particular hard or diffculity spikey.It did get harder which was more fun but at most the bosses took me 2 to 3 attempts.


Eternal (2022): Threw down this jam earlier today to try to break my streak of not writing music for almost 2 months. I have a lot of inspiring sounds to look through. Just need to get back on the composing horse ;)


Now THAT'S what I call a chicken breast.




Im trying the Mario Strikers trial, and the game tells me Press Y to What I didnt expect was that by tackle they mean Have Mario kick Yoshi square in the


After a gaming interlude due to work and the birth of my nieces, Ive beaten a new game this #12 goes to Final Fantasy IV Just like when I played the GBA version, I couldnt put this game Voice acting & cutscenes were well


E3 season is already here?! Oh boy, cant wait for the games I want to be But also cant wait for games I never knew I wanted to come into my But seriously I need to see a new Sly Cooper or Ima

Whispering Willow

The time has come! E3 gives way to another summer of streams! But we can still do predictions! Ask me your questions and Ill see what my tarot cards have to say! (Last bump)

Whispering Willow

Occams, the Pokémon Whisperer, will also be asking Pokémon your summer stream questions and make game predictions, so leave a Pokémon and question for it in this quickpost! (Last bump)


This shirt still fits 15 years? Excited to see them


KAIJU RETURNS: beef patty, soy glaze, Japanese cream cheese spread, sashimi ground spicy ahi tuna, fried rice noodles + Napa cabbage Hard pass for


I miss Inside Job and want season 2 to start


Im excited to see Ewan McGregor play Obi-Wan I hope the series does him Pic


Nobody goes to Dorsia anymore

Mike Sounders

Its always interesting to rewatch a trailer and see mechanics that were not really touched


Thank you algorithms for reminding me of this groovy slab of sexiness! Love this album! Shame it was a one off collaboration between the


My first paid summer break starts today!! Yesterday was our teacher work day and Wednesday was our last day with It was the most challenging yet rewarding job Ive ever Now to drink, camp and play for months and do it again!


I wonder how long I could run a D&D campaign by aping the first Halo games plot before the players

Anonymous 20

Sonic Movie 2 was actually pretty Better than the first I mean, it wont win awards, but it was just a lot of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Eggman were all And that teaser! As a fan, its hard to ask for


Yknow Square should port the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI onto


30 minute state of play focusing on third party and ps

CaimDark Reloaded

Playing the Souls games backwards, you notice some of the smaller later improvements more prominently after losing them, but the older games still hold up phenomenally May even be better in some


Get your boomerangs ready! Belle Boomerang will launch on Steam June




Happy friday guys! Im exhausted from receiving big crates of drag links and cross tubes at work all week, but Ill be done with those Looking forward to playing more Nemesis at boardgame night Excited for the weekend?


Because Twitter keeps showing us on the Trending tab and it makes me a little Have you heard about Québec in the news, wherever youre from?


Current status

Chris Moyse

Weve gotten to the weekend once again! And for some of you, its a Wel I hope that you all have a great weekend, packed out with some fun, some rest, some friends, and some chainsaw ice Be safe, and have a wicked Love U

Ricky Namara

Cleared out one of the last remaining dungeons up in the Mountaintops, lost about 100K runes, let out some screams, then continued onward as I ranted I was totally done with the game, got some good kills and the bloodlust high brought me back to center :)


Have a great day all you wonderful people!!!


Looks like Resistance: Retribution (the best Resistance game) has been rated for back Been many a moon since I shot Chimera and bullied frenchmen in that Heres hoping Sony sets it up with some debug options so you can aim with the


RIP Ray Liotta


So Moon Knight wasnt as good as it should have


Oh fucking My wife and I are starting to look at Babies? Hard as hell, but its what were hoping Until about a minute More in comments


Built a wand in Noita, that shot buzzsaws and globs of Added a barrier The shield wall splashed my acid back into me, and ricocheted the blades to saw me in Almost made it past the ice caves finally


Whenever someone is like, You cant make this kinda shit up, I always wonder how theyve gone so long without knowing about books or games or movies or


Beat the Cult of the Holy Detonation in Wasteland Overall, enjoyed Had some minor issues with it but it had some cool ideas and And its interesting to see the devs toy more with forcing ye to keep moving towards an objective under pressure

Cygnus Rush 961

Been messing about with the final DLC for Ace Combat This soundtrack sums up my mood perfectly:


20K comments and I got my badge! Haha


Breaking the law by still enjoying Star You’ll never take me alive coppers (troopers?)! Apologies to those who are negatively impacted by

Dangus Taargus

Well, I dont own the house yet but I live in it! And so far its done the thing houses do - throw everything at me all at Plumbing issues are To unwind I grabbed Wreckfest, which is a noun Id use to describe a fun racing game and this


If Nintendo ever releases a Switch successor, I wish that they would honor legacy eShop Im just dreaming, but itd be cool to have titles like the GBA Metroid/Zelda/Klonoa games available to re-download on a Switch 2 if you bought

Anonymous 20

Just got my second clear in Slay the This time with Actually got a relic that lets you get cards from all Was pretty fucking awesome, managed to make an insane I think I like this


Current Status: Bless me, Pigmar

Whispering Willow

I will bump the E3 and Occamsdex prompts tomorrow one last time before we set to work on May go with the new D&D Tarot Kinda has Dragon Age

Mike Sounders

August 25 lets fucking goooo


I may have a final fantasy xi


If Qtoid loves Elden Ring so much why dont you marry it?


When youre typing a response on Discus and the screen lock up and you cannit se way your tttyping


I saw a post calling Ghilles in the Mist the best level in gaming, but I couldnt immediately think of other best I think Silent Cartographer is best I can What do you think the best level in gaming is?

Lord Spencer

Check out my blog on Mega Man 3 as part of my Mega Man retrospective I put a lot of effort making this one, and hope you like the end

Lord Spencer

Check out my blog on Mega Man 3 as part of my Mega Man retrospective I put a lot of effort making this one, and hope you like the end