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Been playing the hell out of Endless Dungeon as part of the Amplitude Insiders program recently - I haven't been able to put the thing down! It's so damn addicting, cannot recommend it enough.


Am 8+ hours into Halls of Torment (Vampire Survivors + Diablo) and am really loving it. It captures the cheese of early 3D PC games so incredibly well. This clearly took far more talent than applying a lo-fi filter in Unity.


Have a great day!


I'm on my way to work and all I can think about is how I wanna be back home to play more Street Fighter 6 and Diablo IV.


So my fightstick can open up and I can wrap my USB cable into there. Days before, I put the manual in there not knowing I put it right underneath where the joystick lever is and moving the stick caused it to make a hole in it lol.




Having to wait over a minute for the first time since Diablo’s launch. Makes sense. It kicked me to install a patch, so now I think everyone who was playing is trying to log back in


Thats Sniper Ghost Warrior Contacts 2 in the books (minus a DLC mission). Dont sleep on that series! Its pretty fun, and the sequel does a lot to improve existing mechanics


Got a haircut, figured I'd tale a picture. I think the photo is fine, vut go figure my mother instantly says how it's bad cause I didn't smile. I don't normally smile in photos cause I've been told, by her no less, that it looks "fake."


Well, my PC just died again. Hopefully it's just a RAM stick again, because if it's something more serious, I may be on the upgrade train, or, I may become a full-time Mac user for a while. Ew.


Huh. You know, this is actually a pretty decent line up.


Apple headset looked neat. Super optimized current VR functionalities, dual 4k lenses, crazy sensors, plus AI bells and whistles. But... at $3500...oof.


I'm deeply offended that we never got a sequel or even an expansion pack for Super Mario odyssey. Or not yet, at any rate.


The diablo is good and I recommend it.


So today we're going to do something different. Since I'm moving next month, it's going to be a chill stream and if time permits, we can play some Street Fighter 6 afterwards! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Amnesia: The Bunker following in the footsteps of Prey (2017) by wrapping an immersive sim in the branding of an IP that is in fact not an immersive sim lol


The Across the Spider-Verse soundtrack is absolute FIRE. That is all. ~pat~


Pickup of the weekend. A welcome addition to my mask collection. Between the Saturday morning show and the movies, Pee-Wee was a big part of my childhood.


Start a new job on Monday. Kinda excited, even though it means I have to put my video game making dream on a low boil.


So the Zora race are fish people hybrids and at least from what I have seen in Tears of the Kingdom they sell and eat fish...........thats more then a little bit fucked up Zora's.


Haven't given it much thought til now but this may be the first trails game I pick up on Switch or any portable. More convenient and easier to get through for me now. Whenever Kuro comes out I'll probably go back to ps5.


Amnesia the Bunker seems to be getting really postive reviews and I believe it is out tomorrow. I own the Amenisa seriee but not played any of them yet but I may give this a go tomorrow. Seems really cool with immersive sim lite like elements.


The Lord of the Rings (1978) is unwatchable. Ugly, incomprehensible, somehow miscast, and insulting to Tolkien and the greatest fantasy world ever created. But, it does offer a few laughs, especially if your group are Big LOTR Nuts. This scene broke me


Apologies in advance if I get annoying advertising my commissions - money is super-tight. Also I need to help my Mom out a bit as she's also struggling with money and such. Thankfully I have some commissions I'm finishing this week to help out in chunks.


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