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Never heard of this before and not sure exactly what type of game this is maybe a rogue lite like Exit the Gungeon? Still looks maybe neat!


Prepping a Pathfinder campaign for some friends, and to get myself motivated to finish it, I decided to write it a theme song. It's the first original track I've written with my new Mac! Check it out if you've got a minute!


So, 17 hours into RE4. About 2 chapters left to go. My only issue with this game is the same issue i had with Remake 2 and 3. I miss the camp. I miss the banter. I understand why it's gone, but it was so goofy and fun, and part of why it holds up.


"ZB TRIPLE DOUBLE: Three crispy fried chicken strips, two black pepper-crusted pieces of slab bacon, smoked gouda, Buffalo garlic parmesan sauce + cabbage slaw". Give that a big plus. Caitlin Clark has been killing it lately.


This week flew for me! This weeks TGIF is up over in the blogs. Come say hi and let us know how your week went. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Man I'm gonna miss E3. I know the big studios will just do their own streams around the same time anyway, but it will never quite be the same, y'know?


Til that Tetris for the CD-I has a really good soundtrack.


The Drip War isn't thawing; it is bussing with a fr heat. Cheugy isn't sleeping; it is, as always, not cap. @Marzano


Haven't played Elden Ring in almost 2 days! Been picking up Hades and Cuphead, recently. Just beat the funhouse level w/ cars in the latter, and still can't get past Elysium in the former. One day I'll beat it before Hades 2 releases


I don't know a whole lot about D&D but I did have a lot of fun watching Honor Among Thieves. Not overly ambitious but very well-made. I also did not expect the visual effects and action scenes to look so good but the the majority of it was excellent.


Ah, the memories. I remember when I still was excited for a new Final Fantasy.


It's Genshin Direct Day! The Youtube repeat is about to start in a few minutes. Primogem codes below.


Got to say April is looking like a mighty good month for indie games with big cool looking indie games being revealed to launch in April for the last 3 days for 3 games. Might make a list of indie April 2023 games to keep a eye on.


Oh gee nintendo isn't that too much padding for a package that needs to travel TWO FUCKING COUNTRIES?


I listen to my music a lot. Listening to the old Songs for Gamers albums makes me sad, because a lot of people I've lost contact with, or they disappeared. I'm really glad you guys are around still :) Maybe I'll write more music for the community


Gunner's Gauntlet in FFX-2 is done. Only took me *looks at clock* 3 hours to get to max rank. Had to cheat for the last one though.


Remember a couple years ago when E3 posted the home addresses and other contact info for every press attendee on their website? I'm shocked it lasted even 1 year beyond that.


Feeling a little bit happier, let's just say that it involves a high profile person of interest being indicted, with hope of more to come of it.


I've complained about this before and I'll say it again. Please Youtbe search results, just show me what I asked for and stop recommending me unrelated videos about Asmongold.


Ive been hate playing too many games lately. I need something to get absorbed into that I like.


Indictment Status:


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There is no sight in this place, yet, despite its absense, I know that this cavern is damp. My footsteps leave auditory trails in the air, as if to extend themselves by the dripping and the slapping of water. It coats the floors and th...

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Hi Fi Rush and the Rebirth of Xbox

Hi Fi Rush and the Rebirth of Xbox Following the Xbox Developer_Direct there has been a massive outpouring of excitement over what feels like a rebirth of the Xbox platform. The fixture of this excitement is Hi Fi Rush, Tango G...

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Slimeys picks for cool looking Indie Games of 2023 and beyond! 

Hey, I made a list of games that I think look fun for mostly indie games due out in 2023 and maybe a bit later then 2023 for some games. A lot of the game I found just have 2023 release window or coming soon or release windows mentione...