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Today only, Culver's has this thing called a "CurdBurger." That Thing on top of the beef patty is a large cheese curd. Yes, it's as good as it sounds.


I recently shared my Punchy here but I got him a little bottle to complete the outfit so figured another photo was needed. He deals with Nintendo nickel and diming him to play Paper Mario by succumbing to crippling alcoholism.


Welp I am no longer going to Sedona. Don't feel comfortable going after this shakeup and non-guarantee to be able to go. Gonna probably do the charity stream around that time.


Progress on the mini shadow of the colossus painting. Instagram @upinsmokeproductions and check my hudless first playthrough of monster hunter rise at twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


New Limited Run delivery. Now if Walmart would send my Switch OLED!


My friend Jonathan won every game of Jeopardy this week! When will his reign of terror end?


Now then, time for the main event of the weekend


For all of us that are a little messed up in the head, I highly recommend watching episode 10 of the Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse Just the Four of Us. Heavy scoob, and shag vibes


I gather fromn the complete lack of mention here that few of us play Satisfactory? The recent update news for that game has me verrrry excite(d).


It there a difference between NFT's and Star Citizen?


I know this gen Xbox can be viewed as big success with game pass, but not gonna lie, the fact that it feels like the console exclusive release people are most excited for so far is this Xbox mini-fridge is hilarious.


Just watched the Animal Crossing direct. Just when I think I'm out... I'M GOING ALL IN! This looks great! And is that Redd I see on Harv's Island?! Does this mean... does this mean I'll finally finish the art collection for once?!


Started that there Squid Game; four episodes in and I'm hoping it picks up soon as I've found it to be just a lacklustre Death Game series. Interesting themes being explored though, and it helps that the characters are, somewhat, well written.


Current Status:


Hot take: With companies left and right going on the news about abusing their employees, bullying their employees, not crediting their employees, and what have you. EA doesn't really feel like the worst video game company lately and it's easily by a lot.


Hmm. What am I missing about this Nintendo Online+ pricing drama. Doesn't 50 annually make it just over 4 a month? That's like...the price of a sandwich, no? What do I not see here?


So when do these EMMI segments stop?


Is QToid the Red-light district of Destructoid?


I know this sounds really stupid but I absolutely adore games that kick the ever-living shit out of me for not preparing. The Witcher, RDR2, Metro, STALKER, Monster Hunter, etc. Having to meticulously plan even the most minute encounter is so satisfying.


I have no clue what meme this fan remix is refrencing or who the guy is but for a shitpost joke fan remix of a games song this actualy sounds pretty good.


This just hit Steam early access, and looks dope. Stolen Realm:


My SO called me to come get rid of a spider in the shower just as I was starting Dread again, the moment I walk through the door the horns part from Samus's theme starts blasting throughout the house. Best gaming-related moment of 2021 for me, easy.


First payday from my new job today! Not done for another 5 hours, but I'm going to grab some celebratory sashimi for takeout from a place near where I live once I get home!


Just found out the PS4/Switch Asia storefronts have a demo for SRW 30 out now sooo ya. Bye bye being angry at Nintendo, hellooooo Gridman. Tide me over until the proper steam release in 2 weeks.


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The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpYeekQkAdc People killin' people dyin'Children hurtin', I hear them cryin'Can you practice what you preachin'?Would you turn the other cheek again?Mama, mama, mama, tell us what the hell is goin' onCan'...

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  "One of the most riveting political games I have ever played." ~ Riku First off thank you so much Terminals.io and Fellow Traveller for the opportunity to play and review this game.  This emotional diplomatic rollercoaster...

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