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So, my state AG, Ken Paxton, said that if the SCOTUS revisted Lawrence V Texas, he would uphold our state's currently unenforced anti-sodomy law (yes, it's still technically in the books). Good and great.


Incoming Kino, just have to make it through another year.


You know when I was little, I cried thinking about how I would never see a real live dinosaur. All the world had left were bones. But in southern Louisiana lay dozens of living dinosaurs. It’s an extraordinary world when you realize that all life is mag


Disgaea 6 just came out. Anyone buying day 1 or is it better to wait for a sale in a couple months? Also is the game coming out at 70 dollars instead of 60 a deal breaker for any of you?


Fuck yuur! The Switch ports of Portal 1 and 2 have gyro-aiming (and 60fps, but that's a low ball even for this console)! Time to beat Portal 2 for the third time and Portal 1 for the eleventy-billionith time.


All my enthusiasm for Outriders Worldslayer has gone away now that I’ve played it. $40 for a 3.5 hour campaign and a new end game that’s just progressively harder horde mode rooms tuned for full groups. Unless you have a regular squad, save your money


That Direct Mini was nice. Harvestella looks cool! Big problem tho', do I play P5R on my PS5 for sexy 4k 60fps but less opportunities to play or on Switch for portability and a chance to actually finish it? P3 & 4 are definite Switch buys! Pic unrelated


Kind of amusing that "if everything goes well" (said in May), I will have waited for my preorder of a rerelease of 25-year-old-games for 23 months.


Finished this Morrigan oil painting. Insta - upinsmokeproductions and catch me on twitch speedrunning Super castlevania IV at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman ... thank you kindly


So Shadowrun Returns absolutely slaps. Been a while since I've been this into a games world. Soundtrack is pure syrup to the ears as well.


Lol which one of you is j%20? From GDQ stream this evening.


This was a thing (on NES) I had to play when I wanted a new game. I remember the Noah game being really fun, because I like collected the animals. Any games your parents bought you and played it out of respect, even though it was conplete garbo?


Another one for the office.


Current Status:


Had bought an unrepairable Original DS for like $18, $20 after tax and shipping. Board did not power on and did not take a charge. Replaced the F2 fuse from an old broken, as in in half, motherboard and behold a Original DS that works once again!


Game experimentation ended up in failure with Lord of the Rings Tactics. What sounds like a match made in heaven with a fun tutotial is actually a giant slog sloppily put together with boring missions. On to The Third Age!


We've let Jeff Gerstmann loose and now he has grown too powerful.


Little Noah seems pretty okay so far. On and off in the first dungeon. Kinda like an in-between of Pikmin and Ender Lilies with the Bravely Default chibi aesthetic.


Doing a little Destructoid re-meme-brance. I think most of us know "also cocks", "BANED" and "better than A Link Between Worlds", but what are some that have been underutilized in their waning years? Hard Mode: No Podtoid stuff. Okay, maybe one.


Prettt much 100% Neon White, that was really fun would probably give it a 8.5/10. I seemed to enjoy the writting/story then a good chunk of people did. The tie in of the story near the end of one of the key aspects of religion was neat.


The frontpage article reminded me that this wasn't a weird fever dream I had in the middle of the direct. And I can think of a couple reasons he got skipped out, but they skipped Chainsaw man? lol


Beat Tetris Effect on Hard, and got my sprint to 1.27.xx. I think with that I can consider myself "good" but still in no way an expert. A sub 1:30 sprint makes me very happy, though.


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