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The shark was armed and approaching in a threatening manner


I can't find many people talking about this but playing Manon it seems like all her command throws are blockable. I'm sure there's reasons, but when I play against somebody like Zangief I feel at a disadvantage lol


DemonDan has been going ham with sf6's grapplers I see.


I went through an experimental phase with Delta-8 gummies some months back here, but its now become a regular part of my day. 25mg, 2-3 times a day and it does wonders for my anxiety. They make it a little easier coping as a queer living in Texas.


I watched Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse today, and I adored it, easily my new favorite Spider-Man movie. However, it did bring up something that kind of makes me not like the comics as much, which I'll talk about in the comments. SPOILERS of course.


I reeeeally like how I got my Harrow Prime to look so I'm showing it off! (Side and back view in the comments)


The first hour of Death Stranding is really captivating


I used to write poetry and short stories constantly when I was bored, and I found an old document full of random stuff with the incredible title "creepy text from the knifey beyond!" Most of my poetry was just words I thought sounded good together.


Love hotel - Might turn into a Chat hotel before release. Cozy place to drink coffee and read a book! In the main story you need to come here for other reasons, but that's a story for another day!


Trying to come up with a price to sell my old PC at. It's barely a year old amd still has high end parts, but I don't wanna oversell it for too high. :/


Why do I keep trying to beat Hitman III's Freelancer mode? It's like deciding every weekend to bash my head against the wall.


Went to my first Comic Con yesterday. It was ok. Had some pretty cool stuff but I wasn't blown away or anything. The thing I'll remember most from it is that I was charged $4.34 for a tiny bag of Doritos...


I think I'm fully in love with Diablo IV. Genuinely great story; addicting action and progression; incredible, Warhammer-level gore and tone; punchy sound design making each encounter feel weighty and satisfying. Never really an ARPG guy, but this is it


Me when finally get to use those "hoverbikes" constructions in TotK:


Sunday Twang Status:


I'm sure others can make a better one but hey, I tried to make a Makoto.


Maaaaaan, why do I only clean my room when I have cold or flu?




I finished my placement matches for Ranked Mode! This is just about where I left off in Street Fighter V, so not bad.


Was close to hitting bronze rank with Manon but that's when I started getting beat back down. I should probably learn more than the basics.


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