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Average Tuesday Status:


Current status: time for cake and



Weekly Update, here are the games I am currently playing. I am going to review those within brackets once completed: -[Wild Arms (PS1)] -Dragon Quest XI (Switch) -CrossCode (Switch) -Judgment (PS4/5)


Well, this is awkward. I released a blog talking about Virtua Fighter's return to EVO through EVO Japan 2023, and they are not in the lineup for EVO Japan 2024. Mind you, I make these blogs a month in advance.


Still around. Some days


Had to share this, hey all!



Current status:


Average Tuesday Status:


Virtua Fighter 3tb Online is now available on Japanese arcades, but unfortunately I won't be able to play it unless I travel to Japan. But it won't stop me from talking about on tonight's session of VF Takeover! https://twitch.tv/virtuakazama


To no one's surprise, I pre-ordered the VF3tb Premium Music Collection. I needed the soundtrack for the longest time.


Well, I got my first busted Evercade game card. (It's not a ROM cartridge, more like an SD card or USB stick.) On one hand, I have some tens of game cards already and this was the first case of a problem. On the other, maybe is one too many.


I will say that aside from VF3tb Online happening exclusively towards Japanese arcades because SEGA knew about the resurgence of VF3tb tournaments since 2014, we will be able to play the arcade version of VF3tb through Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.


I noticed I've been playing games for months on almost mute. As in, I might hear a sound effect played, but can't even identify which effect it was. Will be continuing like this for the foreseeable future.


Happy early turkey day to the few, the proud, and the not so many still here. May your holiday be joyous, and mostly stress free. Be safe driving and always wear a condom.


I hear there's a lot of new commercial Game Boy software, but not enough proper reviews. Alas, I have found myself incapable of writing true reviews. https://www.gumpyfunction.com/a-letter-to-the-gb-community


Bump OK, I'm hosting the annual Dtoid Secret Santa this year. No pressure to join, but here's the invite: https://www.elfster.com/gift-exchanges/317ac251-67cc-4a42-9382-b6542b80e1e4/?join=mze3 I'd love to see the usual suspects if we can. Happy Holi


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